"some music was meant to stay underground..."


From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Watain Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Watain.


Watain Talks New Album "The Wild Hunt"

Swedish metallers Watain will embark on "The Wild Hunt" next month, as the latest full-length excursion from the black metal masters comes out August 19th/20th.

Contacting Metalunderground.com via phone, Watain vocalist Erik told us all about the coming release (review to be published soon), as well as how this album channels 15 solid years of the band's experiences into one eclectic offering.

Read the full interview below, in which Erik discusses getting a bit too much into the GG Allin spirit and breaking his leg in an altercation, the looming presence that spurs on his music ("It’s this thing that you know could devour you in an instant if it wanted to, but instead of devouring you it takes you and speaks through you") and a taste of the horror to expect at upcoming live shows ("People will either like it very much or they will run away in tears"). More...

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Interview with Erik Danielson of Watain

Watain is one of those bands that make people cringe. Stories of men covered in corpse paint playing Satanic music and spitting fire amongst the limbs of animals and the infamous stank of them cooking under the lights have kept some people at bay while others are intriguiged and want to witness this strange event. Watain's latest album "Lawless Darkness" has become a favorite album in the world of metal. Just wrapping up a tour with Goatwhore and Black Anvil, I was able to catch up with vocalist Erik Danielson before their show in Metairie, Louisiana, just the day after Thanksgiving to talk about their notorious shows, Varg Vikernes, and black metal today. A transcribed version follows. More...

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