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The Faceless

From: Encino, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete The Faceless news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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The Faceless & Lorna Shore Tour Announced

The Faceless, Lorna Shore and Dyscarnate will be out on the road together this summer playing the below booked dates. Opening slots will by NOMVDIC, Dead Eyes Always Dreaming and The Convalescence on select dates. Both The Faceless and Lorna Shore have recently underwent some major lineup changes with The Faceless having recently replaced 4/5th of their team and Lorna Shore planning to announce a new vocalist.


06/26 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
06/27 Portland, OR – Dante’s
06/28 Boise, ID – The Shredder
06/29 Salt Lake City, UT – Club X
06/30 Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep
07/01 Denver, CO – Oriental Theater
07/02 Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
07/03 Sioux Falls, SD – Big’s Bar
07/05 Green Bay, WI – Riverside Ballroom
07/06 St. Paul, MN – Amsterdam
07/08 Joliet, IL – The Forge
07/09 Kalamazoo, MI – Shakespeare’s Pub (feat. Dead Eyes Always Dreaming)
07/10 Louisville, KY – Diamond Pub Concert Hall

With Dead Eyes Always Dreaming: More...

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Virgil (Animals as Leaders Etc.) Premiere New Song

Virgil (Animals as Leaders, The Faceless, Cynic, Entheos, and The Zenith Passage) premiere a new song titled "Will it Blend?", taken from their upcoming new album "The Pacer", which comes out June 15.

Check out now "Will it Blend?" below.

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Here’s Who Has Recently Joined The Faceless

In conclusion of social media posts made by the new The Faceless members, metal-archives.com have revealed the following musicians to be now involved:

Vocals – Julian Kersey (ex-Rose FuneralAegaeon)
Guitars – Andrew Virrueta (Vampire Squid)
Bass – Jacob Umansky (Painted In Exile)
Drums – Gabe Seeber (The Kennedy Veil, etc.)

Kersey himself previously held down the frontman spot for The Faceless back in a live capacity back in 2015. Live footage from their first show on Friday can be found HERE, while a clip from their April 21 show in Fresno, CA can be seen below.

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The Faceless' New Lineup Plays First Show

After every member except mainman Michael Keene left the group in March, The Faceless' new lineup has now played their debut live show. Friday night the group hit the stage in South Lake Tahoe, NV with fan-filmed footage available for streaming below.

It is still unclear which musicians have joined Keene this time around, with no official press release made. The Faceless have the following dates booked at present: More...

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The Faceless Summer Canadian Tour Announced

The Faceless announce some June Canadian dates around their appearance at the 2018 ‘Montebello Rockfest‘. Despite the touring announcements, there’s still been no official statement on which musicians will be joining The Faceless' mainman Michael Keene on the road as his backing band. As reported earlier the majority of the band’s lineup left the group, with guitarist Justin McKinney quoting Keene‘s alleged heroin addiction as the reason.

AngelMaker will join The Faceless as support at most of the below stops:

06/16 Montebello, QC – Montebello Rockfest
06/17 Toronto, ON – Velvet Underground
06/19 Thunder Bay, ON – Crock’s
06/20 Winnipeg, MB – Park Theater
06/21 Regina, SK – The Exchange
06/22 Calgary, AB – The Distortion
06/23 Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
06/24 Kelowna, BC – The Habitat
06/25 Vancouver, BC – Astoria More...

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2018 ‘Bay Area Death Fest’ Lineup Announced

The 2018 ‘Bay Area Death Fest‘ lineup has now officially been revealed. This year's edition will be taking place at Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music in Berkeley, CA from June 08th-10th. Below’s what’s been booked:

Friday, June 08th: More...

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Wolvhammer New Album To Be Released In May

A May 04th release date has been announced for Wolvhammer‘s upcoming new album, “The Monuments Of Ash & Bone“. Blood Music will be handling the release of the new full-length, which was produced by Eulogy‘s Jarrett Pritchard (Goatwhore, Exhumed) at his New Constellation Studios in Orlando, Florida. Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, The Faceless) and Pritchard lend guest guitar tracks to the album. Below’s how the track list will run:

01 – “Eternal Rotting Misery”
02 – “Call Me Death”
03 – “Law Of The Rope”
04 – “Bathed In Moonblood And Wolflight”
05 – “The Failure King”
06 – “Dead Rat Rotting Raven”
07 – “Solace Eclipsed“

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Michael Keene On His Struggle w/ Drug Addiction

In an interview with TheMetalTris, The Faceless mainman Michael Keene comes clean on his struggles with drug addiction. Speaking of the lyrics on the band’s latest effort, “In Becoming A Ghost“, he explains:

"I obviously was in a pretty dark place when I was writing lyrics… I am a recovering drug addict, and a lot of [the lyrics are] about drugs. I had a few rough years… [writing the lyrics] was a very cathartic process, I think. I needed to get it out. I think I needed to verbalize what was going on in my head and all the mess in my head, and actually verbalizing it made it real to me, and I realized, ‘Okay, I can lock this away here and move forward.'”"

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The Faceless Vow: “We Won't Cancel Tours Anymore”

The Faceless announce that their planned UK/Ireland tour will actually take place in early February. A string of cancelled tours in the past few years have definitely eroded fan support of the band, which have now assured fans that they will no longer be in the habit of cancelling tours via Twitter (see below). The Faceless will be touring in support of their new album, “In Becoming A Ghost“, out now through Sumerian Records.

Dates are as follows: More...

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Archspire Vocalist Launches GoFundMe For Keene

Archspire frontman Oliver Rae Aleron is back with another beef-driven GoFundMe campaign. Previously he tried to raise funds to "fight Tim Lambesis". This time Aleron is pursuing a beef against The Faceless mainman Michael Keene, attempting to buy him singing lessons. As the campaign states:

“Please help my dear freind Micheal Keene fulfill his dream of becoming a talented singer. He has been attempting to sing for many years now but just can’t seem to figure it out. I hope that with your help and the proper training he can one day achieve his dream of singing his heart out without sounding like a nasally, tone def, strung out Mike Patton. Any donation will be greatly appreciated by everyone in the death metal community.”

Some more insight into their conflict can be read via the below Facebook post shared by Oliver Rae Aleron. Keene‘s initial statement shared in the below screencap references The Faceless‘ recent decision to remove Inanimate Existence from a tour following allegations of sexual harassment leveled against their vocalist, Cameron Porras. Porras for his part has denied those initial allegations.


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The Faceless Streaming Entire New Album

The Faceless‘ new studio album “In Becoming A Ghost” officially hit stores yesterday, December 01st, via Sumerian Records. If you’d like to take it for a test drive, you can do so below:

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Inanimate Existence Singer Denies Rape Accusations

Yesterday we reported that The Faceless booted Inanimate Existence from their upcoming December mini-tour after a woman came forward alleging that she was raped by Inanimate Existence vocalist/guitarist Cameron Porras some ten years prior.

Now Cameron Porras himself publicly denies the allegations via a statement he just posted via his Facebook profile, which can be read below:

“Hey everybody I wanted to clear the air about whats been going on with us and The Faceless.

I want to preface this whole thing by saying I am 1000% against rape. It’s one of the most heinous things a human can do to another human that leaves life long mental damage and I wouldn’t nor couldn’t bring that kind of harm to someone. Anyone who knows me I’m sure will tell you that I’m a gentle person who doesn’t like confrontation and all I want is to make people happy.

Our band theme is all about spiritual growth and love that’s who I am. I know exactly who I am and will not let something like this change my outlook on life. I have never been to jail, never been to juvenile hall, never a violent crime, nothing. It’s all public record so feel free to check.

If you or someone you know has been raped PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO TO THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY. That is the only way to achieve justice in a situation like this.

This situation has nothing to do with Ron or Scott and I’m sorry to them that they are lumped in with this situation.
So the story begins 10 or 11 years ago when I was in high school. My friend had a girlfriend who was really mentally unstable and would cut her wrists quite often and be sent to psych wards (There’s nothing wrong with that I have many many friends who deal with mental trauma daily.)

One day my friend calls me and tells me that she is telling everybody that I raped her. He also mentioned that she accused several other people around the same time. Him being my close friend since middle school did not believe for a second that I did because he knew both me and her very well.

At the time I told her the same thing I’d tell anyone in that situation, that she needs to go to the police if she was raped. It’s not a joke. It’s not some game. It’s a serious thing that cannot be taken lightly. She never did anything and never contacted me again and after her and my friend stopped seeing each other I never saw her again.

Now flash forward to yesterday morning. Ron wakes me up telling me that this girl is making allegations again to the faceless and I tried to explain myself but in todays world it doesnt seem to matter what the truth is, even an allegation is grounds for you to lose great opportunities.

This girl happens to be friends with ken from The Faceless and so they seemed to immediately want jump on the opportunity to blow up this literal high school drama on the internet 10 years later. I really wish that they would have handled it like adults because it’s not fair to any of the parties involved and especially its not fair to the many many women out there who really have been raped.

I refuse to entertain the faceless‘s detective fantasy. It’s not their place and they should be ashamed of themselves for taking away power from someone who has a real accusation. The police will help you, the faceless will cause an internet shit storm (which is all she wanted in the first place)

Situations like these really show you who really knows you and has your back and I’m lucky to have good friends who stand by me. I will not let this women destroy who I am. I will continue writing music about love, growth, and understanding. As a free thinking person myself I implore all of you to think for yourself and not get caught up in this whirlwind of hate.

This will be my only public statement about this situation because I do not want to feed my positive energy into such a petty drama. It hurts my heart to think that someone out there may think it’s true =(

So like I said if you or someone you know was raped or abused or anything at all please seek justice immediately, it’s the best way to get actual evidence that will help your case. Just talking shit online is not the way to handle business and it’s harmful to our growth as a society.

I wish you all the best. Please be good to each other. We are all in this world together and no one deserves to be hurt.

With much love,


The girl herself later replied to The Faceless‘ post via Facebook, alleging that she was raped by Inanimate Existence frontman/guitarist Cameron Porras some ten years prior. In her post, she also says that two other girls have come forward with similar allegations since the story originally broke.

Her statement reads as follows: More...

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Inanimate Existence Frontman Accused Of Rape

The Faceless booted Inanimate Existence from an upcoming mini-tour (as we reported earlier this week), induced by “information that has just come to our attention today regarding actions that we simply cannot stand for” as the band put it. Although The Faceless did not go into detail about these actions, a Facebook post by mainman Michael Keene made it clear that there had been allegations of sexual misconduct.

Past Thursday, November 16, The Faceless finally posted more details about that matter on their Facebook page:


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The Faceless Announce Mini-U.S. Tour

The Faceless will be unleashing its long-awaited new outing "In Becoming A Ghost" on December 1, 2017 and has now announced a mini-US tour in support of it. The trek starts on pretty short notice and was originally announced to have support from Inanimate Existence, but The Faceless has since booted them due to "actions we simply cannot stand for."

Meanwhile we have obtained the following screenshot of a post from Michael Keene’s personal Facebook page. The post appears to have since been removed, but you can read it below. According to Keene the alleged incident involved a female: More...

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The Faceless Announce UK/Ireland Tour

The Faceless have announced a UK/Ireland tour which will take place in early February, 2018. The group will be out in support of their new album, “In Becoming A Ghost“, due December 01st on Sumerian Records. Support bands are still pending with the dates available below.

02/01 Guildford, UK – Boileroom
02/02 London, UK – Underworld
02/03 Manchester, UK – Rebellion
02/04 Birmingham, UK – Mama Roux’s
02/06 Dublin, IRE – Voodoo Lounge
02/07 Glasgow, UK – G2
02/08 Bristol, UK – Fleece
02/09 Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms

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The Faceless Debuts New Track “Digging The Grave”

A new The Faceless song by the name of “Digging The Grave” is available streaming below. It’s from the outfit's new album, “In Becoming A Ghost“, which Sumerian Records will release on December 01st.

Check out now "Digging The Grave" below.

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The Faceless To Release New Album On December 01

The Faceless' fourth studio album "In Becoming A Ghost" has now been set for an official December 01st release date through Sumerian Records. The cover art and track listing have been revealed for the album with a new song to be launched on October 31st.

The track listing for the release will run as follows: More...

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Monument of Misanthropy "Prison Born" Cover Posted

Monument Of Misanthropy's new EP "Capital Punisher" arrived earlier than expected. Pre-Orders are currently being delivered and will arrive just in time for Halloween. Like on the Austrian/French brutal death metal maniacs' critically acclaimed pre-decessor and full-length debut "Anger Mismanagement", French drum-wizard Romain Goulon (Necrophagist, ex-Benighted) is providing studio-drums. Except on the band's cover version of The Faceless' track "Prison Born", for which David Diepold (ex-Benighted) delivered his amazing session work.

Today Monument Of Misanthropy has dropped a drum playthrough clip showcasing David Diepold blasting through the aforementioned The Faceless cover track, which is also the closing track of the band's brand new EP.

You can now stream the clip via YouTube below.


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The Faceless: Called Out Ex-Drummer Fires Back

Technical death metal outfit The Faceless recently missed the kickoff date for this year’s edition of "The Summer Slaughter Tour", due to the departure of drummer Chason Westmoreland, as the band put it. It was the latest in a string of last-minute cancellations from the group this year. Now Westmoreland has released the following statement explaining his departure:

"Okay so not that I care about the Internet… but here it is. I didn’t bail on my band. July 8th is when I told my dudes. My efforts to reach out to drummers show July 13th. It’s impossible to get Michael anywhere on time…. when I’m at his house and he’s packing a bag for tour it takes two hours. Gas station stops on tour are an hour to an hour and a half. (Michael doesn’t drive) Soundchecks even manage to be a spectacle of their own at an astonishing three to four hours. ( How long does it take your band to soundcheck?). E.J. Shannon is the best manager I have ever worked with, he makes very specific schedules that allow for mishaps and extra time losses and even he can’t get michael to a show on time, like when we were waiting to play Seattle for an hour… anyone remember that ??? That was Michael not showing up to the venue that night until after we had his stuff set up on stage at 9 pm. I watched an entire room of amazing fans wait well over an hour to watch us … that wasn’t my fault. I didn’t think we were going on Slaughter because Michael also refused to turn in the album on time and it was a contingency for the tour. So is it really my fault an entire band can’t make their first show? Fact, they’ve had almost exactly three weeks, so there ya go."

A version of the sequence of events which The Faceless self-evidently denies, offering: More...

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Headline News

The Faceless Premieres New Song "Black Star"

The Faceless premieres a new song entitled "Black Star". A new release from the band is thought to have now been completed with more details to come soon.
Check out now "Black Star" below.

Catch The Faceless on The Summer Slaughter Tour 2017 along with The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Oceano, Slaughter To Prevail, Origin, Rings of Saturn, Betraying The Martyrs, Lorna Shore + more. More...

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