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Band Photo: Death (?)

Formed: 1983
From: Orlando, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded

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Below is our complete Death news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Deicide Reveals Name of New Album

Floridian death metallers, DEICIDE have unveiled the title of their latest album. Entitled "The Stench of Redemption," the record will be the first DEICIDE album to feature new guitarists Jack Owen (formally of CANNIBAL CORPSE) & Ralph Santolla (ex DEATH / ICED EARTH) who have been touring in the band since the departure of the brothers Hoffman in 2005.

In total, 10 instrumental songs have been demoed and Glen Benton is currently locked away working on suitably sick vocals / lyrical themes to rival the brutality of the compositions.

"The Stench of Redemption" will be produced by Jim Morris and the band will be entering Morrisound studios in the next few weeks to commit it to tape for a May release through Earache Records. A full European tour is currently being booked to follow the release.

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Vital Remains To Play Show With Glen Benton

VITAL REMAINS will be making a rare New England appearance featuring Glen Benton of DEICIDE on lead vocals on January 28 at The Living Room in Providence, Rhode Island. The group's lineup will also feature Ralph Santolla (DEICIDE, DEATH, ICED EARTH) on lead guitar, Dave Suzuki on drums and Ron Greene on bass. Also appearing on the bill will be Boston doom legends GRIEF, SIN OF ANGELS, I, DESTROYER, and TERATISM.

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Death's 1995 HBB Video Interview For Download

A three-minute video interview with late DEATH mainman Chuck Schuldiner and then-DEATH drummer Gene Hoglan (DARK ANGEL, now in STRAPPING YOUNG LAD), conducted by MTV's "Headbanger's Ball" in Amsterdam, Holland in April 1995, has been posted online at the group's official web site. You can download the clip, which features footage from the band's live performance at Amsterdam's Paradiso in April 1995, at this location (.MPG file, 66 MB).

Schuldiner passed away exxactly four years ago, on December 13, 2001, after a battle with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor.

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Omnium Gatherum Post Megadeth, Death Covers

Finnish death metallers OMNIUM GATHERUM have uploaded their covers of MEGADETH's "Hangar 18" and DEATH's "Suicide Machine" on their MySpace.com page.

OMNIUM GATHERUM's latest album "Years in Waste", was released in the U.S. in March via Nuclear Blast Records. The follow-up to 2003's "Spirits and August Light" was recorded at Sonic Pump studios in Helsinki, Finland with producer Nino Laurenne and engineer Teemu Aalto.

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Hoglan Says Dark Angel Reunion Will 'Never Happen'

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD drummer Gene Hoglan (also ex-DARK ANGEL, DEATH, OLD MAN'S CHILD) has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"We stopped by the Harley manufacturer in Milwaukee yesterday, and took a little tour, pretty cool stuff. Tour manager/drum tech Bryan Seely was quite disappointed, though. He thought it was boring. He's rides a '49 Panhead and a '51 Panhead, and we were surrounded by 'Banker Bikers,' as he refers to them. The tour guide went down the line and asked everyone what they ride, and I was kinda at a loss for words, so when he got to me, I just blurted out, 'Chicks!' If he had been drinking milk, it would have come out his nose...He told me later that he'd never got an answer such as that before, so I figured they probably don't have many puerile rock-dudes taking the Harley tour...

"The show last night was killer! Milwaukee has always been a great place to play for STRAPPING. I do believe we have lost IT DIES TODAY for the rest of the tour, however. That's a shame, They were cool dudes, and we all wish them well.

"I got to hang with my brother Cris McCarthy. He was DARK ANGEL's guitarist for our last year of existence, and he and I were writing the never-recorded 'Atrocity Exhibition' album together. It's a shame DFA [DARK FUCKING ANGEL] couldn't hold it together, 'cause that album was gonna rip. I think, anyway. DARK ANGEL reunion=never gonna happen. We are gonna leave it 'legendary.' Why blow the myth? And oh, we would, believe me...

"Peter from DARKANE finally got to play his own kit, and damn! He's good, too! DARKANE is really stormin'. Fast, meaty, aggro thrash metal, played really well. What else do you need? They go on first, so do not miss 'em. Burton [C. Bell, FEAR FACTORY vocalist] and I just did a quick radio interview together at WKLQ, here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was a FEAR FACTORY interview that I just tagged along to. Burt did most of the talking, and I just pretty much said, 'Yeah, what he said,' in my best Barry White voice...

"Tonight's show should rock, and I'm sure we'll piss off all the rednecks...it's what we do..."

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Firewind Working With New Vocalist

FIREWIND, the Greek power metal act led by guitarist Gus G. (DREAM EVIL, ARCH ENEMY), have posted the following message on their official web site:

"As many of you know by now from other online sources, Chity Somapala [vocals] has decided to leave FIREWIND due to 'personal reasons.' But this doesn't mean that FIREWIND stops right here! We're already working with an incredible new vocalist and have eight brand new songs that kick ass!!

"Due to Chity's sudden departure, our plans for an extensive European tour this fall had to be cancelled. But we will be back on the road as soon as the new album is completed.

Although nothing's confirmed by now, we're looking at entering the studio in late January/early February 2006.

"More details and new singer info to follow soon."

FIREWIND's third album, "Forged by Fire", received its long-overdue U.S. release in July via Magick Records (a division of Cleopatra Records).

Somapala originally joined FIREWIND in early 2004 as the replacement for Stephen Fredrick. Chity appeared on "Forged by Fire", which was produced by band leader/guitarist Gus G. and mixed by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. Guest musicians on the album included former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman and ex-TESTAMENT/DEATH axeman James Murphy.

Gus G. recently toured with ARCH ENEMY on Ozzfest 2005 as the group's touring guitarist after Christoper Amott bowed out of that band in order to "fully concentrate on his studies at home in Sweden," according to ARCH ENEMY axeman Michael Amott.

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Deicide Gets Jack Owens And Ralph Santola

Earache Records has posted the following message on DEICIDE's recent happenings:

"Things are going good." stated a good hearted Glen Benton when
asked how things were going with DEICIDE. The band has alot coming up, a tour of the UK and Europe, new band members and alot more on the horizon. Some new blood has entered DEICIDE in the form of Jack Owens (Ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE) and Ralph Santolla (Ex-DEATH, ICED EARTH). Jack and Ralph will be the new ax-wielders of the sinister DEICIDE and Glen Benton looks forward to the new lineup; "Everyone is getting along great. I'm excited to get out there and play again without any hassles," stated Benton.

When spoken to recently, Glen expressed excitement about the upcoming DEICIDE UK and European Tour. A devastatingly brutal 23 shows in 23 days spanning across the England, Ireland, and much of continental Europe, this tour promises to fulfill all the dark wishes of their European fans. DEICIDE are just about ready to be back on top and bringing their satanic metal to the masses and they start with this tour which is sure to leave Europe in rubble following the "dark mass" that occurs when DEICIDE performs.

Following the tour the band are looking forward to putting some newly written material onto record. "The new material is the heaviest shit we've ever written." said Benton, "This is sure to be heaviest record Since Legion." Along with an upcoming recording session, the band have tentative plans to tour South America come January and February which should truly spread the heart of darkness throughout the continent.

The band who set the standard for Death Metal more than a decade ago are prepared to re-write that standard for a new century and school a whole new generation on just how its done. We look forward to everything DEICIDE has to offer us in the last months of 2005 and the oncoming 2006 year.

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Death Live DVD and Deluxe Edition CD Coming

On November 11, Nuclear Blast records will release the DVD "Death: Live in Cottbus." It will include all the press pictures from the "The Sound of Perseverance" era as well. Also, a new DELUXE edition of "The Sound of Perseverance" will contain "Live in Cottbus" as a bonus DVD. The "Live in Cottbus" tracklist will be the same as "Live in LA". Both releases will be available through the Nuclear Blast online shop.

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James Murphy Gives An Update

Guitarist/producer extraordinaire James Murphy (TESTAMENT, DEATH, OBITUARY) has issued the following update:

"Hi everyone. I'm sorry for dropping out. I've been dealing with my grandmother's illness and passing. Several weeks ago she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, quite large and inoperable. She has always been a major part of our family life and an 'anchor,' if you will, always there for me with a place to stay and a meal throughout the ups and downs of my career, not to mention her unconditional love.

"Dealing with the emotional side and logistics of always having at least one family member in the hospital with her... And now with the family handling all her final business... It's been overwhelming and ongoing. Her funeral was last week and I have begun to see the light of day again finally.

"Even with these issues I managed to get more recording for the DEATH tribute [album] done. On the day of my grandmother's funeral, after the services, I made the trip to Tampa to record the singer of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN... And only two days before (one day after she passed) I traveled to Orlando to record the bassist of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. It was hard for me to focus but I couldn't lose the opportunity to have these two great musicians on 'Within The Mind'. Their performances for Chuck's [Schuldiner] memory transcend the difficult circumstances I recorded them under.

"I also want to take a moment to express my sadness about the passing of Piggy [of VOIVOD]. I have no words that haven't already been spoken more eloquently than I can manage at this moment. I was given the first two albums as a gift and when number three, 'Killing Technology', came out I was at the store the day it was released. Some months later I stood outside at Janis Landing in St. Petersburg to see the tour and buy the T-shirt. Piggy was, and is, an inspiration."

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Choosing Death... In Stores Now

"Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore" is available in stores. The book, published by Feral House, revisits critical moments in the history of the grindcore and death metal genres. “Choosing Death: The Original Soundtrack,” the Relapse Records companion CD compilation to “Choosing Death” featuring classic tracks from Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Death, At the Gates, and many more in addition to exclusive, never-before-heard songs from Nihilist (pre-Entombed), Suffocation and Pig Destroyer, is also available.

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Carcass Frontman Pays Tribute To Schuldiner

Jeff Walker, who fronted seminal death metalheads Carcass, will join Finnish band To Separate The Flesh From The Bones on December 19 for a live performance. This happens in Tampere, Finland at a show called 'The Fragile Art Of Existence – Tribute To Chuck Shuldiner'. All proceeds will go to charity.

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CKY Guitarist On Death Tribute, Side Project

CKY guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller has issued the following update on the highly anticipated DEATH tribute album "Within The Mind - In Homage To The Musical Legacy Of Chuck Schuldiner", his FOREIGN OBJECTS side project (featuring legendary ex-DEATH/TESTAMENT guitarist James Murphy) and the upcoming CKY album:

"It's been a while since anyone has heard an update on the DEATH tribute album and I'd like to take the oppurtunity to fill everyone in. the rumors of it not happening are completely untrue. James Murphy was recently at my home recording my rhythm tracks and solos and I must say that i was blown away by the quality, sounds and performances of the drum tracks. It blows my mind that what started out as a phone conversation idea between James and I has snowballed into a celebration honoring the work of the late great Chuck Schuldiner, involving over 30 musicians from all genres of music, from Luc Lemay of GORGUTS to Andrew W.K. I want to take the time to thank James Murphy for his hard work in capturing amazing performances from Richard Christy [ex-ICED EARTH] and Dave Culross [MALEVOLENT CREATION] among others, and his dedication to the project. There is still much work to be done, as James has been travelling the world to record the project so it will take some time but will be well worth the wait. DEATH helped propell all of our bands and projects into fruition, and it's an honor to give back and celebrate his history with the blessing of the Schuldiner family.

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Message From Chuck Schuldiner's Mom

The mother of the late Chuck Schuldiner, guitarist for Death, has posted this message on www.emptywords.org:

Hello everybody,

This message is to let you know that I have no more Symbolic shirts for sale, and no more medium Let The Metal Flow shirts, just the large and x-large. You let me know you wanted that design and there has been a tremendous response to it. In response to your questions, I am going to have another design as soon as I decide which one to use. Then I will make sure there is more of a variety in sizes, though the large is by far the most requested.

Also, as requested, there is more variety of merchandise in the planning stages, but I will let you know more about that later. I am also talking with someone about a memorial shirt and a tribute shirt, so as soon as I make a decision about that I will be sure to tell you on the emptywords site.

I know only too well that December 13th is approaching and some of you have asked how to contribute to a memorial. I have taken some of the contributions from the past year to have a memorial plaque put on a pathway in North Carolina, I had Chuck and his brother, Frank, together on that plaque. The location has a special meaning for our family. I have two more planned and will let you know about them in the near future.

As for a memorial contribution this time, it would be a great tribute to Chuck, as always, if you would make a donation to The Brain Tumor Society in Chuck's name, address below. Although Chuck did not have a brain tumor, the more rare brainstem tumor he had is also included in the research for a cure. All money is 100% used in the research, no large salaries and bonus benefits for the executives as it is in so many of these organizations. This is the greatest single thing you can do in memory of Chuck. The address:

Brain Tumor Society
124 Watertown Street
Suite 3H
Watertown, Massachusetts 02472 / USA

If you prefer to donate online, I will email you a form. If you have questions about the album or anything at all, you can reach me at mfbccj@yahoo.com for a personal answer, as always.

Take care,
Jane Schuldiner

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Headline News

Richard Christy Wins Howard Stern Show Spot

Richard Christy was announced the winner of the contest to replace Stuttering John on the Howard Stern show and will soon begin a three-month tenure as a staff member on the show. Christy left Iced Earth amidst touring a couple months ago so that he could audition for the part on the Stern show.

UPDATE: Richard Christy has issued an open letter about winning Stuttering John's job. Apparently he received 31 percent of the votes on the "Get John's Job!" voting web site, and Christy spent all of last week on the show and was considered a favorite to land the gig from the very beginning. Christy's letter reads as follows:

"Richard (Hey KC) Christy here, it definitely still hasn't sunk in that I actually won John's job! Winning today was a very surreal feeling, but then getting hammered by the other contestants quickly brought me back down to earth! Today was truly a dream come true for me and I was honored to stand next to all of the talented people who were finalists in the 'Get John's Job' contest. I would like to thank Howard and the gang for the opportunity to compete in this audition. I would like to thank my family, friends, all the Howard Stern fans, and all of my fellow 'metal heads' for voting for me! I would also like to thank my friends Tom and Omar for letting me stay with them while I've been in New York the past two weeks. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am about the opportunity to contribute to the show! I have notebooks and hard drives full of ideas that I can't wait to present to Howard! It was also hilarious seeing Chaunce in a dress, but it was disturbing when he showed everyone his 'man worm' in the greenroom. It was also great when Sal rubbed Chaunce's hat in the crack of his ass, and then Yucko dipped his hairy walnuts into it! I also loved when Jeff the Drunk called in and was pissed at me! I wasn't feeling the drunken love from him this morning and I really hope that he doesn't speak for all drunks! Well, I'm not sure what more I can say about how excited I am! I love New York and I love 'The Howard Stern Show' and I am honored that I won the greatest job that I could ever dream of having! Thank You!"

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Vote Richard Christy For Howard Stern Gig

You can help out Richard Christy (DEATH, LEASH LAW, ex-ICED EARTH, CONTROL DENIED), who quit his ICED EARTH gig for a chance to get Stuttering John's job on The Howard Stern Show, by voting for him here.

It would be a very positive thing for metal if he were to win such a high-profile position on a nationally syndicated radio show.

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SBT Guitarist Talks About Death Tribute

In a public statement, SINGLE BULLET THEORY guitarist Matt Difabio took the chance to update people on the upcoming DEATH tribute CD:

"As most of you may know, I had the unbelievable chance to perform on the tribute to Chuck Schuldiner. During the recording of the new SINGLE BULLET THEORY disc, James Murphy and I took a night aside and I tracked the vocals for the song "spirit crusher" (originally on The Sound of Perseverance). I just wanted to say how wonderful it is being given the opportunity to be able to give something back to the legend that influenced me so very much. For those of you who always seem to having something negative to say about EVERYTHING...wait till the disc comes out to judge anyone's ability or "worthiness" to be part of it. So far James has assembled a killer cast of performers and from the tracks I have heard so far, everyone has done a fantastic job. Long live the memory of Chuck and long live the legacy of his believe in what heavy music should be."

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Death's Videos Posts Online

Both of Death's official videos (for The Philosopher and Lack of Comprehension) are now available through EW. Check out the new downloads page on EmptyWords.org.

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Illegimitation Update

German brutal Black / Death metal band have posted the following update on their website:

"We`ve booked the well known Mastersound Studios of Alex Krull (Atrocity, Belphegor, Sinister...) for two and a half weeks in August this year.

The guestmusicians are Paul Masvidal (ex-Death / ex-Cynic), Victor Bullok (Dark Fortress / The Shroud) and Alex Stütz (Seraph of Pestilence / St. Luzifer)."

Illegimitation will play at the Walpurgis Metal Days (April the 30th/May the 1th) together with Sodom, Haemmorrhage, Disastrious Murmur, Blood and others. Azmo (Tamisra) will help out at the bass guitar exclusively at this Festival.

New gigs are still in preparation for autumn/winter 2004; a second tour, this time together with Human Bloodfeast, Sycronomica and a great headliner is being confirmed now.

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Jane Schuldiner To Release Control Denied Album

Jane Schuldiner, mother of late DEATH/CONTROL DENIED frontman Chuck Schuldiner, has issued another statement in response to continuing reports that the now-defunct Hammerheart Records (currently operating under the name Karmageddon Media) will be releasing the unfinished sophomore album from CONTROL DENIED this spring.

As previously reported, Chuck, who passed away in December 2001 after a battle with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor, began work on the album (tentatively titled "When Machine and Man Collide") in 2001 but never managed to complete the effort before his health quickly deteriorated in the months leading up to his tragic death. The remaining members of the group — bassist Steve DiGiorgio, vocalist Tim Aymar, guitarist Shannon Hamm, and drummer Richard Christy — subsequently announced their desire to complete the CD and release it in Chuck's memory, but legal hassles between Schuldiner's family and Hammerheart Records (to whom Chuck was signed at the time of his death) put the entire project on hold.

The following is Jane Schuldiner's statement regarding Hammerheart Records' plans to release the incomplete recordings without the family's consent:

"Hello fans/friends, I have read of plans to release, unauthorized, Chuck's raw music on CD. In response to that news let me say that any demo of Chuck's released by Karmageddon will be put on EmptyWords (www.emptywords.org) by the Schuldiner family to download for free."

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James Murphy Updates On Within The Mind Project

Former TESTAMENT/DEATH guitarist James Murphy has issued the following update regarding his upcoming DEATH tribute project, "Within The Mind - In Homage To The Musical Legacy Of Chuck Schuldiner" (web site), tentatively due in June through Holland's Mascot Records:

"This past Saturday [Feb. 21] I traveled to Orlando to Richard Christy's [ICED EARTH, ex-DEATH, CONTROL DENIED] warehouse where he and I practiced the songs which he will be playing on for the 'Within The Mind' project. on the first passes through the songs we nailed them... it sounded more like we had been playing together for months rather than minutes. Richard is a very disciplined and talented musician and clearly those traits, along with his love for the music of DEATH and Chuck Schuldiner, have pushed him to put a good amount of his free time into practicing for the upcoming session. The results will be awesome, I'm more than certain.

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