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Nocturnal Depression

From: France
Last Known Status: Active

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Forgotten Tomb Lining Up New Tour

Italy's purveyors of black/doom metal Forgotten Tomb will embark on an headlining European tour in late October/early November 2015, supporting latest record "Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love," which was released by Agonia Records in April 2015.

The band will perform a brand-new set of songs, including material from all its discography that hasn't been played ever before.

Hailing from France, Nocturnal Depression will team up as support for the whole tour, promoting new album "Spleen Black Metal" via Avantgarde Music.

Full venue and show details will be available soon, but for now Forgotten Tomb has revealed the following upcoming dates preceding the tour with Nocturnal Depression:

16.05.2015 - Melna Piektdiena, Riga, LATVIA
17.05.2015 - Kulturos Baras Kablys, Vilnius, LITHUANIA
30.05.2015 - Billar Billy's, Mexico City, MEXICO
06.06.2015 - Metropol Live Stage, Kiev, UKRAINE
09.08.2015 - Agglutination Metal Festival, Chiaromonte (PZ), ITALY
18.09.2015 - Phoenix Club, St. Petersburg, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
19.09.2015 - Rock House, Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION More...

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Nocturnal Depression To Play Satansburg Fest

French black metal act Nocturnal Depression has issued the following announcement about playing the Satansburg festival:

"I, Lord Lokhraed, want to clarify one thing. I'm not and will never use a Facebook profile for me personally. It seems that one guy is wearing my mask on this pathetic website where boring and useless people enjoy to tell every shitty thing of their worthless live. The only profile I use is mine on myspace...

"We are really honoured and proud to headline the Satansburg Fest PT II in St Petersburg this December. We received a lot of mails from russian fans waiting for our coming. Actually we are working on getting visas for walking upon Russian soil.

"It's a kind of complicated things and we'll do the best we can to get it quickly. The Satanburg fest will be exceptionnal for us : we will perform for the first time with the Cult of Negation line-up : Lord Lokhraed + Khrane + Morkhod due to our session guitarist missing... We will play some exclusive tracks."

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Nocturnal Depression Announces Lineup Change

Nocturnal Depression has issued the following update about working on new material, playing upcoming live shows, and undergoing lineup changes:

"The 'Suicidal Thoughts MMXI' CD will be available the 9th October 2011. You can pre-order it directly to the label Sun&Moon records or also to us. 'Shadows of Tragedy' split CD is now available through Self-Mutilation Services. This CD contains tracks from the never released demo 'One Night Among Nightmares.' It was a forgotten CD that has made several years of late in pressing by the label...

"An EP is at work actually. This one will be called 'L'Isolement' and will include the title track from extract from the upcoming album 'Spleen Black Metal' + an exclusive track. More info coming soon. More...

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Nocturnal Depression To Re-Release Demo

Black metal act Nocturnal Depression has issued the following announcement about re-releasing the "Suicidal Thoughts" demo:

"Sun & Moon Records will release in August/September the re-edition of 'Suicidal Thoughts' first demo.

"We re-recorded it and re-arranged it also like we did with 'Nostalgia' album. The whole stuff was performed by the original line-up : H.Suizid and L.Lokhraed.

"This CD is the first part of H.Suizid's last work with ND. The second CD will be 'Near To The Stars.' It will be release next year also by Sun & Moon Records. You can have a taste of the upcoming re-release on our player."

The track listing is as follows:

1. A Ghostly Face Into The Night - 05:08
2. When Darkness Covers My Soul - 12:40
3. As Blades Penetrate My Flesh - 12:01
4. ...And the Forest Answers To My Call - 05:18

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Nocturnal Depression Comments On Northern Lights

Nocturnal Depression has issued the following statement about performing the band's last show of 2011 at the Northern Lights Festival:

"We performed our last gig for 2011 in the Northern Lights Festival in Reichenthal (Austria). This festival made by passionate people was very great. It's intolerable that people tried to find some excuses and spread false rumors towards them. The word was spread that the festival was cancelled, that it was a meeting of Nazis etc.. Since 2 years that we worked with the Northern Lights Festival we never had any problems with them. We never saw/heard/made any political acts at this place. We (Nocturnal Depression) are proud to be a part of this event and support them for the upcoming years.

"We performed a special gig with a 3 pieces line-up. The reason: the night before leaving our hometown for reaching the festival in Austria, Krahne has been admitted in psychiatric hospital and is still there. We decided after several hours of discussion to go to the festival without our brother. Finally we decided that Lord Lokhraed will play bass an hour before going on stage (without any rehearsal at this instrument). We did the best we could, played with our guts and tried to honor our brother Krahne.

"This put the next points : Until we're complete once again, there won't be any gigs. We decided to use a professional booker on ND section, if you want in the future to book Nocturnal Depression, write here : nocturnal.depression.booking@gmail.com For now we are working on 'Spleen Black Metal'..."

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Nocturnal Depression Posts Vinyl Teaser Clip

French black metallers Nocturnal Depression have posted a teaser trailer online for the new vinyl edition of their "The Cult of Negation" album. You can check out the video trailer in the clip below.

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Nocturnal Depression Posts Tour Recap

French black metal act Nocturnal Depression has checked in with the following recap of recent tour dates and update about upcoming activity:

"Svig & Negation Tour epilogue: The tour is over. It was a really great pleasure to share the stage during this tour. We'd like to thank the following people:

"Eye Carver and all the promoters, Our nameless driver/sound engineer, Whiskey Ritual (the official soundtrack of the tour 'Black n' Roll,' Irrlycht, the crowd in all venues and particularly the Austrian one for supporting us as headliner. We raise our sorrowful cup to our glorious danish brothers Angantyr who gave us the honour to make this tour.

"For now, ND live activities will be finished for 2011 (it will remain only Northern Lights Festival and maybe 1 gig at the end of the year. We are working on the 'Spleen Black Metal' album. This stuff will follow the same track duration as 'The Cult of Negation' but in a pure black metal style.
The other news, maybe a new split EP with one of the sickest band in the world..."

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Nocturnal Depression Splits With Bassist

Nocturnal Depression has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's bassist:

"News from the Negation Council: Sun & Moon Records will re-release the CD version of 'Reflections of a Sad Soul' during April 2011. 'The Cult of Negation' LP version by Funeral Industries is at the pressing plant. The 'Svig and Negation Tour' is complete. The tour with Angantyr will pass following countries: France, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

"After 6 years of self-hatred in Negation, Krahne (H.Suizid) has decided to leave Nocturnal Depression for personal reasons. So we are looking for a new live session bassist player."

Krahne also commented on his departure:

"I, H.Suizid, took the decision to leave Nocturnal Depression. I did what I wanted and even I'm sure I still got lot of things to discover into ND's music. When I started Nocturnal Depression it was about Black Metal climax in musical landscape. ND is a kind of DSBM band and has to stay this cause this is its personality. But actually I really don't like the way of the actual scene, we're into Black Metal Mind since the beginning so I'm in no way fan or agree with 'open mind towards all music genres and also the coming of the shoegaze in our scene.' Yes, I'm a closed mind and i don't really care about your tolerance and clean voices.

"Things have to end for me like they started. So I will re-record together with Lord Lokhraed 'Suicidal Thoughts' and 'Near to the Stars.' It will be release by Sun & Moon Records. ND will continue under the leading of Lord Lokhraed and the new album 'Spleen Black Metal' is really a turning back to the beginning of DSBM."

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Nocturnal Depression Issues Activity Update

French act Nocturnal Depression has issued the following update about the band's upcoming activity in 2011:

"We would like to thank all people supporting us during the Mexican Tour and also for their works Rebel Entertainment Productions. We hope to come back there. Some gigs are at work for 2011 : Genoa (Italy), Metz (France). We'll be back to the Northen Lights Festival in Reichenthal in Austria on 25th June 2011. Lot of bands are already confirmed (check their official website).

"Svig and Negation Tour on April 2011 is almost booked. We just waiting for all confirmations and last gigs before announce it. We will play during the Black Lake Metal Fest V with such bands like Funeral Winds.

"We got no news nor answer from Funeral Industries / Galgenstrang Productions concerning the release of 'The Cult of Negation' Lp version. Nocturnal Depression is working on the 'Spleen Black Metal' CD actually. An advance song is played during the gigs, it's called 'L'Isolement' from the french Poetry Lamartine. Also we get some remarks concerning the fact that we play Nargaroth's 'Seven Tears...' song. Make it clear : We got the permission of the compositor for performing it. On the official webshop, you will find a new offer for the new Nocturnal Depression Shirt entitled 'They' + digipack 'The Cult of Negation.' Spread the Negation..."

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Nocturnal Depression Checks In With Band Update

French act Nocturnal Depression has checked in with the following update about the band's latest activity:

"News from Negation Council. We opened today a Facebook Page. Just search on the website and you'll find it. 'The Cult of Negation' has been released on CD by Avantgarde Music/Sound Cave. You can find it on their website, our webshop and several mailorders. And for other people soon on Amazon...

"New album announce new merchandising. Avantgarde Music released 'The Cult of Negation' shirt/girlies. This is an official shirt and you can only find it on Sound Cave (Avantgarde online store). We will release a particular shirt/girlie named : 'They.'

"The Mexican Tour is at work by Rebel Entertainment. The dates have changed from 1st December to 12th. Soon we will update the events calendar. For 2011, we are working on a special European tour with our danish friends from ANGANTYR. We will soon announce the dates and places available. Promoters feel free to contact us. More...

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Nocturnal Depression Announces Halloween Show

Nocturnal Depression has issued the following announcement about playing a special set for the band's Halloween show in Germany:

"Hailz all. The gig in Grosserlach (Germany) will be unique. As we played on last February into the Klubhaus of Grosserlach, we decided to make a special performance for the upcoming Halloween's gig. For this grim night, Nocturnal Depression will have a different set list than usual :

- The whole new album 'The Cult of Negation' 6 tracks will be perform exclusively
- Will be included 2/3 ND classic songs
- Special cover songs medley from a Black/Doom band

"This set list won't be played anywhere else due to materialistic conditions for the band. So be a part of the Negation."

The upcoming Nocturnal Depression tour dates are as follows: More...

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Nocturnal Depression Streaming New Song

French black metallers Nocturnal Depression are currently streaming the new song "The Cult of Negation Arises" online, which is off the band's upcoming album "The Cult of Negation." The album artwork can be viewed here.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Credo Negativo - 3:37
2. They - 6:03
3. We're All Better Off Dead - 5:47
4. Home Asylum - 9:03
5. Dead Children - 7:31
6. The Cult of Negation - 11:42

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Nocturnal Depression Issues Band Update

French black metal act Nocturnal Depression has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming activity:

"'The Cult of Negation' is starting to be spread. You'll find on some Metal Magazines like Metal Hammer (UK) an advertising from Avantgarde Music about the upcoming release. The Limited edition will be available through Sound-Cave online (check Avantgarde Music website) to 100 copies. The stuff will have a special A2 Poster worshipping the Cult of Negation + a special patch for identifying the 100 government members of this Negative Society. We will publish a bulletin when the reservations will start.

"The show in Grenoble with Nargaroth, so the only show at this time for the release of the new album, is cancelled. Reason : owner of the club (Drakk'Art) is scarred and don't want to have some NSBM bands. To make it clear : Nargaroth is not a NSBM band in music, lyrics, attitudes or visuals. So I found this cancellation really stupid and without foundations. I will not 'publish' any disclaimer for scarred well-thinking minds concerning politic in ND cause there is nothing to justify... Lot of gigs for the Mexican tour are booked. We will announce it as soon as we got all details. More...

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Nocturnal Depression Signs To Avantgarde Music

Avantgarde Music has issued the following announcement about signing a deal with French black metal act Nocturnal Depression:

"'The Cult of Negation' will be the new groundbreaking album for one of the most talked about underground phenomenons of the few last years: Nocturnal Depression. And we are proud to announce this masterpiece will be released through Avantgarde Music (scheduled release date 04/09/2010).

"A special record release performance will happen in Milan Italy (more info on the band's myspace and website) as a part of a multibands festival. 'The Cult of Negation' will be released in 3 different formats, including an extremely limited and numbered edition with extra contents (poster, patch)."

The cover artwork for the album can also be viewed at this location.

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Sun & Moon Records Release First Two CDs

Sun & Moon Records, a brand new record label/mailorder from Transylvania, Romania just released his two first CDs:

SM-001 Nocturnal Depression - "Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II" CD
French suicidal Black Metal recommended for fans of Forgotten Tomb, Shining and Xasthur. The CD comes in normal jewelcase. It contains a special hidden track "Let the self-destruction blossom!". You can watch video of Nocturnal Depression's "Nostalgia" here.

SM-002 Labirynth Of Abyss - "The Cult Of Turul Pride" CD
This is the first full length album from the first ever Transylvanian Black Metal band, originally released in 2004 only on tape limited to 333 copies. The band plays old school-type underground black metal with thrash metal influences and guitar solos. The CD comes in a normal jewelcase with a special rehearsal video as a bonus.

More info about the label, releases, etc. can be found here:

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