"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2005
From: Trenton, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Centralia began in lovely Trenton, NJ during February of 2005, with the meeting of the original three members - Ken Scholl (Guitars), Lou Martofel (Bass) and Joe Simon (Vocals). Ken and Joe knew each other from their former band, Increate, and Lou had talked to Joe .. about forming a band after placing an ad. During this time, most of the writing was done to a drum machine, until both Joe and Ken decided to ask their former drummer, Matt Cook, if he’d be interested in playing again. Needless to say, Matt joined the band, and thus, the first incarnation of Centralia was born.

One of the caveats that everyone agreed upon once forming the band was that “whatever direction the band takes us, that’s where we’ll go”. This is the driving force behind us, and defines our sound. Sadly, though, because of that caveat, Centralia ended up going in a direction that had no future for Joe. So, Joe and Centralia amicably parted ways.

That brought us to the search for a new singer. Matt had known Mark Monette from another band that they had played in together, and suggested that he try out. Needless to say, Mark was the cog that made the whole machine work the way the rest of Centralia envisioned.

In March of 2006, after playing numerous shows and building a fan base, Centralia self-released their first EP - “The Burning Hell Below” - a five track CD produced and engineered by Adam Shane of the Black Label Studio. With well written soundscapes, and deep lyrics that delve further than your average metal lyric sheet, “The Burning Hell Below” is a high watermark for Centralia, which they look forward to topping.

With a strong potential for growth, prolific past performances throughout the Northeast, and an ever increasing fan base, Centralia looks to the future with faith that their strong work ethic and musical prowess will help them transcend different genres and attract popularity amongst the masses, whilst remaining true to their roots.

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