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Below is our complete Periphery news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Periphery Share 10 Min Writing Session Sneak Peek

Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor has posted a collection of short video clips from the group's writing sessions their new album. The band recently have parted ways with Sumerian Records and will be self releasing the new effort.

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Periphery’s Mansoor Doesn't Care Much About Money

Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor has reacted to the recent comments made by Sumerian Records CEO Ash Avildsen. As reported yesterday Avildsen described his complicated relationship with the group and his frustrations with their career decisions on ‘The Jasta Show‘.

Misha Mansoor has stated earlier that he “makes no money from the band.” Ash Avildsen also revealed on ‘The Jasta Show‘ that Periphery has split with Sumerian Records and will be releasing their next effort independently.

Says Mansoor via Facebook:

“It’s pretty simple: We want Periphery to be a fun passion project and creative outlet. We don’t really care about being a massive band or making crazy money with the music, and that has been our approach since day one.

Ash is a businessman, and wants his bands to be financially successful. Sometimes that means our interests are at odds, and contractually we had set things up to be in our favor so we couldn’t be forced to make decisions we didn’t want to. With that said, and even in Ash‘s own words in the interview, when he came to us with good ideas, we definitely listened!

Ultimately we had a good run with them [Sumerian Records,] and I’m grateful for our time on the label, but we have wanted to try starting our own label for a while now, and we finally have the means to do so!”

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Periphery Apparently Split w/ Sumerian Records

Periphery's guitarist Misha Mansoor recently made waves with his statement that the band generally only break even and that he “makes no money from the band”. Ash Avildsen, owner of the Periphery's label home Sumerian Records, recently had a lot to argue about that and his relationship with the group over the years.

Talking on a new episode of Hatebreed, etc. frontman Jamey Jasta‘s ‘The Jasta Show‘ (streaming below,) Sumerian Records CEO Ash Avildsen debates his issues with Periphery, while also revealing that the band plan to self-release their next effort. Below’s what Avildsen had to tell:

“Avildsen: Periphery specifically they’re incredibly talented and I love the band to death and we’ve had great success together but they are their own worst enemy. They get in their own way.”

Jasta: “Are they spending too much?”

Avildsen: No, it’s the too ‘precious’ thing. That band, they have a song called ‘Jet Packs Was Yes‘ which is a hop-skip and a jump away from being a massive hit….I would talk to Misha about this and I would go “Dude your band should be so big. I know you can get the kid in the front row that is air guitaring that knows the riffs in and out.

They know the drum kit from hell that you’re using they know every little spec but how do you get the guy that’s in the back of the arena that’s got the nosebleeds seat to still feel that connection from your music when you’re on stage”. Dude we went through this–they were doing the Deftones tour and I was like “Guys this is a mainstream tour. You need to play ‘Jet Packs Was Yes’. You gotta connect with these people” and they didn’t want to do it.

I finally convinced them to do it and they’re like “oh man this song is going over great” and it was like yeah, and you wrote it. It’s like these bands that get too precious for their own hits.”

Speaking of their alleged lack of income from the band, Avildsen offered:

“With Periphery, if they–Look they could tour more, there’s other things they can do to make money. I write them nice six figure checks–er, sorry I take that back, I write them “nice” checks every six months from their royalties and they make good money on the road and they reinvest in themselves and they have side hustles.

The drummer does the teacher, everyone is hustling their shit but fundamentally they need to have bigger streams and bigger ticket sales to really have the money they want to have. They could but they don’t want to go…I look at a band like Tool or A Perfect Circle. You think anyone is worried about their cred? They don’t conform to some verse-chorus plug-in play format. They are incredibly artistic, they’re incredibly creative and they still know, yeah we have some singles, right?

Periphery could be an arena band. They have the…Spencer has a voice, he can sing it, they did a great cover of Florence + The Machine, which really shows the depth of them if they did want to write songs that could get on radio and big playlists but they only write for themselves, period. Most artists will say that, “I’m just playing music for myself” and what I say to that is, you can do that at home, but then don’t worry about making that a living.”

Regarding theirupcoming decision to leave their long-time label home Sumerian Records and his feelings towards Mansoor, Avildsen says: More...

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Periphery's Guitarists Working On New Project

Periphery guitarists Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen have been recently working on material for their side project Four Seconds Ago. A number of clips from their studio takes, have been shared via Instagram below:

Workin on some #groove with @jakeperiphery @4sexago #foursecondsago

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Misha Mansoor ??:mishaperiphery (@mishaperiphery) am


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Vespera (Periphery) Premiere New Song "Paradise"

Vespera - featuring Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo - premiere a new song entitled "Paradise", taken from their upcoming full-length debut "The Thoughts That Plague You", which will be out later this year. The record was produced by Taylor Larson (Periphery, Darkest Hour).

Check out now "Paradise" below.

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SikTh Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

SikTh premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "The Future In Whose Eyes?", which will arrive in stores later today via Peaceville Records. Periphery frontman Spencer Sotelo guests on the track "Cracks Of Light".

Check out now "The Future In Whose Eyes?" in its entirety below.

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Headline News

2017 Grammy Nominees Revealed

It's Grammy Award nomination time again, which is always an odd experience for metal fans. There's only one actual metal category - Best Metal Performance - and no category for actual metal albums to win.

Best Rock Album occasionally has heavy metal releases, but usually only of the most well known bands that aren't representative of the best metal had to offer in any given year.

In a move that literally left the audience scratching their heads, earlier this year Ghost took home the Best Metal Performance for the 2016 Grammy Awards.

Today the nominees are announced for the upcoming 59th annual 2017 Grammy Awards. These songs are now in the running for Best Metal Performance:

- "Shock Me" by Baroness
- "Silvera" by Gojira
- "Rotting In Vain" by Korn
- "Dystopia" by Megadeth
- "The Price Is Wrong" by Periphery

Alright, it's prediction time: who do you think is going to win the 2017 Grammy Best Metal Performance?

Gojira's "Magma" album also managed to land in the Best Rock Album category alongside the likes of Blink-192, Weezer, and Panic! At The Disco.

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Periphery Drummer Performs Doom At Game Awards

First coffee, and now Doom, is there anything Periphery doesn't have its fingers in? Periphery's Matt Halpern joined composer Mick Gordon on stage to perform selections from the Doom 2016 video game soundtrack at this year's Game Awards - check out footage of the insane event below!

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Periphery Releasing Coffee

Periphery, which released fifth album "Periphery III: Select Difficulty" in July (reviewed here), have partnered with DC-based Vigilante Coffee Company for a special limited edition coffee, dubbed “Flatline.”

“Being the coffee junkies that we are, the band and I jumped at the opportunity to develop and release our own branded coffee with Vigilante, who kept us over-caffeinated for the Periphery III recoding sessions,” explains guitar player Mark Holcomb.

He goes on to say, “When we saw what Vigilante founder Chris Vigilante was doing and tasted the coffee they were brewing, we were floored; it was easily the best coffee I had tried in my years of living in D.C., and the band made it our go-to coffee spot. This past winter, Chris invited us into the shop for a lengthy tasting where we sampled over a dozen coffees and picked what would become 'Flatline' coffee. Aside from being excited to release such a great coffee, we’re also proud to say that a portion of the proceeds from sales of this coffee are going directly to Ecuador’s earthquake emergency relief for the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador in April 2016. “

Bags of “Flatline” coffee are available now via Periphery’s webstore. The coffee is described as featuring chocolate notes and a lasting mouthfeel. As it cools, its creaminess is almost chewy, with delicate earthy and toasty notes. More...

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Jason Richardson Debuts "Retrograde" Music Video

Ex-Chelsea Grin/Born Of Osiris guitarist Jason Richardson premieres a new mujsic video for "Retrograde", taken from his solo album "I", which is in stores now. The Word Alive drummer Luke Holland guests on the track, as does Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotelo.

Here is "Retrograde", featuring Spencer Sotelo and Luke Holland.

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Periphery Bassist To Appear On "Nail The Mix"

Nail The Mix, the online classroom for audio mixing, has announced Periphery bassist Adam 'Nolly' Getgood will join the community next month and offer an inside look at how he mixed the band's track "Prayer Position," taken from latest studio release, "Select Difficulty" (reviewed here).

Getgood will accompany Nail The Mix founders Joey Sturgis, Eyal Levi and Joel Wanasek for the monthly live mix, a mix competition with prizes courtesy of Aphex, QNA chat, and more. Starting today, all Nail The Mix subscribers will have access to real multi-tracks from Periphery's actual mix session from "Select Difficulty." For more information, and to enroll in Nail The Mix today, head over to this location.

"It's a really awesome opportunity to be involved with Nail The Mix - I wish I'd had a learning resource like this a few years ago!" stated Adam Getgood. "We're going to be mixing 'Prayer Position' together from the ground up, and I'll be showing every trick and process I use to get the Periphery sound. It's going to be fun!" More...

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Chicago Open Air Day One

I've never been to an open air music festival. Mostly since most music fests have only one or two artists who I like and try to jam as many different styles of music into one festival as possible to the point where they have no target audience anymore. Lollapalooza is perhaps the biggest offender in that regard to he point where it appeals to both everyone and nobody simultaneously. But thankfully Chicago finally got a metal festival of its own to compensate for a lot of the directionless festivals that the city is known for that have kept me at bay for so long.

Milwaukee Metalfest closed up around a decade ago so Chicago getting a heavy metal festival was (literally) music to my ears. The Rust Belt had nothing in the way of metal festivals and the only other big metal fests have been Rocklahoma, Maryland Deathfest, New England Metal and Hardcore Fest and 70,000 Tons of Metal. As somebody who doesn't live within driving distance from Oklahoma, Maryland, Massachusetts or Florida, I was incredibly excited for something to hit the Midwest as it was long overdue.

But the part that got me most excited was the potential for the future. Specifically a future where artists who only do festivals and mini-tours can finally hit a big outdoor stage and do so in my hometown. Think Anaal Nathrakh, Samael, Ihsahn, Pig Destroyer and Zardonic being able to not only play a real festival show in the Midwest but also be introduced to a whole new audience who would be coming for the far more mainstream headliner. At the very least, the fest could use some less obscure second stage openers and some more foreign bands who haven't come to America for years like Primordial, Vreid or Orphaned Land. But for a brand new festival, the lineup wasn't bad by any means, particularly when it came to headliners. It's a possible future outlet for all the cool stuff that I would never otherwise get to see in coming years which is what got me psyched more than anything else.

I waited in the mother of all lines upon arriving on Friday for a full 90 minutes. Everyone wanted to be in early to catch the opening band on the opening day of the inaugural festival. And the person in front of me was the evil doppelganger of a friend of mine from college. Same body. Same haircut. Same facial features. Same teeth. It was just completely uncanny, especially since one of them lives in west Iowa and the other in east Nebraska. More...

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Periphery Releases New Song "Absolomb"

Periphery premieres a new song entitled "Absolomb", taken from the upcoming new album "Periphery III: Select Difficulty", which will be out in stores today, July 22nd, through Sumerian Records.

Check out now "Absolomb" below.

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Periphery Releases New Song "Remain Indoors"

Periphery premieres a new song entitled "Remain Indoors", taken from the upcoming new album "Periphery III: Select Difficulty", which will be out in stores this Friday, July 22nd, through Sumerian Records.

Check out now "Remain Indoors" below.

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Periphery Premieres New Song "Prayer Position"

Periphery premieres a new song entitled "Prayer Position", taken from the upcoming new album "Periphery III: Select Difficulty", which will be out in stores this Friday, July 22nd, through Sumerian Records.

Check out now "Prayer Position" below.

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Periphery Streams New Song

Periphery will release fifth album, "Periphery III: Select Difficulty," on July 22nd via Sumerian and today the band debuts a new track. Check out "The Way The News Goes..." below. The full track listing is:

1. The Price is Wrong
2. Motormouth
3. Marigold
4. The Way The News Goes…
5. Remain Indoors
6. Habitual Line-Stepper
7. Flatline
8. Absolomb
9. Catch Fire
10. Prayer Position
11. Lune

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Periphery Posts "Marigold" Video

Periphery will release fifth album, "Periphery III: Select Difficulty," on July 22nd via Sumerian and today the band debuts a first video from the 11-song album, with an animated clip for “Marigold” available bbelow.

“’Marigold’ was written pretty early in the album writing sessions,” guitar player Mark Holcomb explains. “It had been a song that anchored the songwriting direction for P3. The technicality, sense of melody, orchestration and big choruses lend itself to what I feel most of this record is about.”

Wes Richardson directed the video. He had previously worked with the band on the video for “Alpha,” from the band’s 2015 Juggernaut releases.

“Working with Wes has become second nature for the band,” continues Holcomb. “This is his fourth video for us. Not only is he uniquely gifted but he also understands the visual aesthetic of Periphery, as well as having a sense of humor that runs parallel to ours.”


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Jason Richardson Premieres New Song "Fragments"

Ex-Chelsea Grin/Born Of Osiris guitarist Jason Richardson premieres a new song entitled "Fragments", taken from his upcoming new solo album "Omni", which will be out in stores July 29th, 2016.

Here is "Fragments", featuring Lukas Magyar of Veil of Maya, Mark Holcomb of Periphery, & Luke Holland of The Word Alive.

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Periphery Streaming "The Price Is Wrong"

Periphery, who recently announced the release of fifth album, "Periphery III: Select Difficulty" (due out July 22nd on Sumerian Records), today shares the first music to be heard from the 11-song album. Check out “The Price is Wrong” below.

“It’s like handing somebody a grenade,” guitar player Jake Bowen says of the song, which serves as the album opener. “It’s so in-your-face and brutal for us. It was a great way to start.”

“Every one of our albums has a nice long intro, and we were like, ‘Let’s kick this off with a drum fill and a pissed-off riff,’” laughs guitar player Misha Mansoor. “It’s something we haven’t done. It was fun.”

The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. The Price is Wrong
2. Motormouth
3. Marigold
4. The Way The News Goes…
5. Remain Indoors
6. Habitual Line-Stepper
7. Flatline
8. Absolomb
9. Catch Fire
10. Prayer Position
11. Lune More...

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Periphery Announces New Album

Periphery returns this summer with a new album, "Periphery III: Select Difficulty" (due out July 22nd via Sumerian Records) and a U.S. tour, dubbed the Sonic Unrest tour, which launches on August 4th.

“'Periphery III: Select Difficulty' is finally complete and we’re extremely excited to show everyone,” said guitar player Jake Bowen. “For the past couple of years we’ve been refining our collaborative process as a band and we feel that it’s only getting better with the completion of this album. We spent two months writing songs that are not only representative of the Periphery sound but also reflect where all of us are as musicians, working together has helped us tread new ground musically and creatively. In support of Periphery III you’ll see us hit the road in the States this summer with SikTh, Chon, and Toothgrinder on the Sonic Unrest tour, it’s going to be a blast! See you on the road!”

Periphery’s own Adam “Nolly” Getgood oversaw production for the album as he did with the "Juggernaut" releases. Nolly will no longer be a touring member of Periphery, as he will be expanding his production work in his native UK. He remains an integral part, and a member, of Periphery. At this time no decision has been made about a touring bassist. More...

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