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Formed: 2005
From: Olso, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Skitliv News

Below is our complete Skitliv news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Niklas Kvarforth Comments On Quitting Bands

It was previously announced that vocalist Niklas Kvarforth has parted ways with the band Bethlhehem. Niklas has now checked in with the following announcement about leaving all other projects, including his post with Den Saakaldte, in order to focus on the band Shining:

"A lot of things have been happening recently with Shining, and the rapid growth of the band over the last year, and the commitment that Shining now requires of me has meant that it has become impractical for me to continue working as vocalist with other bands.

"This includes my work with Bethlehem who themselves realized that the band could not continue with myself on vocals. Bethlehem is still my all-time favorite band and I wish them all the best for the future. I will also be quitting as front man for Den Saakaldte.

"From now on, therefore, I will only be making occasional guest vocal appearances on albums by other bands, and my priority will be Shining. My work with Maniac's band Skitliv will not be affected, however, as the vocals and the bulk of the creative work is in his hands.

"As always, myself and the band very much appreciate all the support the fans are giving Shining and their patience in waiting for the release of VII, and there will be some very good news regarding this very shortly"

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Skitliv Reveals New Album Details

Norwegian black metal band Skitliv has revealed the tracklisting for their upcoming album, "Skandinavisk Misantropi," [cover art] which is as follows:

1. Luciferon (Intro)
2. Slow Pain Coming
3. Hollow Devotion
4. Skandinavisk Misantropi
5. Towards the Shores of Loss
6. A Valley Below
7. Densetsu
8. ScumDrug

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Skitliv Signs To Season of Mist

Season of Mist has announced the signing of former MAYHEM frontman, Maniac’s new black/doom band SKITLIV, to their roster.

Together with members of SKITLIV, Maniac will be present at a listening session at this year's Inferno Festival in Oslo, which will showcase "Skandinavisk Misantropi." The album will receive its first public hearing this Thursday, April 9th, at 20:30 in the "Anneks" room of the Rockefeller venue, where attendees at the Inferno Festival will be able to meet Maniac and the guys. More...

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Nova Express Changes Name To Sehnsucht

NOVA EXPRESS, the recently announced noise/darkwave/ambient project set up by SKITLIV front man Maniac (ex-MAYHEM), has undergone a name change. The band, comprising Maniac himself on vocals and guitars, GALLHAMMER's Vivian Slaughter on bass, sax and backing vocals, and SKITLIV guitarist Ingvar on guitars, will now be called SEHNSUCHT.

Commenting on the name change, Maniac's manager said "As the song writing progressed, the name NOVA EXPRESS didn't quite seem to fit the atmosphere Maniac and Ingvar were creating, so really it was a case of finding one that better suited what everyone in the band were setting out to ultimately achieve. The word SEHNSUCHT seemed much more appropriate and we decided to go ahead and make the change now, rather than wait until we get further down the road, when a name change would become more complicated."

The band is already signed to the UK's Cold Spring label and work on SEHNSUCHT's first album, which has a working title of "Narrow Birth", is expected to be completed at the end of this year.

Maniac will also shortly be completing work on the first SKITLIV album "Glem Aldri Korset." Aside from Ingvar, the doom/black/noise project includes SHINING's Niklas Kvarforth on guitars and sculptor Spacebrain on bass. The difference between the two bands was recently described by Maniac's manager: "Where SKITLIV is very much Maniac's unpredictable offspring, the band is all about extremes and expecting the unexpected, SEHNSUCHT, on the other hand, is its more thoughtful, introspective, sibling."

A track by SEHNSUCHT can be heard on the band's official MySpace page. "Immaculate Fix," which includes eerie backing vocals by CURRENT 93's David Tibet, is un-mixed and un-mastered and is still missing Vivian Slaughter's input.

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Contraband Candy's Final Inferno Festival Special

In the final part of Contraband Candy's Inferno Festival Special, they tap into the darker side of things. Legendary Mayhem front man Maniac, guitarist Kvarforth and bass player Spacebrain talk about hot new blackened doom/punk project Skitliv (meaning literally "Shit life").

There's grim talk of illness and manipulation from the ever-controversial Kvarforth and his main band Shining, and to round off this Unholy Trinity, Spacebrain talks about his future-trash sculptures and the soon-to-be-legendary "Spacebunker".

In related news, Contraband Candy will be going to the Tuska festival in Helsinki, Finland, once again bringing you all the madness, the drunkenness, the filth and the fury this metal fest has to offer. More...

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Contraband Candy's Inferno Festival Special Part 2

Part 2 of Contraband Candy's "Inferno Festival Special" is now online and ready to view. It features interviews by Behemoth, Gorgoroth, drummer extraordinaire Nick Barker and hot newcomers Den Saakaldte, plus lots of this unique festival flavour and some excerpts from the Inferno Conference featuring Tom Gabriel Fischer of Celtic Frost and ex-Mayhem front man Maniac of Skitliv.

You can watch Part 2 of the Inferno Festival Special here or below. More...

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Contraband Candy Posts Inferno Festival Trailer

Contraband Candy is wrapping up production on their first-ever all-original-material festival special. To get you in the mood, they've released an action-packed trailer on ContrabandCandy.com (also embedded below/after the jump). The preview/trailer features interviews with King of Gorgoroth and Sahg, Nergal of Behemoth, Maniac, once of Mayhem and now with blackened doom-punks Skitliv, the outrageous and controversial Kvarforth of Shining and loads more. More...

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Skitliv Replace Om At Roadburn Festival

Organizers of the 13th Annual Roadburn Festival, taking place April 18th - 19th, at the 013 Club in Tilburg, The Netherlands, have announced that Norway's SKITLIV will be replacing OM as part of the David Tibet Curates Roadside 2008, scheduled on Sunday, April 20th.

The full line-up of artists playing tis event include: ÆTHENOR, BABY DEE, CURRENT 93, RICKIE LEE JONES and SKITLIV.

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Maniac's Skitliv To Release Special Edition MCD

SKITLIV, the band formed and fronted by former MAYHEM vocalist Maniac, and featuring SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth on guitars, is releasing two special editions on the UK Label Cold Spring. The CD version, due out at the end of February, comprises two studio tracks; one a special mix of “Slow Pain Coming” exclusive to Cold Spring, and the other, a version of “Amfetamin”, with guest vocals by current MAYHEM and SUNN0))) front man Attila, and includes bonus tracks from the band’s recent live performance at the Camden Underworld, London. Following later will be a limited 12” etched edition.

The release illustrates the subtle shift away from the narrow confines of Black Metal that Maniac has taken recently, expanding into the realms of the Doom/Noise genre whilst still maintaining his original roots. His cooperation with Current 93’s David Tibet and Andrew Liles is also highlighted in the intro to the live performance that was recorded by the two musicians especially for SKITLIV. The Tibet/Liles recording used for live performances differs from the version that they recorded as an intro for the “Kristiansen and Kvarforth Swim In The Sea of Equilibrium While Waiting…” MCD that was recently released by the band for their European tour.

Maniac commented “Justin of Cold Spring has been a friend for a long time now, and we have always talked about doing a one-off project together, but you know how it goes, you tend to get side-tracked by other things, or the time is not right for one or the other. Then he came up with the idea of the etched vinyl that was something that really appealed to everyone involved. It also came at the right moment in terms of us all having a free window at the same time, so we were able to re-record and re-mix a couple of tracks especially for him in between recording the MCD and preparing for the tour”.

You can check out a song from the MCD on the band’s MySpace page.

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Overkill Confirmed For Inferno Festival

US thrash legends OVERKILL are confirmed for the 2008 edition of the Inferno Festival is being held in Oslo, Norway from March 19th-22nd at the following venues: Rockefeller, John Dee, Sentrum Scene, Garage, Maiden and Rock In. The confirmed lineup is now as follows: SATYRICON (headliners), DESTRUCTION, SHINING, SKITLIV, 1349 and TULUS. The full schedule will be announced at their kick-off in January. The tickets for the 2008 edition of the festival are now available.

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Skitliv Recruit New Drummer

Former SHINING drummer Ted has joined the ranks of SKITLIV, replacing Canadian drummer Trish.

Ted is currently rehearsing with the band ready for the upcoming December tour with Shining and HELLSAW. Drum duties on the recently announced limited edition MCD will be carried out by Ivar, who played with Skitliv on their recent tour.

Commented Maniac: “Trish was unable to join us on the recent tour due to commitments back in Canada, and her place was temporarily filled by Ivar, who is not, in fact, a drummer at all, but vocalist with SILVER; but he is one of those people who can master any instrument you put in his hands, and enjoyed his temporary career change! It was really at that point that we realised that Skitliv’s music had moved very far, and in a completely different direction, from when she joined originally. Trish is a terrific drummer and a great person, but her technique and personal musical interests are better suited to her other projects, rather than the slower paced, doom-oriented material we are now producing. We all wish her the best of luck with her other bands.” More...

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Ex-Mayhem Vocalist To Perform w/ Shining In Oslo

SKITLIV/ex-MAYHEM frontman Maniac will join SHINING on stage during the band's forthcoming gig at Oslo, Norway's Club Maiden on Saturday, November 10. His appearance at the gig will mark the continued collaboration between Maniac and SHINING's Kvarforth, who recently became a full-time member of SKTILIV — both recording and performing live with the band. Kvarforth will play both with SKITLIV and SHINING during December, when the two bands will be undertaking a 19-date tour in Europe together with Austrian black metallers HELLSAW.

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Ex-Mayhem Frontman To Join Shining Onstage

SKITLIV frontman Maniac (ex-MAYHEM) will join SHINING on stage during the band’s forthcoming gig at Oslo’s Club Maiden on Saturday 10 November. Slated to perform at least one song with the band, his appearance will mark the continued collaboration between Maniac and Shining’s Kvarforth, who recently became a full-time member of Skitliv - both recording and performing live with the band. Kvarforth will play both with Skitliv and Shining during December, when the two bands will be undertaking a 19-date tour in Europe together with Austrian black metallers HELLSAW.

Supporting Shining at Club Maiden will be two Norwegian bands: ENDEZZMA, the Black Metal band that features members of URGEHAL, RAGNAROK and VULTURE LORD, and psychopunkers HAUST, who will open the evening. This will be the only date that Shining will play in Norway until March of 2008, when the band is scheduled to appear at the Inferno Festival.

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Shining, Hellsaw and Skitliv Confirm Tour Dates

SHINING, HELLSAW and SKITLIV have now confirmed additional dates and changes to their December tour. Originally scheduled to last 18 days, the tour will now kick off one day earlier with the addition of a Swedish date. Black Metallers CODE will join the three bands at the London Underworld for a rare, one-off appearance.

This will be the first chance for many to see Maniac live on stage since his departure from MAYHEM. He debuted his new band Doom Black Metal band SKITLIV this month during a short tour with Japanese all-girl band GALLHAMMER, where he was joined on stage by SHINING front man Kvarforth, normally SKITLIV’s studio guitarist, but who tours with them whenever his commitments to his own band will allow.

Aries, vocalist for Austrian Black Metallers HELLSAW, who this week released their new album “Phantasm”, recently had this to say about the upcoming tour, “… all three bands are exponents of quite different types of Black Metal, and we each have our own style of stage show, which makes it much more interesting for the fans, as well as for the bands concerned”.

The new confirmed tour dates are as follows:

Dec. 04 - Sweden Musikenshuset Gothenburg
Dec. 05 - Germany Markthalle Hamburg
Dec. 06 - Germany K 17, Berlin
Dec. 07 - Germany Bastard Club Osnabruk
Dec. 08 - Holland Parkhof Alkmaar
Dec. 09 - France Glazart Paris
Dec. 10 - Holland Waterfront Rotterdam
Dec. 11 - Belgium De Klinker Aarschot
Dec. 12 - France La Rumeur Lille
Dec. 13 - UK Underworld London
Dec. 14 - France Le Ferrailleur Nantes
Dec. 15 - France Korigan Luynes
Dec. 16 - Switzerland Le Romanie Lausanne
Dec. 17 - France Lyon’s Hall Lyon
Dec. 18 - Switzerland Dynamo Werk 21 Zurich
Dec. 19 - Austria Escape Vienna
Dec. 20 - Austria The Cave Saltzburg
Dec. 21 - Germany Asgard Pub Annaberg-Buchholz
Dec. 22 - Germany Sodomizing Fistmass Bitterfeld

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Atilla Records Guest Vocals On Skitliv Track

In a move that will surprise many who bought into the rumours that there is no love lost between the two, current MAYHEM vocalist Attila Csihar has joined former MAYHEM vocalist Maniac to record vocals for a track on the debut album from Maniac's new band SKITLIV. Commented Maniac: "Contrary to what a lot of people either say or believe, Attila and I are actually very good friends, and always find rumours about how we are supposed to resent each other quite amusing."

The track, entitled "Amfetamin", also has SHINING's Niklas Kvarforth on guitar. Kvarforth, a close friend of both vocalists, recently joined SKITLIV as recording guitarist. About the track, Maniac said: "'Amfetamin' started life as a pretty disturbing piece of music to begin with. Once Niklas joined in it became even more so, and now that Attila has added his vocals, it's taken on yet another dimension; his voice is used almost as an instrument."

SKITLIV will be touring with Japanese all-girl band GALLHAMMER in the autumn, with dates already confirmed in Norway, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. A new raw, un-mastered version of "Amfetamin", with Atilla's vocals added can be heard on the official SKTILIV MySpace page.

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Kvarforth To Join Skitliv As Recording Guitarist

Former MAYHEM vocalist Maniac has recruited SHINING's Niklas Kvarforth to the ranks of his Doom Black Metal band SKTILIV as a guitarist for recording purposes. A big fan of Skitliv, to the extent that he has the band's name tattooed on his arm, Kvarforth has already laid down guitars on several tracks and also plans to play live with the band whenever his commitments to SHINING will permit.

Commented Maniac "SHINING is, and always will be, Niklas' priority, but recording with SKITLIV is no problem for him, and whenever the opportunity arises, he will join us on stage. Niklas is a real artist and an incredibly skilled musician; something people tend to ignore because all they ever seem to be able to focus on is the hype surrounding SHINING. His dedication to his music is extraordinary and working with him, and watching him create, is both a pleasure and an education. He has come up with some amazing riffs for SKITLIV, which have added a whole new dimension to the music."

"Amfetamin", an unfinished track featuring Kvarforth, has been added to SKITLIV's official MySpace page.

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Skitliv Posts "Virescit Volnere Virtus" Video

SKITLIV, the Doom Black Metal band formed and fronted by former MAYHEM vocalist Maniac, has posted a new video for “Virescit Volnere Virtus,” on the band’s official MySpace page.

The video, shot by Maniac himself, is a pastiche of still photographs interspersed with some live shots, with special effects to give it the feel of the old silent movies. Included are photos of friends, shots of Maniac’s studio, various band members, Oslo scenes, and various other things that, he says in his usual cryptic manner, “may, or may not, have some significance in my life.”

SKITLIV is due to play four dates with Japanese all-girl band GALLHAMMER in September/October of this year.

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Maniac's Skitliv To Join Gallhammer On Tour

Artists SKITLIV, the band headed by former MAYHEM vocalist Maniac, is set to join Japanese all-girl band GALLHAMMER, for a short, 4-date tour in the autumn. Already confirmed is a gig in Denmark on the 2nd October, when the bands will play Loppen in Copenhagen.

The doom black metal band was formed by Maniac in 2006 following a sabbatical from the music business which enabled the frequently controversial front man to take stock of which direction he wanted to head musically. Aside from Maniac on vocals and guitars, the band includes Ingvar on guitars, Peter on bass and Canadian drummer Trish. Un-mastered tracks from the band can be heard on the official SKITLIV MySpace page.

As previously reported, Maniac is also involved in TEAM ARMSTRONG, a side project loosely formed of various musicians from the Oslo scene who come together to play whatever kind of music they feel like playing, regardless of whether it is a genre they would normally be associated with. The band is due to play at Oslo’s legendary Elm Street Rock Café on May 1 and a rehearsal track has been uploaded onto TEAM ARMSTRONG’s MySpace page. Maniac has also just finished recording guitars and vocals for a track on the forthcoming album from Swedish band DEADWOOD.

Whilst this mini tour is likely to be the first opportunity many will have to see Maniac on stage again since 2004, it is also part of the much-anticipated first European tour by GALLHAMMER whose “The Dawn Of…” CD/DVD was recently released on Peaceville.

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Maniac And Friends Team Up On Side Project

Former MAYHEM vocalist Maniac has teamed up with an eclectic mix of Oslo-based musician friends in a band called TEAM ARMSTRONG, which is set to play Oslo's Elm Street on May 1. A rehearsal track entitled "Oslo City Babylon" can be heard on the band's MySpace page.

According to Maniac, the band has actually been in existence for some time now, with various members getting together whenever the occasion arises - the line-up being quite fluid, and musicians coming and going depending on commitments at any given time. The idea behind the band is to give the musicians, who are all active on the Oslo scene, the opportunity to come together and, not to put too fine a point on it, "have a good time"; playing what they feel like, without the constraints of genre or their own bands.

Aside from Maniac himself (under the name of Pastor Maniac), the current line up, and the one that will play at Elm Street, consists of Tore Moren (CARNIVORA, ARCTURUS, ex JORN), Ivar The Blanco (SILVER, HAPPY DAGGER), Anton (Anton Ruud and The Long Way Home), Hoegh, Dan Thunderbird (Backstreet Girls, RatCats) and Bent Metal (Gatecrashers, Borderline Bitches).

Maniac is writing and recording for his own band SKITLIV, and has recently completed recording guitars and vocals for a track on the soon to be released album from Sweden's DEADWOOD. Three un-mastered tracks from the forthcoming SKITLIV album can be heard on the band's official myspace page.

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Maniac's Skitliv Band Posts New Track Online

SKITLIV, formed by former MAYHEM frontman MANIAC has posted a new track on the band’s official MySpace page.

“Slow Train Coming” is unmixed and unmastered and one of several that the band is considering for their new album. It has been publicly aired only once before, during MANIAC’s guest slot in February on the popular Norwegian Metal programme Tinitus which airs once a week on the NRK P3 station.

Work is continuing on the new album, which will include appearances by a number of guest musicians, and MANIAC anticipates taking SKITLIV on the road once the album is released.

MANIAC has also just finished recording vocals on a track for the forthcoming album by Swedish band DEADWOOD, due to be released shortly on the UK Cold Spring Label.

Never one to avoid controversy, MANIAC made a recent, and very bloody, appearance at the SHINING gig in Sweden, along with the likes of CARPATHIAN FOREST’s NATTEFROST. A show that caused considerable outrage and hit the headlines both in the press and on Swedish television.

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