"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1985
From: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Regrouped

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Sabbat Prepare For First Ever U.S. Shows

UK thrash legends SABBAT are gearing up for their debut US gigs in April.

Formed in Nottingham, England in 1985, from the very beginning it was recognized that Sabbat had a special kind of talent. Disillusioned with the state of British heavy metal, which for several years had become increasingly more commercial and predictable, the band endeavoured from the outset to provide metal fans with music of the quality and originality that they personally would like to hear.

Too technical to be dubbed mere thrash, too thought provoking to be labeled black metal, Sabbat are their own masters. Their sound is built upon the blackened fury of early VENOM and the chaotic orchestration of MERCYFUL FATE, the razor riffing of classic METALLICA, EXODUS and SLAYER.

In May 1986 the quartet recorded their 'Fragments of a Faith Forgotten' demo. This demo was given excellent worldwide reviews and gained the attention of larger magazines which included a two-page colour feature in Kerrang! (issue 140).

A Radio One session, an invitation to record a flexi-disc for the fantasy gaming magazine White Dwarf, and extensive touring of the UK culminated in a recording contract with Noise International.
Sabbat unleashed their debut album History Of A Time To Come in early 1988 which was met with universal critical acclaim. No less than eighteen months later this was followed by the monumentous 'Dreamweaver', an ambitious project inter-twining the imaginative lyrical interpretation of the Brian Bates novel 'The Way of the Wyrd' and hailed to become the yardstick for an exciting new era of intelligent metal.

However, tensions within the band began to mount, due to musical differences, which ended with Walkyier leaving to form Skyclad in 1990 and Sneap going on to concentrate on production.

Having led the way for many to follow in their footsteps, Sabbat reformed for four shows across the UK in 2006 in support of their protégés Cradle of Filth and will now be playing select festivals throughout 2007.

Original bassist Frazer Craske recently decided not to continue with the reunion shows so the band has now drafted in ex-PRODIGY/ENGLISH DOGS guitar player Gizz Butt to add an extra depth to the already dense barrage of savage riffarama that the band became well known for in the late 80’s.

Sabbat's 2008 line-up:

Martin Walkyier – Vocals
Andy Sneap – Guitar
Simon Jones – Guitar
Gizz Butt – Bass
Simon Negus – Drums

Sabbat live dates:

13 - BB Kings - NY, NY
15 - The Pearl Room - Mokena Illinois
17 - Whiskey A Go Go - Los Angeles, CA
19 - Jaxxs Nightclub, W - Springfield, VA

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Sabbat Guitarist Posts Year End Update

Guitarist Simon Jones of the reactivated British thrashers SABBAT has issued the following update.

"Well, here we are ... New Year's Day 2008 and we can look back at 2007 with a feeling of pride and thankfulness. Proud once again to be part of SABBAT, proud of what we've achieved this past year and thankful that people still want to see what we are all about (would have hated to have made the effort to squeeze in to that little black number and no one turn out). This time last year we had just done a warm up gig and three support dates with CRADLE OF FILTH. How we survived that little episode I'll never know; humping gear, squeezing into a transit (and stage clothes), re-learning stagecraft (eh?), and at our age too! Mind you I'll never forget looking out at the crowd as we took to the stage at the London Astoria......how many faces? Did anyone care? Or remember? Or care to remember?

"We soon started to find out as offers of festival appearances gathered apace. We didn't accept everything offered aiming to play quality events and perhaps enjoy things a little bit more this time around.

"First up was the Keep It True fest, southern Germany April 14th. If anyone can recall, spring 2007 was particularly warm and boy we sweated a few pounds off thrashing to a sold-out venue. It was great to share the bill with LAAZ ROCKET and DIAMOND HEAD too. After this gig Frazer [bass] broke the news that he wouldn't be doing any more gigs. Gizz Butt would take his place from now on. There was no pressure laid on Frazer; it was his decision and the rest of us respected it, after all we had got back together to play metal and enjoy it. If it wasn't working for him then so be it. Miraculously Gizz breathed new life into SABBAT as a band and brought a new pespective to the songs. Man, were we ready to kick some serious ass now! So, invigorated we played Day of Death, County Laois, Ireland July7, Wacken Open Air, Germany, August 3, Bloodstock Open Air, August 18, Up From the Ground, Germany August 24, Hole In the Sky, Bergen, Norway, August 25, Sweden Rock (on a cruise ship in the Baltic sea) October 18, Hard Rock Hell Minehead November 10, and A Midwinter's Day Bradford December 10.

"It has been a huge honour for us as a band to play all these shows, and you can be assured we have enjoyed each experience to the max. Looking forward to 2008 as we already have a date in Germany in February and a week in the USA during April.

"Dani Filth, you have a lot to answer for!"

Sanctuary Records last year reissued two classic SABBAT albums: "History of a Time to Come" (1988) and "Dreamweaver" (1989). The remastered CDs contain audio recordings from the band's 1990 concert in East Berlin, which was previously released as the official "The End of the Beginning" video.

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Gama Bomb Complete Thrash Assault 2 Lineup

The billing for Thrash Assault 2 (myspace.com/metalonmetal) is now complete with the addition of Ireland's GAMA BOMB from Ireland. The event will also be the first time ever that SABBAT and ONSLAUGHT appear on the same bill for a show.

Here is the final billing: SABBAT, ONSLAUGHT (Very Special Old School Show), PROTECTORS (feat. Martin Missy), AT WAR, DESASTER, GAMA BOMB, RUNAMOK, NOCTURNAL.

The event is scheduled for February 23rd in Wuerzburg, Germany at Soundpark-Ost (ex-Rockpalast).

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Sabbat Guitarist Video Interview Posted Online

René Ackermann of Contraband Candy went to Backstage Studios to speak to the legendary guitarist and famed metal producer Andy Sneap. Andy speaks about SABBAT, how he was once inspired by "Inspector Gadget" and he shows René how to shoot a shotgun!

Watch the 10-minute chat below.

SABBAT recently parted ways with bassist Fraser Craske and replaced him with Gizz Butt (PRODIGY, ENGLISH DOGS, MORE I SEE).

Sanctuary Records earlier in the year reissued two classic SABBAT albums: "History of a Time to Come" (1988) and "Dreamweaver" (1989). The remastered CDs contain audio recordings from the band's 1990 concert in East Berlin, which was previously released as the official "The End of the Beginning" video. More...

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Sabbat Members Talk Reunion

KomodoRock.com recently conducted an interview with legendary UK thrashers SABBAT. In the discussion they talk about their decision to reform for some festival appearances, after being persuaded by CRADLE OF FILTH's Dani Filth. An excerpt follows:

KomodoRock.com: It's been a great weekend, some good laughs, a bit of controversy. How was it when you played, did you have a good time?
Andy Sneap (guitarist): "Yeah it was all right. Our set got moved earlier, which was a bit of a shame."

KomodoRock.com: Was it not very busy when you played?
Andy: "It was all right, obviously a lot of people didn't know that our set had been moved forward by an hour, which seemed like a bit of a dumb thing to do if you ask me, obviously people who had come here to see us, probably missed us."
Martin Walkyier (singer): "And all the other bands they wanted to see that had been rescheduled."

KomodoRock.com: You guys have been around for absolutely fucking ages.
Gizz Butt: "Steady!"
Martin: "We were around and then we went away, and then came back. We're the herpes of heavy metal aren't we!"
Andy: "Yes."

KomodoRock.com: You thought they were gone and then they're there again. So what brought you back, is there a metal revival going on?
Andy: "It was Cradle Of Filth actually, I was producing the Cradle Of Filth album, and Dani was a huge Sabbat fan, and he talked us into it. It was actually my birthday. Martin had come round, and we were having few beers, talking rubbish, and by the end of the night we were booked onto the UK dates of their Christmas tour. So we did that, and then we
did a few festivals this year, nothing out of the ordinary, just doing a few select dates."

KomodoRock.com: More for enjoyment?
Andy: "Yeah totally."
Martin: "Absolutely."

13 - BB King Blues Club & Grill - New York, NY
15 - Pearl Room - Mokena, IL
17 - Whisky A Go Go - West Hollywood, CA
19 - Jaxx - West Springfield, VA

Read the full article at this location.

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Sabbat Announce U.S. Dates

Reactivated British thrashers SABBAT have scheduled the following U.S. dates:

Apr. 13 - BB King Blues Club & Grill – New York, NY
Apr. 15 - Pearl Room - Mokena, IL

Tickets are available exclusively via EnterTheVault.com until October 24 at which point they will be sold through all normal ticketing outlets.

SABBAT recently parted ways with bassist Fraser Craske and replaced him with Gizz Butt (PRODIGY, ENGLISH DOGS, MORE I SEE).

Sanctuary Records recently reissued two classic SABBAT albums: "History of a Time to Come" (1988) and "Dreamweaver" (1989). The remastered CDs contain audio recordings from the band's 1990 concert in East Berlin, which was previously released as the official "The End of the Beginning" video.

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Selfmadegod Announces "Thrash Metal Warriors"

Selfmadegod Records out of Poland have announced the first ever compilation CD to be released by the label. Licensed from Hirax' own Black Devil Records, "Thrash Metal Warriors" is a groundbreaking thrash metal compilation with rare and unreleased tracks from eight worlwide bands. The disc includes both legendary acts such as Hirax (USA), Kat (Poland), Sabbat (Japan) as well as terrific entrants of the genre: Toxic Holocaust (USA), Slaver (Brazil), Strike Master (Mexico), Execution (USA), and Hatchet (USA). The disc contains approximately a half an hour of sincere, raw and to-the-point thrash.

The release date is scheduled for late September 2007.

The complete "Thrash Metal Warriors" tracklisting is as follows: More...

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Sabbat Confirmed For Hard Rock Hell Festival

Reactivated British thrashers SABBAT have been confirmed for the Hard Rock Hell festival, set to take place November 9-11 at Butlins in Minehead, U.K. (Somerset). The festival billing is as follows:


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Sabbat Announce New Bassist

Guitarist Andy "Undie" Sneap of the reactivated U.K. thrashers SABBAT has issued the following update:

"Those of you who have seen us at recent festivals in July/August will have noticed Frazer [bassist Fraser Craske] not quite being himself but doing a great impersonation of our good friend Gizz Butt (ex-PRODIGY / ENGLISH DOGS / current MORE I SEE guitar player). It became obvious to us that Frazer's heart really wasn't into playing and he admitted he didn't want to do all the shows we had planned.

"I first met Gizz in 1988. He actually wanted to audition for SABBAT when we played the Mosley Dance Centre in Birmingham with his band WAR DANCE. He didn't get an audition because he had a pink guitar but we stayed in touch, became great friends, I produced a few records for him and even became God parent for his son. Bit odd seeing as I don't believe in the big man himself, but hey, it was a crackin' party.

"It's a shame Frazer hasn't been more into this, we all wanted this to be the original line up but on the other hand Gizz's playing is amazing and I don't think it's ever sounded quite as tight as when we are on form at the moment. So be sure to welcome Gizz on future dates, as you will find out if you say hello, he's quite a character."

Professionally filmed video footage of reunited British thrashers SABBAT performing at this year's Bloodstock Open Air festival, which took place August 16-18 at Catton Hall in Derbyshire, England, can be viewed below.

Sanctuary Records recently reissued two classic SABBAT albums: "History of a Time to Come" (1988) and "Dreamweaver" (1989). The remastered CDs contain audio recordings from the band's 1990 concert in East Berlin, which was previously released as the official "The End of the Beginning" video.

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Andy Sneap To Appear On Bruce Dickinson Show

Producer Andy Sneap (ARCH ENEMY, MEGADETH, NEVERMORE, ONSLAUGHT) has posted this message on his official website:

"So I'm trying to meet deadlines once again. This EXODUS album has been pretty brutal as far as hours and time. I flew out to San Francisco on June 10, got off the plane at 5:30 PM and was in the studio by 8PM, not one day off in 20 days, 14 hrs a day. That hurt, especially as two weeks of that was tracking overdubs in their rehearsal room/makeshift studio with no air con for the first week... in Oakland... yay! But it was fun, we always have a blast. I always say its like being in cartoon world working with Gary Holt (EXODUS guitarist).

MEGADETH has been going great, good chart positions all round, and I'm currently mixing/compiling a box set for EMI for an October release. I'm not saying anything more about it as I don't think details have been released on it.

Some albums worth mentioning that I've done of late, DESPISED ICON and JOB FOR A COWBOY. I became educated in different forms of blast beats which I didn't know existed. reeee reeee to the Canadians!

As usual Monte at Roadrunner destroyed any chance of me enjoying the DEVILDRIVER mix by driving me insane with his constant emails, second guessing, Ted Jensen worship and .3db vocal pushes. I've aged 10 years in six months. But the end result was worth it.

SABBAT gigs have been fun also. We played Ireland a couple of weeks ago and it was by far the tightest we've played since we've been back together. Upcoming shows are Wacken Germany - August 3, Bloodstock UK - August 18, Up From The Ground Germany - August 24 and Hole In The Sky Norway - August 25. No we are not writing a new album but DVD is in the pipeline.

Last couple of this, Peavey are running some pretty cool ads with me in and I've got an interview with Bruce Dickinson for the Friday Rock show in the next couple of weeks. Not sure on the broadcast date at the mo.

So I'm off, EXODUS to finish. Six songs into the mix. Check back in six months for the next exciting out of date installment."

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Thrash Metal Book To Surface In September

Zonda Books has posted this press release:

Garry Sharpe-Young's latest book, "Thrash Metal", is being readied for publication this September. In addition, Zonda Books publishes Garry's "Death Metal", "Black Metal" and "Power Metal" all before the end of the year. These MusicMight titles replace the 2001 editions, which have consistently ranked number 1 on their Amazon.com searches for five years and more.

Thrash Metal. At first mocked by the Rock traditionalists Thrash would swamp the hard n' heavy world propelling one of its own - METALLICA, to the very pinnacle of Rock's elite.

In the early 80s Thrash breathed new life into the Rock scene providing older acts with a much needed kick. This new force opened the floodgates to armies of teens armed with flying Vs, bullet belts and a sense of purpose that would fuel genres such as Thrashcore, Crossover and technical Speed Metal. Without Thrash there would be no Death Metal, no Black Metal. That explosion of aggression has seen subsequent afterblasts, most recently Europe and South America has seen a genuine renaissance of Thrash Metal.

Without doubt, Thrash Metal still continues to make its mark in the biggest possible way. The "big four" - METALLICA, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX and SLAYER are all documented here in the greatest possible detail with full, up to the minute histories, exclusive photographs and global discographies, which include demos, albums, singles, chart positions, track listings and catalogue numbers. Over 400,000 words leave no stone left unturned in pursuit of knowledge of ex-members, rare recordings and career milestones. The author has interviewed all these major acts. Indeed, he interviewed METALLICA's late Cliff Burton just days before his passing. The early days of MEGADETH are straight from the mouth of Dave Mustaine.

Also covered are the legion of groundbreaking Bay Area acts such as METAL CHURCH, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, DEATH ANGEL and HIRAX. The European thrash explosion of KREATOR, RAGE, DESTRUCTION, SODOM, GRAVE DIGGER and HELLOWEEN is also covered in frightening detail. The Pagan Thrash of SABBAT, the avant garde eccentricity of CELTIC FROST and the Funk Thrash of MORDRED - it's all here. The second wave of thrash with major artists such as SEPULTURA, PANTERA and MACHINE HEAD takes the genre right up to the new breed of Thrashers, now a truly world-wide phenomenon. All examined in depth.

Having achieved its quarter of a century, Thrash Metal is not only alive, it is thriving. If you thought this rawest form of Heavy Metal was consigned to the past this book will deliver a rude awakening! Read the book, buy the records and bang that head!!


And that's just some of the "A"'s!

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Dark Tranquility and Sabbat Conformed For BOA

Bloodstock are pleased to announce Sabbat & Dark Tranquility as the latest bands to be confirmed for this years Bloodstock Open Air festival.

Dark Tranquility have just released their latest Album entitled “ Fiction”, the bands appearance will be a UK festival Exclusive for 2007. The band began their huge ride to success when they formed in 1989 & were one of the first bands to originate from the famed Gothenburg scene. Dark Tranquillity will be second on the bill on Friday 17th August.

Sabbats appearance at Bloodstock will be another UK festival Excusive, the band who have recently reformed with Martin Walkyier & Andy Sneap will be 3rd on the Bill on Saturday 18th August. Sabbat ended 2006 with a bang supporting Cradle Of Filth on several dates of their UK tour.

More bands will be announced within the next 7 days.

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Sabbat Remastered Early Albums Due In March

Sanctuary Records has set a March 26 U.K. release date for reissues of two classic SABBAT albums: "History of a Time to Come" (1988) and "Dreamweaver" (1989). The remastered CDs contain audio recordings from the band's 1990 concert in East Berlin, which was previously released as the official "The End of the Beginning" video.

A short video clip of SABBAT being interviewed and rehearsing for their recent U.K. tour as the support act for CRADLE OF FILTH has been posted online at YouTube.com .

The SABBAT reunion came about "due to many a conversation with Dani [Filth, CRADLE of FILTH frontman] and Paul [Allender, COF guitarist] whilst mixing the [new] CRADLE album," SABBAT guitarist-turned-producer Andy "Undie" Sneap told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. "It was put to us that they'd love to see it happen (Dani still has his stolen copy of 'Dreamweaver' [1989] on cassette), and the more we've talked about it, it just seemed like opening for CRADLE on these shows would be a great way of getting the five of us together again for a bit of fun. It's not a long-term thing, [and we don't have] any delusions about the future - [it's] just a chance to play some of the old songs and have a blast."

SABBAT reunion lineup (same as that on "Dreamweaver"):
Martin Walkyier - Vocals
Andy Sneap - Guitar
Simon Jones - Guitar
Fraser Craske - Bass
Simon Negus - Drums

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