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Ne Obliviscaris

From: Australia
Last Known Status: Active

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Ne Obliviscaris Announces Asian Shows

Australian metal act Ne Obliviscaris, which we nominated as one of the best newcomers of 2012, has announced a new headlining South East Asia tour.

The trek starts on August 20th in Nagoya, Japan and will travel for two weeks before ending in Bangkok, Thailand on September 9th. A full list of tour dates can be found below. The band is currently touring in support of "Portal of I" (reviewed here). The band is currently in the middle of writing a Season of Mist debut with plans to record in late 2013.

In other news, Ne Oblivscaris recently saw the song "And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope" included in a teaching curriculum at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The song will undergo a compositional analysis by Professor Matthew Hindson, Chair of Composition at the conservatorium.

20 Aug 13 Aichi, Nagoya (JP) Tight Rope
21 Aug 13 Shinjuku, Tokyo (JP) WildSide
23 Aug 13 Wuhan (CN) Vox
24 Aug 13 Guangzhou (CN) T-Union
25 Aug 13 Shenzhen (CN) B10
28 Aug 13 Hong Kong (CN) Hidden Agenda
30 Aug 13 Taipei (TW) The Wall
01 Sep 13 Bangkok (TH) Harmonica

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Ne Obliviscaris Track Added To Music Curriculum

Australian visionary metal act Ne Oblivscaris, which was nominated as one of the best newcomers of 2012 in our annual awards, has now seen the song "And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope" included in a teaching curriculum at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

The song will undergo a compositional analysis by Professor Matthew Hindson, Chair of Composition at the Conservatorium. Matthew Hindson is a classical composer whose works have been performed by ensembles and orchestras throughout the world. His recent ballet music, for example, has been presented by such companies as the Birmingham Royal Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet and the National Ballet of Japan.

Professor Hindson commented on the event, saying: "I will be presenting 'And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope' to the composition students at the Conservatorium next semester as an exemplar in structure, mixing timbres, meters, modes, how to approach virtuosity, sound and noise, extended performance and techniques. The students will need to study 2 technical aspects of what Ne Obliviscaris have done in their music, and then use these techniques in their own classical music compositions."

The Professor continues: "It is my pleasure to introduce such high quality music making to our students, alongside other music by composers including Beethoven, Gershwin, Steve Reich and Peter Sculthorpe. Musicians deserve to hear the music of Ne Obliviscaris, and the music of many other metal bands, in order to appreciate the compositional complexity that lies within it, no matter what their musical tastes." More...

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Ne Obliviscaris Streaming Full Album Online

Ne Obliviscaris, which we nominated as one of the best newcomers of 2012 for our year-end awards, recently signed to Season of Mist to release a new album.

The band has now checked in with the following announcement about streaming the previous "Portal of I" album (reviewed here) online in its entirety:

"Aural Music/Code 666 has made our album 'Portal Of I' available to stream IN FULL for the next week via their bandcamp page! So if you haven't bought a copy yet and want to hear it before you buy it, click on the link and have a listen!" More...

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Ne Obliviscaris Signs With Season Of Mist

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of Australian progressive, extreme metal outfit Ne Obliviscaris, which was included in our list of "Best Newcomers" of 2012. The band released the full-length album "Portal of I" (reviewed here) last year. Season of Mist comments:

"The band stands on their own by infusing their metal with western art music, jazz, and flamenco. With adventurous, progressive and nuanced compositions often exceeding ten minutes in length, Ne Obliviscaris add profound depth to a musical proficiency which reaches the highest levels."

The group released the following statement: “For us as a band, signing to Season of Mist, one of the best independent metal labels in the world, a label which roster includes some of our all time favourite bands and influences, is quite surreal. We worked for many years to get our debut album 'Portal Of I' out there for the world to hear and for its reception to have been so overwhelmingly positive, and for a label like this to not only love our music, but believe we can go places in the worldwide metal scene is incredible.

"It is one of those things that just gives us even more motivation to keep composing and performing and trying to take Ne Obliviscaris as far as we can to as many people across the world as possible. We're currently in the middle of writing our next album with plans to record late 2013 and we can't wait to get it out there to the world and take that next step in partnership with Season of Mist.”

The band is currently in the middle of writing for a Season of Mist debut with plans to record late 2013.

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Best Newcomers Of 2012 Explored

There are a slew of new heavy metal bands popping up across the globe covering just about every imaginable sound, and plenty more appearing on the horizon. Thanks to easy access to digital tools and online methods of music distribution the metal scene as a whole has an exploding population, and every year we try to keep up with the best new talent in our year-end “best of” awards.

To help get you acquainted with the best new metal out there, we’ll be briefly covering the bands nominated by our contributors for the “Best Newcomer” category of Metalunderground.com’s recent 2012 awards.

Content manager xFiruath nominated the following acts for best newcomer of 2012: Nothnegal, Dodecahedron, Ne Obliviscaris, Kuolemanlaakso, and Abiotic.


Unless we’re talking about a newly created band consisting of already-established members of the scene or some form of supergroup, it isn’t often that a completely new act launches an absolutely stellar debut album. On its first full-length expedition, the Maldives act Nothnegal twisted together melodic death metal, industrial, and symphonic elements into something unique and refreshing. Even when throwing in a few tracks with clean singing the heaviness never lets up, and the story of man vs. machine works very well with the musical style.

Recognizing these rising stars of the metal scene, the members of the band were even given an award by their nation’s president. Luckily Nothnegal isn’t taking any down time and is already working on a new album, which will reportedly include traditional instruments from the Maldives. It’ll be interesting to see where the band goes with that sort of sound, as the “Decadence” album didn’t have even a trace of a folk metal vibe. There’s no doubt about it – this is a group to look out for in the coming year and beyond.


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Unearthing More Of The Genre Blending Underground

Although there may be stagnation in many areas of the heavy music scene, particularly at the most visible and mainstream levels, such is not the case with a swath of metal’s underground sector.

Sure, there are dime a dozen bands that all sound the same and use the exact same breakdown of low growls and clean singing (you know which ones I’m talking about – they like to call themselves “melodic hardcore” or “post-something or other”). There are even plenty of groups that claim they transcend genre or don’t care about sub-genre tags because “music is music” - and this is frequently a warning sign what you are about to hear will suck, hard, and very likely be a copy of something else that was just as lame.

But if you skim off that top layer of bafflingly-popular gunk, there are bands to be found that genuinely ignore borders between styles and let a wide range of genres seep into each other, creating unique and interesting sounds.

In previous Unearthing columns we’ve looked at a few metal bands that blend different genres or ignore metal trends as well as experimental or avant-garde acts, and today we’ll unearth three more outfits in those categories. These are musicians that don’t mind getting some prog in their death metal or some black metal in their electronica, and they’ll even play with mainstream elements while still hitting the extreme notes without skipping a beat.


This Swiss avant-garde outfit has three full-length releases under its belt, with the new album “The Revolution is Dead!” (review coming soon) just dropping last month through Code666 Records. Despite the title’s claim, the metal revolution certainly isn’t dead, as Blutmond plays with just about everything that can be found in the musician’s toolkit: black metal collides with saxophone, female vocals, and even some goth and industrial elements.

As a statement from the band itself recently said, the latest album is “a roller coaster of mindfucked hate songs full of love and lots of lost dreams.” This is a group worth checking out for fans of Oblomov, Furia, or black metal bands that all around don’t give a good goddamn about remaining “trve” or “kvlt.” Four tracks from “The Revolution is Dead!” can be heard through the player below.


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Ne Obliviscaris Announces Return Of Dan Presland

Progressive extreme metal act Ne Obliviscaris has issued the following announcement about Dan Presland coming on as the band's drummer:

“It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that Dan Presland is returning as the drummer for Ne Obliviscaris.

"We would like to offer a huge thanks to Nelson Barnes, who did an incredible job in all the shows in the 6 months he was playing with Ne Obliviscaris. We’re sure that he’s headed for big things with his band ‘The Schoenberg Automaton’ and wish him all the best into the future. In the end, the decision to bring Dan back was less to do with Nelson and more to do with the fact that we never really wanted to part ways with Dan in the first place and have such great chemistry working together.

"Dan was our drummer from our early days, right up to and including the recording of Portal Of I, (2005-2011), and in the end an incredibly difficult year last year, where the whole future of the band was in doubt with Benji stuck in France and no clear future in sight, took it’s toll on everyone and Dan moving on was one of the results of that.

"For us, this feels a bit like getting back together with your ex-wife. We have such a long history together, so many great memories and much love for each other, and despite some ups and downs, everyone is as determined as ever to make it all work. Dan has already started rehearsing again with the band and will be playing drums on our upcoming Australian tour starting on September 7. We’ve also started writing material for album #2 already, and are incredibly excited about working together again and with the way the new material is coming along thus far. See you on tour!"

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Ne Obliviscaris Streaming New Song

Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris has unveiled a new song online titled "And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope," which is taken from the band's debut album "Portal Of I." The album was mixed and mastered by the world renowned Jen Bogren, famous for his work with bands such as Opeth, Katatonia, Ihsahn & Devin Townsend. You can check out the track in the player below or by heading over to the band's Facebook profile.

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Progfest Sydney Details Announced

Progfest is returning in Australia this year with a multitude of shows across the country but the first to be announced is the Sydney stop. Here are the details:

Saturday, July 31
@ The Annandale Hotel, Sydney
17 Parramatta Rd, Annandale

Here's the lineup:

Breaking Orbit
Ne Obliviscaris (VIC)
A State of Flux (VIC)
Arcane (QLD)
Space Project
Slimey Things

Doors open at 1pm. Tickets are on sale now from www.annandalehotel.com.

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Ne Obliviscaris Posts New Studio Video Diary

Several months into the process of recording their long awaited debut album, progressive black metal band Ne Obliviscaris have released another studio video diary, this one focusing on the process of recording guitars. The band comments:

“Hey Everyone, we’ve just uploaded another studio video diary, this one showcasing the process of recording guitars for the album. The video also features an interview with lead guitarist Benjamin Baret on what it’s like to be a “frog in oz” (with special commentary on our love of metal pies and Utes); Cygnus taking the guitar reins; engineer Troy McCosker working REALLY hard & much more.“

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Ne Obliviscaris Posts New Studio Footage

Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris are still in the studio working on their debut album, but to make the wait a little bit easier they’ve just uploaded a new recording video. Like their last one, it covers some of the bass guitar recording and gives you some hints as to what to expect on the album. You can view the latest video below.

The band has recently finished recording all of the guitars, with the vocals and violin still to come.

In other band news, Ne Obliviscaris scored the support slot for next years Paradise Lost tour and will be their first live show since July. You catch the band at the following shows:

5th Feb 2010
Paradise Lost @ Billboard, Melbourne
w/ Sirenia and Ne Obliviscaris
Tickets available from justsayrock.com.au.

8th Feb 2010
Paradise Lost @ The Hifi, Brisbane
w/ Sirenia and Ne Obliviscaris
Tickets from justsayrock.com.au.

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Ne Obliviscaris Posts Studio Video Update

Progressive black metal band Ne Obliviscaris has posted video footage from their time in the recording studios this month. The band has already laid down drums and bass for their debut full length due out in 2010.

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Ne Obliviscaris Enters The Studio To Records Debut

After 6 years of existence, Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris entered Pony Music recording studio in Melbourne on October 29 to start recording their highly anticipated debut album. The band have released the following update:

“Hey everyone! Well, the first couple weeks have absolutely flown by and so far so good! Dan did a fantastic job recording drums, and we’re now in the middle of recording bass with Brendan. In other great news, after being out of the country since early August, our lead guitarist Benjamin Baret will be returning to Australia (from France) on November 13 just in time to begin recording guitars from December 1. Make sure you keep an eye on our myspace/facebook/forum for regular studio updates, and hopefully we’ll be posting up some video as well to give you all an in depth look at how the album is coming along! – NeO”

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Ne Obliviscaris Pulls Out Of Against The Grain 5

Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris has pulled out of Against The Grain 5, to be held this Saturday, September 19 at Fowlers lIve in Adelaide, due to visa issues. Adelaide power metal band Skintilla will take their place, armed with their new release album “King of Kings.” Skintilla will be playing on Stage 1 at 6pm on the day.

There are still pre-sale tickets available through www.venuetix.com.au and there will also be a number of tickets available at the door on the day.

The band issued the following statement:

"Unfortunately we have had to withdraw from Against the Grain 5, which is happening this Saturday, September 19 in Adelaide.

"The short version of the story is essentially that there have been some complications and delays with our French lead guitarist, Benjamin Baret’s, new visa and due to these complications and delays he is currently stuck in France and not allowed back in Australia until the new visa has been approved. We have been working very hard to try and resolve this situation in time for ATG5 this weekend, but unfortunately despite our best efforts it wasn’t to be.

"The whole band is extremely disappointed we are no longer able to play as we were really looking forward to performing at this fantastic event and catching up with all our Adelaide fans, as well as those fans travelling from other parts of the country. We’d like to strongly urge all NeO fans to make sure you head along to the show regardless, as it is going to be a great showcase of Australian metal and is a great event for the Australian metal scene, so the more support everyone gives it the better.

"Sincerest apologies to all those who were looking forward to seeing us perform this Saturday, and for all those in Adelaide- we’ll see you in 2010…with a new album out!"

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Se Bon Kira Replaces Infiltrator At ATG5 Fest

Organiser’s of leading Australian Heavy Metal festival Against The Grain have announced lineup changes to this year’s fifth edition of the fest, which is set to take place on Saturday, September 19.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances Infiltrator will not be taking part in Australia’s biggest metal fest, Against The Grain 5. We apologies to anyone who purchased a ticket just to see Infiltrator, but rest assured the rest of the line up will keep you more than satisfied if your an Infiltrator fan.

"Adelaide’s own Se Bon Kira will be taking their position on the day, news that Adelaide metal fans will be no doubt be happy about. After their highly successful EP launch on July 4th, which saw a packed out Uni-Bar witness Se Bon Kira display a flawless set of raw groove laden thrash, they were the obvious choice to put on the festival and we are very happy that they will be taking part of the festivities."

You can check out Se Bon Ki Ra at their MySpace page.

Here's the lineup for AGAINST THE GRAIN 2009: More...

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Melbourne's Festival de la Grenouille Announced

FESTIVAL DE LA GRENOUILLE (Festival of the Frog), brings together eight of Melbourne’s leading metal bands, for a night of metal across two stages. The event, supported by both MetalObsession.net and OzProg, is only $15 and takes place at Melbourne's Corner Hotel on July 31, 2009.

Melbourne band Ne Obliviscaris acquired a new lead guitarist, Benjamin Baret, from France in August, 2008. And with his current visa expiring this August, Benjamin’s main hope of staying in Australia long term is a "Distinguished Talent" visa that would extend his stay in Australia at least another 4 years. The only catch, is that it costs more money to apply than he or the band has, (typical broke metal musicians!) and so this amazing line-up has been put together to raise the money for Benjamin’s visa, to help keep him in Australia long term; to help "keep a frog an Aussie."

As well as the amazing line-up of Eyefear, Ne Obliviscaris, Alarum, Be’lakor, The Ocularis Infernum, In Malice’s Wake and A Million Dead Birds Laughing, Festival De La Grenouille also marks the live debut of a new tech/death band, Primordial Space, featuring Benjamin Baret (guitar) and Brendan Brown (bass) from Ne Obliviscaris and brothers Miles and Glenn Krenzin (drums and guitar respectively).

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Line-Up Announced For Festival De La Grenouille

The Festival De La Grenouille (Festival of the Frog) will take place on July 31st at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. The currently confirmed line-up for the festival will be as follows:

Ne Obliviscaris
The Ocularis Infernum
In Malice's Wake
A Million Dead Birds Laughing
Primordial Space

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Alarum Plans More Australian Shows, New Album

Spending the better part of two years away from the scene they helped grow in the late 1990s and early 2000s, fusion metal band Alarum has announced that they have an album on the way and will once again return to the stage in their home state of Victoria.

After a one-off jaunt to Europe for ProgPower 2008 (playing alongside Cynic and Zero Hour among many others) and supporting Death Angel and Armored Saint in Melbourne earlier this year, Alarum will hit the stage with Ne Obliviscaris for two shows in Melbourne and Geelong in May.

Joining them in Geelong on Friday, May 22nd will be A Fallen Theory and symphonic black metallers Veil Of Anguish at the Barwon Club.

In Melbourne, Canberra's Aeon of Horus, local post-metal wizards Mushroom Giant and House of Thumbs get involved at the Esplanade Hotel's Gershwin Room on Saturday, May 23rd.

Following that, in September Alarum will travel to Adelaide for the fifth instalment of the Against The Grain festival with Alchemist, Mournful Congregation, LORD, 'neath and many more at Fowlers Live.

Their upcoming third album, "Natural Causes," is currently in the pre-production stage and will be recorded for a hopeful 2009 release.

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Ne Obliviscaris Announces Tour Dates

With widespread critical acclaim of their live performances and their demo, "The Aurora Veil," and with large crowds following them wherever they go, Ne Obliviscaris is embarking on what will be one of the last opportunities to see the band perform live before they head into the studio to record their highly-anticipated debut album.

Their first ever Australian tour will run from March 27th to May 23rd and take in Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Sydney and Geelong.

Here are the tour dates: More...

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OzProg Announces Prog Fest

OzProg.com has put together a diverse and far-reaching sextet of bands to participate in their own PROG FEST, which will hit Melbourne's East Brunswick Club from 7:00pm on Saturday December 27, 2008.

Headlining the night will be hometown heroes NE OBLIVISCARIS, a volatile six-piece who sweep from the extremes of full-bore gritty metal and etherial subtlety with ease. In support will be SLEEPMAKESWAVES, a Sydney post-rock band with worldwide appeal, showcasing their luscious, bombastic style alongside Melbourne's MUSHROOM GIANT, who will perform songs from their highly acclaimed album "Kuru." Rounding out the group is the eclectic trio of A STATE OF FLUX, NEW BORN and PURPLE ELEPHANT.

Tickets can be pre-purchased from the EBC website (www.eastbrunswickclub.com) for $17 including booking fee or $20 on the door. An extremely limited edition CD will be free upon entry for the first 100 people through the door featuring a fine selection of tracks from all six bands playing on the night.

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