"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1997
From: Switzerland
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Requiem News

Below is our complete Requiem news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Requiem Splits With Vocalist/Bassist

Vocalist/bassist Ralf Winzer Garcia of Swiss act Requiem has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band:

"After 8 Years, 4 international album releases and hundreds of live shows in Europe I decided to leave Requiem. I'm very grateful for everything I learned during that time and for every experience I had together with my fellow friends Phil and Reto. I felt that it is the right time to pursue a new path both musically and personally. My last live show with Requiem will be at this year's Queens Of Metal Open Air Festival in Steinbach/Langenbach (GER)."

The band also commented, "We deeply thank Ralf for everything and the incomparable shared experience of the last 8 years. Only the best wishes to him and his future. Although he won't be an active musician in Requiem anymore soon he'll always be a part of this band and a friend to us.

"The band will continue to move on of course. With Giuseppe Cirotti the band already found a substitute on the bass. He already participated on 2005's European tour with Vital Remains (US). The new man on vocal duties will be Marc Reichen (Ex-Minsk Security)."

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Requiem Announces Festival Appearances

Switzerland's Requiem has revealed the band's new upcoming European live shows and festival appearances. The currently announced dates are as follows:

10.09.2011 Meh Suff! Metal Festival – Hüttikon (CH) with Vital Remains, Legion Of The Damned, Gorgoroth, Marduk
01.10.2011 Graffiti – Bern (CH)
29.10.2011 Not Dead Yet Fest 6 / Das Haus – Ludwigshafen (GER)
04.11.2011 Roots Club – Mönchengladbach (GER)
05.11.2011 TBA - NRW (GER)
11.11.2011 Ear Terror Festival – Emden (GER)
12.11.2011 Insano Festival / Hellraiser – Leipzig (GER) with Enthroned, Destruction
21.01.2011 Club Zentral - Stuttgart (GER)
03.02.2012 Dynamo / Werk 21 – Zürich (CH)

Requiem is touring in support of the band's latest album "Within Darkened Disorder." You can check out the cover artwork below. More...

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Requiem Mixing New Album

Swiss act Requiem has issued the following announcement about mixing the band's new album "Within Darkened Disorder:"

"Day 12, Stage One Studio (Germ) with producer Andy Classen (Krisiun, Belphegor, Legion of the Dmanded and more) - December 19th, 2010.

"As we are currently mixing our new album 'Within Darkened Disorder' we just wanted to give you a little glimpse behind the curtain and about the development of our new record that will be released in early 2011. All the daily recording blogs are assembled in this blog. Additionally see some pictures at the same location. More pictures can be seen in an album in the photo section here. Cheers!"

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Requiem Finishing Recording On New Album

Switzerland's Requiem has issued the following final studio recording update:

"All vocal parts are recorded and it seems that there will be no fillers just killers on 'Within Darkened Disorder' - new voice and a new vibe to our own and unique style looks like a perfect combination... of course we all hope that you'll like the new CD.

"As you might know nowadays success is controlled through massive marketing and promotion campaigns rather than through the quality of music...however we are absolutely pleased with the new album as we invested everything we had into it...the future lies ahead and we'll see what our current negotiations with a couple of labels will bring...

"That's all for now hope to see you all at one of our shows. Release date of 'WITHIN DARKENED DISORDER' will be announced soon... The final cover artwork of Dan Seagrave will be revealed in a couple of weeks. Thanks for everything and your support...we appreciate big time 'cause it's not self-evident... Cheers for now."

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Requiem Checks In From The Studio

Swiss act Requiem has issued the following recording update from Stage One Studio:

"Checking in from Stage One Studio, just recorded vocals for 5 songs which actually was stressful 'cause we experienced with different voice styles and arrangements. Tomorrow another 5 songs and the whole album is done recording-wise. Mixing and mastering will take another 4 to 5 days which is awesome. Never had so much time for the final sound on our previous records. This time all what was planned everything which has been created and each idea was realized and achieved. We are pleased so far. We'll see what the future brings business-wise.

"Be a part of the last chapter of our studio report tomorrow 'cause we won't talk about mixing and mastering which would be quite boring for ya folks...the new cover (Dan Seagrave) will be revealed on Monday, Dec. 27, 2010 and of course the final release date and everything else...new myspace layout is in the work and will be online soon...be sure to check back our page... Cheers and thanks for now...take care...see and write you tomorrow..have a nice one."

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Requiem Issues Recording Update

Switzerland's Requiem has issued the following update about recording new material:

"All bass parts are recorded as predicted...nuff said. So as expected there's plenty of time for the vocal arrangements! Growling time tomorrow and scream time on Thursday. Premier Death Metal Since 1997.

"Pictures are still coming up as soon as we are capable to upload them on our profile. Sorry currently something's not working technically. All songs are getting a shape which is actually very promising. Pure extreme and without compromises."

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Requiem Issues Recording Update

Switzerland's Requiem has checked in with the following recording update:

"Phil arrived today. Everything's ready to record all the guitar parts. This time he uses ESP guitars exclusively due to his endorsement he signed in the beginning of this year. Amongst others he'll use the following models for the recording sessions of 'Within Darkened Disorder:' ESP NV-STD, ESP Eclipse-I CTM, ESP Horizon NT-II.

"His guitar rig mainly consists of two late 80s / early 90s Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Heads in combination with some special foot pedal configurations. All new and never used on one of our last albums. So you all can expect something different than in the past....but don't be afraid we still play fuckin' heavy old school Death Metal of course...

"As this blog mainly consisted of written reports the last couple of days pictures are coming up next week. Stay tuned! Cheers & Greetz from snowy northern wastelands."

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Requiem Issues Recording Update

Switzerland's Requiem has issued the following update from the studio:

"What a relaxed day it was, editing time again on most drum tracks. Reto re-recorded a detail to allow some options for the mixing process, so there was even time to watch horror movies in between...oh yeah!

"Next step is guitar time tomorrow when Phil arrives at the Studio. The skeletons of the 10 new songs slowly progress and take shape. What once started a year ago or so will now be captured finally. Stay tuned for more stories from Stage One Studio. All for now it's wine time again. Some procedures are not supposed to change...Fortunately!"

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Requiem Checks In From The Studio

Swizterland's Requiem has issued the following update about the recording process for a new album:

"Thank whomsoever for Pro Tools...Andy Classen and Reto edited all drum parts and fixed final arrangements for the upcoming guitar recordings. A lot of new creative ideas has been transformed into the final blasting and grooving drum sounds. Very promising...definitely...

"Andy Classen will prepare everything technically tomorrow for the final drum edits and the build-up of the guitar equipment when Phil arrives on Friday. That's all for now. A lot more interesting parts (mainly guitars and vocals) are still to wait in the wings. Take care everybody. Cheers for now 'til tomorrow."

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Requiem Posts Recording Update

Switzerland's Requiem has checked in with the following update about recording new material:

"Today Reto already achieved the impossible. All drum tracks for all songs are already recorded although there might be a few details to record again or change. Everything's looking very good so far. The drum sound will be different than on the last albums but certainly very transparent and heavy as hell concerning Reto's fills and rolls. Andy Classen changed the working method a little bit compared to the recording sessions for 'Infiltrate...Obliterate...Dominate...' Definitely another reason for the fast and easy process so far.

"In order to make sure that everything is set up perfectly for the guitar recordings in 2-3 days tomorrow is booked for rechecking all drum parts and arrangements. Still a lot of editing and creative work to do but this is what we like ad love and live for. That's all for now my friends. Now it's time for Reto to be rewarded with awesome Greek food. Stin iya mas!!! Until Wednesday evening......"

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Requiem Posts Recording Update

Switzerland's Requiem has checked in with the following recording update:

"After the fantastic show in Markkleeberg (Leipzig / Germany) last Saturday Dec. 4 Reto (drums) went directly to Andy Classen's Stage One Studio building up his new Drumkit (S.C.S. Custom Drums Lucerne Switzerland) and changing drum heads. First evening prior to the actual recording process Reto and Andy laid down all click tracks for all new songs in order to make sure that we'll find our way throughout all the new arrangements. This one will be killer that's for sure but I guess you'll read the actual word killer far more often the next couple of days.

"Today Reto did drum tracks for 3 new songs of our new album 'Within Darkened Disorder.' As we spoke all went well so far as expected. So there's more to tell tomorrow when they defined the actual and definite drum sound to appear on the record. That's all for now 'til tomorrow."

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Requiem Begins Work On New Album

REQUIEM will enter Stage One Studio in Borgentreich, Germany in December 2010 with longtime producer Andy Classen (KRISIUN, BELPHEGOR, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, DEW-SCENTED, DISBELIEF amongst others ) to begin recording the follow-up to last year's "Infiltrate... Obliterate... Dominate," tentatively titled "Within Darkened Disorder."

The band comments on their progress, "The songwriting process is still going on finishing the instrumental arrangements. Lyrics and vocal arrangements will be done prior to the next European tour in November 2010. An early 2011 via Twilight Vertrieb is expected. More updates concerning the new album will be announced soon."

"This will be the first recordings with REQUIEM's new lineup: Phil Klauser (guitar), Ralf Winzer Garcia (vocals/bass) and Reto Crola (drums)." More...

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Requiem Announces Summer Tour Dates

Requiem has announced a number of summer tour dates, including a tour with Extreme Noise Terror, Abaddon Incarnate, Coldwar, Memorial and Shadow's Far. The latest Requiem tour dates follow:

23.08.2008 CH-Muotathal (Mountains of Death Openair)
12.09.2008 CH-Thun, The Rock

19.09.2008 D-Berlin, K 17
20.09.2008 D-Greifswald, Klex
21.09.2008 NL-Rotterdam, Baroeg
22.09.2008 CH-Winterthur, Salzhaus
23.09.2008 Italy - t.b.a.
24.09.2008 SLO-Ilirska Bistrica, MKNŽ Club
25.09.2008 A-Bad Mitterndorf, Take Five
26.09.2008 A-Innsbruck, Hafen
27.09.2008 D-Giebelstadt, I-Park-Halle (Bringer Of Death Festival)
28.09.2008 D-Werdau, Fabrix

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Former Firewind Singer Joins Rekuiem For Dates

Classic NWOBHM act REKUIEM (formerly known as REQUIEM) check in with the following update:

"Rekuiem will be joined by special guest vocalist Chitral "Chity" Somapala (ex-FIREWIND) for the live dates to end 2007.

"Chity" and Rekuiem are very excited to be working together and are looking forward very much to the two dates so far confirmed: Wednesday, November 14th - Sheldon Marquee - Birmingham, England and Friday, November 16th - JBs - Dudley, West Midlands, England (supporting GOTTHARD).

Other dates are still awaiting conformation and will be announced shortly. For videos of both Rekuiem and "Chity" go to our MySpace page.

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Rekuiem Part Ways With Drummer

REKUIEM (formerly REQUIEM), the cult NWOBHM band that was at the very start of the British metal movement alongside such names as DIAMOND HEAD and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, has parted ways with drummer Karl Wilcox (DIAMOND HEAD). According to the group, "the band's plan to perform live shows later this year was proving difficult to envisage with Karl's other commitments, so the band now plan to carry on into this next realm with a new drummer."

In a statement, Karl explained: "Due to relocating back to New York, family committments, DIAMOND HEAD's upcoming heavy touring schedule, studio and teaching committments, I feel it would be better if I step down as drummer for REKUIEM. The band needs to be touring, getting the exposure it deserves, and not waiting for open dates in my calendar... I wish REKUIEM the very best for the future." More...

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Requiem Post New Song Online

A brand new REQUIEM track, entitled "No Means Nothing", has been posted online at the band's MySpace page. The song comes off the Swiss death metal band's new album, "Premier Killing League", due on March 23 via Massacre Records. The CD was recorded at Stage One studios in Borgentreich, Germany with producer Andy Classen (LEGION OF THE DAMNED, DEW-SCENTED, TANKARD, HOLY MOSES, DISBELIEF, KRISIUN, CALLENISH CIRCLE).

According to the band, the new album contains "the most varied and most brutal songs that have ever been written by REQUIEM."

"Premier Killing League" track listing:

01. Can't Afford Won't Go Forward
02. Premier Killing League
03. Isolated
04. No Means Nothing
05. From Ashes to Ashes
06. I, Terrorist
07. The System Has Failed
08. Into The Unknown
09. The Great Masquerade
10. Trapped Inside

REQUIEM's last CD, "Government Denies Knowledge", was released in January 2006 via Massacre.

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