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Society 1

From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Amen Dedicates UK Tour To Paul Raven

AMEN frontman Casey Chaos has issued the following statement:

"Paul Raven [legendary bassist for such bands as MINISTRY, PRONG, SOCIETY 1, KILLING JOKE, GODFLESH and MOB RESEARCH] was someone I looked up to as a child, for his music, his unique style, inspiration, and I was fortunate enough to call him one of my best friends over the last 10 years. If not for Paul Raven, AMEN would probably not even exist. Paul was the first person to put his money where is mouth was and produce the first AMEN album, and even take AMEN out on tour to open for KILLING JOKE in America in 2004.

"To commemorate Paul's life, AMEN will be dedicating our Halloween appearance at London's Underworld [tomorrow night] (Wednesday, October 31) and the remaining dates of our impromptu UK tour to him, in celebration of a punk legend. More...

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Society 1 Frontman Comments On Paul Raven's Death

SOCIETY 1 frontman Matt Zane has issued the following statement regarding the passing of legendary bassist Paul Raven (MINISTRY, PRONG, SOCIETY 1, KILLING JOKE, GODFLESH, MOB RESEARCH):

"Paul Raven was the most stand-up guy I ever had the pleasure to work with. The thing about Raven is that after working together he made an effort in the following years to stay in touch even if it was just to drop you a quick message to let you know he was keeping an eye on you. That was the coolest thing about him. He respected you and made it a point to let you know that.

"With everything he has done with his career he didn't have to stay in contact or even admit his involvement with me and my band but that's what separated him in my eyes from all the other musicians I've had dealings with over the years. More...

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Matt Zane To Perform Suspended At Porn Convention

Society 1 frontman, Matt Zane, will be suspended while playing guitar at the upcoming Pornstar Utopia and Ink Tattoo Convention in Houston Texas. The event will take place on November 10th. Zane will be playing guitar with Core (www.wearecore.com). He will be pierced in front of the crowd, stretched then lifted in to the air while playing guitar. He will then swing around and pick up Pleasure Productions contract girl Tera Wray. The band will be playing the whole time this is going on. "After I was on the Dave Navarro show," stated Zane, "the offers to suspend for a live audience have been a little overwhelming. As much as I like to entertain, one of my main concerns with anything I do is to keep the performance fresh. I didn't want to attempt 100 suspensions and have them all be the same. So it just so happened that I was asked to perform in Houston and that is where the other chapter of CORE is located. They also have a musical director and musicians that play during their shows. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring my suspensions to the next level by playing guitar simultaneously while suspending and performing with the CORE musicians. It's something that we hope to incorporate into Society 1 shows as well."

Matt Zane has always been known for his singing in Society 1, but not for his guitar playing. "I have always played guitar and written 90% of everything in my band Society 1 but I was never outspoken about my guitar playing until recently. I never wanted the former guitar player to feel like I was trying to receive all the attention and recognition. It was hard enough to get him noticed because of my adult video involvement and outlandish stage show."

Matt Zane will be playing the Cobra model Greg Bennet guitar from his sponsor Samick Guitars.

Matt Zane and Tera Wray will be promoting the upcoming Tattooed & Tight 2

Pornstar Utopia and Ink Houston Tattoo Convention
9371 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77063

You can check out the Tattooed & Tight 2 trailer here.

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Matt Zane Comments On Ex-Society 1 Bandmates

With the recent release of the final MINISTRY album, Matt Zane would like people to take notice that 1/3 of the current lineup was once an integral part of the industrial metal band Society 1. Both Sin and Paul Raven played on SOCIETY 1’s “Exit Through Fear” released in 2003 and are both listed in the album liner notes. The pair also toured in support of that album as seen on the “In Our Own Images” DVD that was released as part of “Years of Spiritual Dissent” via Crash Music. After a few months of touring, Raven left SOCIETY 1 and joined up with GODFLESH. “Raven left Society 1 after a short stint of touring to go on the road with GODFLESH” states Matt Zane. “I understood he needed to pay the bills and this was before Society 1 was touring full time for Earache.”

Ex-SOCIETY 1 guitarist Sin Quirin left the band to join THE REVOLTING COCKS in 2006. At the time both Ministry and Society 1 shared the same touring agent, John Finberg. When the band was dropped from Earache Records, Sin contacted John Finberg, owner of First Row Talent asking for a favor. A mutual agreement was made between both Sin and John Finberg which put Sin into THE REVOLTING COCKS without an audition. "All I know is that some deal was put in place between the two of them. It must have been an amazing situation that was worked out because Sin didn't even have to audition. A few phone calls were made and he was in the band" stated Zane.

Some time later, Zane was presented with the news and to his surprise, was shocked. “I get a call from Sin” says Matt Zane. “He says he is going to do the Rev Co tour but if SOCIETY 1 gets a new deal he would cancel the tour and stay to record the new album. Well we get signed to Crash Music and the day the contract comes, Sin leaves on a plane for Texas. He didn't even sign the deal. From that point, he just became harder and harder to get a hold of until he just vanished.”

The deal that Sin and First Row Talent struck to get Sin into Rev Co broke down and was never fulfilled by Sin although John lived up to his end by getting Sin into THE REVOLTING COCKS. As Sin was still considered a member of SOCIETY 1, this caused a strain on the relationship between Finberg and SOCIETY 1 causing the band to miss out on numerous concerts and tours for close to two years. More...

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Society 1 Post New Demo Tracks Online

SOCIETY 1 has posted demo versions of three new songs that will be included on the band's upcoming CD, "Sadist Messiah", on its MySpace page. Also available at the same location is a promotional video of the band, which follows them on tour and features interviews as well as footage of frontman Matt Zane's trademark suspension act.

SOCIETY 1 has yet to find a new label home following its split with Earache but will begin to shop around to interested companies in the near future. In the meantime they will continue to write new music and post weekly clips of current and archived footage that will show some of the more interesting moments within the history of SOCIETY 1.

"People always ask me questions about things that have happened to us while on the road and other various places and wonder if it's true," says Zane. "A lot of the of the action was caught on tape and released through four different DVDs over the years so luckily now I can post some of it and younger fans can see it for themselves."

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Earache Records To Kick Off Premier Of Radium

Former SOCIETY 1 front man Matt Zane, in conjunction with porn juggernaut Pleasure Productions, is launching a unique porn series entitled Radium, which will feature the latest metal videos, band interviews, and "loads of hot and heavy porn."

Radium will feature Pleasure Productions starlet and Kentucky native, Tera Wray, as host of the Radium series. Tera Wray will be interviewing metal’s hottest up-and-coming acts, play a diverse mix of new metal videos, and address all things metal – culturally, musically and sexually. Creating the perfect marriage of extremity, the premier episode of Radium will feature an all Earache Records roster – including videos from MUNICIPAL WASTE, THE BERZERKER, MORTIIS, and WITH PASSION. The issue will also include a live interview with Tera and WITH PASSION at the California Metal Fest, as well as Tera getting a drum lesson from SOCIETY 1 drummer Berzerk Kirk.

Matt Zane will be producing the series, firmly standing by the budding alt-porn industry, recognizing the relevance of this union stating “people always will want to see porn, and metal has been around since the 70’s.” Keep a lookout for the premier episode of Radium and check out some of Matt Zane’s other alt-porn endeavors such as Tattooed and Tight at pleasureproductions.com.

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Society 1 Recording New Material

With television appearances on FX, Inside Edition, Dr. 90210, The Daily 10 and The Omen DVD, Society 1 barely had time to record new material or play live. Matt "The Lord" Zane had this to say:

"The band was very active this past year...a little too active. With the television appearances, the release of 'The Years Of Spiritual Dissent,' my radio show 'Why Do We Live?' and the reality show I was putting together, we barely had time to really concentrate on new material. We only did two live performances and three acoustic sets at NAMM. Before we knew it, it had been a year since we have been on the road."

Realizing the need for new material Society 1 are back in the studio recording. Although at this time, it is unclear what the new tracks are for. Zane had this to say:

"We are going to shop these tracks and see what comes about but we are only signing a deal if it makes sense. If nothing does we will record some more and release the record ourselves."

Here are some pictures showing Society 1 hard at work interestingly enough at Platnium Sound with Paul Hilton. This was the studio that 'Slacker Jesus' and 'Words As Carriers' were recorded, which Paul Hilton was the engineer on both. Iblis and Berzerk were present but refused to be photographed. You can check out the photos here.

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Moody, Zane and Kelly Clarkson TP Amy Lee's Home

'American Idol' season one champ Kelly Clarkson, former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, and former pornographer turned Society 1 singer Matt Zane were videotaped TPing the home of Evanescence singer Amy Lee after NRG Studios received a special plaque for work with did with Evanescence on their debut 'Fallen'. The commemoration didn't feature Moody, even though he wrote the record. After Moody stomped on the plaque, they decided to deliver it to Lee's home with the toilet paper. Moody is currently working with Clarkson on her follow-up to 'Breakaway'. You can watch the clip at YouTube or below: More...

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Extreme Metal Racing PS2 Game Trailer Online

You can now catch a glimpse of the final trailer for Earache Records’ forthcoming videogame online. ‘Earache Extreme Metal Racing’ is due to be released in the UK and Europe on November 3rd on PlayStation 2, PSP and PC and is set to take the videogaming world by storm.

The game features ten evil Earache racing teams battling it out on a torturous track that takes the wicked racers into the depths of hell and beyond. The teams you can drive around the 4 satanically-inspired levels include Mortiis, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Akercocke, Decapitated, Biomechanical, Municipal Waste, The Berzerker, Linea77 and Society 1.

For the first time this game introduces the world of video gaming to the genre of extreme metal head on, as fans will simultaneously be able to race their favourite artists whilst doing battle to over 3 hours of Earache’s most annihilating releases. The soundtrack to this brutal game not only features music and videos from the racing teams, but also includes tracks from classic Earache bands such as Napalm Death, At The Gates, Cathedral plus bonus unreleased material and videos.

You can watch the trailer on YouTube. You can see the game cover here. More...

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Former Prong Guitarist Joins Society 1

Former PRONG guitarist Atron (RORSCHACH TEST, TAD) has joined SOCIETY 1 as a temporary replacement for regular axeman Sin, who is currently on tour with REVOLTING COCKS. Atron was asked by SOCIETY 1 to take on touring and recording duties in the vacant guitar slot so they could continue working while Sin is away.

Atron has toured with numerous bands since the mid-Nineties and is no stranger to the rigorous demands of traveling and recording. Atron had this to say: "SOCIETY 1 is a band that takes their work seriously without taking themselves too serious. It's a fuck-load of fun, and I can't wait to take it to the stage!"

In related news, SOCIETY 1 will be featured on the nationally syndicated TV show "Inside Edition", airing on Monday, May 15. The band will be featured in a segment on the significance of the number "666" and the approaching date 06/06/06 (June 6, 2006).

SOCIETY 1's only U.S. performance of the year will take place on June 5 in Los Angeles headlining the "Satan's Rockin' Eve" event. The show will be hosted by radiofreesatan.com, and will feature many great industrial, metal, and punk acts from around the world.

SOCIETY 1 have set "The Years of Spiritual Dissent" as the title for their first release through Crash Music, Inc. The set is a collection of material featured on SOCIETY 1's first two albums — "Slacker Jesus" and "Words as Carriers" — plus two cover songs, a brand new track entitled "This Is The End", and a bonus DVD. A July 25 release is expected. You can see Atron with SOCIETY 1 in their new video "This Is The End."

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Society 1 Sign With Crash Music

Crash Music, Inc. has announced the signing of the Los Angeles band SOCIETY 1 to a worldwide deal.

SOCIETY 1 first rose to notoriety in 1999 with its debut album, "Slacker Jesus", earning massive press coverage through such media outlets as MTV, VH1, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Spin, Revolver, and Kerrang!. Adding to the media frenzy was the fact that front man Matt Zane was an acclaimed porn director, gaining worldwide infamy for his "Backstage Sluts" series. The band released two albums on Earache Records, 2003's "Exit Through Fear" and 2005's "The Sound That Ends Creation". Now free from Earache Records the band is ready for yet another run of pure hedonistic debauchery... and creating some new music as well.

Matt Zane comments: "This band released its first record in 1999 and I can't believe we are still making new music seven years later. I have so many friends that were signed out of the nu-metal scene back in the day that had their time and are now gone. I feel blessed that Crash is giving us the opportunity to keep going."

Crash Music's Mark Nawara says, "Matt Zane is an extraordinary talent and I believe has a very bright future ahead of him. We are very excited to be working with him and SOCIETY 1 and I look forward to it."

SOCIETY 1's first release for Crash will be "The Years Of Spiritual Dissent", a two-disc CD/DVD set, to be released early this fall, which consists of music off previous albums, "Slacker Jesus" and "Words As Carriers". The set also includes cover songs an unreleased track, and a documentary DVD.

The band is currently writing new music for a new album to be released in the near future. Matt Zane also host his own weekly radio show on the Internet's most notorious station, Radio Free Satan, which an be heard on Tuesday nights at www.radiofreesatan.com.

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Society 1 To Perform Acoustic Set At NAMM

SOCIETY 1 will perform a acoustic set at the Greg Bennett/Silvertone booth (Booth 4351, Hall C) on Friday, January 20 at the following times: 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. The set will consist of songs from their latest CD, "The Sound That Ends Creation". All members will be present in between sets to answer questions and give out some free promotional copies of their latest DVD, "The Strangest Life I've Ever Known".

Frontman Matt "The Lord" Zane had this to say: "We rarely get to perform acoustic sets. It is so odd for us to just sit down and play without all the blood, women and riots. It's kind of amusing that we will be entering the New Year with such a mellow show but then again we have always been about going in the opposite direction of what is expected."

SOCIETY 1 have reportedly parted ways with Earache Records, the label that issued "The Sound That Ends Creation" in February 2005. The band have yet to announce a new label home.

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Society 1's Suspension Show Confirmed For Download

Society 1 prepares to make history as frontman Matt "The Lord" Zane finalizes plans for his greatest suspension feat to date, to be performed live on Sunday, June 12 at the UK's massive Download Festival. At 11:50 am on the final day of the festival, in front of tens of thousands of fans, Matt "The Lord" Zane will be pierced with six meathooks and hoisted in the air, suspended only by the hooks in his flesh. He will then proceed to sing an entire set worth of songs with Society 1 -- while suspended. Zane, who set a world record at LA's Key Club in March 2004 by performing the first live suspension by a rock singer, will attempt to smash his previous record by remaining suspended for the duration of 8 songs. Zane's Download suspension marks his first European suspension show. With the massive Download audience on hand to witness this event, it will be the most-watched suspension in history.

Download, the UK¹s premier metal festival, is held at the prestigious Donington Park racetrack, home of the Donington Monsters Of Rock Festivals. This year's three-day event features more than 100 acts including such luminaries as Black Sabbath, System Of A Down, Velvet Revolver, Slipknot, and Slayer.

You can watch the latest Society 1 video "It Isn't Me" here and grab a Few Track here.

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Crisis Work On New Songs With Ex-Society 1 Drummer

Crisis have started working on new songs with drummer Justin Arman (ex-Society 1), who has previously played with the band as a substitute. The group's last drummer, Ryan Ball, was fired in February and arrested in Pennsylvania on armed-robbery charges shortly thereafter. The new disc should be finished by early next year. In the meantime, Crisis will launch a tour with M.O.D. and Beyond the Embrace on June 8 in Texas.

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Scum of the Earth, Brand New Sin US Tour

SCUM OF THE EARTH, the band founded by former ROB ZOMBIE guitarist Riggs, will be teaming up with BRAND NEW SIN and SOCIETY 1 for a U.S. tour beginning in June. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

Jun. 17 - Chicago IL @ Metro
Jun. 18 – Freeport, IL @ Convention Center
Jun. 19 - Omaha, NE @ Ranch Bowl

More dates will be announced soon.

SCUM OF THE EARTH had originally planned on touring the U.S. last fall but were forced to cancel the trek due to "contractual discrepancies along the route."

SCUM OF THE EARTH's debut album, "Blah…Blah…Blah…Love Songs for the New Millennium" (Eclipse), features Riggs alongside an all-star cast of friends, including drummer John Tempesta (HELMET, WHITE ZOMBIE, ROB ZOMBIE, TESTAMENT, EXODUS) and his brother Mike Tempesta (guitar, ex-POWERMAN 5000) — marking the first time the brothers have played together on record — plus SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan.

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Matt Zane From Society 1 Performed While Suspended

On Thursday, March 11, at L.A.'s Key Club, SOCIETY 1's Matt Zane became the first rock singer in history to perform live while "suspended" — pierced through the back and hoisted up in the air, supported only by the hooks in his flesh. An uncommonly disciplined and daring feat that has never been accomplished before now, Zane's suspension is the latest chapter in the unfolding saga of the man recently described in the LA Weekly as an embodiment of "Morrisonesque shamanics and Satanic self-determination."

Key Club was filled beyond capacity with over 700 people in attendance to witness the historic spectacle. The entire venue was abuzz with anticipation, wonder, and doubt as Zane took center stage (bearing a giant wooden cross!) and prepared for the show. With ambient melodies pumping through the PA, Zane was pierced with six hooks and hoisted off the ground. Amidst wild cheering, a curtain rose and SOCIETY 1 launched into "Fornicate", off their Earache debut, "Exit Through Fear", as Zane rose higher and higher in the air. Zane remained suspended for the duration of three full songs, reaching nearly thirty feet off the stage, fronting the band in his inimitable style all the while. On the last of the three songs, "Everyone Dies (Rock Stars Don't Count)", Zane was joined by ORGY's Jay Gordon on vocals.

Following the three suspended songs, Zane returned to the stage for a full set with SOCIETY 1, featuring the debut of new SOCIETY 1 bassist, Dirt.

SOCIETY 1's March 11 show at LA's Key Club marked their final show in support of their Earache debut, "Exit Through Fear". The entire show was filmed for a DVD, to be released on Earache later this year.

SOCIETY 1 will now enter the studio to record their second Earache album.

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Ex-Dope Drummer To Drum For Society 1's L.A. Show

Drummer Preston Nash has confirmed he will hit the skins for SOCIETY 1 at their show at LA's Key Club, March 11. Nash, who has sat in on drums with SOCIETY 1 in the past, has made his name as drummer for DOPE and PRIMER 55.

The March 11 show at the Key Club — SOCIETY 1's final show before hitting the studio to record the follow-up to "Exit Through Fear" — promises to be a freakshow gala of eye-opening, stomach-turning, soul-inverting sights and sounds.

Not only will SOCIETY 1 play a full set of their industrial-metal mayhem, but frontman Matt Zane (as his alter-ego "The Lord") will also perform a series of songs while suspended from his back with meathooks. Joining Matt on vocals will be a very special guest, yet to be revealed.

The entire show will be filmed for a DVD, coming out later this year on Earache.

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