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From: Poland
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Crionics news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Crionics Working On "Scapegoat" Video

Crionics has issued the following announcement about releasing the band's "N.O.I.R." EP in Poland and about working on a new music video:

"We're pleased to announce the latest Crionics offer will be out on 06.06.2011 on Icaros Records. The 'N.O.I.R.' Ep consists of three premiere songs as well as the band's own version of such metal world's well-known songs as Immortal's 'Blashyrkh' and Rammstein's 'Moskau' (featuring special guest appearance of Peter / Vader and Vogg / Decapitated). This not all what makes this offer pretty unique... The material comes out with very special bonuses, namely - first Crionics' demo recorded back in 1998, including Emperor's 'I am The Black Wizards' cover, 'Scapegoat' live video and 'The making of N.O.I.R.' video.

"Last year Crionics took part in several tours in order to get their name back out there... Runs consisted of 50 shows in total, including tours with Rotting Christ and Sadist amongst others, during which the band conquered the lands of almost every Middle and Eastern Europe country.

"'N.O.I.R.' has already had its premiere in the Eastern Europe at the end of the last year on Russian label MSR Productions. Icaros Records version is set to enchant Crionics' fans with different cover art as well as 12-pages booklet, all wrapped in a breath-taking layout and design. Works are in progress on the 'Scapegoat' video that will promote the 'N.O.I.R.' extended EP material. Before it gets online you may listen to 'Scapegoat' here."

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Crionics Comments On New EP Release

Crionics recently released the new EP entitled "N.O.I.R." The band has now issued the following statement about the release and streaming a new song online:

"We are proud to inform that long-awaited Crionics EP 'N.O.I.R.' had been finally released on the 17th of October this year on MSR Productions. The material will first get to fans in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. The 'N.O.I.R.' EP - recorded with the brand new line-up, consisting of musicians of Vader, Devilish Impressions and Asgaard among others - comes out as a digipack with all the graphics and layout done by Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc (Nile, Behemoth etc.) and Piotr Szafraniec.

"Besides three of the author tracks the band had prepared its own version of such metal world’s well-known songs as Immortal’s ‘Blashyrkh’ and Rammstein’s ‘Moskau’ (featuring special guest appearance of Peter / Vader and Vogg / Decapitated). The material comes with two bonuses, namely – The making of N.O.I.R. video report and Crionics’ first demo, originally recorded in 1997. 'N.O.I.R.' will be out in other European countries at the beginning of 2011. Before it happens – check out another track from this material called 'Perdition' at our MySpace page exclusively!"

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Sadist Announces Second Run of Eastern Concerts

Sadist, Virgin Snatch, Crionics and two other bands will play the second run of concerts across all Eastern Europe during next october. Once the Polish leg of the "Beware of Your Neck 2010 European Tour” is done, the band will head toward the East in order to conquer the lands of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. This part of the raid will start on the 13th of October in Kaliningrad (Russia) with the last date on the 31rd of October in Lvov (Ukraine). A month later the tour will also visit other European countries, such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Here are the tour dates:

30.09.2010 RZESZÓW / Pod Palma
01.10.2010 LUBLIN / Graffiti
02.10.2010 WARSZAWA / Progresja
03.10.2010 OLSZTYN / Przystan Marina
04.10.2010 GDYNIA / Ucho
05.10.2010 BYDGOSZCZ / Estrada
06.10.2010 POZNAN / Blue Note
07.10.2010 WROCLAW / Madness
08.10.2010 CZESTOCHOWA / Zero
09.10.2010 BIELSKO BIALA / Rude Boy
10.10.2010 KRAKÓW / Rotunda

13.10.10 – Vilnius, Lithuania
14.10.10 – Kaliningrad, Russia
15.10.10 – Riga, Latvia
16.10.10 – Tallinn, Estonia
17.10.10 – St.Petersburg, Russia
19.10.10 – Nizhnij Novgorod, Russia
20.10.10 – Lipeck, Russia
21.10.10 – Saransk, Russia
22.10.10 – Voronezh, Russia
23.10.10 – Moscow, Russia
24.10.10 – Smolensk, Russia
25.10.10 – Minsk, Belarus
26.10.10 – Mogilev, Belarus
27.10.10 – Gomel, Belarus
28.10.10 – Kiev, Ukraine
29.10.10 – Ilyichevsk, Ukraine
30.10.10 – Kishinev, Moldova
31.10.10 – Lvov, Ukraine

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Crionics Announces "Beware Of Your Neck" Tour

Polish metallers Crionics have announced they will be supporting Sadist on the upcoming "Beware of Your Neck" tour, which also features Virgin Snatch. The tour kicks off on September 30th. The upcoming Crionics tour dates are as follows:

8/26 2010 tba Walbrzych, POLAND
8/27 2010 Dark Side Festival 2010 Gubin, POLAND
8/28 2010 tba tba, POLAND
8/29 2010 tba Kaliningrad, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
8/30 2010 Mulen Ruzas Vilnius, LITHUANIA
8/31 2010 Parlament Grodno, BELARUS
9/1 2010 Europa Gomel, BELARUS
9/2 2010 Global East Festival (with Venom, Manowar, Obituary, Rotting Christ) Kiev, UKRAINE
9/3 2010 tba tba, UKRAINE
9/4 2010 tba Kishinev, MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF
9/30 2010 Pod Palma Rzeszów, POLAND
10/1 2010 Graffiti Lublin, POLAND
10/2 2010 Progresja Warszawa, POLAND
10/3 2010 Przystan Marina Olsztyn, POLAND
10/4 2010 Ucho Gdynia, POLAND
10/5 2010 Estrada Bydgoszcz, POLAND
10/6 2010 Blue Note Poznan, POLAND
10/7 2010 Madness Wroclaw, POLAND
10/8 2010 tba Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
10/10 2010 tba Bratyslavia, SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic)
10/10 2010 Rotunda Kraków, POLAND

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Crionics To Enter The Studio

Polish blackened death metallers Crionics, who have recently been touring along with Rotting Christ, will soon enter Creative Music Studio in order to record their 4th full-length album. Meanwhile, Crionics will play the 2nd leg of a Polish run followed by special appearances at some of the European open-air festivals. The "N.O.I.R. Summer Raid 2010" will kick off on the 18th of June in Opole. The upcoming Crionics tour dates are as follows:

18.06.10 Opole – K 60 ( POLAND )
19.06.10 Bielsko Biala – Rude Boy ( POLAND )
20.06.10 Stalowa Wola – Mc2 ( POLAND )
24.06.10 Przemysl – Grota ( POLAND )
25.06.10 Sanok – Kino ( POLAND )
02.07.10 Metalshow.lv Festival - Riga (LATVIA)
03.07.10 Hard Rock Laager Festival - Vana Vigala (ESTONIA)
02.09.10 Global East Festival -Kiev (UKRAINE)
04.09.10 Kishinev - Metalfest (MOLDAVIA )

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Crionics Recruits Session Drummer For Tour

Poland's Crionics has issued the following update about recruiting a session drummer for their tour with Rotting Christ:

"Crionics to be joined by session drummer for the tour with Rotting Christ! James Stewart of the UK’s band Divine Chaos will join Crionics as a session drummer for the band’s upcoming tour with Rotting Christ. It’s due to the fact that Paul – Crionics’ regular drummer – will at the same time be touring the US with Vader. The Polish leg of 'AEALO Tour 2010' Crionics is going to take part in will kick off on the 15th of April and roll over 11 biggest cities in Poland."

Crionics has the following upcoming tour dates:

4/15 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 BIALYSTOK - Gwint
4/16 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 LUBLIN - Graffiti
4/17 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 RZESZÓW - Pod Palma
4/18 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 KRAKÓW - Loch Ness
4/19 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 KATOWICE - Mega Club
4/20 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 WROCLAW - Madness
4/21 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 LÓDZ - Dekompresja
4/22 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 BYDGOSZCZ - Estrada
4/23 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 SZCZECIN - Slowianin
4/24 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 GDYNIA - Ucho
4/25 2010 Aealo Tour 2010 POZNAN - Blue Note

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Devilish Impressions Announces New Lineup

Polish black metal band Devilish Impressions has issued the following update regarding their new lineup:

"It's been quite a while since we've posted some news down here... Wonder why?... Simply because there wasn't really much to write about. Over the last year the band had been going through some shitty things such as tours' cancellations as well as subsequent line-up changes. It's time to announce now not only Cultus but also Turquoissa is no longer a part of Devilish Impressions. It has to be said, her commitment to the band's crusade was never a question yet for certain reasons it just wouldn't have worked that way any longer. Handling the bass duties was given to VRAATH while the synthesizers will be taken over by Quazarre in co-operation with other artists... Present line-up as follow: Quazarre - vocals/guitar/synth, Armers - guitar, Vraath - bass, Icanraz - drums." More...

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Crionics Posts New Song, "Scapegoat," Online

Polish metal band Crionics has posted a new track, entitled "Scapegoat," from the upcoming EP "N.O.I.R" had been posted on the band's MySpace page. "N.O.I.R." will be out right before the summer this year. The band will soon start working on the full-lenghth album. The recording sessions are being planned for July and August this year.

Upcoming "Aealo Tour 2010" dates with ROTTING CHRIST, LOST SOUL, CRIONICS, NAUMACHIA, STRANDHOGG are as follows:

15.04.2010 (POL) Bialystok / Gwint
16.04.2010 (POL) Lublin / Graffiti
17.04.2010 (POL) Rzeszów / Pod Palma
18.04.2010 (POL) Kraków / Loch Ness
19.04.2010 (POL) Katowice / Mega Club
20.04.2010 (POL) Wroclaw / Madness
21.04.2010 (POL) Lódz / Dekompresja
22.04.2010 (POL) Bydgoszcz / Estrada
23.04.2010 (POL) Szczecin / Slowianin
24.04.2010 (POL) Gdynia / Ucho
25.04.2010 (POL) Poznan / Blue Note

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Crionics Finishes Recording New EP

Polish metallers Crionics has issued the following statement about finishing the recording of their new EP:

"Crionics has just completed works on the production of its new EP entitled 'N.O.I.R'. The recording session took place at Cracow's 'Shindler Factory Studio' and the material was then mixed and mastered by Wieslawscy Bros. at 'Hertz Studio' in Bialystok. Considering many changes within the band over the last year - both in the line-up and the music itself - with 'N.O.I.R' Crionics begins a new chapter in its history...

"After the departure of War-A.N. and Darkside their vacancies were filled by Quazarre (guitar/vocals) known from DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS and ASGAARD while the drums were taken over by Paul of VADER and SOUL SNATCHER. The new bass player for Crionics is Brovar, who had recently worked with BLINDEAD.

"As far as the music itself is concerned - the band didn't change much its direction but decided to take advantage on Quazarre's impressive vocal skills to expand Crionics' creation with clean vocal parts. There are also special guest appearances on the album by Vogg of DECAPITATED and Peter of VADER. Both took part in the recording of RAMMSTEIN's 'Moskau' cover. Vogg recorded parts of accordion while Peter did the German vocal parts of the song. Second cover song is 'Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark)' by IMMORTAL where Vogg laid down tracks of acoustic guitar."

The track listing for "N.O.I.R." is as follows:

1. NarcotiQue
2. Scapegoat (Welcome to Necropolis)
3. Perdition
4. Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark) [Immortal Cover]
5. Moskau [Rammstein Cover]

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Crionics Reveals Details For New EP "N.O.I.R."

Polish metallers Crionics has issued the following statement about finishing the recording of their new EP:

"Crionics Has just finished to record the tracks for Their New E.P. The recordings took place in Cracow's Shindler Factory Studio Right now the material is being mixed by the Wieslawski Bros. in their own Hertz Studio in Bialystok. During this session the band used acoustic guitars and clean vocals for the first time ever.

"The new frontman - Quazzarre has perfectly fit his role and recorded incredibly interesting and variated vocal parts. 'N.O.I.R' - Because that's the new album's title consists of 3 new songs and 2 covers: Immortal - Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark) and an unusual as for Crionics cover of Rammstein - Moskau which features guest vocal appearance of Peter of Vader and Vogg of Decapitated on Accordion and Acoustic Guitar. On the band's MySpace you can find pics from the studio and soon a short video report. You can also find the full album tracklist below. More details will follow soon!"

The track listing will be as follows: More...

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Vader Announces New Lineup

The following message has been posted online by Polish death metal legends Vader:

"Good news from VADER's camp! We would like to confirm officially the band's lineup for the upcoming tours in October and January. It features Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek (guitar, vocal), Reyash (bass), Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka (guitar) and Pawe? Jaroszewicz (drums).

"Last Sunday at Progresja Club, Warsaw we had a drummers audition. Earlier, actually just after the anniversary gig we had some talks with a few guitarists about possibilities of joining the band. And now we are ready to announce our new touring lineup. More...

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Hate Announce Tour Dates and Festivals

Hate has announced the following tour dates and festival appearances, including a Russian tour with Sinful, Act of God, and Little Dead Bertha, and a Polish tour with Crionics, Naumachia, and Devilish Impressions. Tour and festival dates follow:

Featuring HATE, Sinful, Act of God, and Little Dead Bertha

21.04 St. Petersburg
22.04 Moscow
23.04 Orel
24.04 Lipetsk
25.04 Rostov by Don
26.04 Krasnodar
27.04 Stavropol
28.04 Volgograd
29.04 Kursk

Featuring HATE, Crionics, Naumachia, and Devilish Impressions More...

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Crionics Outline Plans For 2008

Polish metallers CRIONICS have issued the following update:

"After a short, month[-long] break we already can present you tentative plans for 2008. In the beginning of April, CRIONICS will play about 10 concerts in Russia as headliner. It will be during sixth edition of 'Metal Spirit Resurrection Tour'. After return from Russia, just after a while band is going on next, already third blasphemous 'Rebel Angels Tour'. Because of delayed release date of 'Neuthrone', first part of 'Rebel' was before new material was introduced to Polish maniax, so this time, our set will include mainly songs from last album, and as usual we will prepare interesting cover song also. Afterwards, CRIONICS is going to the East again, this time to headline in Belarus and Ukraine. Last gigs before holidays are going to be during Balkan tour, which is planned with three other bands, we'll give all details soon. We won't take a rest during this summer again, we're planning to perform on some festivals in Europe, we'll give the dates shortly. Working on new album has been started, so finishing of 'Neuthrone's follower is also predicted on holidays as well. For the first time we want to make album's preproduction also. First plans for autumn will be long promised, pretty long European tour during which we also are going to visit i.a. Germany, Holland, France, UK, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland."

CRIONICS' latest album, "NeuThrone", was released in July via Candlelight Records. The recording session took place at Zed Studio in Olkusz, Poland with the very talented Tomasz Zalewski, who recorded the most recent albums by THY DISEASE, TOTEM, and HORRORSCOPE, among many others. The follow-up to 2005's "Armageddon's Evolution" contains 10 compositions and one bonus track. The cover and layout art was done by Michal "Czecza" Czekaj (not Jacek Wisniewski, as was the case in the past).

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Crionics Recovering From Decapitated Bus Crash

Members of the Polish band CRIONICS — who were sharing a tour bus with DECAPITATED when they were involved in a road collision that claimed the life the life of their friend, DECAPITATED drummer Witold "Vitek" Kieltyka — sustained broken bones and lacerations in the accident that took place three days ago near Gomel, on the Russia/Belarus border. CRIONICS vocalist/guitarist War-an said via e-mail earlier today (Friday, November 2), "our drummer has a broken jaw, our keyboard player injuries to his wrist and I'm suffering from rib injuries. Covan [vocals] from DECAPITATED is better as of today but is still in serious condition."

CRIONICS' latest album, "NeuThrone", was released in July via Candlelight Records. The recording session took place at Zed Studio in Olkusz, Poland with the very talented Tomasz Zalewski, who recorded the most recent albums by THY DISEASE, TOTEM, and HORRORSCOPE, among many others. The follow-up to 2005's "Armageddon's Evolution" contains 10 compositions and one bonus track. The cover and layout art was done by Michal "Czecza" Czekaj (not Jacek Wisniewski, as was the case in the past).

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Decapitated, Crionics Members Injured In Bus Crash

Russia's Darkside webzine has informed BLABBERMOUTH.NET that several members of the Polish extreme metal acts DECAPITATED and CRIONICS were badly injured in a bus crash which took place when the two bands were traveling to Gomel, Belarus (located in the former Soviet Union) to perform a concert Monday night (October 29) as part of their joint tour. Two members of DECAPITATED are reportedly in intensive care at a local hospital while the bus itself is said to be "beyond repair." More information will be made available soon.

DECAPITATED issued a limited-edition version of their classic debut "Winds of Creation" on October 8 featuring a bonus DVD containing a full live show filmed in Nottingham on December 20, 2004 with original vocalist Sauron.

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Crionics "New Pantheon" Track, Tour Dates Online

Candlelight Records recently distributed the following press release:

"Blasting beats of Morbid Angel, mighty riffs of Dimmu Borgir – Crionics are ready to tear your flesh piece by piece with their chaotic and dangerous music. An outstanding Black / Death Metal release that should be part of any good collection. Check out the track 'New Panthoen' from the outstanding album 'Neuthrone' here.

Northern Assassination Tour 2007
Crionics + Krisiun + Rotting Christ + Incantation

07 - (UKR) - Red Alert Open Air (Metal Heads' Mission Fest.)
31 - (LI) Vilnus Mulen Ruzas
01 - (LT) Riga Melna Piektdiena
02 - (ES) Tallin Nomme Cult
04 - (FI) IN Turku Klubi
05 - (FI) Helsinki Nosturi
06 - (FI) Kuopio Henry's Pub
07 - (FI) Oulu tba
08 - (SE) Umea Midnight
09 - (NO) Trondheim @ Zone/Blaest
10 - (NO) Oslo @ Maiden
11 - (SE) Goteborg @ Belsepub
12 - (D) Kiel @ Pumpe
13 - (D) Hannover @ Headbanger Ballroom
14 - (D) Berlin @ K177

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Incantation Discusses South American Tour Issues

Incantation's John McEntee releases a strong statement about Cathedral Rock Productions in regards to the Sourth American tour issues:

“There were many problems working with Cathedral Rock Productions. I would like to let everyone in the metal community know that he is a real con-artist and after talking to many bands and promoters that have worked with him we all agree the conclusion is he is a all around a rip-off that does not care about the bands, fans or anything else except how much money he can scam from everyone.”

John continues, “Even with the major problems and financial loss that Cathedral Rock Productions had plagued on us, we still made the best of the tour and have worked with many great people. We also want to thank all the Incantation supporters that have came out to the shows along with everyone that have helped us make the best of our problems with Cathedral Rock Productions."

INCANTATION would like all metal fans to read John's whole statement, as well as a detailed account from Tour Manager Roberto Lizarraga, on their website.

INCANTATION have no intention of letting this incident affect their loyalty to fans as they are currently preparing for the upcoming European and Mexico tours. See the tour dates below: More...

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Incantation Plan European, Russian Tour w/ Krisiun

Promoting their latest release "Primordial Domination," INCANTATION will hit the pavement and recharge the European fiends.

"We are proud to once again share the stage with Krisiun & Rotting Christ. This tour will hit numerous countries that we have never preformed at before. We are looking forward to some killer shows. I'm sure with this strong line up it will kick ass." said mainman John McEntee.

INCANTATION tour dates with Krisiun, Rotting Christ and Crionics:
31.08.07 LIT Vilnus @ Mulen Ruzas
01.09.07 LAT Riga @ Melna Piektdiena
02.09.07 EST Tallin @ Nomme Cult
03.09.07 FIN Tampere @ Hella
04.09.07 FIN Turku @ Klubi
05.09.07 FIN Helsinki @ Nosturi
06.09.07 FIN Kuopio @ Henry's Pub
07.09.07 FIN Oulu @ tba
08.09.07 SWE Umea @ Midnight
09.09.07 NOR Trondheim @ Zone/Blaest
10.09.07 NOR Oslo @ Maiden
11.09.07 SWE Goteborg @ Belsepub
12.09.07 GER Kiel @ Pumpe
13.09.07 GER Hannover @ Headbanger Ballroom
14.09.07 GER Berlin @ K17

Much overdue, INCANTATION will play for the fans in Russia for their very first time. Additionally, Vader will be added to the roster or brutality.

INCANTATION tour dates with Vader, Rotting Christ and Krisiun:
16.09 (RUS) St-Petersburg @ Orlandina
18.09 (RUS) Ufa @ Ogni Ufy
19.09 (RUS) Ekaterinburg tba
20.09 (RUS) Magnitogorsk @ DK Ordzhonikidze
21.09 (RUS) Samara @ Strokovski Park
22.09 (RUS)Moscow @ Tochka
23.09 (BY) tba

Finally INCANTATION will round out the touring schedule pleasing their loyal Mexican fans with dates in Monterrey and Mexico City.

"It's great to return to Mexico again, you guys are always great. We look forward to a kick ass few nights of killer Death Metal. We will be playing along side long time friends in Grave, Dismember and Sinister and Mexico City will also have Denial (great old school death metal with Oscar of the legendary Cenotaph)" John said.

INCANTATION Mexican Tour Dates :
August 17th.- Monterrey, Mexico @ "Ibex Rock Bar"
August 18th.- Mexico City, Mexico @ "Circo Volador" ( at the "Heavy Metal Circus Expo")

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Crionics Finalizes Track Listing For "NeuThrone"

Poland's CRIONICS has finalized the track listing for its new album, "NeuThrone", due this spring via Candlelight Records. The recording session took place at Zed Studio in Olkusz, Poland with the very talented Tomasz Zalewski, who recorded the most recent albums by Thy Disease, Totem, and Horrorscope among many others. The follow-up to 2005's "Armageddon's Evolution" will contain 10 compositions and one bonus track of material that the band describes as "deep and convincing!" The cover and layout art was done by Michal "Czecza" Czekaj (not Jacek Wisniewski, as was the case in the past).

Here is the "NeuThrone" track listing:

01. New Pantheon
02. Arrival 2033
03. Neu.Throne.Aeon
04. Superiors
05. Hell Earth
06. Humanmeat Cargo
07. Outer Empire
08. Frozen Hope
09. When The Sun Goes Out...
10. Black Warriors (bonus track) *

* re-recording of 1998 demo track

Crionics will also be playing some tour dates with With Hate, Darzamat, Sammath Naur:

May 18 - (PL) Zabrze, Ck-Wiatrak
May 19 - (PL) Kraków, Loch Ness
May 20 - (PL) Rzeszów, Rejs
May 21 - (PL) Lublin, Graffiti
May 22 - (PL) Bialystok, Gwint
May 23 - (PL) Warszawa, Progresja
May 24 - (PL) Lódz, Musicgarden
May 25 - (PL) Bydgoszcz, Route 66
May 26 - (PL) Poznan, U Bazyla
May 27 - (PL) Wroclaw, Madness

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Crionics Annonce Shows To Promote New Album

Crionics have announced gigs to promotes the band’s new album, titled ”Neuthrone”. In May Crionics will participate in the "Rebel Angels Tour” and play in the ten biggest Polish cities. Supporting are Hate, Darzamat and Sammath Naur.


June 18 - (PL) Zabrze, Ck-Wiatrak
June 19 - (PL) Kraków, Loch Ness
June 20 - (PL) Rzeszów, Rejs
June 21 - (PL) Lublin, Graffiti
June 22 - (PL) Bialystok, Gwint
June 23 - (PL) Warszawa, Progresja
June 24 - (PL) Lódz, Musicgarden
June 25 - (PL) Bydgoszcz, Route 66
June 26 - (PL) Poznan, U Bazyla
June 27 - (PL) Wroclaw, Madness

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