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From: Savannah, GA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Baroness Posts Acoustic Song Footage

Baroness's John Baizley and Pete Adams have shared an acoustic performance of "Stretchmarker," which can be viewed below or at the band's website. The clip, recorded in Baizley's Philadelphia art studio, marks the first performance the band members have shared since their bus accident in August.

"Simply put: it's time to get back to it. Since my belated and thankful return to the USA (after our painful test in motor coach-aeronautics) I can definitively say I've exhausted my reserve of potential leisure activities (there's not that many of them, after all)," explained Baizley. "I've come dreadfully close to boredom, and in those moments I can't help but focus on my glaring physical infirmities. Television offers little respite from this relative stasis; I'm sure by now I have sampled every biker-meth-dealer-zombie-low-talking-cop-crime-scene-serial-killer-real-housewife soap opera that is currently being broadcast (and there's no small number of them). I've tried to fill my weekly routine with as much physical therapy as possible but the truth is, PT is not fun, and its benefits come with a great deal of mental/physical/spiritual pain and struggle. Furthermore, I believe I am getting a touch of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to my doctors and therapists (the highlight of my week should NOT involve a clinic).

"Music might be the best therapy I have right now. Perhaps it's both the cause and the cure (the thought has crossed my mind); but I feel lost without it. Pete and I have just spent a long week surveying our musical wreckage and, surprisingly, we are quite well and intact. Sure, there are some substantial obstacles to overcome before we write, record or perform any time soon; but we still have everything we need to get 'back in' that particular 'saddle again.' Most of my peers are familiar with such high-school-gym-teacher poeticisms as 'risk equals reward' and 'no pain, no gain;' but did any of us every really believe there was any real wisdom in those adolescent platitudes? I didn't. I am, however, starting to understand the essence of these and many of our other favorite clichés. More...

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Relapse Records Offering Free Sampler For Download

Relapse Records has released a new free winter sampler, which can be download at bandcamp or streamed in the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Pig Destroyer - Sis 01:14
2. Ironhorse - Failure 03:03
3. Weapon - Vanguard Of The Morning Star 04:19
4. Baroness - March to the Sea 03:11
5. Royal Thunder - Blue 09:30
6. Christian Mistress - Haunted Hunted 05:57
7. Hooded Menace - Effigies of Evil 05:35
8. Serpentine Path - Crotalus Horridus Horridus 06:27
9. Inverloch - The Menin Road 06:21
10. Dying Fetus - From Womb To Waste 04:56
11. Murder Construct - Compelled by Mediocrity 02:44
12. Spawn Of Possession - Where Angels Go Demons Follow 05:38
13. Primate - Global Division 02:30
14. Horseback - Ahriman 03:55
15. Locrian - Chalk Point 08:13
16. 16 - Ants in my Bloodstream 04:34
17. Liberteer - Build No System 01:34
18. General Surgery - Like An Ever Flying Limb 02:25
19. Cripple Bastards - Senza Impronte 02:09
20. Blockheads - Famine 01:40
21. Death - Living Monstrosity 05:08 More...

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Baroness Gives Detailed Account Of Bus Crash

Back in August the members of Baroness were in a serious bus crash while on the road, and vocalist John Baizley has now posted a statement online about the incident. You can read the report below, or find photos from the band over at the Baroness website.

On August 15th, just before 11 am, Baroness and our crew were involved in a very bad crash while on tour. The brakes in our bus failed completely, on a notoriously dangerous, incredibly steep (12% grade) hill in Monkton Combe, UK, on our way from a show Bristol to another show in Southampton. Our bus went entirely out of control, and we had no choice other than hitting a perpendicular guardrail going about 50 mph at the bottom of the hill. The guard rail and the 20 or 30 trees we ploughed through snapped like matchsticks as we went fully airborne and fell down more than 30 feet off of a viaduct to the ground below. Half of the band/crew were asleep while we lost our brakes, and a few of us were awake and sitting in the rear lounge. I was up front with our driver, and I bore witness to the entire thing. Once our brakes failed, the bus could do little more than gain momentum and plummet down the hill. There was nothing anyone on the bus could have done during our descent to avoid the crash, and no one, the local residents, the police or any of us can believe we survived the impact.

Most people who have been in accidents understand the pre-trauma sensation of time slowing down. There were almost two minutes during which I knew we were heading for a collision. It felt like two hours. I remember the sound of the air-brakes failing, and the panicked cursing of our driver as we slowly realized how desperate the situation was. I tried as hard as I could to yell and wake everyone up to prepare for impact. I remember the sounds of confusion from behind me as our collective terror rose. I remember seeing the guardrail split, then a cluster of trees smacking against the front windshield. While we were airborne my eyes met with our driver’s. I knew then that we each shared the same look on our face; and I won’t soon forget it. We had spent enough time in the air to appreciate, make peace with and accept a fate we thought inevitable, and we looked at one another with a horribly silent “goodbye” in our eyes.

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Baroness Thanks Fans For Support After Crash

After being in a van crash in the U.K. last week, Baroness has now checked in with the following update thanking fans for their support:

"Thank you to all of you who have been sending the tidal wave of positivity our way. We are uplifted by its sheer magnitude, and power. Every single one of you is making our days and nights easier and our recovery quicker.

"Thank you all so much, we are truly lucky to have such incredible people on our side. A sincere and heartfelt thank you from each of us to each of you. Please note: Pete is already back in the United States." More...

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Baroness Issues Health Update After Bus Crash

After Baroness was in a bush crash yesterday, the band has now issued the following update:

"The band members of Baroness and their crew are recovering from injuries sustained after their tour bus crashed outside of Bath, England early on Wednesday morning.

"John Baizley has broken his left arm and left leg. Allen Blickle and Matt Maggioni each suffered fractured vertebrae. All three remain in the hospital as of this writing. Pete Adams has been treated and released from the hospital.

"Three of the five crew members who were on the bus have also been treated and released. One member is still undergoing testing. The driver of the bus remains in critical condition.

"Please stay tuned for further updates. Thank you for all the support during this extremely difficult time."

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Headline News

Baroness Involved In Tour Bus Crash

A tour bus carrying the members of the band Baroness skidded off of a sheer 30 foot viaduct in Bath after hours of heavy rain on the A36 at Brassknocker Hill in Bath at around 11.30 GMT this morning. Nine people were taken to the hospital, two with serious injuries.

Baroness had just played a gig in Bristol and was on the way to a show at Talking Heads in Southampton when the wreck occured. An air ambulance, police, twelve fire trucks and four ambulances were deployed to the scene, which closed down the entire road. We will bring you more details on this as they emerge. Read the full article here. More...

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Baroness Releases Music Video, BBC Sessions

Baroness, which recently released new album "Yellow & Green" (reviewed here), recorded a four-song BBC Session while in London earlier this month. Listeners can tune in via the BBC website at this location.

The set, which includes "Take My Bones Away," "March to the Sea," "Cocainium," and "The Line Between," was recorded at Maida Vale Studios in London on July 13th.

The official live music video for "Take My Bones Away" also premieres today on Rolling Stone's website here.

Baroness is in the midst of a seven-week trek across Europe, and a North American tour for fall will be announced soon. Tour dates are: More...

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Bands Discuss Who They Would Collaborate With

At Metallica's Orion Fest, Metal Injection asked members of The Black Dahlia Murder, Kyng, Baroness, Black Tusk, Red Fang, Charred Walls of the Damned, Liturgy, Thy Will Be Done, Landmine Marathon, and Don Jamison if they could collaborate with any artist outside of their genre, in the vein of Metallica's collaboration with Lou Reed on Lulu, who would it be?

Check out their answers, some of which may surprise you, at this location or in the player below. More...

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Announces 2012 Lineup

Fun Fun Fun Fest has announced its finalized lineup for 2012. In addition to headliners Run-DMC, Refused, Santigold and David Cross, who appear on genre-related, color-coded stages, the festival features a Black Stage devoted to heavier acts. Some of these acts include Tomahawk, Turbonegro, Earth, Napalm Death, Against Me, Between The Buried & Me, Municipal Waste and many more (see the complete lineup below). More...

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Baroness Streaming Entire New Album

With a week until its release, Baroness's "Yellow & Green" album (due out via Relapse on July 17th), is streaming in its entirety via NPR.com here.

"We can do something this year that we were completely incapable of doing last year," Baroness's John Baizley tells NPR in the accompanying interview which goes on to describe "Yellow & Green" as "a lyrically introspective and musically expansive work" and says "there's an embarrassment of melodic and riff-based riches" on the double-album.

Baroness is currently in Europe for a seven-week tour with upcoming performances at Pukkelpop and the Oya Festival. The band's next U.S. date is a free show at the House of Vans in Brooklyn on Aug. 29. Tour dates are: More...

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Baroness Posts More Behind The Scenes Footage

Baroness take fans behind-the-scenes with a new third video clip focused on the recording session from the band's impending release of "Yellow & Green" (Relapse, July 17th). Check out the clip below. Baroness is currently in Europe for a seven-week tour, with full dates available after the jump.


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Bands Talk Most Metal Way To Celebrate The 4th

The Metal Injection team was on hand at the Orion Fest, and with the Independence Day holiday today in the United States, they asked members of Red Fang, The Sword, Black Tusk, The Black Dahlia Murder, Baroness, Charred Walls of the Damned, Kyng, Landmine Marathon, Thy Will Be Done and Don Jamison about the most metal way to celebrate America's birthday. Check out the video clip below or over at Metal Injection here. More...

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Baroness Streaming Second New Song

Savannah, Georgia's Baroness posted a second new song online entitled "Eula." The song is taken from the forthcoming new double length release "Yellow & Green," which is due to drop on July 17th, 2012 via Relapse Records in the following formats: 2CD/Deluxe 2CD/2xLP/Deluxe 2xLP/digital download.

The band is also streaming the track "Take My Bones Away," which can be heard over at this location.

The track listing for "Yellow & Green" is as follows:

CD 1:

1. Yellow Theme
2. Take My Bones Away
3. March to the Sea
4. Little Things
5. Twinkler
6. Cocainium
7. Back Where I Belong
8. Sea Lungs
9. Eula More...

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Baroness Posts More New Album Making-Of Footage

The second behind-the-scenes clip from Baroness's recording of "Yellow & Green" is available now via Paste Magazine. You can check out the video clip below to find personal insights from the band on the expanded musical palette present on the new album.

"We knew change was coming," singer/guitarist John Baizley says at the clip opens, with the band members addressing the freedom they felt during the recording of the double-disc album. The six-minute video focuses on the recording of "March to the Sea," which was recently released as an iTunes single. A stream of the song is available here.

"Yellow & Green" will be released via Relapse Records on July 17th.

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Baroness Posts European Tour Dates

Recently, Georgia hard rockers Baroness posted a new track, "Take My Bones Away" on its Bandcamp page. That song will be on the new eighteen-song album "Yellow & Green," which will be released via Relapse Records on July 17th.

Baroness is heading out on a large European tour this summer, with a couple of American festival dates slated for early autumn. Below is a list of the dates:

Jul 20 Milhoes de Festa Barcelos, Portugal
Jul 22 Apolo 2 Barcelona, Spain
Jul 25 Räucherkammer Wiesbaden, Germany
Jul 26 Sommercasino Basel, Switzerland
Jul 27 Dynamo Zurich, Switzerland
Jul 28 Viper Theatre Florence Fi, Italy
Jul 30 Arena Civica Milan, Italy
Aug 01 59to1 Munich, Germany
Aug 03 Klub 007 Prague, Czech Republic
Aug 04 OFF Festival Katowice, Poland
Aug 05 Magnet Berlin, Germany
Aug 06 Logo Hamburg, Germany
Aug 09 Oya Festival Oslo, Norway
Aug 12 Westcoast Bar Margate, United Kingdom
Aug 13 Corporation Sheffield, United Kingdom
Aug 14 The Fleece Bristol, United Kingdom
Aug 15 Talking Heads Southampton, United Kingdom
Aug 17 Pukkelpop Hasselt, Belgium
Aug 18 Highfield Festival Leipzig, Germany
Aug 19 Area4 Festival Lüdinghausen, Germany
Sep 06 Hopscotch Music Festival Durham, NC
Oct 27 The Fest 11 Gainesville, FL

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Leaks Initial Lineup for 2012

Fun Fun Fun Fest has released a YouTube video leaking a few of the bands slated to appear at the Auditorium Shores-held event in Austin, Texas on November 2-4, 2012. At the end of a humorous, black and white video, the festival's promoters mention a short list of artists including sludgy prog metellers Baroness, electronica beat makers Starfucker, and psychedelic rockers Black Moth Super Rainbow. More...

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Baroness Posts Behind The Scenes Footage

Baroness is releasing a series of behind-the-scenes clips leading up to the July 17th release of "Yellow & Green." The first clip, filmed as Baroness kicked off a recent North American tour, is available now via Brooklyn Vegan or in the player below.

The six-minute video features live footage from the band's North American tour and interview topics ranging from road-testing the new songs to the recording and original name for "Take My Bones Away."

Baroness premiere "March To The Sea," the second song to be previewed from the upcoming album Yellow & Green, on Tuesday, June 12th via Pitchfork. The song will be available for purchase via iTunes on Wednesday, June 13th.

Baroness will also perform at the Orion Music & More festival on June 23rd in Atlantic City before heading to Europe for a seven-week tour before returning to the States to perform at the Hopscotch Music Festival in Durham, N.C. on Sept. 6th. More...

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Relapse Records Streaming Entire Catalog Online

Relapse Records has unleashed the label's prestigious 20+ year catalog online via Bandcamp at this location. All of the albums from the catalog can now be streamed for free.

The official Relapse page features over 122 artists including Baroness, Dying Fetus, Pig Destroyer, Red Fang, Necrophagist, Revocation, and many more, each streaming their entire Relapse catalog for free in addition to offering the albums as high quality 320k mp3 or FLAC downloads.

Additionally, the label has made available a page for Relapse alumni including Mastodon, Neurosis, Amorphis, Nile, High in Fire, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and over 20 additional artists at this location.

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Baroness Streaming New Song Online

Baroness has posted a new song online titled "Take My Bones Away," which is taken from the upcoming new album "Yellow & Green." Check out the track in the player below.

"Yellow & Green" is coming this July 17th, 2012 via Relapse Records on 2CD/Deluxe 2CD/2xLP/Deluxe 2xLP/digital download. A previously posted teaser trailer for the album can also be viewed at this location.


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Baroness Posts New Album Teaser

Baroness, currently on tour previewing material from forthcoming new album "Yellow & Green" (due out July 17th through Relapse Records), has now posted a trailer for the upcoming release, giving listener's their first hint of music from the album. Check out the preview in the player below.

The album's track listing is as follows:

Disc 1:

1. Yellow Theme
2. Take My Bones Away
3. March to the Sea
4. Little Things
5. Twinkler
6. Cocainium
7. Back Where I Belong
8. Sea Lungs
9. Eula

Disc 2:

1. Green Theme
2. Board Up the House
3. Mtns. (The Crown & Anchor)
4. Foolsong
5. Collapse
6. Psalms Alive
7. Stretchmarker
8. The Line Between
9. If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry More...

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