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Psychostick Posts FF7 Parodies

Vocalist Rawrb from the ever-amazing comedy metal band Psychostick decided to create some parodies of something other than music, venturing into the world of old school RPGs.

The band comments: "Rawrb is a stupid nerd who drew a stupid thing that is related to Final Fantasy VII. Let's beat him up and take his FRESH PRINTS! HAR HAR"

Check out a few humorous takes on Aeris, Cait-Sith, Cloud, and a truly amazing Sephiroth one the fans will instantly understand. More...

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The Best Heavy Metal Christmas Songs

It's a yearly tradition for metal bands, sometimes of the very extreme death/black variety, to pull out a few tongue-in-cheek Christmas covers around this time.

While most are just jokes or aren't pulled off with much effort, there have been a handful of legitimately awesome heavy metal Christmas albums released, and we're going to show you the ones worth hearing.

If you've got a significant other or family member who insists on Christmas music this time of year, these are the albums you want to pull out to really give them a shock!

Death Metal Christmas - "Hellish Renditions Of Christmas Classics"

Back in 2013, Hate Eternal bass maverick J.J. Hrubovcak released a twistedly unholy rendition of some of the seasons darkest hymns. The EP as a whole is a bit hit or miss, but that death metal rendition of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" is absolutely killer. For all the hype this got at the time, it's a shame there's never been a follow-up release.

August Burns Red - "Sleddin' Hill"

While I'm not a huge August Burns Red fan personally, this Christmas album is absolutely phenomenal, and filled to the brim with metallic recreations of classic holiday tunes along with some originals. It's also instrumental, which is a plus, as the instrumentation here is top-notch and the band puts a heavy spin on these songs to a much better degree than many heavy metal Christmas albums that came before.


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Psychostick Asks: Are Boobs Advertiser Friendly?

For those not in the loop on the YouTube situation, the site has started banning certain videos from being monetized with ads for not being "advertiser friendly" over a variety of reasons, from violence to near-nudity.

While debate rages on as to how this "non-advertiser friendly" tag seems to be disproportionately applied only to smaller YouTube channels and not to the biggest ones, our favorite comedy metal group Psychostick ran afoul of the practice with the "Because Boobs" video. The band comments:

"Because Boobs isn't very advertiser friendly, so YouTube says it shouldn't be monetized. Advertisers never use boobs to sell things. Just ask Carl's JR. ...or Hardee's depending on your location. #MeatEmbrace This is a parody video, we're aware of YT's guidelines reguarding tags, etc and accept the decree of our internet overlords."

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Psychostick Is So Heavy

Psychostick just unleashed "So. Heavy." - the band's heaviest of heavy videos ever with the most intense cookie cutter vocals to burst your ear drums!

Don't forget to tea bag the stage during the break down while listening in below.

"'So. Heavy.' is a favorite from our latest album in all it's over-downtuned glory," says guitarist Josh 'The J' Key. "We felt it was a worthy video to launch our Patreon, which has been going very well. If you want to help us make more ridiculous videos like we have been, then please support us on Patreon!"

Psychostick's Patreon campaign allows fans to make pledges to the band to produce videos more frequently plus give exclusives and behind-the-scenes access to everything they're working on, as well as supporting the DIY band and their video production group.

In additional news, Psychostick is returning for a second U.K. tour and brining along the legendary Green Jellÿ from September 13th to October 1st. Dates are available here. More...

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Psychostick Announces Tour With Green Jelly

The demands from fans have been met: Psychostick is returning to the U.K. bringing the legendary Green Jellÿ for the PsychoJellÿ tour.

With hilarious lyrics, heavy riffs, notorious stage antics and high-energy performances, this tour just got bigger.

While Psychostick's 2015 Ugly Americans tour was only 9 dates, the guys have stretched the jelly, with this 2016 trek extending from September 13th to October 1st to satisfy the hunger and bring more of "Beer," "Obey The Beard," "Dogs Like Socks," "Bruce Campbell" and more.

Plus fans can also anticipate a new music video for the track "So Heavy" arriving next week, so stay tuned.

Guitarist Josh "The J" Key comments: "Our first tour over in the UK was genuinely a dream come true. Now that we're going back, I want that dream to come EXTRA true. I want to see all my new friends again, and have a cheese and onion toasty." More...

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Urizen Joining Psychostick / Nekrogolibkon On Tour

Urizen just checked in with this update about hitting the road in April for a new North American trek:

"We are extremely excited to announce that we will be joining the one-and-only Nekrogoblikon and our old pals Psychostick for a North American tour of truly epic proportions!

"This jaunt is taking us to previously unexplored territory, with shows in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and even Canada! This is such an awesome opportunity for us to meet more of our awesome friends across North America, and to spend every night rocking out with two such incredible bands!" More...

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Psychostick Posts "Megaman" Video

The video game nerds known from Psychostick just posted their new music video "Megaman," a tribute track to one of the greatest classics and it's all written to a parody of Heart's "Magic Man."

Check it out below and find your old school game consoles to pull out this weekend! Psychostick is also offering a free download of the track at Bandcamp here. See the band live with Soil:

Dec 10 - Cudahy, WI (Milwaukee) - The Metal Grill
Dec 11 - Ringle, WI - Q & Z Expo Center
Dec 12 - Spring Lake Park, MN (Minneapolis) - POV's 65

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Psychostick Announces Shows With Soil

It's been quite a busy 2015 for the champions of comedy metal - Psychostick - touring North America and the U.K/ in support of latest album "IV: Revenge of The Vengeance" (reviewed here).

As the this year comes to an end, the band has announced new December dates with SOIL. These shows will follow the final U.S. leg of the "Ugly Americans" tour running through the end of October. Upcoming dates are as follows:

Dec 10 - Cudahy, WI (Milwaukee) - The Metal Grill
Dec 11 - Ringle, WI - Q & Z Expo Center
Dec 12 - Spring Lake Park, MN (Minneapolis) - POV's 65 More...

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Psychostick Posts U.K. Tour Video

Coming off the U.K. leg of "The Ugly Americans" tour with Dog Fashion Disco (which will continue its U.S. leg this October), the champions of the comedy metal universe from Psychostick have posted behind the scenes video from the tour stop in London earlier this month.

The "Ugly Americans Tour" is in support of Psychostick's latest album "IV: Revenge of The Vengeance" (reviewed here), released last November on Rock Ridge Music.

The album features 21 tracks of pure rock comedy genius with titles such as "Obey The Beard," "Dogs Like Socks," "Quack Kills" (a song about Anatidaephobia: The fear of being watched by a duck), "Bruce Campbell" (a tribute to the 21st century's most beloved action hero) and more. More...

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Psychostick Extends Tour With U.S. Dates

Slated to wrap up the U.K. leg of "The Ugly Americans" tour next week, Psychostick now confirms the tour is returning to the U.S. with Dog Fashion Disco in October. Full upcoming tour dates are available below.

These U.S. and U.K. treks are in support of latest album "IV: Revenge of The Vengeance" released last November on Rock Ridge Music.

"Revenge of The Vengeance" is available on iTunes, all major online retailers plus the band's online store here. If you missed it, check out the band's latest music video all about Bruce Campbell right here. More...

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Asher Media Offers 32 Track Compilation For Free

With the future leaders of the world going back to their educational institutions, Asher Media Relations is proud to offer a new FREE download compilation of artists the company has worked with this year.

The "Back To School Vol. 1" sampler features over 30 tracks to prep students for a deafening mosh to make those class rooms of higher learning just a bit more bearable! Enjoy the headbanging tunes below, or download your own copy at this location. More...

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Psychostick Meets Bruce Campbell

You already know that Psychostick is obsessed with Bruce Campbell to a dangerous, stalker-ish degree.

After releasing a music video declaring the band's love for the god-king of B horror movies, Psychostick headed on over to the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago this past weekend and filmed some adventures there - including meeting the man, the legend, the almighty Bruce Campbell.

Footage from the true fan boy moment (with obviously the best narration ever) can be seen below.

In additional news, Psychostick wrapped up "The Evil Dumb" tour presented by Bluebeards Original and will now be heading to the U.K. with Dog Fashion Disco for the band's first ever overseas shows on "The Ugly Americans Tour." More...

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Psychostick Loves Bruce Campbell

Get your BOOMSTICK!!! America's favorite comedy headbangers from Psychostick have posted a music video in homage to the man, the legend, Mr. Bruce Campbell.

Plus it's just in time as promos are dropping for the Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series coming soon. Check out the new clip below, taken off latest album "IV: Revenge of the Vengeance" (reviewed here).

In other hilarious news, Psychostick recently covered the Bill Nye The Science Guy theme song, officially entered the danger zone, and went into the studio with Bill Manspeaker. More...

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Psychostick Covers Bill Nye Theme Song

Can ya blame the guys from Psychostick for getting a bit creative when they got time on their hands and a full studio at the helm before tour?

Just like with Reading Rainbow before, the comedy metal outfit has a new cover track of a favorite childhood TV theme song. Get excited for science below.

Psychostick is also gearing up for a tour, with the band commenting: "Like Bruce Campbell fending off the Deadites, we have to load our van up like a boomstick and unleash jagged, chunky musical shards of METAL upon the country with Wolfborne. We're even headin' up to Canada this time! First they'll wanna kill us, then they'll wanna kiss us." More...

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Psychostick Touring With Wolfborne

When evil comes together with dumb what can possibly go wrong? Tom Cruise showing up for a cameo in a "Danger Zone" video? Maybe a flying taco being chased by dogs who love socks?

What you really get is Bluebeards Original presenting the comedy masterminds of Psychostick and the howling sounds of Wolfborne hitting the road for dates across the U.S. of fucking A. this July and August plus two dates in Oh Canada.

Psychostick's Rob Kersey comments: "Like Bruce Campbell fending off the Deadites, we have to load our van up like a boomstick and unleash jagged, chunky musical shards of METAL upon the country with Wolfborne. We're even headin' up to Canada this time! First they'll wanna kill us, then they'll wanna kiss us." More...

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Psychostick Headed To Dirt Fest, Posts Lyric Video

Psychostick will be performing at this year's 2015 edition of Dirt Fest in Birch Run, MI, which includes a line up with Down, Pop Evil, Coal Chamber, Kotton Mouth Kings, Fear Factory, Mushroom Head and more! For full info, visit this location.

"This is our fifth year playing the mighty Dirt Fest. As with ever year, we're doing our part to raise awareness of dirt shortages and encourage others to conserve dirt usage in their day-to-day lives," comments guitarist Josh 'The J' Key.

In additional news, the band is wrapping up the "Revenge of The Vengeance Part 2 Tour" this week (remaining dates listed below) and has posted a lyric video for "Blue Screen" online.

5-14-15 Westland, MI @ Token Lounge
5-15-15 Lansing, MI @ The Loft
5-16-15 Rockford, IL @ Take 20
5-17-15 Burlington, IA @ Burlington Memorial Auditorium More...

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All About The Rock Releases Free Compilation

All About The Rock has compiled an awesome free download featuring Psychostick, Mutank, Arrival of Autumn, Witch of The Waste, and more.

Grab your copy of "Destroying The Moshpit" at this location or stream all the songs below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Bro Jovi - The Heist 01:58
2. Arkiva - Final Solace 03:54
3. Nothgard - Age of Pandora 04:58
4. Arrival of Autumn - Shadows 04:10
5. Black Tower - Death March 04:15
6. Cyrence - The Hospital 06:47
7. OMV - As Heavy as the Sky 03:32
8. Halo Creation - Through the Looking Glass 05:10
9. Mutank - Corporate Child 02:35
10. Pravitas - Queen Nothing 04:00
11. Premortal Breath - Fuck My Brain 05:40
12. Psychostick - So Heavy 04:48
13. Witch of the Waste - I Bet You're Wondering What I'm Doing With This Here Gas Can 03:52
14. Vintage Warlords - The Invisible Foe 06:40
15. Dead Earth Politics - Men Become Gods 05:15
16. My Wooden Pillow - The Line 04:10
17. Cave of Swimmers - The Prince of the Power of the Air 06:36
18. Moodhoover - Drop Jesus 06:32
19. The Kahless Clone - Everything You See is Gone 05:54 More...

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Just For Fun

Should You Start A National Touring Band?

Thinking of starting a touring band? Psychostick has created a handy flowchart to let you know if that's a good idea. Check it out below.

You can also follow vocalist Rawrb's web comic series by heading over to the band's website here.

Pyschostick is out now with new album "IV: Revenge Of The Vengeance" (reviewed here). More...

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Psychostick Entering The "Danger Zone"

The kings of comedy metal from Psychostick are entering the "Danger Zone" with their new video tribute to Kenny Loggins' hit song for that Top Gun movie with that guy named Tom Cruise.

Vocalist Rawrb comments: "We tried to get Michael Bay to direct our new music video, but we don't have his phone number or anything so our usual video guy Patrick R Murphy made it. It has jets and lasers and explosions and a giant woman-monster smashing stuff. Just like the Tom Cruise classic Days of Thunder!"

You can enter the "Danger Zone" below. Be sure to also check out the band's ode to Bruce Campbell over here or see how the Grammy-worthy "NSFW" track came together at this location. More...

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Psychostick Releases Comic Series

Did ya know that Rawrb from Psychostick writes his own comics? Well check out his latest creation "Fusion" at the band's website here along with a whole lot more.

In additional news, the laugh masters from Pyschostick are hitting the road for their second U.S. tour (dates listed below) in support of latest album "Revenge of The Vengeance" (reviewed here).

The band comments: "Finally getting to play these new songs live for our fans is better than taking a bite out of a juicy double bacon cheeseburger after having sex on a jet ski on a lake of beer." More...

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