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Below is our complete Mechanism news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Memorain Reveals New Album Details Online

Thrashers MEMORAIN, whose current line-up of the band includes main-man Ilias Papadakis, Gene Hoglan (Fear Factory, ex-Dark Angel, ex-Strapping Young Lad, etc), Steve Digiorgio (Sadus, ex-Death, ex-Testament, etc), Ralph Santolla (Obituary, ex-Deicide, ex-Iced Earth, etc) and Chris Valagao (Zimmers Hole, Mechanism, etc), has revealed the artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming full-length album, "Evolution," scheduled for a 2011 release, which is as follows:

01. Nations On Fire
02 Where Hate Lies
03. The Break
04. Rules Of Engagement
05. Destiny Found
06. A New Era
07. Methods Of The Past
08. Death Shop
09. Circle
10. Power Out
11. Scratching The Surface
12. Misery

Also to be featured on MEMORAIN's latest album are a few more star-studded guest musicians such as David Ellefson, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Jeff Waters, Christian Wentz, Marc Pattison, Laura Christine and Carlos E. Perez.

David Ellefson recorded 2 songs "A New Era" and "Rules Of Engagement", as well as co-wrote "Rules Of Engagement" with MEMORAIN guitar-player Ilias Papadakis and Tim "Ripper" Owens. On top of that, Tim "Ripper" Owens recorded vocals on "Rules Of Engagement" and Laura Christine also contributed a solo on the song "Destiny Found". More...

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Gene Hoglan Sends In Large Update

The Atomic Clock himself updated with a lengthy blog post on his myspace page:

"Howdy folks. Well, where to start? There's just too much stuff going on at the moment to remember, let alone catalogue in any sort of abridged manner, so I'll just dive in chronologically I suppose...

"I'm here in Vancouver, mainly to complete the editing of my forthcoming dvd, "The Atomic Clock". Wow, original title, eh? If I had just concentrated on double-bass on it, I might have called it "Evil is A Foot", but since I do way more than just metal drumming on it, I figured "The Atomic Clock" just fits. And, I am still shooting for a July release, available at first on my websites.

"Let me tell ya, it's coming out great! I'm really psyched! It's gonna clock in at about 2 hours, and hopefully they're gonna be an entertaining 2 hours for all. Upon it's completion, I'll have a more detailed blurb about it. Say, haven't ya heard that one before?

"I'm also up here completing the mix for the MECHANISM album, who will be featured heavily on said "The Atomic Clock" dvd. That is coming out righteous, as well. I'm super-pumped for this one. I'll say this a million times, but this is probably my craziest drum album to date. As of yet, we have no finished product to share with anyone, and I'm pretty glad about that fact. Hopefully it'll drop like a bomb. Or at least a well-placed M-80. More...

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Gene Hoglan Updates On 'Instructional' DVD

The Atomic Clock/drummer extraordinare, Gene Hoglan, has issued the following update concerning his instructional DVD:

Hiya folks,

Well, as I said a couple of days ago, I finally finished filming that damned thing. We started on Tuesday, and I ended up needing a bit of Wednesday, cuz we couldn't get to everything as planned in one day. And of course, since I basically had no script and I just winged everything, now that shooting's over I remember a million things that I forgot to touch upon. Figures, isn't that always the way? Ah well, hopefully I can get to alot of them in 'post'.

I must admit, I'm not a real watcher of instructional DVD's/tapes. I've seen my share, in fact my favorite is PULSE, by Akira Jimbo, but even back in the day, I never watched them religiously. They all sorta seemed the same. Killer drumming, boring guy. Deen Castronovo injected a bit of life into his, which was very cool, and that's what I tried to do with mine. I don't envision mine to be one of those 'talking head/explaining wing-wang-flam-a-doodles', cuz I'm not very good at that. What I do envision for this to become is more of an 'instructo-doc'. Alot of me playing, as a matter-of-fact, I play about 8-9 songs on here, including a bunch from my brand new band, MECHANISM. I even get off the 'beaten metal track' a bit and play a couple of tunes from some of the non-metal projects I've done, plus a couple of 'solos'. That was trippy. Any of you out there ever seen me do a solo? Unless you lived in LA and were at that Dark Angel show at Fender's in Long Beach circa 1989, or at that 'power-outage' show in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2003, chances are you haven't seen me do a solo. I think there's a reason for that. I always figured, "Isn't the whole SET pretty much like a drum solo?" Hee hee. So, I took a shot, and fired a couple of 'solos' on there. Which is basically just me playing a couple of wacked-out beats that I've been working on. Anyway, I'm hoping after editing that it turns out to be more of a cool little documentary, more akin to that "Making of 'ALIEN'", than a stodgy old 'instructional vid'. One thing I've been fortunate to say over the years is that I've always heard, "Hey Gene, I'm not even a drummer, yet you're the only drummer I pay attention to", so I've tried to make something that everyone can enjoy, not just drummers (and chubby-chasin' women, of course!).

I decided to concentrate on showcasing my new band, MECHANISM, mainly cuz this is my DVD, funded by me and no companies, and I'll do what I want. MECHANISM DEFINITELY shows off tons of what I can do on the tubs. I've been explaining this band as an example of what is probably the craziest drumming I've done in my career, so why not introduce ourselves to people in a rather unorthodox way? My playing on it I suppose is reminiscent of my 'SYMBOLIC' era, with a ton more crazy time-signatures and heap-loads of blast beats. I like it alot, and I'm proud to showcase us in such a fashion. I figure, we'll be editing it for a month or two, and I'm kinda shooting for a June release. I'll be selling it directly to you thru my website, whatever version of 'GeneHoglan.com' that ISN'T owned by some guy in China, and I'm sure I'll be putting up links all over my Myspace account when that gets ready. Hell, I'll even sell it offa Myspace as well, if I can.

Now, as for the 'Gene-shirts', thank you all for your impatience with this matter. To paraphrase the mighty Homer, "I don't wanna say it's slack, but that was the slackiest pile o' slack that ever slacked". I know. I said they'd be ready 2 months ago, and they weren't. Totally my fault. That's why I'm glad I've just hired some people to work here at Gene Hoglan Industries who will actually get stuff done, unlike Gene Hoglan, Slacker Extraordinaire. And I get to just play drums. Oh, and Playstation.

Those I've hired are now tackling 'Task #3' for 2007, which is booking my World Clinic Tour. We're getting started on that as we speak, and I intend to start with about 35-40 dates in the US, then the same in Europe, then move on down to South America, Australia, then over to Japan and South Korea. But that's all later in the year, plenty of time for that. See? Spoken like a true slacker.

I guess that's aboot it for now. I'll keep you all posted in the coming weeks as things progress.

Take it easy,


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