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From: Italy
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Natron News

Below is our complete Natron news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Obscene Extreme Festival Running Order Revealed

There are only two weeks remaining in the countdown to the extreme metal gathering - Obscene Extreme Fest!

On July 3rd, Obscene Extreme kicks off at Trutnov Battlefield, Czech Republic, with the "Freak Festival" from 2pm and will include the annual and one of a kind Olymfreak Games. At 9PM the live events begins with the festival's "Doom Fest" headlined by Hooded Menace.

From Thursday the 4th to Saturday the 6th, the tempo turns up significantly and will see bands such as Napalm Death, Cryptopsy, Exhumed, Krisiun, Grave, Aborted and Anaal Nathrakh take to the stage.

Tickets can be purchased here and the running order is available below.

Wednesday 3rd July 2013
14.00 - ????? FREAK FESTIVAL
21.00 - 21.45 EVOKEN
22.00 - 23.00 ESOTERIC
23.15 - 00.15 HOODED MENACE

Thursday 4th July 2013
14.30 - 14.50 APE UNIT
15.00 - 15.20 MORKHIMMEL
15.30 - 15.55 GRAVEYARD
16.05 - 16.30 PERFECITIZEN
16.40 - 17.05 ANTIGAMA
17.15 - 17.40 CHAPEL OF DISEASE
17.50 - 18.20 USURPRESS
18.30 - 19.00 FUCK THE FACTS
19.10 - 19.40 FLESHLESS
19.50 - 20.20 AHUMADO GRANUJO
20.30 - 21.00 DESECRATION
21.10 - 21.50 MALIGNANT TUMOUR
23.00 - 00.00 CRYPTOPSY
00.15 - 01.00 HELL SHOW
01.00 - Till Exhaustion… Karaoké Müstach Bar - Beer Tents More...

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Natron Streaming New Song, Announce Tour Dates

Italian technical death metal band Natron is streaming the new song "The Stake Crawlers" (heard below). The song appears on the new LP "Grindermeister," which is due this spring through Southern Brigade Records.

The band has also announced a string of European tour dates in support of "Grindermeister":

Friday 13th April 2012 - Switzerland - Zurich @ Dynamo Werk 21
Saturday 14th April 2012 - France - Reims @ tba
Sunday 15th April 2012 - France - Nantes @ Ferrailleur
Monday 16th April 2012 - France - Lille @ The Rumeur
Tuesday 17th April 2012 - UK, London @ Purple Turtle
Wednesday 18th April 2012 - UK, Cardiff @ The Bogiez
Thursday 19th April 2012 - UK, Leeds @ Royal Park Cellars
Friday 20th April 2012 - UK, Liverpool @ The Lomax
Saturday 21st April 2012 - UK, Bath @ Green Park Tavern
Saturday 28th -Italy - Bari @ Demode' Club (w/Napalm Death )

Check out "The Stake Crawlers" More...

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Natron Postpones Pre-Release Party For Two Weeks

Italian technical death metal band Natron has postponed the January 13, 2012 Pre-release party at the Target Club in Bari, Italy for two weeks and will now be held on January 27, 2012. The cause for the postponement was that the printing of the band's new LP "Grindermeister" by Southern Brigade Records was delayed and would not be available for fans at the show.

"Grindermesiter" is the band's sixth LP and the first since the 2009 release "Rot Among Us." The album is not scheduled for official release until March of 2012.

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Metalhit.com Releases Free Death Metal Comp

Metalhit.com recently released the second compilation in their download series: a death metal comp. You can download it for free from Amazon.com.

Here is the free compilation's tracklisting:

1. Putridity "Blindfold Surgery Abominable" (2:51)
2. Asphyx "Death, the Brutal Way" (3:52)
3. Avulsed "Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation)" (3:43)
4. Demigod "Deadsoul" (3:45)
5. Demilich "Inherited Rowel Levitation (Reduced without any effort)" (3:22)
6. Obscure "Messenger of Chaos, I Infinitum" (5:57)
7. Insult "Slaves of Holy Righteousness" (2:22)
8. Master "Judgment of Will" (2:53)
9. Natron "Roadkill" (3:48)
10. Nominon "Kevorkian Exit" (4:46)
11. Pathology "Defiled Autopsy Remnants" (3:36)
12. Sinister "Spiritual Immolation" (4:03)

Metalhit.com released a free thrash compilation back in September that is still available for download.

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Walking Corpse Syndrome Added To Godhate Tour

Dark metal band Walking Corpse Syndrome has been selected as the opening band for the upcoming Godhate tour. Other bands on the tour include Common Grave (Germany) and Natron (Italy). The tour starts at the Michigan Deathfest on August 21st, 2010 and will include stops in Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. The specific dates and venues will be announced as they are made available. You can also check out sample Walking Corpse Syndrome tracks via the band's official MySpace page.

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Metalhit.com Reduces Full Albums to $5.25

Metalhit.com, who handles digital distribution for dozens of underground metal labels has announced new, reduced prices on full album. Here's the update from the label:

"We are pleased to announce that our entire catalog of releases are now just $5.25 for full albums!!! We decided to make this change after studying the opinions of buyers of digital music. A rare handful of titles from labels outside of our influence will have albums available at alternative prices in our store, however, about 95% or more are available for only $5.25!

"In the meantime, please welcome these new releases to our store this month! "

AOSOTH "Ashes of Angels" (filthy black metal w/ ANTAEUS members)
ARTERY ERUPTION "Driving My Fist through her Chest" (sicko death metal)
BETHLEHEM "Dictius te Necare" (re-master of this classic dark metal album)
DISMAL LAPSE "Eon Fragmentation" (latest off of Deepsend Records)
INFEST "Moshroom" (crazy death metal off of Metal Age Prod.)
MIND ASYLUM "L'Aisle de l'Espirit" (French black metal)
NATRON "Rot Among Us" (classic old-school death metal from one of Italy's first death metal bands!)
NECROPTIC "Meticulous Pathology" (technical and insane death metal)
NEUROLEPSY "Disintegrated Cognizance" (brutal death metal from NY)
SEPSIS "With No Mercy" (killer tech-death)
THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE "A Voice from the Four Horns..." (occult/mystical black metal)
VIOLATED "Only Death Awaits" (Norwegian thrash metal!)

Plus titles from:

ASPHYXIATE RECORDINGS (Vassafor, Diocletian, Paganizer, Denial, etc.)
DEATHGASM RECORDS (Quinta Essentia, Nominon)
IBEX MOON RECORDS (Nervo Chaos, Fatalist, Goreaphobia)
MY KINGDOM MUSIC (almost their entire catalog of releases including bands like Crest of Darkness, Rain Paint, and more!)

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Naltron Signs To Metal Age Productions

Italy's Naltron has issued the following update:

"We're glad to announce that we have inked a 2 albums deal with the Slovakia-based Metal Age Productions, currently home of some of the most interesting and long running european death metal bands like Avulsed, Desecration, Fleshless, Abbadon Incarnated, Putrefy and more."

"We think MAP will be the proper support for Natron cos' it's growing, motivated and one of the most active indipendent labels in the underground world scene." More...

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Godyva Schedules UK Tour Dates

Italian gothic metallers GODYVA will tour the UK between the end of October and early November with Roman metallers 3RD ROOM.

The band's new album, "Planetarium," is available now via US label Razor Ice Records. It is distributed in Europe by Plastic Head.

The album was recorded at Jolly Roger Studios, Bari, Italy and mixed and mastered at Temple Of Noise studios, Rome, Italy by Christian Ice.

Mike Tarantino, growling singer from the brutal death metal band NATRON, performed vocals on the song 'Innocent' and Luca Bellanova (Starkiller Sound) had a reading performance on 'Mary In Blood'. More...

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Natron Begin Recording Sixth Studio Album

"Italian godfathers of death" NATRON have issued the following update:

"Alright people,"

"Here we are with very surprising news! (Sounds ironic?)"

"Well, (on) March 2nd we finally got started with the recording sessions of the sixth Natron studio album at the Golem Dungeon Studios in Bari-Capurso with Ottavio Marzo (GOLEM guitarist) as engineer and co-producer!"

"It's kinda unbelievable after facing countless lineup troubles throughout the past months but hey! , we finally made it so now expect something really new, fresh and fuckin' brutally brilliant!" More...

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Natron Confirm Lineup For Upcoming European Tour

Italian death metallers NATRON have issued the following update:

"Apart from all misadventures about our line up, we're up for another trek of southern Europe including the Balcanic area and the latin language speaking countries. This time we're bloody honored to support the US gods of death metal SUFFOCATION. A temporary line up will perform throughout this tour, so the list of the godfathers and the new affiliates of death goes this way: Diego Fanelli (vocals) from guttural freaks STENCH OF DISMEMBERMENT, former members Max Marzocca (drums) and Domenico Mele(guitar), Ottavio Marzo (guitar) and Domenico Bottalico (bass), these last two guys coming from melodic death metal outfit GOLEM. With this line up we're going to perform a couple of southern Italy warm up gigs at the end of april and secure the loud and massive assault of Natron on stage all over the tour, European dates list goes as follows:

9 - Budapest, Hungary - Kutiplex
10 - Beograd, Serbia - SKC
11 - Bucuresti, Romania - Suburbia
12 - Thesaloniki, Greece - Milos Xilorgido
13 - Athens, Greece - Ann Club
14 - Skopjeje, Macedonia - Youth Cultural Centre
15 - Zagreb, Croatia - Mocvara
16 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Gala Hala
18 - Palermo, Italy - Officine Bier Garten
19 - Gualtiery, Italy - Tempo Rock
20 - Torino, Italy - Spazio211
21 - Lyon, France - TBA
22 - Barcellona, Spain - Apolo 2
23 - Murcia, Spain - Super 8
24 - Madrid, Spain - Copernico
25 - Las Palmas, Grand Canaria - Sala Paraninfo
26 - Durango, Spain - Plateruana More...

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Natron Part Ways With Singer and Bassist

Italian death metallers NATRON have issued the following update:

"We sadly have to foward the decision of Mike Tarantino to leave the band after nine years of road stories and three albums!!!!! We feel really upset about this but we respect Mike's will to quit the music scene for good. Anyway he will continue to work for NATRON as webmaster and graphic designer. We take this chance to thank him for all his efforts, laughs and good time spent together during all these years: 'THANK YOU!!!\m/

"So, we have a new singer in the person of Raffaele Fanelli, coming from local death band MOTHERLY SIN, who is going to replace Mike behind the microphone stand already for this upcoming tour! We're happy that Raffaele is get on well together with the band day by day. More...

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