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Band Photo: Ministry (?)

Formed: 1981
From: El Paso, TX, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped

Ministry Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Ministry.


Al Jourgensen Gives Dope on "Relapse"

Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen has made a career out of bashing the policies of the Bush family. In 1992, he released “Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs,” which contained sound clips of George Herbert Walker Bush’s famous “New World Order” speech. Eight years later, Jourgensen revisited anti-Bush songs on “Houses of the Molé.” This time, a different Bush was in office—George Walker Bush. Even though his policies were similar to his father, there were still differences. These similarities and differences were reflected on the song “NO W,” which showed Jourgensen rearranging the letters in the title of “NWO,” as well as building on a similar musical foundation.

“Rio Grande Blood” (2006) and “The Last Sucker” (2007) featured an album cover depicting G.W. Bush surrounded by various symbols of secret societies such as Masonic pyramids. The latter record portrayed our former president as a David Icke-type shape-shifting reptoid. These three albums were part of a Bush-blasting trilogy. It seems as if Al Jourgensen pens his best material when a Bush is in power. At the end of the Bush era, Al Jourgensen announced that the group’s 2007 record, "Last Sucker" would be Ministry’s swan song. With no Bush in the White House, Jourgensen tapped out of Ministry material. Five years later, the father of industrial metal returns with a new album, “Relapse,” available March 27, 2012.

Mike Scaccia urged Jourgensen to make another Ministry album when the two were recording “Biker’s Welcome! Ladies Drink Free,” Jourgensen’s anticipated country album. Scaccia previously played with Jourgensen on “Psalm 69.” Joining Scaccia on “Relapse” are his Rigor Mortis band mate, Casey Orr, Tony Campos (Static X) and Tommy Victor (Prong). Even though the Democrats are in power, the state of our country and the world has fueled Al Jourgensen with enough material to write one last album.

Al Jourgensen spoke with Metal Underground on the phone about recording the new Ministry album and his Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters debut, as well as touching on his love for tattoos, support of the 99 percent movement and doomsday predictions. More...

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Ministry Guitarist Sin Quirin Interviewed

Guitarist and song writer extraordinaire; we had the opportunity to chat with Sin Quirin, metal guitarist for Ministry and the Revolting Cocks. With this being Ministry’s final album and tour, Sin sheds some light on his future plans as well as giving us an insight into his musical career. More...

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