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Band Photo: As I Lay Dying (?)

Formed: 2001
From: San Diego, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


In early 2001, vocalist Tim Lambesis began writing music and lyrics for what would become As I Lay Dying. After meeting up with guitar player Evan White and drummer Jordan Mancino the group decided to move forward as a three piece. A month later they hit the studio to record “Beneath the Encasing of Ashes” released on Pluto Records in June 2001. Following its release, the band completed a number of tours. Through persistence and hard work “Beneath the Encasing of Ashes” became the top selling Pluto release.

Ready to move forward, As I Lay Dying recorded five songs for a split release with American Tragedy. The evolved follow up caught the attention of a number of people including various record labels. After a 70-day summer tour, the band came home to prepare for the things ahead. In March of 2003 As I Lay Dying signed with Metal Blade Records while recording a full length entitled “Frail Words Collapse.”

This 12-song release features dynamic improvements in both songwriting and musicianship. “Frail Words Collapse” (July 1, 2003) is full of brutal and emotionally driven songs that transition seamlessly from precise melodies to neck snapping rhythms.

With the rigorous tour schedule a new record demands, Tim Lambesis and Jordan Mancino decided to solidify the lineup. After touring with a number of fill ins, As I Lay Dying became complete with the addition of musicians Clinton Norris, Phil Sgrosso, and Nicholas Hipa.

Latest As I Lay Dying News

Below is our complete As I Lay Dying news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Slipknot's "The Final Volume" Tour Dates Announced

Roadrunner has posted intitial tour dates for Slipknot's "The Final Volume Tour," with support by Unearth and As I Lay Dying and Dillinger Escape Plan splitting dates. Slipknot's complete (known) tour itinerary from this point forward is as follows:

Misc. Upcoming Slipknot Tour Dates:

8/20/2005 Hyundai Pavillion, Devore, CA - OZZFEST 2005
8/21/2005 House of Blues - Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV - SLIPKNOT headlines, Arch Enemy is direct support.
8/22/2005 House of Blues - Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV - SLIPKNOT headlines, DEVILDRIVER is direct support.
9/18/2005 Simon Bolivar Park, Bogota, Columbia
9/20/2005 Poliedor Indoor, Caracas, Venezuela
9/23/2005 Skol Arena, Sao Paulo, Brazil
9/29/2005 Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina
9/30/2005 Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Final Volume Tour: Slipknot headlining w/ support by Unearth and Dillinger Escape Plan: More...

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Norma Jean Announce Tour Plans

Norma Jean are booking dates for a headlining run with Darkest Hour in tow come October and are also planning to hit the road alongside As I Lay Dying this fall as well. Dates and venues for either trek have yet to be announced

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Hellfest 2005 Schedule Released

The entire schedule for Hellfest has finally been released. HELLFEST 2K5 takes place on August 19-21 at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey. Tickets are available at hellfest.com or you can purchase tickets at the Sovereign Bank Arena box office or charge by phone at 1-888-SBA-TIXX or online at sovereignbankarena.com.

The complete schedule follows, including stages, times and bands playing: More...

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KSE & AILD Announce Salt Lake City Gig

Ozzfest may be cancelled in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 16, but Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying will still be performing on that day. Both bands will be playing Lo-Fi. For more information and how to get tickets, go to www.loficafe.com.

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AILD Nominated For San Diego Music Award

As I Lay Dying has been nominated as Artist of The Year at this year's San Diego Music Awards. The categories will be voted on by the public. Go to www.sdmusicawards.com/Ballot2005.shtml to vote. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on September 12th.

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Ozzfest Organizers Cancel Salt Lake City Show

Ozzfest organizers have been forced to cancel the Tuesday, August 16 show in Salt Lake City due to some unforeseen scheduling conflicts. The show will not be rescheduled and refunds are available at point of purchase.

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As I Lay Dying Singer Says Metalcore Fad Is Fading

As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis recently told the Great Falls Tribune that the sub-genre of metalcore is nearing its expiration.

"I think metal core is a trend right now and so it's easy to write a metal core record," Lambesis said.

"I think it's pretty much at its peak right now. It'll get a little bigger this summer. Sounds of the Underground is going out. Ozzfest is going out. Those are both big tours that feature a lot of metal core bands. Those will, I think, bring it to its peak and then from there, it'll be up to each band individually to survive the trend."

Lambesis hopes fans see As I Lay Dying's new album, "Shadows Are Security", more as a classic metal album than just another metalcore production.

"I think a timeless metal record is one that has very precise guitar work," Lambesis said. "Very fast and energetic drumming. It doesn't have a token breakdown for the sake of having a token breakdown. Every part of the song makes sense as an actual part of a song and not just a breakdown or a dance part for kids to mosh to."

In addition to his vocal duties and songwriting responsibilities, Lambesis also produces the As I Lay Dying records and has branched out to produce records for other bands, most recently, Sworn Enemy.

"I really enjoy producing our stuff and I really think that people who've heard the new record really like the production of it," he said. "The producer has the overall vision. A lot of bands write great individual parts, but when it comes to putting songs together, the producer makes them do actual songs. It's pretty easy when you listen to a lot of metal CDs to hear great riffs and great individual parts, but very few metal bands actually make great songs."

Read the full article at GreatFallsTribune.com.

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Slipknot Drummer: Next Tour Will Be More Intimate

Launch Radio Networks reports: SLIPKNOT will hit the road in North America this fall, with the trek likely to begin on or around October 15. Details of the stage show are still being finalized, but drummer Joey Jordison did tell Launch that the band will scale things down a bit on this run. "We can still play and pack the big places right now, and we're gonna do a few of those, of course, but we were like, if we do one more tour, hit some places that we haven't hit before, play some smaller venues, and do, like, multiple nights in each city, we can make it a little bit more of an intimate, special event again," he said.

Jordison added that SLIPKNOT will play different songs on this tour, including some they haven't played in a few years.

SLIPKNOT will take UNEARTH and AS I LAY DYING out as main support on the tour, with other bands yet to be announced. The only dates revealed so far are a three-night stand in New York City on October 30, October 31 and November 1.

The band is also preparing its first live album, a two-CD set, for release this fall.

SLIPKNOT has been touring for over a year in support of its platinum 2004 album, "Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)", and this run of dates is likely to be the band's last for this record.

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Slipknot To Tap Unearth, AILD for Next Tour

SLIPKNOT have tapped UNEARTH and AS I LAY DYING to open for them on their fall tour. Unlike SLIPKNOT's spring outing, which saw the Iowa-based nine-piece performing in arenas, the upcoming month-long trek will consist primarily of multiple dates in smaller venues. So far, only a three-show run in New York City has been announced:

Oct. 30 – Nov. 2 – New York City, NY @ Nokia Theatre

SLIPKNOT are scheduled to release their first live album in October. The CD promises to "convey the excitement of SLIPKNOT's unparalleled live sets," according to a press release.

SLIPKNOT's third album, "Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)", debuted at #2 on The Billboard 200 on May 31, 2004 after its May 25 release. The CD has been hanging in the Top 200 ever since that release, having sold 1.2 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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Black Dahlia Murder Guitarist Arrested

The Black Dhalia Murder guitarist Brian Eschbach was arrested for indecent exposure while filming footage for FUSE TV’s Uranium on July 23rd at Ozzfest in Pittsburgh, PA. Brian was given Uranium host Juliya’s camcorder and was walking around the second stage area interviewing random bands and fans when someone pulled his towel off, which happened to be the only thing he was wearing. The police immediately seized Brian and escorted him away to a holding cell on site where he was detained for about 30 minutes before being let go with a citation. Luckily FUSE’s Uranium was onsite and caught everything on camera which will be aired not only on Uranium and Metal Asylum, but also on a FUSE special on Ozzfest. MTV News was also at Ozzfest and you can catch both The Black Dhalia Murder and As I Lay Dying in their coverage of the festival ten to the hour every hour or watch it on MTV Overdrive right now by going to MTVNews.com, and at the bottom of the page click overdrive. Here’s what Brian had to say about his brush with the law in Pittsburgh, “I’d like to start off by saying that it feels good to be free. Of coarse its weird saying that when this incident just draws so much light on how much injustice there is in America and how much general lack of freedom we really have. But it feels good to be back on tour rocking with my band mates… and word up to all my boys in cell A and I hope to see you all again soon.”

*FUSE Ozzfest special airs this Friday 8/5 @ 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST
*Metal Asylum on Monday 8/8 @ 8:00pm PST/11:00pm EST
*Uranium Ozzfest special airs Friday 8/19 @ 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST

In other news The Black Dahlia Murder have been making huge waves with their latest release "Miasma" which entered the top 200 Billboard charts for their first week of sales at 119 selling just under 10,000 copies. They also landed the number 1 position in the Billboard Heat Seekers chart, the number 5 position on the Billboard Independent chart, and the number 14 position on the Billboard Top Hard Music chart. Fans and critics alike have been hailing "Miasma" as one of 2005’s best metal albums.

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Hellfest Announce More Bands, Zero Tolerance

Hellfest 2005 has announced more bands and their zero tolerance policy along with upgraded security this year. Here's the announcement about the secutity and zero tolerance policy:

"For the past eight years Hellfest has maintained an almost spotless safety record—less a very minor setback last year. This year, Hellfest has made the decision to make adjustments to our safety policy. This year’s motto—ZERO TOLERENCE. Hellfest takes our fans safety as a serious matter. The bands support it, so should you. We've all heard the speech from the pit, you know, the one found in almost all bands hardcore handbook that starts like this—"We're all family here. If someone falls down, you pick them up." We live by that, but we are very aware that not everyone is always 100% willing to cooperate. We're not naive and we know you aren't either."

"In the past Hellfest has had the t-shirt enforced security on site to ensure everyone’s safety, this year we've upped the anty. We understand with the growing numbers and popularity of Hellfest, our security needed an upgrade. This year we've not only welcomed back our faithful t-shirt security to enforce safety on and around all stage areas, but we’ve enlisted armed security and police officers stationed at all other locations, available within arms reach in case of an emergency. The increased security isn't to ruin anyone's fun, but to keep the hardcore scene about things the scene was built on: music, ethics, DIY attitude and the family mentality. Hellfest fans are on the top of our list. We want the best bands, skateboarders, tattoo artists, merchandise, catering and above all else, the best security. In case there’s any confusion on our definition of ZERO TOLERENCE, we offer you an easy to understand list of consequences. The first incident of disorderly conduct will result in the ejection of all parties involved, arrests will be made and you will receive a fine up to a possible $1000. The Sovereign Bank Arena has welcomed Hellfest with open arms, let’s show them the utmost respect from the hardcore scene. Jail is one place the Hellfest and Sovereign Bank Arena staffs don’t want to see you on the weekend of Hellfest. Whether you purchased a three-day pass or a one day ticket, we don't want any unnecessary incidents happening what cause anyone to miss the most talked about festival of the summer."

One day tickets are also on sale now. From July 27 to August 3, a very limited number of single day passes will be available for a reduced rate. A very limited number of $99.99 3-day passes are still available ($20 less than any other tickets for Hellfest) as well.

//radiotakeover is running an exclusive contest to give you a chance to win prizes involving Hellfest. Four lucky winners will receive one 3 day pass for Hellfest and one winner will win the grand prize of a pair of VIP laminates. Here’s the deal: Grab a video camera and get ready to convince the Hellfest Team why you deserve to go to Hellfest for free. Send your video (vhs, dvd, etc...you make it and we’ll find a way to watch it) to:

32 Mill St.
Mount Holly, NJ 08060

Please include your contact information with your tape: name, email, phone #, AIM (if applicable). For more information on the Hellfest Video Contest go to radiotakeover.com.

Listed below are the latest editions to this year's Hellfest: More...

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AILD, Once Beloved To Open For KSE In Worcester

As I Lay Dying and Once Beloved are set to open up for Killswitch Engage at their Palladium gig in Worcester, Massachusetts on July 25. The show will be filmed for inclusion on the band's forthcoming DVD. Tickets will be $5.

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As I Lay Dying On 'Who's Next?'

As I Lay Dying are featured on Yahoo! Music's 'Who's Next'. You can watch an interview and performance of 'Confined' online.

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Ozzfest 2005 Set Lists Available

We have compiled the most up-to-date listing of set-lists from this years OZZFEST 2005 including BLACK SABBATH's, who are reportedly performing the following tunes as part of a 90-minute allotment. All set-lists are from the July 15 show at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA.

Full sets are as follows: More...

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Set Times For First 2 Ozzfest 2005 Dates Revealed

The set times for the first two Ozzfest dates have been officially released. They are as follows:

July 15 - Mansfield, MA @ Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts:

Second Stage:

WICKED WISDOM - 9:10-9:30am
GIZMACHI - 9:35-9:55am
SOILWORK - 10:00-10:20am
IT DIES TODAY - 10:25-10:45am
ARCH ENEMY - 10:50-11:10am
TRIVIUM - 11:15-11:35am
THE BLACK DALIA MURDER - 11:40am-12:00pm
A DOZEN FURIES - 12:05-12:35pm
MASTODON - 12:40-1:10pm
THE HAUNTED - 1:15-1:35pm
BURY YOUR DEAD - 1:40-2:00pm
AS I LAY DYING - 2:05-2:35pm
ROB ZOMBIE - 3:35-4:35pm

Main Stage:

IN FLAMES - 4:35-4:55pm
SHADOWS FALL - 5:55-6:35pm
MUDVAYNE - 6:45-7:35pm
IRON MAIDEN - 8:00-9:10pm
BLACK SABBATH - 9:30-11:00pm

July 17 - Hartford, CT @ New England Dodge Music Center:

Second Stage:

GIZMACHI - 10:10am
SOILWORK - 10:35am
IT DIES TODAY - 11:00am
ARCH ENEMY - 11:25am
TRIVIUM - 11:50am
THE HAUNTED - 12:40pm
MASTODON - 1:40pm
AS I LAY DYING - 2:15pm
ROB ZOMBIE - 3:45pm

Main Stage:

IN FLAMES - 4:35pm
MUDVAYNE - 6:45pm
IRON MAIDEN - 8:05pm

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AILD Win Yahoo Contest, New Video On Uranium

As I Lay Dying have announced on their website that they are the winners of the June Yahoo! Who's Next contest. You can see our live performance in the Yahoo! studios, which is only available for viewing on the Yahoo! website, by simply clicking here.

As I Lay Dying's new video for "Confined" will debut on Uranium at the following dates and times:

Jul. 15 @ 9pm EST

Jul. 16 @ 12am EST
Jul. 17 @ 3am EST
Jul. 18 @ 3:30am EST
Jul. 22 @ 9pm EST
Jul. 23 @ 12am EST

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As I Lay Dying On MTV2 July 9th

As I Lay Dying's "Shadows Are Security" arrived on the Billboard charts at #1 independent record in the country and # 35 on the Top 200. And now in week two over 47,000 copies sold first two weeks alone were tallied, that is Metal Blade Record's biggest number and highest charting position since the Goo Goo Dolls (the Goo Goo Dolls was a joint effort with Warner Brothers - so this is Metal Blade's biggest solo release ever.)

On June 24th As I Lay Dying whipped their home town of San Diego into a frenzy at their CD release show at Soma in support of "Shadows Are Security". Next, AILD will be playing the upcoming Christian Cornerstone festival on July 1st in Marietta Illinois. AILD are set to bring the mayhem to the masses this summer as they co-headline the second stage on Ozzfest 2005. The band also has several off-fest dates with Killswitch Engage and Soilwork. Below is their complete touring schedule.

MTV2's Headbangers Ball plays host to As I Lay Dying who are interviewed to be aired on Saturday, July 9th. The San Diego based quartet will talk up their recent success, their new release and summer plans with host Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed). Tune in to MTV 2 @ 10 pm est/ 9 pm central, check local listings for channel number.

As I Lay Dying Summer Touring 2005: More...

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As I Lay Dying Enters Billboard Charts At #35

According to Nielsen SoundScan, As I Lay Dying's new album, "Shadows are Security," sold 33,142 copies in the first week of release. The album has also entered the Billboard Charts in the USA on position 35.

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New As I Lay Dying Video Now Online To View

As I Lay Dying's video for their current single "Confined" has made its way online and can be viewed here. The song is taken from the groups new album "Shadows Are Security", which will hit stores on June 14th.

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Snippets Of New As I Lay Dying Album, Now Online

30 second snippets of all tracks from As I Lay Dying's new album "Shadows Are Security" are now available for listening to online here. The album will see a June 14th release date through Metal Blade

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