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Liquid Violence

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Liquid Violence Interviews and Features

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Interview With Bess Of Liquid Violence

New York's LIQUID VIOLENCE are working on their new album on Rut Records and plan to keep it heavy and straight ahead with their unmistakeable rockin out the walls of a joint sound. With clearly a great live reputation that far proceeds them, this is one of those recent band discoveries for me where I must fully confess makes me feel rather guilty for now just jumping on the bandwagon. But that's not this issue. Music is always about new discovery and it's clear to see that this band has been paying its dues for quite some time now and slowly but surely have begun to develop a strong fanbase of alcohol chugging, rip the beer bottle cap off with your teeth type of following. And that's not to say that these guys aren't talented musicians in their own right and can't draw the more musically educated fan. They can bring it with the best of them around when they need to. All one has to do is hear what they're about and make their own mind up. I got some Q&A in with their drummer, Bess. More...

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Interview with Ol' Dirty Bailey Of Liquid Violence

LIQUID VIOLENCE on Rut Records is a throwback thrash/punk metal band that is starting to catch a buzz and no, I'm not talking about their beer drinking habits. This trio is simply hardcore to the bone and features Bess on drums, Andy 13 on bass and Ol' Dirty Bailey on guitars and vocals. They have been slamming the rounds of one east coast venue after the next and are working on taking their game now to the next level and plan on breaking a few necks if that's what they gotta do. I am pleased to bring all of you this Q&A with their frontman without a tude, Ol' Dirty Bailey. More...

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