"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2005
From: Trenton, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Centralia began in lovely Trenton, NJ during February of 2005, with the meeting of the original three members - Ken Scholl (Guitars), Lou Martofel (Bass) and Joe Simon (Vocals). Ken and Joe knew each other from their former band, Increate, and Lou had talked to Joe .. about forming a band after placing an ad. During this time, most of the writing was done to a drum machine, until both Joe and Ken decided to ask their former drummer, Matt Cook, if he’d be interested in playing again. Needless to say, Matt joined the band, and thus, the first incarnation of Centralia was born.

One of the caveats that everyone agreed upon once forming the band was that “whatever direction the band takes us, that’s where we’ll go”. This is the driving force behind us, and defines our sound. Sadly, though, because of that caveat, Centralia ended up going in a direction that had no future for Joe. So, Joe and Centralia amicably parted ways.

That brought us to the search for a new singer. Matt had known Mark Monette from another band that they had played in together, and suggested that he try out. Needless to say, Mark was the cog that made the whole machine work the way the rest of Centralia envisioned.

In March of 2006, after playing numerous shows and building a fan base, Centralia self-released their first EP - “The Burning Hell Below” - a five track CD produced and engineered by Adam Shane of the Black Label Studio. With well written soundscapes, and deep lyrics that delve further than your average metal lyric sheet, “The Burning Hell Below” is a high watermark for Centralia, which they look forward to topping.

With a strong potential for growth, prolific past performances throughout the Northeast, and an ever increasing fan base, Centralia looks to the future with faith that their strong work ethic and musical prowess will help them transcend different genres and attract popularity amongst the masses, whilst remaining true to their roots.

Latest Centralia News

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Centralia Announces "Grimoire" Release

Specializing in raw and abrasive metal, New Jersey’s Centralia is set to remind the world that black metal isn’t cool, it isn’t fashionable, and it sure as hell isn’t pretty.

The band's vile, blasphemous debut offering “Grimoire” will probably disgust any decent human being, and now the title track can be heard below. The following press release was also issued about the album:

"If you’re looking for safe, easy metal to join some other meatheads in the pit for a karate match, just avoid this album, you wouldn’t understand it and it wouldn’t want to sit on a shelf next to your shitty CDs, but if you like your metal unrefined, ugly, skin crawling and uncompromising then Centralia’s 'Grimoire' is for you. Coming to you November 1st 2013 on Born of Chaos Records and available worldwide through most retailers, 'Grimoire' is going to delight or disgust you and either way, it’s done it’s job."

The track listing is as follows:

1. Grimoire
2. Heed the Witches Call
3. Flowers
4. Slaughter in Paradise
5. Harbinger of Death
6. Fuck You in Hell
7. Hell on Earth
8. Blasphemer (Sodom Cover) More...

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Centralia Post Two Live Videos, Give Update

Trenton metal bashers Centralia posted some live videos from a show in Philadelphia, and gave an update on the recording situation via their myspace blog:

So the summer is gone huh?

Well it has been a productive one for us over here in Centralia. We have been writing all summer and are inching closer to having enough new shit to put together an album.

After a 3 month hibernation from playing we were asked by our good friends in Spur if we would hit up good ol Whiskey Dix in Philly with them. We obliged and those that made it out were treated to 2 new songs!! Our wonderful and hard-working friend Drew was nice enough to take the trip with us and film the whole set. He was then nice enough to put them up on YouTube. Please excuse the subpar sound, but the videos had to be compressed to fit on YouTube therfore sacrificing audio and video quality. The actual uncompressed video of the entire set is planning to be released as part of a future DVD.

Enjoy and we are back in playing mode so we will be seeing you all REAL soon!

To view the videos, click here.

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Centralia Issue Update

Centralia posted the following updates on their myspace blog.

Hey Whats Up All? Long Time No Post!

Well there are some things to report from over here in Camp Centralia! First And Foremost:

We Would Like Too Announce A New Addition To Our Family. After Much Searching And Almost Giving Up, We Have Finally Found Our Second Guitarist!! We Would Like To Welcome JOE To Centralia. He Is An Amazing Guitarst And We Couldnt Be More Thrilled To Have Him With Us. He And Ken Have Been Working Together On Hammering Out The Old Songs And They Are Complimenting Each Other Amazingly!! Look Out Folks, Things Have Just Jumped Up A Notch!! Come On Out To The Shows As Joe Will Be Joining Us On Stage Very Soon!!!


We Have Been In Writing Mode For Some Time Now And Are Going To Be Looking To Record Hopefully A Full Length Real Soon! We Have Two New Ones Completely Written And Will Be Playing Those Live In The Coming Shows, Many More Partial Things Written, Tons Of Ideas, And We Will Be ReRecording Two Of The Songs Off Of "The Burning Hell Below" EP...What Do You Think Those Two Should Be??

Stay Tuned Guys, Big Things [an album!] Are Going Down For Us!! We Have A Bunch Of Shows Lined Up Including May 25th With MENSREA!

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Centralia Guitarist Endorsed by Halo Guitars

Trenton, NJ metal outfit Centralia posted the following message on their myspace blog:

Greetings Everyone,

All of us in the Centralia camp would like to extend a much deserved congratulations to Lou on his recent signing of an endoresement deal with Halo Guitars!!! Lou works his ass off both on and off the stage and no one deserves an endoresment more than he does!! So come on out to the shows to see Lou proudly playing and representing Halo Guitars!!

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