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Formed: 1993
From: Bergen, Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Syrach news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Syrach Checks In With Recording Update

Nowray's Syrach has checked in with the following update about the recording process for a new album:

"We have now completed the guitar tracks for the next album, and due to some health issues, the bass will be done on the weekend of 16th-18th of December. This is keeping us fairly good up to our schedule.

"The album will be concisting of seven dark and heavy grooving tunes. We are hoping on a 2012 release of the material, but we'll see when we are ready with the music.

"There are much desicions still to be made about mixing, artwork and so on. Keep in touch, and have a wicked x-mas!"

Further details will be revealed as they are made available. For more info on Syrach, head over to the band's MySpace music page.

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Syrach Recording Drums

Norwegian band Syrach has checked in with the following update about recording drums for the act's fourth album:

"We'll be making the drum tracks for our 4th album this weekend. Yes, to be in studio while Immortal, Mayhem, Ghost and Primordial are playing in our hometown is interesting "planning" to say the least... But, we all have to make priotities in life ;-)

"This is a new chapter in the book of Syrach. Hopefully, with a new drummer onboard, the new album will sound heavier than ever. Finally the new heavy,groovy, raw riffs of SYRACH will see the dark of night!

"We'll keep you updated on the progress as we go along! Doom on, brothers and sisters."

More details on Syrach and songs available for streaming can be found by navigating to the band's MySpace music profile.

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Syrach Issues Update On New Album

Norway's Syrach has checked in with the following announcement about the progress for the band's upcoming album:

"Just writing to tell you a bit about the making of the new album and how the progress is coming.

"We are now done making the clicktracks and have started to rehearse to these. As it seems, the new album will concist of seven great(?) doom rockin' metal tracks. Hopefully the recording will be about done in September, but no one knows...

"We have been focusing on rehearsing the album, and therefore have not prepared a live show yet, but as soon as we have gotten this recording going, we will start rehearse some old songs again, and prepare for some live shows, and hopefully we'll get around to play some as well...

"Doom on, brothers and sisters! We salute you!"

You can also listen to Syrach's music by navigating over to the band's MySpace music profile.

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Syrach Issues Pre-Production Update

Syrach has checked in with the following update about the pre-production process for the band's new album:

"We have now finalized the recording of our pre-production, and will focus on rehearsing the new material with the next album in mind. So far we have 7 songs ready for the next album, with a total of approx 65 minutes of doom! we will now rehearse all songs properly and get them all into the right sound and vibe,with Jan Åge's masterful drumming.

"Hopefully we'll start recording the new album sometime during the summer, and have it ready by fall. All we can promise, though, is a kick ass Syrach album...

"This will be the first official recording with guitarist Andrea, bass player Øystein, and drummer Jan Åge. However this is a newline-up from the other albums, expect no less than great doom in the true veins of Syrach!"

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Syrach Announces New Drummer

Norwegian doom metal band Syrach parted ways with drummer Adam Suleiman in October of 2010. The band has now issued the following announcement about recruiting a new drummerL

"We are proud to announce the new addition to the Syrach crew. Jan Åge has decided to join our ranks, and will from now on take on the drumming. Jan Åge comes from the band Temple Sleep and has also toured together with Octavia Sperati amongst others.

"We will also like to thank all the others for coming in for rehearsals and trying out. You have all been great, but there was really no doubt when the time to choose came.

"We will now focusing on rehearsing the new material, so that we can start recording a new and great doom album, with the brand new line-up. All songs are made, but will now be shaped into the great Syrachian style! We will be ready to take on gigs as well, if anything comes along. So all; wish Jan Åge a warm and doomed welcome!"

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Syrach Seeking New Drummer

Norwegian metallers Syrach, who recently announced the departure of Adam Suleiman, have now issued the following update about seeking a new drummer:

"We are now looking for a new drummer for the phenomenon Syrach. The one we are looking for must be interested in playing and rehearsing with us, and also spend some time and effort to achieve the mutual goal of spreading true Norwegian doom out in the world. The timing for joining the band could not be any better, since we have practically a new album written, and therefore you will have the chance to put your own feel and signature to the songs.

"Also there is good chances for touring around Europe in the 'near' future (we gotta remember that we're talking about doom...). We rehearse in Bergen, so get in touch if you are interested in the gig."

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Syrach Parts Ways With Drummer Adam Suleiman

Norwegian doom metal band Syrach has announced the departure of their drummer Adam Suleiman.

The band issues the following message on his departure, "A couple of days ago, we got an e-mail from our drummer Adam telling us he is leaving us. We have been seeing this coming for some time, since he's only been in Bergen twice in one year for rehearsals. Fair enough, since he got a great job in Oslo he have our understanding and the best of luck in the future. Hopefully he will not quit drumming, as he is FAR too good to leave his sticks on the shelf, especially since he is only 25 years old...(joke!)"

"We have had several great years together with Adam, and a lot of fun. He have taught us about time travels and solved many math mysteries for us."

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Syrach Issues Pre-Production Update

Norwegian doom metallers Syrach have checked in with the following update about the pre-production for new material:

"Last weekend we had Adam coming over the mountains from Oslo, and we started working on a pre-production of 4 brand new tracks. With little or no preparations, we had a certain pressure to get them right. Adam had never played the tracks before, and had to come up with the drum tracks and rehearse them. Also it had to be done close to perfect, since we recorded everything live in our rehearsal room. Luckily Adam, and the rest of us managed to get a few tracks right, and in the end we had all four tracks recorded even with some time to spare for some leads and some food...

"We were supposed to get the vocals done last week, but since mister ripper decided to spend the night fishing (without getting any ofcourse...) he had to call in sick and could not do any vocals at all. But fear nothing; he'll get it done this week, and the songs will sound great in the end!

"As of now, we are very satisfied with the outcome, as a demo. We'll probably not go into studio before 3-4 more songs are made, but we have plenty of material lying around, so hopefully it won't take too long. The pre-prod is about 40 minutes already, so we'll soon enough be ready for studio we hope. Doom on brothers and sisters, we salute you!"

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Syrach Recruits New Drummer

Norwegian doom metallers Syrach have issued the following update about recruiting a new drummer:

"As some of you may know, our beloved drummer Adam recently got a job in Oslo. This is about 8hrs away from Bergen by car or train or a 40 minutes flight. This makes rehearsals a drag, since he won't come over twice a week...

"So as a solution to this problem, we have started to rehearse with the wiz-kid Michael from the band NEOPLASMA. He's 17 years old, and very talented drummer and a great person as well. He will NOT replace Adam in the band, but rather help us out making new music since we need someone there to keep the rhythm. We have had two sessions with him, and two songs are now 'ready.' We will do more on these sketches when the lone traveler will make his way to Bergen. Hopefully it will be soon. So fear not, people! There are more SYRACHIAN doom, coming your way in the future!"

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Syrach Posts Berlin Photos Online

Norwegian doom metallers Syrach have posted a series of photographs online from their live show in Berlin on October 30th. The Berlin stop of the tour saw Syrach performing alongside both Trouble and Pentagram. The pictures can be viewed at this location. Syrach is also currently streaming three sample tracks online. The songs "Curse the Souls," "The River's Rage," and "The Firm Grip of Death" can be heard at the Syrach MySpace page.

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Syrach Performance Footage Available

Norwegian doom metallers Syrach have posted footage online of their performance with Pentagram and Trouble in Zlin, Czech Republic on October 8th. The video clip can be viewed below.

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Syrach Issues Tour Recap

Norwegian doom metallers Syrach have issued the following road report:

"...and now the end is here, and so we faced the final curtain... (for now, that is!)

"The Pentagram / Trouble tour is now over, and I must admit that we had a blast! Every night was superb in it's own unique way. The organizers, venues, Trouble, Pentagram, the Crew and most important THE AUDIENCE was fantastic all through the tour. We made a great deal of new friends and also got the time to meet some old ones again, that we hadn't seen for years (yes Will, you!) and hopefully made us a couple of new fans. It seemed that most people liked our stuff, even though we were bit on the side from the other bands. We will post some pictures from the tour in our picture section over the next few weeks, but right now things are a bit hectic, and we need to focus on some personal stuff and to find our Italian guitarist a place to stay and some work. because we really want him to stay. you who got the fortune to see him live, may understand ;-) We will be back soon and hope to do some more european shows soon, because touring is after all, the best thing about being in a band.

"Our regards goes out to the people we met. all the guys from Trouble! Shane and Corey: you looked great in your new shirts ;-) Pentagram ( thanx for lending me your OD-1 Russ, and no Mark, you will never beat the Italian Stallion in Basket...) The Crew (Robo, Joey, Mr.Burns), Tour Manager and merch bunny Lotje

"We salute you all!"

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Syrach Issues Road Report

Norwegian doom metallers Syrach have issued the following road report:

"We are now in the chech Republik, and will be playing at the masters of rock cafe in zlin. Getting here was a small adventure in it self. It all started when we got up the 'morning' after the show in switzerland, and started driving for budapest. Some kms outside vienna, one of our tires started leaking air. It would prove to be the rim that was broken, and we needed to fix it. We organized late night with a new tire, to be delivered to where we stood parked with our camper the next morning at 8am. Of course the guy showed up at 9, with no tire... he took the broken one off, and left us with a promise to be back with a new one in one hour. This one hour turned to 4, and we started to get in a hurry to get to budapest in time. When he finally arrived, he wanted €1267 for the job, which we obviously refused to pay since we'd get no receit for it, and really, who would pay this much for a tire?! At this time we had no believes in the austrian people, until we made another call to a rescue company. the guy showed up within the hour, took a look at our camper and made a few calls, and took us with him to a tire dealership. We got a new tire and rim for €60, and even the 5 bolts that the other guy ran off with was included. so this unknown austrian guy, is our hero of the day.

"However we regret that we didn't get to budapest in time, and therefore had to cancel our apperance there. we are really sorry, because we had really looked forward to see the city and play our first ever show in hungary. The previous shows has gone well, and we have had an absolutely fantastic time together with Trouble and Pentagram and the crew. We are now looking forward to play the rest of the tour, and to see as many of you as possible the next week!"

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Syrach Issues European Tour Report

Norwegian doom metallers Syrach have issued the following tour recap from their European tour:

"Now we have returned home from the first part of our european tour. I have to say it was a very interesting and exhausting experience. for starters, we didn't have a complete line-up before the week before departure. this was a bit stressful, but thanx to a certain mister Cato Eikeland from the band MELLOMGASS, we had a complete touring line up, and rehearsals could begin. with Andrea ‘Berg’ coming all the way from italy to join the band right before the tour, rehearsals got quite intense...

"so it was with some skepticism we sat sails for europe, and as we came to Leipzig some of the members had been drinking heavily for the last few hours.... but when we hit the stage, I think all sceptism was blown away. we did a quite decent show, especially when thinking that we only had 4 rehearsals together.

"after Leipzig we had an overnight drive (13hrs) to Olsztyn in poland. here one of our guitar heads broke down, but luckily the guys from the awsome band MESSA, let us borrow one of theirs. THANX! In poland we even got a few guest apperances from the audience, during our encore. we had one extra guitarist and one extra bass player on stage, pretending to play on our back-up gear. also the organizer did the vocal parts, as ripper stood in the audience taking pictures of this rather unexpected event. hopefully some pictures of this will be posted later... :-)

"in Uster, switzerland, we had the honour to meet the guys from EXCRUCIATION. they opened the show for us, with a really great performance! but due to the local football team taking on real madrid in the champions league, the attendance was quite poor. but the shows were great and we had a really great time (again)! More...

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Syrach Parts Ways With Bassist Hjarandr

Norwegian doom metallers Syrach have issued the following update about parting ways with their bassist Ørjan "Hjarandr" Setvik:

"Our release party on friday will be the last EVER chance to see all 5 persons from the new album, live on stage. as you all know, Reich quit some time ago but will still play this gig on friday. also Hjarandr decided to leave the band now, because he wanted to focus on his interest in food and will now try to get a degree as a chef. we wish him the best of luck with this, and hope that someday he will cook us another great meal as he did on our listening party at Captain's cabin.

"Hjarandr spent about 7 years with us and has been a great tribute to our ranks. we have had some great times together and been through a lot. we are sorry to let this great man of doom go, but his mind is set and we have to respect this. we'll be sure to get some beers together in the future anyway.

"We are at the same time proud to announce his replacement in Øystein K. Øystein played with us on our european tour in october and is a very good bass player and friend of us, so we are very glad to have him on board our ship.

"And as for a new guitarist, we'll start auditioning in august. we'll keep you posted!"

The release party for "A Dark Burial" will take place on July 31st in Bergen, Norway.

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Syrach Updates New Album Release Dates

Norwegian metallers Syrach have issued the following announcement about updating the release dates for their new album "A Dark Burial:"

"There has been some changes in the release dates for germany/austria and the US

"The new ones are for GER/AUT 07.08. and for USA 22.09., the other dates stay the same. Please notice this, and get in the line outside your local record store on the dates!

"We salute you!"

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Syrach Announces New Album Release Party

Norwegian doom metal band Syrach has announced that they will be having a release party for their upcoming album "A Dark Burial" on July 31st in Bergen, Norway. The band has issued the following update about the release party:

"hi there,

"there has been some changes to our plans regarding the releasparty, but the show will go on as scheduled. the changes are only whos playing it ;-)

"In order of some new things that came up lately, we have decided that noralf reichborn will be playing the gig with us, instead of heine (hex).

"this will be the last ever possibility to watch SYRACH play live with the crew from A DARK BURIAL (and Days of wrath), since reich left the band long time ago, and some other interesting things are going to happen in the near future. but more on that later. we will perform all of the new album live, plus maybe a few others as well.

"so, just to keep you updated on things. we hope to see as many of you there, as possible!

"doom on brothers and sisters,"

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Syrach Streaming New Song "Curse The Souls" Online

Norwegian metallers Syrach are currently streaming a new song online titled "Curse the Souls." The track can be heard on the band's MySpace page. The song is off their upcoming album "A Dark Burial," which will be released via Napalm Records on July 27th in Europe and July 28th in North America.

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Syrach Announces New Album Release Dates

Norwegian doom metal band Syrach has issued the following update about the release dates for their upcoming album:

"We are now proud to announce the release dates for our new album A DARK BURIAL. The album will be released thru NAPALM RECORSD and will be out at these dates:

22.07.09 – FIN & Spain

24.07.09 – GAS, Benelux, FRA, ITA, SWE

27.07.09 – Rest of Europe

28.07.09 – USA / CAN

"Hopefully the album will get to all of you! some of you has been 'lucky' enough to hear all songs on our shows already, but hopefully there will be more shows announced soon..."

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Syrach Announces Tour Date Change

Norwegian doom metal band Syrach has announced the following change to an upcoming tour date:

"we will like to inform you about some things concerning our small european tour:

"first of all, the show at the ROCK CITY in Uster (CH), has been moved to FRIDAY 17TH of April

"we are also proud to announce a Leipzig show on thursday 16th og April, at the Club Lagerhof. be sure to note these changes in your callendars.

"we are looking forward to see you all!"

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