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Formed: 1993
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Hammerfall news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Hammerfall Complete Nine Songs For New Album

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on his official blog:

"We have once again spent three days in the rehearsal room, playing through the now nine songs finished for the album. I can't remember feeling this good about the material before a recording, ever. Especially not for the last album, then I was very unsure about how things would turn out. This time, the feeling is the complete opposite. Go figure. Very weird, but good!

"Joacim [Cans, vocals] threw a great barbecue party for us all on Saturday evening, and then we went to watch DRAGONLAND and BLOODBOUND, among others, perform at the second annual Gothenburg Metal Festival. Right now, I'm sitting in front of the TV trying to watch Jim Carrey lose it in 'Bruce Almighty' and Sweden vs. Russia in the finals of the LG Hockey Games simultaneously on a split screen. Tired but content after a really good weekend."

HAMMERFALL are expected to enter the studio this summer to begin recording their new album for an October 2006 release. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Dark Wings, Dark Words", "Carved In Stone", "Titan", "Shadow Empire", "Threshold" and "Rebel Inside". The band's latest album, "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken", was released in March 2005 via Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Crimson Thunder" was produced and mixed by Charlie Bauernfeind (BLIND GUARDIAN, HELLOWEEN).

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Hammerfall Reveal New Songtitles

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on his official blog:

"We're looking at another weekend of rehearsals, and I am excited! I completed the eighth song for the album a few days ago, and am hard at work finishing one more before the rehearsal starts. I'll keep the remaining songtitles under wraps for now as they are a bit uncertain still, but here are some titles for you: 'Dark Wings, Dark Words', 'Carved In Stone', 'Titan', 'Shadow Empire', 'Threshold' and 'Rebel Inside'."

HAMMERFALL are expected to enter the studio this summer to begin recording their new album for an October 2006 release.

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Mayhem Confirmed For Gates of Metal Festival

Norwegian legends MAYHEM have been confirmed for the Gates of Metal festival, set to take place August 4-5 at at Folkets Park in Hultsfred, Sweden. The festival billing is shaping up as follows (in alphabetical order):


Around 16 bands will perform over the course of the two days, with a total of 5,000 tickets available, priced at 666 SEK.

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Hammerfall is In Writing Mode

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on his official blog:

"We have now spent the past three days locked in a small room, going over the seven finished songs for the new album. Compared to the first rehearsal in preparation of 'Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken', this was a fucking breeze! Back then, after the first day, everybody thought, 'This sounds absolutely terrible, what the hell is going to happen when we enter the studio? Chaos?' And I'm not talking about the music, more the performance, but because of that, also the songs themselves. Personally, it had a lot to do with the fact that I was very unsure of my playing ability due to the motorcycle accident I had had the previous year. Anyway, we sounded absolutely horrible then, and we all expected a repeat of that this time around. And I believe that to be a reason for everyone being more prepared than perhaps ever before. Whatever the cause, by the end of yesterday's session, the seven songs all sounded remarkably well-played, and I got a pretty good overlook of the material.

"My initial feelings regarding the songs proved to be correct, as these three days left me with a very positive attitude towards the material! Granted, Joacim [Cans, vocals] didn't join us for more than a quick peek, he never does for the first rehearsal before a recording. There isn't much point for him to be there, as we spend a lot of time going over the details of the music, which usually leads to long passages where he just sits on his chair doing nothing. But my philosophy is that the songs have to be strong even without the vocals, because when they come into play a good track usually becomes great."

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Hammerfall Write A World Soccer Championship Song

HAMMERFALL vocalist Joacim Cans has teamed up with former Helloween and current Masterplan drummer Uli Kusch to write a song for the upcoming soccer world championship. Entitled "Glorious," the song will feature Swedish singer Mikeyla as the main vocalist, with special guest appearances by Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR), Tobias Sammet (EDGUY), Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN) and Oscar Dronjak (HAMMERFALL). The production is taking place in Sweden April 24-25. More...

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Hammerfall Guitarist Reflects On Olympic Hockey

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"The Winter Olympics 2006 are over, and it ended on a high note for us: Sweden beat Finland 3-2 in the ice-hockey final, in a very exciting and nerve-racking game. Actually, the Finns were the most impressive team in this tournament, winning every match decisively until the final round and easily beating the second best playing team this year, Russia, in the semi-finals. But the Swedes played a beautiful game on the ice, cutting the Finns short on almost every occasion. I know our neighbors in the east (or west, for that matter…) won't agree with me, but it was a most fitting end to the XXth games, with Sweden winning their seventh (!) gold medal. Congratulations to everyone who made this the by far most succcessful Winter Olympics for our nation. And thanks for the great memories! I have only one question: what am I supposed to fill my days with now? :-)

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Candlemass Secures Swedish Grammy Award

This year's Swedish Grammy awards took place on Tuesday, February 7th. In the category "Best hard rock" the following were nominated:

Candlemass, Candlemass
Hammerfall, Chapter V: Unbent, unbowed, unbroken
Hardcore Superstar, Hardcore Superstar
Meshuggah, Catch thirtythree
Opeth, Ghost reveries

Candlemass were the lucky ones to secure the 2006 award with the following motivation from the jury:

"The pioneers of modern doom metal finally succeeded in reuniting their most classic line-up. The result was an eponymous album of epic proportions."

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Snowy Shaw Quits Dream Evil

Snowy Shaw has posted this message on his official website:

"SNOWY and DREAM EVIL = NO MORE. Less than a month before the scheduled recording of their fourth album, Snowy decides to pull the plug and quit, taking all his songs with him which he intends to use on his own...


"CAN(S)ELLED. The planned spring recording of Joacim Cans' [HAMMERFALL singer] second solo album which would see Snowy's participation both as the drummer and second lead singer as well as songwriter, has been postponed until further notice, due to the massive workload of HAMMERFALL.

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Meshuggah Nominated For Swedish Grammy

Sweden's math metal alchemists, Meshuggah has been nominated for a Grammy in their home country. Nuclear Blast Records issued the following statement:

Among the comforts of label mates Candlemass and Hammerfall, Meshuggah are nominated for the Swedish Grammy for Best Rock album. "Catch Thirty-Three," which hit streets on May 31st, 2005 here in the United States has been praised continually for pushing the envelope yet againand only as Meshuggah does best!

No matter how intense, complex and obscure, Swedish experimentalists Meshuggah (translates in Yiddish to crazy) continue to receive increasing worldwide respect with every distinctive release. Since their formation in 1987, this outlandish unit have been declared as one of the ten most important hard and heavy bands by Rolling Stone, the most important band in metal by Alternative Press, one of the top 100 metal bands by Hit Parader and co-headlined the second stage at the world famous Ozzfest.

With all the mania Meshuggah have driven upon their minions, the relentless and hypnotic "Catch Thirty Three," drove the world to recognize the true musical talent these Swedes contain.

Best Rock:
Candlemass - Candlemass
Hammerfall - Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Hardcore Superstar - Hardcore Superstar
Meshuggah - Catch Thirty-Three
Opeth - Ghost Reveries

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Hammerfall To Start Writing New Album

Hammerfall guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message at the band's official website:

"I can’t believe it’s New Year’s already, and the touring is over! We have been on the road on and off since April, so it has been the usual hectic year. And now, the next chapter is about to be penned; The songs for the new album. Actually, I can’t wait to dive head first into the composing, some of the material written so far is very promising. More on this as the song writing progresses. We wish you a Happy New Year, may 2006 bring you all fortune and glory. Cheers!"

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Narnia To Release New Album In Japan In March

Attic Arcade/Gencross has set a March 23, 2006 Japanese release date for the new NARNIA album, entitled "Enter the Gate". The Swedish metallers are currently negotiating a European release for the CD, which is being described by the band as "the most well-sounding and well-performed NARNIA album to date." The follow-up to 2003's "The Great Fall" features backing vocals by Mats Leven (THERION, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, AT VANCE) and contains "the most melodic and catchy songs since 'Long Live the King' from the late '90s but in a brand new sound and approach," according to the band.

In other news, MCM Music will be releasing a CD version of the band's 2003 concert performance ay Owener Rocknacht in Germany. The show, which was previously released on DVD under the title "At Short Notice....Live in Germany", has now been edited and remastered for the CD version. The title remains the same and the release is set for January 23, 2006.

NARNIA's fourth full-length album, "The Great Fall", was released in April 2003 through Nuclear Blast. The CD, which was produced at The Dream Factory in Jönköping, Sweden by Carl-Johan Grimmark, featured guest appearances from former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/current HAMMERFALL drummer Anders Johansson and SAVIOUR MACHINE singer Eric Clayton.

NARNIA recently parted ways with keyboardist Linus Kåse. Replacing him on some the band's recent dates was Andreas Lindahl.

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Scandanavian Rock & Metal Book Released In 2006

RockDetector.com is publishing a two-volume book set, "Scandinavian Rock & Metal", in the first quarter of 2006. The books cover all styles of rock and metal from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. In the now-expected Rockdetector style, executive editor Garry Sharpe-Young covers each band's history in meticulous detail, including lineups, URLs and a complete discography, along with track listings, labels, catalogue numbers and chart positions. The two books will each be approximately 500 pages each, listing well over 1,200 bands covering heavy metal, death metal, black metal, melodic rock, progressive rock and beyond. Fjords, Vikings, the midnight sun and a thousand lakes — the perfect breeding ground for the most epic of heavy metal! Scandinavia has exported its rock and metal to all corners of the globe, ranging from the shred exploits of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, the operatic pioneers NIGHTWISH, the pomptastic EUROPE, the heavyweight HAMMERFALL to the extremist forms of black and death metal in EMPEROR, MAYHEM, DIMMU BORGIR, MARDUK, DARKTHRONE and BURZUM. "Scandinavia has really been the hotbed for emerging rock talent for over a decade now," says Garry Sharpe-Young. "Once EUROPE, TNT and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN had made their mark on the international scene, Norway's floodgates opened and poured a black metal plague upon the world with BURZUM, EMPEROR, MAYHEM, DIMMU BORGIR, and DARKTHRONE. Since then, Sweden made a huge impact with acts such as HAMMERFALL, IN FLAMES, SOILWORK and KATATONIA and subsequently Finland has really raised its head and is now without question the most metal place on planet earth! All these bands, from all genre spectrums are included. Some of the band histories are positively labyrinthine when you get into the detail of who played for who under what pseudonym. This really is a true monster of a book."

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Hammerfall Guitarist Checks In From France

HAMMERFALL guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"We're currently in Lyon, France, after having spent the better part of a week in Spain. This tour has been one of the very best ever for us! I really think we have a tremendous package that attracts people and leaves them satisfied. The audience numbers and reactions is a testament to this, literally everywhere we go. It feels grrrrrreat!

"As some of you long-time web-followers might have noticed, there is a lack of the regular tour diary I usually do. This is because I have been asked by the biggest magazine in Sweden, Sweden Rock magazine, to do a comprehensive diary of the entire tour. In addition to this, Anders is writing something for Metal Hammer in Germany, so I thought it would be a bit of overkill to have one on the web as well. I think you understand.

"Lastly, the Swedish award Rockbjörnen is coming up in January, and as usual it’s up to you, the people to decide. Please be sure cast your votes quickly, because the finalists move on to the next round in a matter of days. We thank you for your support! Cheers!"

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Aftonbladet Chats With Hammerfall (In Swedish)

Aftonbladet caught up with Hammerfall singer Joacim Cans and guitarist Oscar Droniak. You can watch the segment, in Swedish, here.

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Into Eternity: Tour Was 'A Success'

INTO ETERNITY guitarist/vocalist Tim Roth has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"We made it home after a 40-hour trip from our last show in the USA. The HAMMERFALL/ EDGUY/ INTO ETERNITY tour was a success for us. I think we converted a few new fans onto our bans and that's really what touring is all about. It is important for us to try and grow our fan base. It was amazing to meet each and everyone of you on the road over this past year. We have made a lot of life long fans/friends I'm sure.

"Next up is our USA/Canada tour with STRATOVARIUS. I think this will be a cool package for all fans of heavy metal. There will be plenty of clean vocals, guitar solos and death metal to be heard on these shows. The whole band is excited to be a part of these events. See you all soon!!"

Check out the band's web site for pictures of the guys with Neil Turbin (ex-ANTHRAX), Oscar Dronjak of HAMMERFALL, Tobias Sammet of EDGUY and porn star Ron Jeremy.

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Hammerfall Guitarist Talks About Upcomming US Tour

Hammerfall guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Accept at Wacken was the best fucking show I have seen all year! Absolutely awesome and unforgettable for someone who thought they'd never appear on the same stage together again. Thank you! Hammerfall played right before the Metal Masters, and the sight from the stage was breathtaking! So many people, so many arms, so many voices, unbelievable! Fans as far as the eye could see, and far out on both sides of the stage, I reckon this might have been the largest audience we have ever played before. Whatever the case may be, it sure was a fantastic closing to the festival summer for us.

"I'm in my hotel room in Toronto writing this, as the North American adventure begins with a show at the Opera House tonight. We arrived yesterday afternoon. Both Edguy and Hammerfall are very excited about this three-and-a-half-week tour. They, because they’ve never been on the road in the U.S. before, and we, because this will be our first headline outing here. And, of course, both bands, because we always have fun together. Last time we went touring together was when we traveled across Europe on the Templar World Crusade in the spring of 1999. Now, six years later and more experienced in creating havoc, I'm sure we will have an absolute blast together. Check out the tour dates section for details on where you can catch us on the road in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the world of metal and melodies from two bands that definitely know what they are doing. If you don't like it, it's your loss. We're not making any excuses for what we are, and we never will. But if you are like us, I assure you you will have a terrific evening. You want some, come get some! Word life."

Hammerfall's latest album, "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken", was released in March via Nuclear Blast Records The follow-up to 2002's "Crimson Thunder" was produced and mixed by Charlie Bauernfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween).

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Hammerfall Guitarist Issues Update

Hammerfall guitarist Oscar Dronjak has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

There has been a venue change on the upcoming U.S. tour [with Edguy]: the gig on August 20th in Covington, KY, has been moved to Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH. Same date and time applies, but the city and venue has been changed. Hope this doesn’t affect your concert going in a negative way! If you live in the U.S. and like melodic heavy metal, be sure to not miss this tour. You are in for a night you’ll never forget, I guaran-damn-tee you that!

The Stratovarius [European] tour in the fall may or may not be with a support act. We will have a meeting in Wacken the coming weekend to see what the people in the bands want to do. Hopefully, we’ll have more info on this next week. I know many bands are interested in the slot, but for us — and definitely for the crew — things would be much easier without another band. Also, this way, both HF and STRATO can play a little longer each night, which should be better for the fans. Or am I wrong?

The curse of the MetalTown festival continues; it was, with a word, wet. Last year, it was without a doubt the worst day of the entire summer, with around 7°C and constant raining. Last Saturday, the weather gods decided to have another go at ruining the festival by opening up the heavens once again. With the exception of an hour in the middle of the day, it was absolutely pouring down the entire festival. But did that stop the heavy metal movement? Certainly not! I would estimate between 7000 and 10000 people made the trip to Frihamnen in Göteborg, to witness Rammstein, Hammerfall, Dark Tranquillity and others, and to defy the meteorological deities and prove that, in the words of Mikael Stanne (DT): 'There is no such thing as bad weather, only slow, fucking music!'

Hammerfall's latest album, "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken," was released in March. The follow-up to 2002's "Crimson Thunder" was produced and mixed by Charlie Bauernfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween).

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Nocturnal Rites New Album And Tracklisting

Swedish power metallers NOCTURNAL RITES have set "Grand Illusion" as the title of their new album, due in Europe on September 19 via Century Media Records.

The follow-up to 2004's "New World Messiah" was recorded and mixed at Toontrack Studioin Umeå, Sweden and features guest appearances by Stefan Elmgren (HAMMERFALL), Jens Johansson (STRATOVARIUS), Henrik Danhage (EVERGREY), Kristoffer W. Olivius (NAGLFAR) and Swedish cross-country skiing world champion, Per Elofsson.

"Grand Illusion" will include a bonus DVD featuring three videos from "New World Messiah", the brand-new "Fools Never Die" video, a "Making of Grand Illusion" segment and extra footage from the "Demons of the Opera" show.

"Grand Illusion" track listing:

01. Fools Never Die (3:54)
02. Never Trust (4:43)
03. Still Alive (4:02)
04. Something Undefined (4:08)
05. Our Wasted Days ((5:17)
06. Cuts Like A Knife (5:10)
07. End of Our Rope (5:26)
08. Never Ending (4:29)
09. One by One (4:23)
10. Deliverance (5:00)

NOCTURNAL RITES will support NIGHTWISH on their Swedish tour in September. The dates are as follows:

Sep. 08 – Stockholm, SWE @ Arenan
Sep. 09 - Göteborg, SWE @ Lisebergshallen
Sep. 11 - Umeå, SWE @ SkyArena

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Into Eternity to Join Edguy/Hammerfall Tour

Into Eternity will be opening for the Hammerfall/Edguy tour next month. Dates are as follows:

08/10 The Opera House- Toronto, ON
08/11 Medley- Montreal, QC
08/12 L’Imperial- Quebec City, QC
08/13 The Palladium- Worcester, MA
08/15 Jaxx- West Springfield, VA
08/16 BB King’s- New York, NY
08/17 The Trocadero- Philadelphia, PA- New Date
08/18 Penny Arcade- Rochester, NY (Into Eternity only)
08/19 House of Blues- Cleveland, OH
08/20 Madison Theater- Covington, KY
08/21 House of Blues- Chicago, IL
08/22 Fine Line Music Café- Minneapolis, MN
08/25 Commodore Ballroom- Vancouver, BC
08/26 Studio Seven- Seattle, WA
08/28 DNA Lounge- San Francisco, CA
08/29 Galaxy Theatre- Santa Ana, CA
08/30 The Avalon- Hollywood, CA
08/31 Marquee Theatre- Tempe, AZ

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Bloodstock 2005 Nearing Final Lineup

The lineup is close to finalized for Bloodstock 2005 at the Assembly Rooms on 2nd-3rd September. As it stands, there is a wide mix of Thrash, Gothic, Doom, Heavy, Classic, Femme, Power, Metal, and more. The lineup is looking like this:

Friday 2nd September 2005 (Doors 4.00pm) - BATTLE METAL NIGHT


HAMMERFALL (headline)
STORMWARRIOR (+ Kai Hansen exclusive Helloween set)


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