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Formed: 2003
From: Sydney, Australia
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Lord news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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ProgPower USA Announces Opener For Day 1, 2016

ProgPower USA promoters Glenn Harveston, Milton Mendonca and Nathan Block have announced that Australian power metal act Lord is the opening act for the upcoming revamped format for ProgPower USA, Day 1 (Wednesday, September 7, 2016), joining Stream of Passion and Thursday, Day 2's Gloryhammer announced over the last two weeks.

The festival will move from "Midweek Mayhem" (Wed) and "Kick Off Show" (Thursday) to a ProgPower Days 1-4 format with Wednesday (Day 1) showcasing one band picked by each of the promoters and Thursday (Day 2), a joint promotion of Mendonca/Block.

The lineup for Days 3-4 (September 9-10, 2016) was announced last Friday after Anathema's performance at the recently completed 2015 installment (see information at this location).

Tickets for Days 3-4 are available via Ticketmaster this Saturday (October 3, 2015). Days 1-2 will be in sale November 7th. More information is expected soon.

Stay tuned for the announcement for Day 2. More...

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Lord Posts "What Tomorrow Brings" Trailer

Australia's Lord has released a teaser trailer for the band's 25 minute track "What Tomorrow Brings," which is being released together with a series of cover tracks. Check it out below, and the band also comments:

"'What Tomorrow Brings' is a 25+ minute long concept song that retraces the life of a man who has lost everything that matters to him - the highs and lows of his life up until the point where he has to make a decision that could mean the difference between life or death. What led him to this point? What will he ultimately choose?

"Featuring a host of actors, orchestration and an emotional rollercoaster of a journey through all of the musical styles that Lord is renowned for to fully flesh out this epic tale."

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Lord Reveals "Digital Lies" Release Date

Australian melodic metallers LORD have set the Australian release date of their forthcoming album "Digital Lies" as February 22, 2013. Dates for New Zealand and Japan to follow, along with announcements for distribution partners for the rest of the world.

LORD mainman LT commented: “Finally! It seems like a lifetime since we started this album until this point, but we’re finally here. For this release, we thought long and hard about other options regarding labels and, frankly, it’s a mess out there. The larger labels are doing everything they can to protect their revenue and are being very cautious about who they deal with, and the smaller labels are at the mercy of a very volatile and changing market, and you can never be sure they’ll be still in business once the time to pay up comes around – we’ve unfortunately had to wear the consequences of that in the past.

"We’ve chosen once again to distribute this release via Riot! Entertainment for Australia and New Zealand and Rubicon Music for Japan since we had such a great experience with them for our previous album ‘Set In Stone‘. For the rest of the world, however, we’ve chosen this time to keep as much control over our product as we can by planning to export to stores around the globe and sell directly from our own web store. As I mentioned before, the market is so fickle now, trusting a label to even be there let alone pay up is a risk we just can’t afford to take if we want to keep touring and releasing albums – simple as that."

"Pre-sales from our online store begin from Monday, January 28 and the album will be available both as a physical product in Australia from February 22 as well as a digital download which will be available worldwide. More...

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Lord Posts New Music Video For "Because We Can"

Australian metal act Lord posted a new music video for the song "Because we Can." The song appears on the band's fourth LP "Digital Lies." The video was produced, directed and filmed by vocalist/guitarist Lord Tim, James Lopes and bassist Andy Dowling for A Dusk Music Video Production.

The track list for "Digital Lies" is as follows:

1. Incipio
2. Betrayal Blind (see music video at this location)
3. Digital Lies
4. Point of View
5. Walk Away
6. 2D Person in a 3D World
7. Final Seconds
8. The Last Encore
9. Because We Can
10. The Chalkboard Prophet
11. Battle of Venarium

Check out "Because We Can" here: More...

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Lord Posts New Music Video "Betrayal Blind"

Australian power metal band Lord posted a new music video for the song "Betrayal Blind." The song appears on the band's upcoming fourth LP "Digital Lies." The video was filmed this month at the WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong, Australia and was produced, directed by vocalist/guitarist Lord Tim and filmed by James Lopes and Jess Lopes for A Dusk Music Video Production.

The track list for "Digital Lies" is as follows:

1. Incipio
2. Betrayal Blind
3. Digital Lies
4. Point of View
5. Walk Away
6. 2D Person in a 3D World
7. Final Seconds
8. The Last Encore
9. Because We Can
10. The Chalkboard Prophet
11. Battle of Venarium

Check out "Betrayal Blind" here: More...

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Lord Posts European Tour Diary Footage

Australian metal band Lord posted the first part of a series of tour diary footage from the band's first tour of Europe as part of the Headbangers Open Air Festival. It was the first time since 2005 that members of Lord had been in Europe when they toured as Dungeon.

In this first part, follow along with the band as they rip into each other, drink lots of beer and spend hours basically sitting on a plane. This video features unmixed snippets from the song "Digital Lies," the title track from Lord's fourth full length album, which is due out this year through Dominus Records.

Check out the video here:

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Lord Details New LP "Digital Lies"

Australian traditional/power metal band Lord announced that the band's fourth LP will be entitled "Digital Lies," and will be released this year through Dominus Records. The album's track list and album art are as follows:

1. Incipio
2. Betrayal Blind
3. Digital Lies
4. Point of View
5. Walk Away
6. 2D Person in a 3D World
7. Final Seconds
8. The Last Encore
9. Because We Can
10. The Chalkboard Prophet
11. Battle of Venarium

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Lord Posts "Set In Stone" Video

Australia's Lord has posted a music video online for the song "Set in Stone," which can be viewed below and is the title track off the 2009 album of the same name. The video was directed by Lord Tim for Dusk Music Video Production and produced by Lord Tim and James Lopes.

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Lord Plans Extensive Australian Tour

Sydney metal band Lord will be embarking on an extensive tour of Australia with a brief trip to Japan planned. The tour is in support of their “Return of the Tyrant” EP, due for release in the coming months, is focused around a 10 minute track of the the same name full of piratey singalongs, which is a sequel to Dungeon’s (the band that dissolved, and spawned Lord) popular “Tarranno Del Mar.” And there will also be a bunch of covers and interpretations that will be announced soon.

Here are the latest tour dates:

August 13th – Newtown, Notes (18+)
August 27th – Wollongong, The Ox (18+)
August 28th – Canberra, The Maram (18+)
September 11th – Darwin, Brown’s Mart Theatre (Lic/AA)
September 16th – Sydney, The Annandale Hotel (18+)
September 17th – Melbourne, East Brunswick Club (18+)
October 2nd – Cairns, Kuranda Theatre (Lic/AA)
October 8th – Tokyo, Holiday (with Doro and Jaded Heart)
October 10th – Nagoya, Holiday (with Doro and Jaded Heart)
October 11th – Osaka, Holiday (with Doro and Jaded Heart)
October 29th – Sydney, The Gaelic (18+)
October 30th – Newcastle, Club Led (18+)
November 5th – Broken Hill, Theatre Royal (AA Afternoon show)
November 5th – Broken Hill, Theatre Royal (18+)
November 6th – Adelaide, Uni Bar (Lic/AA)
November 19th – Perth, Rocket Room (18+)
November 20th – Perth, The Civic Hotel (18+)
November 26th – Brisbane, Rosies (18+)
November 27th – Rockhampton, The Anchor Hotel (18+)
December 3rd – Merrylands, Hyland Road Youth Centre (AA)

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Lord Releases Video for Kylie Minogue Cover

Sydney’s Lord recently released a video clip for their cover of Kylie Minogue's "On A Night Like This." The cover appears on the band’s 2009 album "Set In Stone." Check out the video below if you dare:

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Jaded Heart Announces Japanese Shows

Germany's Jaded Heart has issued the following announcement about Japanese tour dates alongside Doro and Lord:

"Jaded Heart is proud to announce that the band's first tour in Japan is now confirmed! We will share the stage with DORO from Germany and LORD from Australia - what an exciting metal package! We're very excited and can't wait to play in front of our Japanese dear friends and fans! More info follows soon... Stay tuned!"

The currently confirmed dates are as follows:

10/8 - JP Tokyo, Holiday Shinjuku
10/10 - JP Nagoya, Holiday Nagoya
10/11 - JP Osaka, Holiday Osaka

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Lord Seeking Fill-In Guitarist

Lord Tim has been temporarily relieved from his guitar duties in LORD due to an ongoing hand and wrist problem for many years which has now taken the better of him. Lord Tim is now searching for a temporary guitarist to fill his shoes (not literally) on stage while Tim will take up microphone duties until his hand and wrist problem is resolved and healed.

Lord Tim released this statement on the band’s official forum:

"So… it’s no secret at all that I’ve got some big issues with my hands that have been ongoing for quite a few years. LORD’s momentum (and Dungeon’s before it) prevented me from taking any breaks when things started to hurt, so in the true tradition of this band, when things got tough, I gritted my teeth and just got on with the job.

"That’s been great for LORD and it’s meant we’ve gone from strength to strength since our first gig in early 2006, and it’s put us in a great position to do some amazing things this year. Unfortunately for me, all of that hard work has put me in a worse place than ever when it comes to the ability to actually play my instrument.

"This last year has been very full-on. We’ve been on tour constantly from March, the first part of the tour also had the final part of the Set In Stone album being recorded simultaneously, so between both of those things and the other session work I’ve done in between touring and recording our own stuff, I noticed my hands getting progressively sorer and sorer until it got to the point where I thought it would be a good idea to get a professional to look at it.

"The doctor pretty much confirmed what I’d known for a while – I need to take a lengthy break from guitar playing. The long and short of it is this: if I don’t take a lengthy break – and soon – I’ve probably got about a year of use out of my hands before I injure myself permanently and my career as a guitarist is essentially over.

"Dunno about you guys, but I’d be pretty sad about that, and we have some pretty cool things coming up that I’d like to actually be playing guitar on instead of rubbing my injured fingers and watching from the sidelines being miserable!

"That brings me to the point of this post: We’re after a guitarist to fill in temporarily for me while I rest my hands, and I take the mic as a singer only. Not sure how long it’ll be for, but the doctor suggested at least six months to a year to get them back on track. I’d like to think it won’t take anywhere near that long, but I need to do what I need to do at the end of the day.

"This is the tricky bit: finding someone to fit our very specific criteria. Keen for the job? Read on!

"We need someone that:

* Knows or can learn a LORD set quickly (which consists of LORD and Dungeon material, plus some cover songs)
* Is a very competent lead guitarist that can not only shred well, but can play in a tasteful manner, and is also a tight rhythm player
* Is able to rehearse in Wollongong once a week
* Is able to take time off work/study to do shows both local and nationally
* Is 18+ with no issues (drugs/alcoholic/moron/ego/anger problems/etc.)
* Is doing it for the love and not the money, ‘cos basically there ain’t any!

"LORD will pay for your flights, hotels, etc. when we tour – just get yourself to the airport or venue and pay for your own food and the band will look after the rest. We’ll have equipment for you to use on tour (to keep the sounds consistent with our regular sound), all you need is your guitar and your talent.

"You guys know the deal about who we are and what we do, and what you’d have to be able to do in order to do my parts, so if you aren’t up to the task, please don’t get in touch because we only have a very limited amount of time each day to try people out to see if you’re suitable. And knowing what kind of exposure you’d get, it could be a good way of promoting your own band or projects because we’d go out of our way to make sure people are aware of who you are if you get the job.

"Interested applicants, either PM me here at Ultimate Metal, or send me a message on my Facebook or MySpace page or whatever and let me know a bit about yourself. And please feel free to pass this around to anyone you think might be keen and up for the job.

"Cheers for listening, everyone! Hopefully we get this all sorted out ASAP and we’ll be back to normal in no time. Either way, this won’t be slowing LORD down this year – expect some cool announcements very soon with our plans for the year. See you all on the road, with or without a guitar in my hand!"

If you think you have what it takes, follow the links below to contact the band:

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Australian Musicians Honor Miika Tenkula

Marking to the exact day the death a year ago of talented Finnish guitarist Miika Tenkula, admirers of his work from past and current line ups of estblished Australian metal bands: Nazxul, Lord, Darker Half, Anno Domini and Rampage will be performing a set of Sentenced covers on February 19th in Sydney, Australia in rememberence.

Under the banner of Frozen, named after one of their land mark releases, a set of over an hour of classic Sentenced songs will be performed to honour and pay tribute to Miika. Sentenced never performed on Australian soil so this show is a chance for Australian fans to experience these classic songs live.

All involved in this project are fans of Miikas work and are all eager to pay tribute to an artist taken well before his time was due. Support for the show will be The Veil and Requiem of the Damned.

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Alarum Issues Recording Update

Melbourne’s jazz metal fusionists Alarum have posted an update on the band's recording and live activities:

“Well it’s about time we did an update…

“‘Natural Causes’ is well underway in the studio; we’re recording with Theron Rennison at Rennisound studios. Drums are done and we’re mid way through guitars. Album will be finished by the end of the year for an early 2010 release…yes it’s been a long time coming and yes we’ll be making sure it’s well worth the wait.

“2009 has seen us return to the live scene with the addition of our live guitarist Ryan Williams supporting Death Angel/Armored Saint, shows around Melbourne and a recent trip to Adelaide for Against The Grain. (click here for live review!)

“We thought we’d get out there and play a few other places we haven’t been to for ages.”

Alarum has currently announced the following live shows:

4th December 2009 - Alarum @ Monstrothic, Brisbane
w/ Born from the Ashes, Silver Ocean Storm and Hung
Tickets available at the door 8pm, $15.

11st Dec 2009 - Lord @ Gaelic Club, Sydney
w/ Alarum, Darker Half and Backyard Mortuary
Tickets available at the door 8pm, $15. Free copy of LORD’s "Set in Stone" if you pre-purchase at Moshtix.

12th Dec 2009 - Lord @ Espy Gershwin Room, St Kilda
w/ Alarum, Divine Ascension, Toehider and Winterstorm
Tickets at the door 8pm, $15.

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Lord Releases "New Horizons" Video

Sydney heavy metal band Lord have released the music video for “New Horizons,” a track off their very recently released "Set In Stone" album. The video can be viewed at their youtube page or below and features some on-the-road footage of the band touring the country.

Lord’s new album, "Set in Stone," is available digitally from CdBaby and on CD from the band’s online store and JB HiFi’s around the country. "Set In Stone" features 11 tracks of heavy metal that ranges from AOR-influences right through to the thrashier end of things. It also has a huge list of guest musicians from Dio, Megadeth, Angra, Dragonland, Harem Scarem and much more.

You can hear samples of all of the songs at Lord.net.au.

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Lord Taps Dio and Megadeth Members For New Album

Aussie metallers LORD have revealed the guest musician list of their forthcoming album 'Set In Stone' features members of DIO, ANGRA, HAREM SCAREM, DRAGONLAND, ex-members of MEGADETH and KING DIAMOND and a host of other Australian and international guests.

Commented mainman Lord Tim, "We're absolutely thrilled to finally reveal the special guests we have on our new album. Of the international guests, we have Craig Goldy (DIO), Glen Drover (ex-MEGADETH/ex-KING DIAMOND), Pete Lesperance (HAREM SCAREM/FAIRGROUND), Felipe Andreoli (ANGRA), Olof Morck (DRAGONLAND/AMARANTHE/NIGHTRAGE) and Yoshiyasu Maruyama (ARGUMENT SOUL). From Australia, we have Chris Brooks (solo artist who did guest guitars on our last album ‘Ascendence’), Stu Marshall (PAIN DIVISION/ex-DUNGEON), Chris Porcianko (VANISHING POINT), Juz (ex-DUNGEON), Richie Hausberger (ex-ENTER TWILIGHT), Tania Moran (solo pop artist), and Mark Furze (FALCON ROAD/well-known star of Australian television). Yep, that's a hell of a list! Don't worry, we still left some room on there for actual members of LORD too! The cover art once again was handled by Felipe Machado Franco who was behind the artwork for ICED EARTH, BLAZE BAYLEY, AXEL RUDI PELL, and many more." More...

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Se Bon Kira Replaces Infiltrator At ATG5 Fest

Organiser’s of leading Australian Heavy Metal festival Against The Grain have announced lineup changes to this year’s fifth edition of the fest, which is set to take place on Saturday, September 19.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances Infiltrator will not be taking part in Australia’s biggest metal fest, Against The Grain 5. We apologies to anyone who purchased a ticket just to see Infiltrator, but rest assured the rest of the line up will keep you more than satisfied if your an Infiltrator fan.

"Adelaide’s own Se Bon Kira will be taking their position on the day, news that Adelaide metal fans will be no doubt be happy about. After their highly successful EP launch on July 4th, which saw a packed out Uni-Bar witness Se Bon Kira display a flawless set of raw groove laden thrash, they were the obvious choice to put on the festival and we are very happy that they will be taking part of the festivities."

You can check out Se Bon Ki Ra at their MySpace page.

Here's the lineup for AGAINST THE GRAIN 2009: More...

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Lord Recruits New Drummer Damo Costas

Australian metallers Lord have parted ways with long-time drummer Tim "T.Y." Yatras and have announced that Damian "Damo" Costas will take over the drum stool for the second leg of their current tour promoting their upcoming release "Set In Stone."

Said main man Lord Tim, "One of the things that we all agreed on when LORD was formed was that everyone does it for all the right reasons. If your heart is no longer in it, don't wait until it impacts on our friendships or the stability of the band, speak up and if it's time to move on, then so be it; no hard feelings at all. More...

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Lord Announces 2009 Australian Tour Dates

Australian metallers Lord have announced a string of tour dates in Australia and New Zealand from March through June of 2009. The dates are as follows:

3/27 2009 Rosies Brisbane, Queensland
3/28 2009 Brannigans Tavern Gold Coast, Queensland

4/3 2009 Albury, New South Wales
4/17 2009 The Basement Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
4/18 2009 Tattersalls Hotel Goulburn, New South Wales
4/19 2009 The Bass Bar Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

5/2 2009 Oxford Art Factory Sydney, New South Wales
5/9 2009 The Espy Melbourne, Victoria
5/15 2009 The Brisbane Hotel Hobart, Tasmania
5/16 2009 The Brisbane Hotel Hobart, Tasmania
5/22 2009 The Enigma Bar Adelaide, South Australia
5/23 2009 TBA Broken Hill, New South Wales
5/28 2009 Al’s Bar Christchurch, Canterbury
5/29 2009 Trasmission Room Auckland, Auckland
5/30 2009 Hole in the Wall Wellington, Wellington

6/2 2009 Waves Nightclub Wollongong, New South Wales
6/6 2009 The Cambridge Hotel Newcastle, New South Wales
6/12 2009 The Gaelic Sydney, New South Wales

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Lord Begins Recording New Album, "Set In Stone"

Australian metallers LORD have issued the following update:

"Recording has begun on the follow up to 2007's 'Ascendence' album, entitled 'Set In Stone.'" Commented LORD mainman Lord Tim: "Work has finally started on the next LORD album! This album has a lot to live up to as 'Ascendence' was very well received and we're all still fiercely proud of it, but I think what we've written will easily stand up to the quality of anything we've done before. Of course every artist says their new album will be their best work yet, but in this case rather than saying that, I would describe this as not necessarily better than our last album, but more so this is more true to what LORD is about; the definitive LORD album as it were. If I were to draw comparisons between LORD and DUNGEON [the band that spawned LORD when it disbanded in 2005], 'Ascendence' would be the equivalent of the 'Resurrection' album, and 'Set In Stone' would be the equivalent of 'A Rise To Power' - the album where most people would agree DUNGEON really hit its stride." More...

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