"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2005
From: Karlshamn, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Nidrike News

Below is our complete Nidrike news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Vanmakt Posts New Song, "Id XIII Inferni," Online

Vanmakt has posted the song "Id XIII Inferni" on their MySpace player. The song is taken from the band's upcoming album "Ad Luciferi Regnum" and features a guest apperance from Henrik "Gjallar" Kindvall (Nidrike, Skald).

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Nidrike's "Blodsarv" To Be Released Soon

Nidrike has decided to work with Undead Propaganda Records for the release of their upcoming full-length album, "Bloodsarv." Here is a message from the band:

"After some negotiations with several labels we decided that it was for the best to let the same label that will release our forthcoming MCD, release our "Blodsarv" album as well.

"I have sent the master cd and all layout to Undead Propaganda Records today, and the album will go to the printers as soon as it arrives! So, within a couple of weeks you will finally be able to purchase a copy of our 'Blodsarv' album!

"Due to Undead Propaganda releasing 'Blodsarv' as soon as possible the MCD release will be postponed, but dont worry, it will still be released within the first 6 months of 2009! This mean that you will have 2 Nidrike releases to enjoy within a period of 6 months! It would only be better if we had 3 releases! But well, I have already started to work on a new fullength album, so who knows what will happen!"

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Nidrike's "Blodsarv" Delayed Again

Nidrike's upcoming full-length album "Blodsarv" has been delayed yet again. Here's what the Gorgoth had to say about the delays:

"'Blodsarv' wont be released by Black Plague Records, and we wont get into any reasons why, but we are looking for another label that is interested in releasing this album that was supposed to be released in May. Everything is finished and ready for the printers.

"Some good news is that we are recording our new MCD at the moment."

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Nidrike To Record New MCD, "Vade retro me, Deus"

Nidrike has issued the following update:

"Our new MCD will be entitled 'Vade retro me, Deus' and we will enter EPM Studios within a couple of weeks to record the 6 songs that will be included on this release.

"More information regarding our 'Vade retro me, Deus' MCD will be released when settled."

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Skin Infection, Nidrike Sign To Undead Propaganda

Swedish independent metal label Undead Propaganda has announced the signing of two new bands: Skin Infection from the Göteborg area and Nidrike from Karlskrona.

In other label news, Dark Forest of North's first MCD's release is on its way and Kafziel is entering the studio soon.

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Nidrike Signs Record Deal With Undead Propaganda

Black metal band Nidrike has signed a new deal with Undead Propaganda Records from Sweden and a yet untitled MCD will be released in early 2009 by the label. This MCD will contain "six songs of pure torment and hatred," according to the band.

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Nidrike Posts Update on New Album

Nidrike has issued an update on their latest album and announced that they are already working on new material as well. Here's what the band had to say:

"Finally our debut album 'Blodsarv' has been released! But, it has not yet been released on CD. The first release done by our label Black Plague Records is in a digital format and you can purchase the whole album as a download, or choose one or more songs to buy and download through Klicktrack.com.

"The actual CD release will come later on, this due to financial problems but we hope that BPR can release the album on CD as soon as possible! In the meantime were working on a new MCD!"

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Nidrike To Reveal Record Label For New Album

Swedish black metal band, Nidrike, have issued the following update on their MySpace page:

"I just wanted to let everyone know that we have chosen a label for the upcoming MCD and we r just awaiting the finished contract. The label is based in Sweden which makes it alot easier when it comes to well, everything. But more about this when the deal is signed."

"When it comes to the new MCD, I have written 2.5 songs and I’m very satisfied with how it sounds! This time we have a plan about what we want to do, and thats also why we decided to do a MCD with 6 songs instead of a fullength album. It will be a new turn for Nidrike, and we r aiming for the mid 90:s, Swedish black metal scene with Naglfar, Vinterland, Dissection and so on. Dont really know why, but it just feels right at the moment. Don’t be afraid though, there will be some blasting parts filled with the Nidrike hatred you now are used to!"

"I don’t got any news regarding the "Blodsarv" album, and we r just waiting for BPR to let us know what’s happening. We really hope the album will be released soon!"

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Vanmakt Announces New Lineup

Vanmakt has announced a new lineup after parting with Aamoth and Gráal due to musical differences. Their spots will be filled by M. Wohlfart (Yggdrasil, Nae'blis) and Liedheim (Nidrike).

The band does not plan to play any shows currently, as Liedheim is only filling in on drums for the new album. The band plans to find a live drummer in the fall since they have been asked to join a European tour in March 2009. Interested parties should contact the band via their MySpace.

Vanmakt's line-up for "Ad Luciferi Regnum" will be as follows:

M. Svensson – Screams & Guitars
V. Dahlgren – Bass
M. Wohlfart – Guitars
Liedheim - Drums

As previously reported, "Ad Luciferi Regnum" will be recorded by Björn Lindberg at EPM Studios during June/July 2008. The album will be mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Setherial, etc) with tentative plans to release it during the winter.

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Nidrike Delays New Album

Swedish metallers, Nidrike, issues the following update on their MySpace page:

"During the summer we will write 6 songs that will be released on a MCD hopefully in the end of this year. At the moment we r discussing the release with 3 labels, and I hope to have a signed deal within a couple of weeks. But you never know what happens..."

"The album release has been postponed and I don't really know when it will be released by BPR, but it will be released during this year. So you just have to wait for it."

"Nidrike would like to send a Hail to Xastur at USBMS Europe for his support! The underground BM scene needs all the help it can get, and since Nidrike is against mayor labels, and so on we r actually glad to get help from Xastur and the USBMS Team!"

"More info will come when we have decided something.

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Nidrike Mainman Working On New Material

NIDRIKE mainman Gorgoth (also VANMAKT), has issued the following Blodsarv album update:

"The Blodsarv album is about to be released by BPR as you all know by now, but this doesn't mean that we aren't working with new songs for Nidrike. Our first thought after being done with the Blodsarv album was to take a break and concentrate on our other bands and projects but I can't find my inner peace at the moment and I don't seem to stop thinking in the Nidrike way when it comes to writing new music and so on, sooo, I have decided to write five-six new tracks that hopefully will end up on a split with another good and honest Luciferic act!"

"If your band is interested in doing a split with Nidrike, please contact us, but bare in mind that we ONLY work with true Luciferic musicians and no "fake" image cunts. We also would like to invite interested underground labels to discussions regarding this split and one demand that we have is that we want it to be printed on Lp beside the usual CD printing, of course."

"Contact us at www.myspace.com/Nidrike." More...

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Nidrike Post New Music From "Blodsarv" Online

Swedish black metal band, Nidrike, issue the following update:


"The mastering is now done, so I have uploaded "Hädangång", "Thy Will Be Done", "Vånda" & "Nidriket Del II (Fördärv)" to our Myspace site. Check it out here. The full time for the album is: 42.35Min"

"'Blodsarv' will be released as Tape by Daemonokratia Records beside the official Cd release by Black Plague Records. Were hoping on a release date within the next 2 months, so check our myspace for the latest news as we post it. The album will be available through us in Scandinavia for 80-100 Swedish kronors depending on where you live and how many copies you will order. I have no idea of what the tape will cost but I guess around 25-30 Swedish kronors."

"Thats it, enjoy our Nordic Hatred!
//Gorgoth & Nidrike"

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Nidrike Post Two New Songs Online

Nidrike has posted two new tracks from the upcoming album "Blodsarv" their MySpace page. The titles are "Då Solen Svartnar" and "Your Satan, My Saviour." The band are currently working to get the layout for "Bloodsarv" finished and then will send it off to print.

As previously reported, teh final track listing for "Bloodsarv" is as follows: More...

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Nidrike Finalize New Album Track Listing

Swedish black metallers, Nidrike, issue the following update on their Myspace page:


"The mix is soon to be finished and it sounds just like we want it to do. Hopefully the mastering and so on shall be ready next weekend, it depends on when Gabriel Jensen can do it. We have decided on a tracklist as well, 11 tracks will be featured on this Luciferic Celebration, 2 secret ones written and recorded by Mr Michael James Burns himself. The album extends 43Min of Hellish, Sick and Fast Blackmetal. I dont like to compare my music with someonse else, so I wont do that this time either, were faster & better than everyone else anyway. We will upload a track or two at: www.myspace.com/Nidrike when the mastering is done." More...

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Nidrike Finish Recording New Album

Swedish metallers, Nidrike, issue the following update on their Myspace page


"Finally, the recording of "Blodsarv" is done! After several computer problems we managed to record all remaining Vocals this weekend! So, know its time for the mix, and I guess that I will be done with that within a couple of weeks. I have alot to do with other projects as well so I dont have the time to sit down and mix it all at once."

"9 brutal songs will be featured on this sick & fast Blackmetal album. I guess some of you will find alot of surprises as well, no were not original in any way, but theres some stuff you dont expect."

"As you might now the record is set to be released by Black Plague Records this Fall. Check our demo songs, that will be featured on the album on our myspace"

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Vanmakt Posts New Song Online

Vanmakt has uploaded the song "Brethren Of Lucifer" from their newly recorded promo to their MySpace page.

Gorogth comments: "This song shows how we sound today and even though this is a promo recording we know that you our fans will love this one! Faster, heavier and more melodic than our previous songs! So, enjoy this one and make sure to purchase "Vredskapta Mörkersagor" and our forthcoming album, that hopefully will be released in the autumn of 2008!"

Gorgoth's other band, Nidrike, will be releasing their debut album "Blodsarv" early next year on Black Plague Records.

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Nidrike Issue Studio Update

Nidrike issue the following update on their Myspace page:

"Good Evening,"

"Well, I guess the most of you christian whores has celebrated christmas. Nidrike has been recording, and as I said to the label last week everything is going fine. Almost to good to be honest and well. My computer broke down this week when I was mixing. But I hope to be up and running again this weekend so that we can put some vocals on the songs. If my computer dont want to work I have saved all the tracks on another disc that I dont even have in the comp. So we will be able to finish with another computer. May take some more time, but we will at least be able to finish everything. "Blodsarv" will contain songs of total hatred and despair, war hymns with heathen anger and provocative lyrics. So stand ready for something thats isnt just said to be pure evil, "Blodsarv" is pure evil." More...

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Nidrike Reveal Debut Album Details

NIDRIKE, the Swedish black metal project featuring VANMAKT mainman Gorgoth and Gjallar from SKALD as the main lyric writer, has issued the following update:

"NIDRIKE is now done with the recording of all basic instruments [for the group's debut album]. The vocals will be recorded next week and after that it's time for the mix; that's almost already done. 12 songs has been recorded, and we will have to see if all of them hits the album. I don't think so. But the songs that don't hit the record will be available on the tape. Listen to some demo songs at this location."

"I want to share some titles with you all and also the album title, so here it is (in no special order):"

"'Blodsarv' (Blood Heritage) track listing:

01. Då Solen Svartnar
02. Hädangång
03. Tidens Furste
04. En Renande Storm
05. Vedergällning
06. Lögnernas Högborg
07. Vånda" More...

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Nidrike Sign With Black Plague Records

NIDRIKE, the Swedish black metal project featuring VANMAKT mainman Gorgoth and Gjallar from SKALD as the main lyric writer, has issued the following update:

"I'm [Gorgoth] bloody proud to announce that NIDRIKE now has signed a deal with Black Plague Records! A debut album will be released in 2008. More info regarding a release date will follow as well as an album title."

"Nine warhymns of hatred will be recorded in December and mixed in January! This will be a grim release and all fans of true hellish and Nordic black metal will be smashed away with the brutality and speed in our songs, so stay tuned and check our demo songs on our MySpace page."

NIDRIKE's lineup for the upcoming album recordings will be as follows:

Gorgoth - Screams, Guitar & Bass
Gjallar - Screams & Lyrics
Aamoth - Guitar
Liedheim - Battery

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Nidrike Adds New Guitarist

Anticipating signing a record deal eventually, Nidrike has decided to add another guitarist to the camp.

Gorgoth comments: "Since were gonna start recording our debut-album in December we wish to have a line-up that can play the most parts live in the studio so that we get that real band feeling over it all. Sure, the bass and most vocals will be added, but the basics will be live and thats important for us. BUT! This doesnt mean that Nidrike will play live-gigs, although we already have got offers regarding both European dates and a North-American tour. The thing is to be straight with you all, Liedheim wont play live since he don't like being on stage. Its hard enough to get him into a studio and rehearsing if theres anyone else but the band in the rehearsing room. So, if we ever are going to play live, we would need a live-drummer and as it looks right now, we aint gonna do that.

The band has added Aamoth also from Vanmakt to play the other guitar in the studio.

Gorgoth continues: "I'm currently writing the final tracks for the album and were rehearsing as much as we can so that we will be ready to enter a friends studio in December. I can't say how many songs there will be on the album, and I can't say any titles or so on. But what I can say is that it will be fast and chaotic! True disgusting and
fast blackmetal!! We will kick everyones as, and if you think that you have heard really good blackmetal, you're wrong, cause our album will smash everything!"

You can check out some of Nidrike's past material on their MySpace page.

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