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Formed: 1987
From: Seattle, WA, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded

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Book Offers An Insight Into Kurt Cobain's Life

“Bumping into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business", a book written by Nirvana's former manager Danny Goldberg is scheduled to come out September 18th. The book includes many excerpts about Goldberg's actual involvement and personal experiences with the band, specifically Kurt Cobain:

“He was an extraordinarily thoughtful and supportive friend, a loving husband and father, as well as a tormented depressive and textbook druggie,”

Goldberg goes on into further detail about the great impact that Cobain's death had on Nirvana and its fans, as well as the scar it left on grunge metal as we know it today.

Read the full article at Headbanger's Blog.

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Kurt Cobain’s Ashes Stolen From Courtney Love

According to reports, Kurt Cobain’s ashes have been stolen from Courtney Love’s house in Los Angeles.

Love is apparently suicidal over the theft, stating "I can’t believe anyone would take Kurt’s ashes from me. I find it disgusting and right now I’m suicidal. If I don’t get them back I don’t know what I’ll do."

Love has revealed that she used to carry the ashes with her inside a pink teddy bear shaped bag along with a lock of Kurt’s hair. "I used to take them everywhere with me just so I could feel Kurt was still with me. Now it feels like I have lost him all over again."

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Just For Fun

Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitar Songs

The June 12th 2008 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine features the cover story 'The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All Time'. Explaining the feature is the blurb:

This is what makes a great rock & roll guitar sound: an irresistible riff; a solo or jam that takes you higher every time you hear it; the final power chord that pins you to the wall and makes you hit "play" again and again. Every song here has those thrills. But these are rock's greatest guitar moments because of what's inside the notes: hunger, fury, despair and joy, often all at once. You hear the blues, gospel and rockabilly that came before, transormed by the need to say something new and loud, right away. Rock & roll has been the sound of independence for half a century. The guitar is still its essential, liberating voice. These are the 100 reasons why.

The top 10 guitar songs according to the article are:

1. "Johnny B. Goode" - Chuck Berry
2. "Purple Haze" - Jimi Hendrix
3. "Crossroads" - Cream
4. "You Really Got Me" - The Kinks
5. "Brown Sugar" - The Rolling Stones
6. "Eruption" - Van Halen
7. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - The Beatles
8. "Stairway To Heaven" - Led Zeppelin
9. "Statesboro Blues" - The Allman Brothers Band
10. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana

Read the full article at Rolling Stone.

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Rock Giants Pay Tribute To Lemmy In Documentary

Billboard.com reports: The life and career of Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister is being celebrated in a new documentary, tentatively titled "Lemmy" and slated for release in 2009.

The film promises fans more access than ever before to Kilmister's life, and includes interviews with past and present bandmates and such peers/admirers as Slash, Dave Grohl, the Clash's Mick Jones, Alice Cooper, Steve Vai and wrestling superstar Triple H.

Directors/producers Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski (both of whom have contributed to Billboard) are shooting the film on a combination of HD video and super 16 mm film. Other giants from the world of metal and hard rock will appear in the film as well, with details to be announced. "We haven't heard the word 'no' yet after any interview request," Olliver says.

"Shooting Lemmy is like filming dangerous wildlife. He never does what you expect him to do, and he never does anything you want him to do," Olliver says with a laugh. "A lot of the coolest shots are shots we had to wait for four or five shows to go by before we could get them."

Read the full article at Billboard.com.

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Dave Grohl Doesn't Like Listening To Nirvana

Foo Fighter’s front-man Dave Grohl recently revealed that he can’t listen to Nirvana’s music because he is still pained by Kurt Cobain’s death, 13 years later. The former Nirvana drummer finds it an "effort" to listen to the band’s hits when they come on the radio.

"I immediately remember what it was like the day we recorded - the food or the f*cking snowstorm. It’s like opening a box of old pictures and I don’t like to do that too often," Grohl explained.

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Blender.com On "The 28 Most Recognizable Guitars"

According to Blender.com: "We salute rock & roll's most iconic tool of the trade since stuffed spandex - the multinecked, fur-lined, flame-throwing masterpieces that remain as influential as the shredders who strapped them on." Hard rock and metal legends featured include Les Claypool, Dave Grohl, Michael Anthony, Angus Young, Ace Frehley, Zakk Wylde, Jerry Only, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, Kurt Cobain, ZZ Top, Gene Simmons, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen among others.

Read the full article at Blender.com.

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Spinner Rates Top 20 "Worst Band Fueds"

Spinner is running a top 20 of "Worst Band Fueds," of which hard rock and metal bands make several appearances including:

Marilyn Manson vs. My Chemical Romance (18)
Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Mr. Bungle (15)
Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam (14)
Dwarves vs. QOTSA (13)
Metallica vs. Megadeth (4)

Of course the list is topped primarily by rappers, but I don't recall when individual rappers constituted a "band."

Read the full article at Spinner.com.

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Courtney Love Settles Final Nirvana Lawsuit

The Pulse of Radio reports: Courtney Love settled a lawsuit brought against her by the attorneys who represented her in her own legal battle with the surviving members of NIRVANA, according to Seattle Weekly. Katherine Hendricks and O. Yale Lewis claimed that Love owed them more than $340,000, plus interest, for their work on a 2002 suit that Love filed against NIRVANA bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl. Love, who controlled the share of NIRVANA's business that had belonged to her late husband, NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain, allegedly did not fully pay her lawyers even though she eventually earned at least $9 million as a result of that suit.

Love settled with Hendricks and Lewis for an undisclosed sum. The settlement was effective as of Monday, September 17. The case was scheduled to go to trial on Wednesday, September 19.

According to court records, Love had paid the Seattle-based attorneys more than one million dollars in the NIRVANA suit, but still owed them $341,000 plus as much as $200,000 in interest.

Love sued Grohl, Novoselic and Universal Music over the release plans for a previously unavailable NIRVANA track called "You Know You're Right", as well as overall control of the band's catalog.

The NIRVANA settlement yielded a box set and greatest hits package, while Love earned $4 million from the deal and another $5 million in publishing royalties.

Nevertheless, she sold a 25 percent stake in her portion of the NIRVANA catalog in 2006 for a rumored $50 million, following several years in which she was tangled in other financial problems, drug arrests and rehab stints.

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Metal Makes More Appearances in Rock Games

With the gaming industry's biggest expo, E3, going on, there have been tons of new announcements as well as some back and forth between competition. The Neversoft-developed Guitar Hero III revealed the former Guns N' Roses/current Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash would rock on a variety of unlockable guitars. Original Guitar Hero developer Harmonix then fired back with the announcement that it will offer not just hit singles for gamers to play on their upcoming Rock Band game, but entire full-length albums from multiple labels.

The first band to receive the digital conversion will be classic British rockers The Who. Gamers will be able to form a virtual cover band playing guitar, hitting the drums, and singing along to the band's widely acclaimed 1971 album Who's Next. The album should hit soon after the game's release this fall, with new content planned on a weekly basis.

Harmonix also announced the first 15 songs from the retail edition of Rock Band. A glance at the list reveals a wide array of rock subgenres and decades represented, from David Bowie and Black Sabbath to The Hives and The Strokes.

Piling on the announcements, Harmonix also revealed that Steven Van Zandt had signed on to chief Rock Band's music advisory board. In addition to appearing in the HBO gangster drama The Sopranos, Van Zandt is a member of Bruce Springsteen backing band E Street Band. Van Zandt also hosts the weekly syndicated radio show Little Steven's Underground Garage, which showcases up-and-coming sub-genre rock bands, and is a program director for the Sirius Satellite Radio network.

Finally, Harmonix revealed the Grammy-winning "Enter Sandman" from Metallica's 1991 Black album will be included in Rock Band's initial lineup shipping with the game. Announced at the end of EA's press conference, Kathy Vrabeck also made mention that a "substantial" number of songs from Metallica's catalog are slated to appear in the game.

The first 16 songs from Rock Band are listed below: More...

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Courtney Love Nixes Kurt Cobain Shoe Ad

Four dead rock stars - Joe Strummer (The Clash), Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious, and Joey Ramone - were to head up a new advertising campaign for Dr. Martens boots. Famed advertising company Saatchi & Saatchi is understood to be behind the campaign, which sees the music icons wearing their prized boots while dressed as angels.

Dr. Martens spokesman Andrew Petch explained: "We wanted to communicate that Dr. Martens boots are 'made to last' and we discovered that these idolized musicians wore them. Showing them still wearing their Docs in heaven dramatized the boots' durability perfectly. And, as images, they feel very iconic."

But thanks in part to an outraged Courtney Love, the new Doc Martens ad has been given the boot. The 42-year-old entertainer was steamed after learing that a new advertising campaign for the footwear company features late husband Kurt Cobain modeling boots in heaven. More...

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Courtney Love To Sell Kurt Cobain's Belongings

Courtney Love told AOL Music that she plans to sell most of Kurt Cobain's belongings.

"My daughter doesn't need to inherit a giant ... bag full of flannel ... shirts," says Love, former frontwoman of the rock band Hole. "A sweater, a guitar and the lyrics to `(Smells Like) Teen Spirit' ? that's what my daughter gets. And the rest of it we'll just ... sell." "Everyone's been positive and behind me on it," she says. "We'll make a lot of money and give a bunch of it to charity." "I still wear his pajamas to bed. How am I ever going to go form another relationship in my lifetime wearing Kurt's pajamas?"

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Watch Flyleaf Cover "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Pepsi Smash's Cover Art features Flyleaf covering Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. You can watch the video at Yahoo! Music.

Flyleaf head out on a headlining tour with Skillet and Fair to Midland, beginning March 25th. Resident Hero and labelmates, Dropping Daylight will also play some dates.

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Former Nirvana Bassist Joins Punk Band

Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, who has devoted his time in recent years to local politics in Washington state, will join influential Punk group Flipper to play bass on the band's first tour in over a decade.

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Nirvana "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!" Trailer Online

A trailer for Nirvana's upcoming DVD, 'Live! Tonight! Sold Out!', can be streamed at this location. The DVD, which was originally released in VHS format in 1994, will be in stores on November 7th. More...

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Cobain Beats Elvis As Top Earning Dead Celebrity

Rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley ceded his crown to Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain on Forbes.com's list as the top-earning dead celebrity.

The list, published on Tuesday, said grunge rocker Cobain earned $50 million between October 2005 and October 2006. Presley wound up in the No. 2 slot with $42 million, down from last year's $45 million.

Forbes.com bases its dollar amounts on licensing deals for using the deceased celebrities' work or image in advertising or elsewhere.

This was Cobain's first time on the list in its six years of publication. Presley has ruled the roost since its inception, said Forbes.com staff writer Lacey Rose.

Cobain's coup was due to his widow, actress and singer Courtney Love, who sold a 25-percent stake in the Seattle grunge group's song catalog to New York music publishing company PrimeWave.

Read the full article at WashingtonPost.com.

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Final Guitar Hero II Tracklisting Revealed

According to IGN, the final track listing has been revealed for the upcoming PS2/Xbox 360 video game "Guitar Hero II". The track list will run as follows (sorted by their in-game categories):

Opening Licks:
Motley Crue - "Shout At The Devil"
Danzig - "Mother"
Cheap Trick - "Surrender"
Wolfmother - "Woman"
Spinal Tap - "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight"

Kiss - "Strutter"
Nirvana - "Heart-Shaped Box"
Police - "Message In A Bottle"
Van Halen - "You Really Got Me"
Kansas - "Carry On Wayward Son"

Foo Fighters - "Monkey Wrench"
Alice In Chains - "Them Bones"
Iggy Pop And The Stooges - "Search And Destroy"
The Pretenders - "Tattooed Love Boys"
Black Sabbath - "War Pigs"

Thrash And Burn:
Warrant - "Cherry Pie"
The Butthole Surfers - "Who Was In My Room Last Night"
Mathew Sweet - "Girlfriend"
Rolling Stones - "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'"
Guns N' Roses - "Sweet Child O' Mine"

Return Of The Shred:
Rage Against The Machine - "Killing In The Name"
Primus - "John The Fisherman"
The Sword - "Freya"
Thin Lizzy - "Bad Reputation"
Aerosmtih - "Last Child"

Relentless Riffs:
Heart - "Crazy On You"
Stone Temple Pilots - "Tripping On A Hole In A Paper Heart"
Stray Cats - "Rock This Town"
Allman Brothers - "Jessica"
Jane's Addiction - "Stop"

Furious Fretwork:
Anthrax - "Madhouse"
The Living End - "Carry Me Home"
Lamb Of God - "Laid To Rest"
Reverend Horton Heat - "Psychobilly Freakout"
Rush - "YYZ"

Avenged Sevenfold - "Beast And The Harlot"
Suicidal Tendencies - "Institutionalized"
Dick Dale - "Misirlou"
Megadeth - "Hangar 18"
Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Free Bird"

Around 15 or more unlockable bonus tracks will also be included in the game, with Every Time I Die, Drist, The Last Vegas, Valient Thorr and The Breaking Wheel rumored to be among them. "Guitar Hero II" will see a November 7th release date on the Playstation 2 while a spring release on the Xbox 360 is currently pending.

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Nirvana's "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!" To Hit DVD

The Nirvana concert film "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!" will make its DVD debut Nov. 7 via Geffen. Originally issued on VHS in 1994, the release was conceived by Kurt Cobain as a way to anthologize Nirvana's quick ascent to rock superstardom but was not completed until after his 1994 suicide.

The bulk of the DVD features live footage from the band's 1991-92 tour in support of "Nevermind," highlighted by versions of "Breed," "Drain You," "Dive" and "Aneurysm." According to the label, the footage has been color-corrected and digitally remastered; previously unreleased bonus performances will be included but details have yet to be announced.

"Live! Tonight! Sold Out!" also sports performances of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "About a Girl," "Love Buzz," "Negative Creep," "Come As You Are," "Territorial Pissings," "Something in the Way," "On a Plain," "Lithium" and "Sliver," among others.

The only prior Nirvana DVD was included with the 2004 boxed set "With the Lights Out."

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Nirvana To Get The Lullaby Treatment

The folks at a label called Baby Rock are planning to mark Halloween by releasing 'Lullaby Renditions of Nirvana,' a ten-song reimagining of Cobain as the voice of Tinky Winky rather than "the voice of a generation."

The disc, which replaces Cobain's guitar squall with nursery-friendly music-box chimes, is the latest in a series that was launched in August. A lullaby rendition of Metallica tracks was also announced previously.

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All-Star List Of Bands Sign On For Guitar Hero II

A slew of songs on the playable list for the upcoming new interactive Playstation 2 video game "Guitar Hero II" have been revealed. Check them out below:

Lamb Of God - "Laid To Rest"
Avenged Sevenfold - "Beast And The Harlot"
Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Freebird"
Alice In Chains - "Them Bones"
Nirvana - "Heart Shaped Box"
Guns N' Roses - "Sweet Child O' Mine"
Motley Crue - "Shout At The Devil"
Black Sabbath - "War Pigs"
The Police - "Message In A Bottle"
The Pretenders - "Tattooed Love Boys"
Cheap Trick - "Surrender"
Spinal Tap - "Tonight I'm Going to Rock You Tonight"
Heart - "Crazy On You"
Allman Brothers Band - "Jessica"
Dick Dale - "Misirlou"
The Rolling Stones - "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"
Anthrax - "Madhouse"
Stone Temple Pilots - "Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart"
Primus - "John The Fisherman"
Kiss - "Strutter"
Rush - "YYZ"
Van Halen - "You Really Got Me"
Reverend Horton Heat - "Psychobilly Freakout"
Drist - "Arterial Black"
Every Time I Die - "The New Black"
Butthole Surfers - "Who The Hell Was In My Room Last Night"

"Guitar Hero II" is due in stores on November 7th.

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Hear Nirvana's Classic Set From Reading In 1992

Monday night's Lamacq Live on Radio 1 featured the classic Nirvana concert from Reading, England in 1992, as well as a Showcase Session with Living Things. You can listen to a replay of the show, with the Nirvana set about 1 hour and 17 minutes in, at BBC.co.uk.

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