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Society 1

From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Society 1 news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Society 1 Announces New Album

Southern California's industrial metal group Society 1 has inked a deal with DSN Music to release upcoming album "Rise From The Dead," scheduled for release this March.

Society 1, which was founded in 1996 by the infamous Lord Zane on lead vocals, also features veteran guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle, bassist Dirt Von Karloff, and drummer Iorden Mitev.

"It feels good to be back at it again, like an old lover who fucked you better than anyone before or after" said Zane during a decadent signing party at the DSN Music complex in Malibu, CA. "Everyone has those moments when you resurrect and reinvent. This album 'Rise From The Dead' is one of those moments."

The comeback for Zane follows a hiatus during which he established a successful Hollywood career as a music video director, working on projects with such acts as Zakk Wylde, John 5, DMC, Wayne Static, and Orgy. "For me this isn't so much of a return for the band but more a return of
my understanding of how necessary musical exploration is to my existence," said Zane. More...

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Society 1 Crowd Funding Doors Cover Album

Society 1 has released a music video for a cover of The Doors' "Wild Child" (edited and directed by Matt Zane of Lord Zane Productions). The track was produced & mixed by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound and was mastered by Mike Wells at Mike Wells Mastering.

The group has also launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund a Doors tribute album entitled "Not To Touch The Earth," with "Wild Child" being the first track on the release.

Matt Zane comments: "This album isn't going to be some half hearted attempt to cash in by recording a bunch of uninspired covers. We want to bring The Doors music to a place that its never been. By focusing on the groove within the songs and bringing out the innate heaviness of each track our goal is to completely re-envision what The Doors may have sounded like if they created their music in 2016." More...

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Society 1 Releases New Music Video

Society 1 has released a music video for the track "I Can't Feel," taken from the "Rise From The Dead" album.

This clip, available below, was directed and edited by singer Matt Zane of Lord Zane Productions (John 5, Wayne Static, Zakk Wylde, DMC, Orgy). The song was produced & mixed by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound and mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering. Zane had this to say:

"When I direct our own videos it's always a challenge considering I have to jump in front and behind the camera. This video was the most difficult out of all the Society 1 videos because not only did I have to perform but imagine what was going on in the scene. Everything was done on green screen so I was just trying to think about what it was supposed to look like.

"When I brought it into editing the real challenge began attempting to create what I envisioned. A very cool creative experience. We're going to concentrate in the realm of complete manifestations of worlds and environments for further video's to bring the music that much farther. We want every sound and visual to really capture the full spectrum of the viewers imagination." More...

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Society 1 Releases New Single

Society 1 has released the first single from new EP "Rise From The Dead," entitled "It's Yours Now." The track was produced by Alex Crescioni and the lyric video available below was created by vocalist Lord Zane. He comments:

"I think our producer Alex did a great job capturing the new sound and direction of the band. We've been playing the new songs out but it's great to finally start to hear them recorded. I think people will be surprised by what we are sounding like these days."

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Society 1 Releases New Hybrid Video

Society 1 has released a new hybrid clip - part lyric video, part full music video - for the track "Kill Me." Check it out below. You can also watch Society 1's previously posted video clip for the song "Lifeless" at this location.

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Society 1 Posts "Lifeless" Music Video

Society 1 releases a new a video today entitled "Lifeless," directed by vocalist Matt "The Lord" Zane and Noah Raskin.

"Lifeless" is the first complete track made available from the recently recorded EP "Screams Of Sadist" that was produced by Raymond Herrera, with mixing and mastering done by Logan Mader. Society 1 wanted to release the video prior to securing a means of distribution in order to showcase the band's current line up and sound. Zane comments:

"Of course we could just record and release albums on our own, do small tours, basically just make it a DIY situation but after being back in the game for the past year it seems that it would a better decision to try and sign with some type of label that has a few more resources than we do at our immediate disposal. It seems video's are a great way to gain interest these days because it is so easy to reach so many people. I've even know a few new artists acquire deals directly from their Youtube views before even playing a show."

With the band's decision to create and release a video the question came down to which track from the EP should be used to represent where Society 1 stood musically and visually after all these years. More...

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Society 1 Posts Studio Update

Watch in the video below as Society 1 records the new EP "Screams Of Sadist" at AM Recording Studios with Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory, Arkaea, 3volution) in the producer chair and Jeremy Blair engineering. In this episode Brian Jackson rips it up with a little help from a custom guitar.

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Society 1 Announces Return Of Bassist

Society 1 has issued the following announcement about welcoming back bassist Dirt Von Karloff:

"Dirt Von Karloff has returned to Society 1 after a year and half hiatus. After seven years in the band Dirt decided to leave on amicable terms to explore other musical opportunities but after some time had passed his desire to return to the band resurfaced. Following some contemplation he decided to make the call to rejoin after hearing some of the rehearsal footage posted on the Society 1 Youtube page and was excited about the new members and direction of the material."

Vocalist Lord Zane further comments: "I've toured the world with Dirt. We've shared the stage hundreds of times. He was at my right hand side when we played the Download Festival suspended in front of 80,000 people. Sharing those experiences with someone creates a strong bond and friendship. It's good to have him back and am looking forward to sharing the stage one again."

"In the first rehearsal it felt like coming home except now playing with new drummer Pete Pace (London After Midnight) is like jamming with Neil Peart on crack," said Karloff.

Society 1 is currently tracking at AM Recording Studios with Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory, Arkaea, 3volution) in the producer chair and Jeremy Blair engineering. The band is compiling songs for a new EP entitled "Screams Of Sadist" and preparing to tour in 2013. More...

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Society 1 Singer Directing Maxxxwell Carlisle Vid

Maxxxwell Carlisle, the Los Angeles based shredder and solo artist, has announced that Lord Zane, frontman of Society 1, will be directing the video for the title track of his upcoming EP, "Power Angel."

The video's release will coincide with the EP's digital release, set for November 28th, 2012 through Power Dungeon Music. Maxxxwell Carlisle comments:

"I saw Society 1's last video 'Kill Me' on youtube and when I found out that he had directed it, that was it. I knew he was the guy for the job. I want someone who can put that level of intensity into their work and that's the kind of power and energy that I want to come across in this video. I've got some great people playing on these songs and I want something that will do the EP and that opening track justice. Zane and I have been working on the details over the past couple of months and I'm confident he can deliver what I'm looking for."

You can also check out Society 1's music video for "Kill Me" in the player below. More...

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Society 1 Releases "Kill Me" Music Video

The new video and single "Kill Me" (Directed by Amy Sampson and Lord Zane) from Society 1 has officially been released and is the first song from the upcoming EP "Screams Of A Sadist." Check out the clip below. The sound and direction of the music is a return to the earlier industrial roots of Society 1, yet the video breaks new ground conceptually compared to previous efforts of the band. Lord Zane commented:

“This video ties in directly to the lyrical content where every other video Society 1 created had a very vague connection to the song if any at all. I really wanted the images to reflect what I am singing about so I made the scenes very literal yet interesting. The song is called Kill Me and that’s what is happening in the majority of the video. I’m being killed through erotic asphyxiation, I’m bleeding out during an orgy after getting my wrists slashed, I'm dying through crucifixion which is the most famous way of being murdered thanks to Jesus Christ so on and so forth.“

These scenes when understood within that context make perfect sense but there is the one role Zane plays in the video that is bound to raise some questions of his intentions. “I actually play Adolf Hitler in the video. It is the first time I acted out a role as someone else. It was an interesting transformation I had to go through in order to be able and do it. You have to drop all social stigma associated with the symbols and history and approach it from the other direction. As if it’s something you believe in or the character wouldn’t really come across well. “ More...

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Society 1 Posts "Kill Me" Teaser

Society 1 has released a promotional teaser clip for the new video “Kill Me” (directed by Amy Sampson and Lord Zane), which can be viewed below. The thirty second clip gives the viewer a brief yet bombastic preview of the full length video being released this coming February 28th. The images range from Zane being crucified to suicidal blood orgies. Zane comments:

“This is just a little taste of what to expect. Hopefully Youtube will allow the full length to stay posted after its release. Although there is absolutely no nudity or excessive violence the images are somewhat controversial and intense.”

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Society 1 Issues Band Activity Update

Society 1 vocalist Lord Zane has checked in with the following announcement about the band's upcoming activity:

"Lord Zane here. For the twelve people who were wondering what I was going to do regarding music and performing I can say after four months of reflection and rehabilitation that I am not prepared at this time to sit on the couch and watch television for the rest of my life. I’ve missed being involved with creating and performing music and while I truly enjoy directing and will continue to do so I feel it’s time to begin getting back out there with my own material…slowly.

"Is my neck healed? A simple answer is no but I’ve learned and implemented a plethora of new practices which are yielding amazing results thus far. Perhaps the key to performing and creating once again is a modified outlook that doesn’t require or expect me to immediately excel to the level of previous accomplishments.

"Here is the plan. One song, one video and one show at a time. No major tours. No big press releases. No interviews. No lofty claims of taking over the world. I’m not committing to anything except my desire to create and perform for myself at whatever pace I feel acceptable. I will have an attitude of whatever happens…happens. As long as I am being true to my sinister and controversial aspects of creation then I am fulfilling what my soul requires to thrive.

"I’m returning to my industrial metal roots. I know that last album made more than a few people scratch their heads with confusion but I can tell you this new material will be reminiscent of what most associate with my sound.

"So any bass players and drummers out there who live in Los Angeles that want to get involved in this next portion of the never ending saga of Society 1 let me know. Creative times ahead."

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Society 1 Streaming Entire Album Online

The new Society 1 album "A Journey From Exile" has been made available as a free digital download at this location. The band has decided to release the album for free after vocalist Lord Zane announced he would be unable to fulfill touring obligations due to a lingering neck injury.

During rehearsals it became apparent that touring for an extended period of time would cause to much damage to Zane's already aggravated physical condition. According to the band, Zane sustained the injury in 2008 when setting a world record for body suspension where he hung for six hours with four metal hooks pierced through his upper back.

"I remember feeling as if something was burning from the base of my skull to the middle of my back on the left side after the suspension. I figured I just needed time to heal but about a month later I didn't feel that much better. I went to a few doctors and they told me I would barely be able to walk in three years. Since then I have undergone a multitude of therapies and I believed I was ready to get back out there and perform but unfortunately it's still to painful," explains Zane.

The band agreed to go on hiatus and pursue other projects while Zane focused on his recovery. "I didn't want to prevent my band members (Dirt Von Karloff -Bass, Presotn Nash -Drums, Billie Stevens -Guitar) from getting out there and doing what they love. All of us are still going to be involved in music but working separately makes more sense at the moment. I am going to continue to write, record music and shoot video's but performing live is something that is going to have to wait. I have began a new more aggressive therapy regimen and I'll see where it can get me in a few months. I love performing and fully plan to get back out there even if it means limited shows in the future." More...

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Society 1 Adds On Second Guitar Player

California based metallers Society 1 have issued the following update about adding on a second guitar player:

"Mike Greenfield (Hemlock, Deteriorot) has joined Society 1 as a second guitar player completing the current line up consisting of Matt The Lord Zane (Vocals), Dirt Von Karloff ( Bass), Eric Franklin (Guitars) and Alpheus Underhill IV (Drums). During the recording of the bands yet to be officially named new release it became apparent that two guitar players were going to be required to recreate the songs live. Greenfield auditioned and was asked to join after only one rehearsal."

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Society 1 Posts Studio Footage Online

American metallers Society 1 has posted a video of the band in the studio working on their forthcoming new album, "Sadist Messiah." You can check it out below. More...

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Society 1 Announces New Guitarist

After trying out guitarists for several months, Society 1 has just announced they have found a new guitarist. Los Angeles native Eric Franklin will be joining Matt "The Lord" Zane, Dirt, and Sic Rik on guitars. You can view video of Eric Franklin in action at Ultimate-Guitar.com.

Raised by his parents on Beethoven, Bach and the Star Wars Soundtrack, guitarist Eric Franklin started his musical journey on the piano at age six. Taught by Juilliard graduate Emilia Guastella, Eric studied classical music for 6 years. By the age of 12 however, hearing the sounds of Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin blast from his sister’s stereo, Eric eventually craved to learn music of a louder persuasion and his longing to play the guitar could not be stopped.

Eric’s first public show will be on Dave Navarro’s Spread Entertainment which will air Aug 8 on maniatv.com. Society 1 recently released “Live and Raw” exclusively through iTunes.

As previously reported, Society 1 has been in the studio this summer recording its fifth studio album due out in 2009 at NRG Studio's with producer Wade Norton.

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Society 1 Seeks Second Guitar Player

Industrial metal band Society 1 is seeking a second guitar player to complete its current line up which consists of Matt "The Lord" Zane (Vocals), Dirt (Bass), Atron (Guitar) and Sik Rick (Drums). Society 1 is currently in the studio recording its 5th studio album due out in 2009 at NRG Studio's with producer Wade Norton.

"As things have progressed in the studio, it has become apparent that we are going to need a second guitar player. This album focuses more on the guitar and less on electronics. We wanted to be able to reproduce that sound live and even though we were going to wait until the album is complete, a couple of appearances have been booked to promote our new iTunes release 'Live And Raw.' So we need someone sooner than later." says Zane. More...

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Society 1 Employs Adult Star Regan Reese

Society 1 was paid a visit last week by the popular adult actress Regan Reese. Regan stopped by NRG Recording Studios while drummer Sik Ric was recording drum tracks for the upcoming "Sadist Messiah." Regan is no stranger to the studio environment, as she graduated from Musicians Institute Of Technology in Los Angeles to become a recording engineer. While in the studio, Regan assisted producer Wade Norton by running Pro Tools topless. She did such a great job Wade actually asked her back to assist throughout the tracking of the drums.

"Regan actually assists Wade and runs the Pro-Tools when we track. She doesn't just sit around with her boobs out. She is actually put to work while her boobs hang out. I am so into it. We are so metal that we have topless engineers. I love this band. If anyone ever wonders why I keep going it's because I can do things like this. If given the chance wouldn't you?"

Producer, Wade Norton, had the following to say in regards to working with Matt Zane. "To quote Otter in Animal House. 'Boon, I anticipate a deeply religious experience.'"

Regan and Matt first began working together about a year ago on the set of Matt’s highly popular series "Tatooed and Tight" released through Evolution Distribution. It was there that Matt talked to Regan about her going to school for recording and invited her to come down to the studio when Society 1 started recording.

You can check out exclusive footage of Regan Reese tracking "Saddist Messiah" at The Gauntlet. More...

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Society 1 Enters Studio To Record "Sadist Messiah"

After three years of talking about it, Matt Zane and Society 1 have finally entered NRG Studios to begin recording "Sadist Messiah." Wade Norton is behind the soundboard again for the band's fourth studio album. "It feels great to be back in NRG Studios and working with Wade Norton” stated Zane. "I figured it was about time to get Sadist Messiah started. There has been a lot of road blocks and drama these past few years with ex members, agents and labels but everything seems to be worked out at the moment. The material is very strong and I am excited to finally get things moving once again."

Society 1 is:
Sick Rick – drums
Dirt – bass
Matt "The Lord" Zane – vocals, guitars, programming

"Saddist Messiah" is expected to be released in 2009. "I just wanted to get back into the studio. The live album is cool but I am just committed to the new material. We might do a few one off shows but that's it." Last week, Society 1 announced the release of its first live album, "Live and Raw." The live album will be sold exclusively through iTunes.

You can view footage of Society 1 in the studio on YouTube or below. More...

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Documentary To Be On Society 1 DVD

The following SOCIETY 1 press release from the MVD Entertainment Group has been released:

"Instilling mortal fear in conservatives, unbearable lust in schoolgirls, and blind loyalty in fans across the nation, Society 1 is a band of extreme people doing extreme things. This DVD contains the entire record-breaking Suspension Show, filmed live at The Key Club in LA (March 2004). It also includes a Society 1 live set filmed on tour in Tampa, and One Way To Hell - an exclusive Society 1 documentary unavailable anywhere else. In addition, all three Society 1 videos are included: 'Nothing', 'All You Want', and 'Hate', plus, behind the scenes footage at 'Sin's Ultimate Photoshoot' and on the set of the 'Nothing' video. Bonus program on the reverse side of the disc includes additional interviews and performance footage, + more! Jump on board the Society 1 hellbound caravan or fester and perish in your self-imposed cage of mediocrity!"

Bonus materials on the DVD include:

-- Interviews with Matt 'The Lord' Zane and the rest of the members of Society 1
-- Performance Footage
-- Backstage Chaos
-- Slide Show
-- Lyrics Sheet

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