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Formed: 2001
From: San Diego, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


In early 2001, vocalist Tim Lambesis began writing music and lyrics for what would become As I Lay Dying. After meeting up with guitar player Evan White and drummer Jordan Mancino the group decided to move forward as a three piece. A month later they hit the studio to record “Beneath the Encasing of Ashes” released on Pluto Records in June 2001. Following its release, the band completed a number of tours. Through persistence and hard work “Beneath the Encasing of Ashes” became the top selling Pluto release.

Ready to move forward, As I Lay Dying recorded five songs for a split release with American Tragedy. The evolved follow up caught the attention of a number of people including various record labels. After a 70-day summer tour, the band came home to prepare for the things ahead. In March of 2003 As I Lay Dying signed with Metal Blade Records while recording a full length entitled “Frail Words Collapse.”

This 12-song release features dynamic improvements in both songwriting and musicianship. “Frail Words Collapse” (July 1, 2003) is full of brutal and emotionally driven songs that transition seamlessly from precise melodies to neck snapping rhythms.

With the rigorous tour schedule a new record demands, Tim Lambesis and Jordan Mancino decided to solidify the lineup. After touring with a number of fill ins, As I Lay Dying became complete with the addition of musicians Clinton Norris, Phil Sgrosso, and Nicholas Hipa.

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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AILD's Lambesis: “I Stand Against Who I Once Was"

As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis issues a new statement giving a general view of his current outlook and his controversial past. While the group’s return this year proved to be a bis success with many of the venues for European and U.S. tour being upgraded and/or selling out, dark clouds of controversy still surround As I Lay Dying and the involvement of Tim Lambesis.

Outlines Lambesis:

“I stand against who I became in my past and am pursuing a new purpose in the rebirth of AILD. We collectively are. • People who support AILD are not supporting the person I once was, because part of my life’s work now is to undo the hurt I’ve caused and to help others in addiction. Instead, I think AILD fans are supporting the belief that people can change. •

I will never be able to undo my greatest mistake, but I believe it’s better to do something rather than give up. • AILD collectively condemns all forms of domestic abuse and violence. Its aftermath is one of pervasive, long-lasting hurt and there is no acceptable excuse or defense for such behavior. Our agenda as a band is to actively back and work with organizations who offer support to those who are emotionally suffering and in pain.

Whether it be from a history of abuse, hardship, or mental illness—pro-activity in healing and recovery is at the core of what this band is now. • Tonight we’ll play the biggest headline show of our career (topping our second biggest headline show earlier on this same tour).

Our fans in Germany did not know this when they bought their tickets, but we will be donating a portion of proceeds from our show to HeartSupport; an organization we believe in that functions to provide emotional support and counseling to young adults caught in cycles of addiction, depression, sexual abuse, and family turmoil. Our mission is to continually seek and implement ways to facilitate positive, meaningful change in the world around us. •

For now, we don’t want to miss out on bringing purpose into our biggest moment yet. We’ve been given a second chance we thought we’d never have again and we certainly don’t take it for granted. •

Sincerely, Tim“

Lambesis has been suffering from steroid addiction around the time of his imprisonment. More...

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As I Lay Dying’s U.S. Tour: Support Acts Announced

Within The Ruins and Kingdom Of Giants have officially been revealed as the support acts for As I Lay Dying‘s first run since 2013. The band's return to stage has been a controversial one as it finds As I Lay Dying having reunited with their frontman Tim Lambesis, who went to jail after having pled guilty to a charge of solicitation of another to commit murder. Lambesis attempted to hire a hitman to kill his estranged wife in 2013. He was paroled in December of 2016.

Demand for the tour has been high with many venues having been upgraded for the European leg of the tour and some shows for the U.S. leg having sold out already in advance.

11/02 Phoenix, AZ – Club Red (sold out)
11/03 Tucson, AZ – The Rock
11/05 San Antonio, TX – Alamo Side Room
11/06 Dallas, TX – Trees (sold out)
11/07 Lubbock, TX – Jake’s
11/08 Denver, CO – Oriental Theater
11/09 Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater
11/10 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
11/12 Seattle, WA – Chop Suey
11/13 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
11/14 Reno, NV – Cargo
11/15 Sacramento, CA – Holy Diver
11/16 Chico, CA – Senator Theatre
11/18 Pomona, CA – The Glass House (sold out)

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As I Lay Dying North American Tour Announced

Following yesterday’s reveal of a European tour, As I Lay Dying announce a fall North American run which will see them stop at the following cities:

11/02 Phoenix, AZ – Club Red
11/03 Tucson, AZ – The Rock
11/05 San Antonio, TX – Alamo Side Room
11/06 Dallas, TX – Trees
11/07 Lubbock, TX – Jake’s
11/08 Denver, CO – Oriental Theater
11/09 Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater
11/10 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
11/12 Seattle, WA – Chop Suey
11/13 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
11/14 Reno, NV – Cargo
11/15 Sacramento, CA – Holy Diver
11/16 Chico, CA – Senator Theatre
11/18 Pomona, CA – The Glass House

The tour appears set to be the group’s first since their singer Tim Lambesis went to prison in 2014. Lambesis was arrested back in May of 2013 after attempting to hire a hitman to murder his then wife.

He was paroled in December of 2016 with the band officially announcing their reunion earlier this year. Thus far, they have played one show and released this new song since reuniting: More...

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As I Lay Dying Announces European Tour

Reunited American metalcore group As I Lay Dying has announced that they will be embarking on a headlining tour of Europe this December.

As I Lay Dying is:

Tim Lambesis - lead vocals
Phil Sgrosso - guitars
Nick Hipa - guitars
Josh Gilbert - bass, clean vocals
Jordan Mancino - drums

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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AILD Post Behind The Scenes Recap Of Reunion Show

Last month saw As I Lay Dying play their first live performance since 2013. Said show took place at the SOMA Sidestage in San Diego, CA on June 16th. As I Lay Dying have now shared their official behind the scenes recap of it streaming below.


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As I Lay Dying’s First Live Show Since 2013 Posted

As I Lay Dying performed their first show since their vocalist Tim Lambesis‘ 2013 arrest for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his then wife. The performance took place past Saturday, June 16t at the SOMA Sidestage in San Diego, CA. Some fan-filmed footage from it can be streamed below.

Past weekend As I Lay Dying also released this video discussionthis video discussion, explaining their decision to return and continue as a band with Lambesis.

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As I Lay Dying Post Video Discussing Their Return

As I Lay Dying have posted a 31 minute clip streaming below, discussing how they individually felt upon Tim Lambesis‘ 2013 arrest and how and why they decided to reunite. The group just recently debuted a new track titled “My Own Grave” and were playing their first show yesterday, June 16th. Lambesis was imprisoned back in 2013 for attempting to hire a hitman to kill his then wife.

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Headline News

As I Lay Dying Premiere New Music Video & Song

As I Lay Dying premiere a music video for their new track “My Own Grave“, which you can stream below. The clip finds the group reunited with their "classic" lineup, comprised of Nick Hipa, Josh Gilbert, Jordan Mancino and Phil Sgrosso, as well as Tim Lambesis. Lambesis went to prison for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife at the time. This marks the band’s first music in six years.

In other news As I Lay Dying also have announced a June 16th show at the SOMA Sidestage in San Diego, CA.

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As I Lay Dying Reunion: "Classic" Lineup Rumoured

It didn’t take long for fans to begin to analyze the recent As I Lay Dying video teaser, which shared their first new music in six years.

During Lambesis‘ imprisonment As I Lay Dying guitarist Nick Hipa in particular was critical of his former frontman's actions. However, it now seems a majority of the group’s latest lineup will be rejoining Lambesis in this reunion.

Tattoos, habits and sponsored instruments used in the recently shared video are all cited as evidence to support those claims.

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As I Lay Dying Tease First New Song Since 2012

As I Lay Dying share the below teaser clip of their first new music in six years, with vocalist Tim Lambesis of course having gone to prison for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his then wife back in 2013. The frontman was released in December of 2016 and apologized for his actions in a statement issued past December.

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As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Issues New Statement

As I Lay Dying frontman issues the below statement via the band’s social media, in which he apologizes for his past actions. Lambesis spent two years in prison after he pled guilty to a charge of solicitation of another to commit murder. The charge stemmed from Lambesis unknowingly attempting to hire an undercover cop posing as a hitman to murder his now ex-wife, Meggan Lambesis, back in 2013.

States Tim Lambesis:

Words cannot begin to express how deeply sorry I am for the hurt that I have caused. There is no defense for what I did, and I look back on the person I became with as much disdain as many of you likely do. More...

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Metal Blade To Reissue Ltd. As I Lay Dying Vinyls

In a move sure to cause controversy, Metal Blade plan to reissue select As I Lay Dying albums on limited edition colored vinyl in early 2018. The group have remained a taboo subject in metal due to the band’s frontman Tim Lambesis, who spent two years in prison after having plead guilty to a charge of solicitation of another to commit murder. Lambesis back in 2013 attempted to hire an undercover cop posing as a hitman at the time to murder his now ex-wife, Meggan Lambesis. More...

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Lambesis Working On New As I Lay Dying Album

Two months ago As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis shared some vague posts via his and As I Lay Dying's social media accounts, simply stating the word "activity". Now Rock Feed, citing a source they say is familiar with the situation, reports that a source with knowledge on the matter has revealed that Lambesis is indeed working on new music and planning to release it under the As I Lay Dying moniker.

Tim Lambesis served only two and a half years on a six-year sentence after he was arrested and convicted of solicitation of murder for attempting to hire an undercover cop posing as a hitman to murder his then wife, Meggan Lambesis.

It’s worth noting that Lambesis has previously stated that As I Lay Dying is "sleeping rather than dead" in a blog entry posted back in 2014. Blabbermouth also noted in a recent report that rumors suggested the band was "working on new material". Representatives for the band did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Various now former members of the band spoke out against Lambesis after his actions, with those ex-members having since largely gone on to now perform as Wovenwar.

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Tim Lambesis Reportedly Released From Jail

Update: Altpress.com just issued this announcement: "When AP reached out to the California Department Of Corrections And Rehabilitation to find out if Lambesis was still interred in a California prison, a representative confirmed that he was discharged Dec. 17, 2016. He was discharged to the Division of Adult Parole Operations."

Back in 2014, former As I Lay Dying member Tim Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison for attempting to hire an undercover police officer to kill his wife.

Although it hasn't been confirmed by any official sources at this point, multiple sites are reporting that Lambesis has now been released from prison.

The source for his info comes from George Lynch on Eddie Trunk's Show from the Monsters of Rock Cruise. During the interview, Lynch discussed his religion debates with Tim Lambesis and stated Tim has been released and has a book and record label deal.

You can hear the interview segment below, and a transcript follows:

I had every freaking argument out there, and he just was able to really kind of battle every argument, 'cause he had every counter-argument prepared in his mind; he had studied so hard. And as silly as his argument was, and as much as it didn't really hold water when you thought about it — it was all fallacious arguments — but…

Anyways, he just got out of jail for attempting to kill his wife. Now I'm not saying this as an indictment against anything. All I'm saying is, there is a guy who could argue Christianity beyond anybody I've ever spoken to in my life; I had these very heated debates with this guy… He had a beautiful wife; they had adopted three Cambodian children. And then he discovered cocaine, strippers, heroin and steroids. He went completely off the rails, abandoned his family, his wife threatened to divorce him, he hired an off-duty cop to kill her.

He recently got out of jail. He destroyed his band. They don't have a pot to piss in now; they're all struggling. [They are] a great band. I know them very well because, actually, the guitar player was my daughter's fiancé. And, actually, the drummer [Jordan Mancino] played in another project I had ways back, Souls Of We. So, anyways, he's out, he's got a mega record deal, he's got a book deal, everything's lined up for him. I mean, he's gonna skate through life. Everybody else is suffering. His wife is living in fear, his children are living in fear. His band doesn't have a pot to piss in.

Following the arrest and band implosion, Tim's former bandmates went on to form Wovenwar, and have since released two albums: a self-titled debut and 2016 sophomore output "Honor Is Dead." More...

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Metalunderground.com's Best Of 2014 Awards

What was old is now new again, as much like with Hollywood returning to Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Terminator, metal heads had a desire for past and present to collide throughout 2014.

This was another year of major reunions and comebacks with the likes of At The Gates, Slipknot, Sanctuary, and Massacre all returning with new material. The long dead Coal Chamber also came back to life, although we won't see an actual release until next year (with varying opinions on to whether that particular resurrection was wanted or needed).

Besides all the blasts from the past, this was a year marked by spectacles in the metal world – some truly unfortunate and others less so. Heavy metal managed to hit the Facebook trending bar and gain exposure to millions when 92 year old actor Christopher Lee released his Metal Knight EP and Christmas single ”Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing.”

Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying was finally sentenced after being arrested back in 2013 for attempting to hire a hitman to kill his ex-wife – an act that lead to the creation of Wovenwar, featuring the remaining members of As I Lay Dying as well as a fellow ex-believer from Oh, Sleeper.

This was also the year that included Roadrunner Records botching the release of the first Opeth single from “Pale Communion” and subsequently breaking the Internet. And who could forget Wintersun's infamous rant (perhaps best summarized as “I can't possibly record an album unless its in my own personal studio that someone else has paid for”), which sent a horde of lemming-like fans to send death threats to the Nuclear Blast Facebook page?

Typical metal shenanigans aside, this was actually a solid year for metal overall even past the major reunions. Now moving into 2015, the big question marks are if that Metallica album actually comes out, when Dimmu Borgir is finally going to get around to leaking some new info, and for those of us who have been impatiently waiting since 2012 – when will God Of Atheists finally drop that debut release that we voted most anticipated two years ago?

Before any of those questions come close to getting answers, let's take a look back at what 2014 had to offer for metal fans... More...

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Tim Lambesis Denied Reduction Of Jail Time

Last week it was announced that failed hitman hirer Tim Lambesis was seeking a reduction in his sentence, asking that the year he spent on house arrest with his parents count towards his planned six years of incarceration.

Radio.com is now reporting that the request has been denied by Judge Carlos Armour. An excerpt from the article follows:

Looking pale and grim with arms cuffed behind his back, Lambesis looked on as his defense attorney argued that his year with limited movement — only allowed trips to his attorneys’ office and medical appointments and to the bank — should count as time served. Prosecutor Claudia Grasso countered, “He’s not entitled to credits.”

Judge Carlos Armour stated the law is clear, that credits only apply to inmates held in lieu of bail; he described Lambesis’ status as electronic surveillance while out on bail. “The GPS monitor was not a condition of bail,” and so he was technically not on house arrest, the judge determined. According to statements in court, Lambesis was privately monitored, not by the sheriff who controls those in custody in San Diego County. Additionally, the judge denied the requested custody credits.

The session began with a review of the trial’s basic information. Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison on May 16. He was arrested on May 7, 2013, the same day he handed an enveloped full of evidence (money and photos of his family) to an undercover agent posing as a hitman. Lambesis was in the middle of a divorce with his wife of eight years, who has since reverted to her maiden name, Meggan Murphy.

Read the full article at Radio.com.

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Tim Lambesis Seeks Prison Credit For House Arrest

After spending just under a year on house arrest with a GPS monitoring device, former As I Lay Dying member Tim Lambesis was given a six year sentence for attempting to hire an undercover police agent to murder his wife.

Radio.com is now reported that Lambesis is seeking credit towards his six year term for the time he spent under house arrest at his parent's home in California. The site reports:

Tim Lambesis, once singer for the San Diego metal band As I Lay Dying, and his attorney are expected back in court next week arguing that he deserves “custody credit” for the days he was on “house arrest,” after hiring a hitman to kill his wife.

“There will be a hearing on July 18th to determine if the time Lambesis spent on house arrest will count as credits towards his prison term,” prosecutor Claudia Grasso stated in an email. Tim Lambesis is expected to be in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse at 9:30 a.m. next Friday, before the same judge who sentenced him to six years in prison, the Honorable Judge Carlos Armour.

Lambesis, 33, was in the midst of a bitter divorce battle with his wife of eight years when he agreed to pay $20,000 to an undercover officer to kill his wife.

Former bandmate Nick Hipa - now part of the new project Wovenwar - also recently discussed the situation with Lambesis in an interview. Get highlights of that talk at this location.

Read the full article at Radio.com.

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Nick Hipa Discusses Tim Lambesis And New Band

After the amusingly ridiculous interview with would-be hitman hirer Tim Lambesis - in which he blamed his actions on lack of belief in god - former bandmate Nick Hipa (now with Wovenwar) has conducted an interview to speak about the band's demise, the rise of his new group, Christianity, and more in the MetalSucks podcast.

During the hour-plus long interview, Nick Hipa claims that Tim Lambesis’ crime was not completely out of character, stating:

"Any dude in a band … they are very aware of their bandmates’ highs and their lows, the strengths of their characters, and their flaws. You kind of just accept each other for it. I think even to the extent that you’re like, ‘Man, y’know, this dude sucks, but he’s got other things going for him.’ But for us, we started to see the degradation of [Lambesis'] character to [the point where it was] like, ‘There’s nothing really redeeming here. This guy is losing touch. What do we do? This is somebody that we’re involved with on multiple levels.’

"And so we just tried to keep things together as well as we could, and not let any of those things ruin the band and what we had built. But when [Lambesis was arrested], I think we were surprised, [but] we weren’t shocked like everyone else. This came out of the blue for everyone else… we did not expect things to go as far as they did, but [what Lambesis did] wasn’t completely out of character.”

This interview and more of this week’s episode can be streamed in full at MetalSucks.net here.

Wovenwar's self-titled debut is due out August 5th, 2014 and you can check out a song from the release at this location. Lambesis meanwhile has been sentenced to six years of incarceration for attempting to hire an undercover officer to murder his wife.

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Tim Lambesis Opens Up In Interview

Leading up to his sentencing, Tim Lambesis gave a lengthy, in-depth interview to Alternative Press, covering a range of topics from his state of mind, marital problems, steriods, the solicitation to commit murder charges, prison, the future and more. The interview spans 6 pages (don't be fooled by the initial 3 linked from the first page). Here's a bit about how the actual plot got started:

This guy at my gym, my workout partner, I just expressed to him how sad I was. I asked the guy I had been buying steroids from, the steroid dealer, if we could meet. I’m talking to him in the parking lot one afternoon and I go, “Hey, how’s it going?” He goes, “Pretty good, unless you maybe need me to kill somebody for you.” Like that, right off the bat.

I’m kind of like, “Whoa, what are you talking about?” He goes, “Well I’ve heard you’ve been pretty frustrated with your wife…” He just kind of had—I mean, he’s a steroid dealer. He has a sketchy background, you know what I mean? So I’m thinking, “Geez, where’s this guy going with this?” He starts asking me these seemingly rhetorical questions. “Have you tried working things out with your lawyer?” I said yeah, but it was going to be a couple of months before I saw the judge. “Have you tried taking them to a social worker? Like a counselor?” I said yes and the social worker had met with the kids.

He goes, “Well, you know your other option is I can hook you up with somebody that could do this.” And he goes, “Can you think of a better option?” He’s asking it like it’s a rhetorical question. I remember thinking at the time, “This doesn’t feel right. This doesn’t feel like my best option.” But my thinking at that time… As much as I wished there was a better option, this is my best option. Obviously, right now, I can think of a dozen things and I understand the legal system much better. Legally speaking, there are emergency type things where you can get a judge to see you earlier, which I didn’t know. There are dozens of things I can think of now. But I just started to develop this mindset of, “Alright… I guess this seems like the path I’m going to have to go down.”

There was also this little bit, which our readers might know a little something about...

There was an April Fool’s story online that you were already serving a nine-year sentence. And you had escaped from jail, Shawshank Redemption -style.

I know. One of my friends hit me up because he thought it was real. The judge has three options to choose from: three years, six years or nine. The way the credits work in California, you serve 50 percent of that time. So it’s actually one and a half years, three years or four and-a-half years.

Read the full article at Alternative Press.

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Headline News

Tim Lambesis Reportedly Sentenced To Six Years

Radio.com is reporting that Tim Lambesis has been given a six year sentence after attempting to hire an undercover law enforcement officer to murder his wife. The site reports:

Tim Lambesis, singer for San Diego metal band As I Lay Dying, was sentenced today (May 16) to six years in prison in a San Diego Superior Courtroom for attempting to hire a hit man to kill his wife. Judge Carlos Armour handed down the sentencing.

Last February, Lambesis threw himself on the mercy of the court by pleading guilty to the felony charge of soliciting the murder of his wife of eight years, Meggan Lambesis.

The verdict was handed down as the singer’s ex-bandmates Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert looked on. Spilling into the section typically reserved for the defense, many of Meggan’s more than three dozen supporters adorned small yellow felt hearts pinned to their shirts to make their sentiments known.

In other news, the remaining members of the band have teamed up with a member of Oh, Sleeper to form new project Wovenwar. Check out the first single at this location.

Read the full article at Radio.com.

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