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From: FL, United States
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Warthrone Releasing "Venomassacre"

Warthrone, Virginia's extreme black/death metal entity formed by Erik Sayenga (ex-Dying Fetus, Witch-hunt) Richard Johnson (ex-Witch hunt, Sanguinary and Laceration) and Kristel (ex-Witch-hunt) has inked a licensing deal for the brand new album "Venomassacre" through Lost Apparitions Records (Luray, Virginia).

This special re-release will include a crushing remastered version of the 2005 debut EP "Ghoststorm Eulogy" as bonus tracks and is tentatively scheduled for release late May/early June 2014.

You can also hear the band's music over at the official Warthrone website here. The "Venomassacre" track listing is:

1. Violation of the Ethereal Realm
2. Human Hellebore
3. Creation Illusion
4. Venomassacre
5. Self-Induced Reckoning
6. Spirit Injection
7. Infinite Acromatic Iconoclast
8. Fate of the Spineless

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Warthrone Finishes Work On New Album

Virginia's Warthrone is completing work on debut full-length album entitled "Venomassacre," which is slated for an April 2014 release. Ex-Dying Fetus drummer, current Warthrone drummer/guitarist Erik Sayenga comments:

"Warthrone has been on a slight hiatus but is now back in full gear to release this new slab of blackened death metal brutality. Our debut ep was released in 2005 and with this new release we have been able to really refine our sound. Expect brutal metal that may please fans from Cannibal Corpse or Napalm Death, to Dark Funeral or Marduk. We don't like to label ourselves just one style of extreme metal and we are a huge fan of black metal and all death metal, so the mixture of the 2 just naturally comes out in Warthrone's music."

The "Venomassacre" album will be released on the band's own label Ghostorm Records and will feature 8 new tracks recorded at Sayenga's own Bloodbath Studios. Further, "Venomassacre" will feature a special guest appearance on a song with additional vocals by Beist of the Norwegian symphonic black metal band Krake.

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Warthrone Working On New Album

Virgina-based symphonic black / death metal act Warthrone - featuring drummer and guitarist Erik Sayenga (ex-drums for Dying Fetus, Witch-hunt, and session musician for Obliterhate) along with Kristel (ex-Witch-Hunt) and Richard Johnson (ex-Witch-Hunt) - are hard at work finalizing their new full length album which is slated to be released early summer 2013. The band comments:

"This is the only release since our debut EP 'Ghoststorm Eulogy' in 2005. Recording is finished and is in the mixing stages now. Fans that can appreciate a unique mixture of styles such as Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child, Naglfar, Marduk, Dark Tranquillity to Putrid Pile, Cannibal Corpse, and Obituary take note!

"This release promises to deliver brutality, relentless drumming and sick vocals while retaining a sense of song structure and incorporating the different styles of extreme music. We don't consider ourselves one specific style. We are inspired by many death and black metal bands we love and listen to daily, and the influence is something that naturally ends up in our songwriting."

The CD will be self released and the band will be in the search of licensing the album. Check out the band's Facebook page here for a new preview track.

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Warthrone New Music Available

WARTHRONE, the blackened death metal band featuring ex-members of DYING FETUS and WITCH-HUNT, has posted two brand new songs — "Human Hellebore" and "Venomassacre" — to its MySpace page. These tracks were recorded at WARTHRONE's own Full Blast Studios and will be on an upcoming promo that will be used in the coming months to procure a label deal.

For more information, visit www.warthrone.net.

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