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From: CA, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped

Latest Ritual News

Below is our complete Ritual news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Ritual Premiere New Song "Abandoned Forgotten"

L.A.-based black metal band Ritual premiere a new song called "Abandoned Forgotten", taken from their upcoming new album "Epic Sagas", which is set for release on July 7.

Check out now "Abandoned Forgotten" below.

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New Heaven And Hell Sampler Available

A new Heaven and Hell sampler titled "Over the Top" is now available for download courtesy of the label at this location. Below is the listing of the 21 tracks from each of the artists on the label, plus you get a sneak peek at their upcoming releases.

1.Dark Design- No Death
2.Witches Mark- Cauldron Boron
3.The Reticent- Enemy
4.False Prophet- Holy Deception
5.Eugenic Death- Medication Time
6.Dogbane- Fire and Brimstone
7.Overlorde S.R.- Keeper of the Flame
8.Blacksmith- The Beast
9.Ancient Creation- Apocalypse
10.Seventh Calling- Paid in Blood
11.M-16- Shot Down
12.Demontuary- Days of Infernal Insanity
13.Hellrazor- Darker Days
14.Ritual- Dark Star
15.Praetorius- Pirates of the West
16.Core Device- Trail the Vein
17.Overlord- White Witch
18.Twisted Tower Dire- A Dangerous Meeting
19.Thunderstick- Afraid of the Dark
20.Natu Sabverata- Godless State of Mind
21.ESP- Take ‘em Alive

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Ritual Releasing New Album

After a twelve year hiatus, California's Ritual will finally release it's fourth album, which will be aptly titled "The Resurrection," on Funeral Rain Records. The album will contain the following eleven tracks, and the band is streaming the track "Drowing Into the Sea" below.

A Funeral For My Heart
The Resurrection
A Perfect Moonlit Night
Executioner Of The Elder Gods
This Means War
Drowning Into The Sea
Temples Of Baphomet's Sons
Winter Of My Discontent
Blinded By Hatred
March Of The Damned More...

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Ritual Announces New Lineup

California black metal act Ritual has reformed after many years on hiatus and announced a new lineup. the band is currently finishing up a new album called "The Resurrection" due out late August. Samples of the new album can be heard on their MySpace page.

The new lineup is as follows:

Ian Fleming - vocals/guitar
Matthew Roxx - guitar
Zereth - Bass
Camazotz - drums

Ritual was signed to Wild Rags back in the 90's, and released three albums: "The Summoning" 1995, "Demonic Winter Metal" 1996, "Soldiers Under Satan's Command" 1998.

The band planned to split once again after a recent split release.

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Ritual Calling It Quits

California black metal act Ritual, which had a mini-battle online with Metal Sanaz due to comments during an interview with us, has issued the following update about calling it quits after taking part in an upcoming split release:

"Split release will be last ever Ritual recording. 2 split releases are being finalized which most likely be the last ever release by the band. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control and increasing interest in exploring other styles of music I have decided to call it quits. Re-releases have been planned for some time but have moved at an extremely slow pace. Please do not pay any download site money for purchase of our material wait for the real thing.

"Ritual has never been part of any Southern California brotherhood, or a buddy band. I have always been a lone wolf, fought my own battles with very few allies. Hail Ernesto, Patrick, Jase & Mike, Scott, Emperor Dragoro, and a few others. Fuck the rest. Look for a new genre creation that will be just as dark but something new. Unexplored Depths Of Hell will be the last release."

Ritual's music can still be heard through the band's MySpace page.

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Ritual Issues Band Update

California black metallers Ritual have issued the following update about delaying the release of new material due to a label dispute:

"Some of you have been asking what is the status of the new record so here it is. A so-called kvlt European label had wanted to reissue an old release and possible new stuff but due to whining and general lagging I've been forced to put things on hold once again. The general pussy attitude of underground labels is disgusting as an artist who gave one year of his freedom to fight the War On Christianity that seems to only exist in lyrical content.

"Self release is not an option as I won't work 8 hours a day for a slaves salary. If the word slave bothers you, fuck off I'm not John Mayer and you wont get an apology from me. Till then nothing will happen."

In a July 2009 interview with Metalunderground, Ritual bassist Robert Nusslein discussed his year long incarceration due to his involvement in vandalizing a church.

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Ritual Comments On Metalunderground Interview

In a recent interview with Metalunderground, bassist Robert Nusslein of black metal band Ritual mentioned online personality Metal Sanaz. Ritual has now issued the following statement about that portion of the interview:

"Metal Sanaz vs Ritual

"I did an interview with http://www.metalunderground.com/ and somehow she got wind of it and has been messaging me silly comments about how I must be in love with her to show her so much attention.

"This is my thought on the matter. Apparently some people believe that Underground Metal bands are living the Rockstar life and can be made money off of so they send this succubus in to suck whatever blood she can off them destroying whatever credibility they have in the process. Some of these guys may be drunk enough to believe she will sleep with them if they give her the time of day.

"Ritual exists for the true underground Black Metal diehards who remember when these people wouldn't even look at a band like Gorgoroth or Mayhem. Now all of the sudden these bands are everybodies favorites and you can expect intelligent questions like 'How much groupie action have you been getting on this tour' instead of questions about your art, beliefs.

"Support all true fanzines, record labels, and bands that don't compromise their dignity for mainstream exposure. Cheers"

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