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Band Photo: Death (?)

Formed: 1983
From: Orlando, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Jeff Wagner Discusses Influence and Impact of Prog

Jeff Wagner, author of the upcoming definitive book on progressive metal (scheduled for release in Autumn 2009), former Metal Maniacs editor and current The End Records staffer, has been interviewed by the Noise Pollution blog of James Mayse.

THE END RECORDS staff member Jeff Wagner. Scheduled for release in Autumn 2009, the book will detail the common movements of pioneers like OPETH, WATCHTOWER, VOIVOD, ATHEIST, DREAM THEATER, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, CELTIC FROST, SIGH, and FATES WARNING — metal bands who have gone against the tide of tradition and conservatism. Linked by a desire to push heavy metal forward, these varied bands with a couple hundred other black sheep form the hard-to-pin-down category of "progressive metal."

Here's an excerpt:

We haven’t talked at all about death metal. I find much early death metal rather one-note (or one-grunt), but the genre is showing almost as much variation now as is black metal. What was the first band to take death metal’s “traditional” sound and expand it?

Wagner: That’s the chapter I’m elbow-deep in writing right now. It’s a tough call. Celtic Frost were considered a death metal band as much as a thrash or black metal band back in the day, and when they released ‘Into the Pandemonium’ in 1987, it was a total radicalization of all that. But I think what you’re talking about is the purer late ‘80s/early ‘90s death metal sound. Around 1990/1991, several bands began expanding the sound and taking it into a more experimental and/or technical area. I think of Disharmonic Orchestra (‘Not To Be Undimensional Conscious’) and Atrocity (‘Hallucinations’ and ‘Todessehnsucht’) in Europe, and here in the states the first that come to mind are Death’s ‘Human’ album and Atheist’s ‘Unquestionable Presence.’

Read the full article at Noise Pollution Blog.

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Denial Fiend Announce Tour Dates

DENIAL FIEND, the Tampa, Florida-based band featuring in its ranks Terry Butler (SIX FEET UNDER, ex-MASSACRE, Ex-DEATH), Kam Lee (ex-MASSACRE, ex-MANTAS), Curt Beeson (NASTY SAVAGE, LOWBROW) and Sam Williams (DOWN BY LAW, PSEUDO HEROES), will be playing the Fuck The Commerce Fest in Germany on May 2nd. The festival appearance will be proceeded by a club show at Kulturwerk 118 in Zurich Switzerlandý. Also check out DENIAL FIEND at the Darkfest in Orlando, FL at the Dungeon on April 26th.

Guitarist Sam Williams Comments: "We have a lot of appearances in and out of the US coming up and these are the first few to kick it all off. We had an amazing time at the LA Murderfest and hope that the rest of our upcoming shows will be halfway as good as that."

Upcoming DENIAL FIEND dates are as follows:

April, 26 - Dungeon - Darkfest - Orlando, Florida
May, 2 - Kulturwerk 118 - Zurich - Switzerlandý w/ Massacre
May, 3 - Altes Lager - Fuck The Commerce Fest - Juterbog - Berlin w/ Massacre
July, 19 - The Canopy Club - Central Illinois Metalfest - Urbana - Illinois w/ Incantation More...

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The Absence Schedule Florida Tour Dates

Tampa, Florida-based melodic thrash metal band THE ABSENCE — which recently announced the addition of drummer Justin Reynolds to the group's ranks — has scheduled the following dates:

Apr. 03 - The AKA lounge - Orlando, Florida
Apr. 04 - Bourbon Street - New Port Richey, Florida
Apr. 05 - Churchill's - Miami, Florida

THE ABSENCE's cover of TESTAMENT's "Into the Pit" has been posted on the band's MySpace page. The track comes off the group's sophomore CD, "Riders of the Plague", which was released on August 7, 2007 via Metal Blade Records. The album was recorded at Mana Studios in Florida with Swedish producer Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY, CARNAL FORGE). Mixing duties were handled by Jonas at his Black Lounge studios in Avesta, Sweden. The CD features guest appearances by guitarists James Murphy (DEATH, TESTAMENT), Jonas Kjellgren, Per Nilsson (SCAR SYMMETRY) and Santiago Dobles (AGHORA) as well as guest vocals by Jonas Granvik (WITHOUT GRIEF, EDGE OF SANITY). More...

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Death Tribute To Air On French Canadian Television

The French-Canadian TV channel Télé-Québec will present a special report on the benefit concert to honor late DEATH/CONTROL DENIED mastermind Chuck Schuldiner, which took place on December 12, 2007 at the Theatre Imperial in Quebec City, QC, Canada. "Méchant Contraste" producer Marc Bergeron and his team followed the production process of the concert, which which featured the local DEATH cover band SYMBOLIC alongside guest musicians Bobby Koelble (guitarist on DEATH's "Symbolic" album), Shannon Hamm (guitarist on DEATH's "The Sound of Perseverance" album), Scott Clendenin (bass on DEATH's "The Sound of Perseverance" album), Daniel Mongrain (MARTYR), Marc-André Gingras (QUO VADIS), Jonathan Lee (THE AUTUMN OFFERING, ex-ACHERON; ex-DEATH drum roadie for Richard Christy on "The Sound of Perseverance" tour), and Nick Barker (ex-DIMMU BORGIR/CRADLE OF FILTH drummer). The report will focus on the different steps that were taken by the event's organizers while putting the show together, the building of the stage and behind-the-scenes footage. As well, there will be interviews with Antoine Baril, Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin, Bobby Koelble and Alexis Robitaille.

The program will air on Monday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m. and will be broadcasted again on Wednesday, March 5 at 1:00 a.m., Friday, March 7 at 1:30 p.m. and Sunday, March 9 at midnight.

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Former Death Members Auditioning Singers

Guitarist Shannon Hamm (ex-DEATH, CONTROL DENIED) has issued the following update:

"Jonathan Lee (drums; ex-Death drum roadie for Richard Christy on The Sound Of Perseverance tour), Scott Clendenin (bass on Death's The Sound Of Perseverance), Bobby Koelble (guitarist on Death's Symbolic album), and myself (guitar) have begun the writing process for a new metal project which is sure to be revolutionary! At this point we've not yet decided on a name, however, we are currently accepting demos, recordings, promos, or whatever from anyone who may be interested in auditioning for the vocalist position. This way we will already have an idea of who we want by the time the record is complete. Unfortunately, we really aren't sure yet what direction the vocals will take, so send anything you have. We are wide open, male or female, no particular preference. However, we all really like the vocals of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE if it is any help in the elimination game. Someone with versatility, powerful, melodic, clean, nasty, aggressive, all in one. Please send all submissions to beyondunknown67@gmail.com. 2008 is going to KICK ASS!!!

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More Big Name Drummers Announce NAMM Signings

Pearl Drums is hosting an autograph session at this year's Winter NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants), which runs from January 17 to January 20 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The signing will take place at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 19 at the Pearl booth. It will feature some of the best-known artists in rock and metal, including the following:

Adrian Erlandsson (CRADLE OF FILTH, NEMHAIN)
Barry Kerch (SHINEDOWN)
Craig Nunenmacher (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY)
Johnny Kelly (TYPE O NEGATIVE)
Matt McDonough (MUDVAYNE)
Morgan Rose (SEVENDUST)

Important: The NAMM Show is **NOT** open to the public. The only attendees are NAMM member companies and their invited guests.

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1988 Death Rehearsal Recordings Posted Online

MetalKult.com has just posted six MP3 audio files from a 1988 DEATH rehearsal.

In January 1988, the members of DEATH convened in Orlando, Florida, to rehearse six of the songs that would eventually wind up on the band’s second and highly influential album, "Leprosy".

The tracks captured during that rehearsal are as follows:

01. Left to Die
02. Open Casket
03. Pull the Plug
04. Choke on It
05. Born Dead
06. Forgotten Past

The DEATH lineup at the time included guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schuldiner, guitarist Rick Rozz, bassist Terry Butler and drummer Bill Andrews.

You can download these mp3s from MetalKult.com here.

DEATH's classic 1995 album "Symbolic" will be reissued in March 2008 via Roadrunner Records. The remastered LP will include the original album tracks plus several previously unreleased, ultra-rare, mostly instrumental demo recordings that were completed in early 1994 with the lineup of Chuck Schuldiner (guitar), Gene Hoglan (drums) and Steve DiGiorgio (bass). The package will also come with brand new liner notes written by longtime metal journalist Don Kaye.

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Recordings Of Death Tribute Show Online

Canadian band Symbolic - "the ultimate Death tribute" - have updated their MySpace page to stream tracks recorded on December 12th at Quebec City's Theatre Imperial during the benefit gig in honor of fallen metal hero Chuck Schuldiner (Death, Control Denied). You can check out the recordings at this location.

For the above mentioned "tribute show," Symbolic shared the stage with Bobby Koelble (Symbolic album), Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin (The Sound Of Perseverance album), Daniel Mongrain (Martyr), Marc-André Gingras (Quo Vadis), Jonathan Lee (The Autumn Offering, ex-Acheron), and Nick Barker (ex-Dimmu Borgir/Cradle Of Filth drummer).

All the profits from the show, which was recorded for an upcoming DVD release, will be divided between Schuldiner's foundation for cancer research and a local foundation.

You can also check out the photos from the show at Capitale du Metal.

The setlist was as follows: More...

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Remembering Chuck Schuldiner

December 13, 2007 marks the 6th anniversary of Chuck’s passing. EmpyWords.org, the Death and Control Denied fan site, continues to dig up interviews with Chuck and other band members. They have posted an excerpt of an interview that Chris Reifert did for Metal Rules earlier this year. At that time it was exactly 20 years ago that Chuck & Chris would conquer the world with this “two man Death machine” on SBG.

They also have three interviews from the Moroccan Zero Tolerance Webzine: an interview with Tim Aymar, an interview with Sean Reinert, and an interview with Bobby Koelble. And finally they've added a recent interview with Kelly Conlon (Death’s bassist on Symbolic) also from the Zero Tolerance Webzine.

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Gene Hoglan To Play With Forbidden

Legendary drummer Gene Hoglan (DARK ANGEL, DEATH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, TESTAMENT) has issued the following update:

"I'm currently in Stockholm, Sweden, after just returning from a highly successful and awesome string of dates in Italy with my bitches, MELDRUM.

"I'd like to say a big thank you and hello to all our friends and fans who came to the shows; you guys are great! I must admit, your women are beautiful, but I had to travel all the way to Italy to eat the worst pizza ever. Not once, but twice! But another thank you must go out to our promoter/hosts, Gianrico and the lovely Fiorenza. And, I do need to thank my MELDRUM bitches for taking such good care of me over there. I was like a spoiled kid most of the time, so my heart and thanks go out to them for lookin' out for me.

"And let me tell ya, a week on the road turns them bitches HORNY! Their palpable lust for Mandingo was replaced with one for Rocco Siffredi, and one could only imagine the pillow fights and hot-oil rubdowns that occured in their hotel rooms on a nightly basis. That's what girlies do every night, right? Hee hee. I don't know, but these bitches were smart, they got me my own room every night, probably 'cuz the only thing I do louder than play drums is SLEEP. Could well be that was why...

"So now, we have another couple of shows in Sweden, then I have to go back early to play one DETHKLOK show at an undisclosed location in the States.

"Speaking of DETHKLOK, what a blast that quick tour was. Getting to play with the MASTERFUL musicians that were Misters Kenneally, Beller, and Small; wow, talk about heaven. I was definitely the SCRUB musician on that stage every night, believe me. And, say what you want about the show, I love it, and the live show was waaaaay cool! I had to crack up during the set quite a few times in the beginning, 'til I got used to some of the dialogue.

"Anyway, I think the live show is really sharp, and I strongly suggest all metalheads check us out if we come near your town in 2008.

"As for 2008, it too will be pretty chaotic, and one of the things I'm most looking forward to is being a part of the 'reunion of the year,' in my opinion, which involves the return of the mighty FORBIDDEN. As I understand, Mr. Bostaph [Paul Bostaph; TESTAMENT, ex-SLAYER, FORBIDDEN, EXODUS] has prior commitments, so my FORBIDDEN brethren reached out to me and I was very honored to say yes. I'm sure more details will come from their camp soon, but I just wanted to make a quick mention of it right here. I'll keep everyone posted with some updates soon.

"As for a DVD update, I thank everyone's impatience in this matter, and yes, I KNOW I promised it's release months ago, but as I'm a bit of a control freak (only in this matter, I assure you), and this schedule of mine over the past few months has been pretty brutal, I've just needed all this time to get it done right. It won't be perfect, but it will be something I can be proud of, and hopefully something you'll be proud to have in your collection.

"Also, a GIANT THANK YOU to all who have purchased a GENESHIRT, whether manly or girlie. WOW! We've just re-ordered, due to selling out of most of the first pressing. Very cool, and quite unbelievable, guys, so again, thank you!

"Now, as everyone in the metal world knows, the holidays for all of us now are forever bittersweet. With rememberences for the loss of Chuck and Dime, and now with the untimely passing of our new brother Vitek, the holiday cheer might not seem so, I don't know...cheery. But, I'm sure a crestfallen feeling would be the last thing any of these gentlemen would want from us, so with a glass in one hand and horns raised in the other, we remember our fallen brothers with a...smile. And maybe a cranking-up of the volume.

"Thanks for listening, everybody. A happy holidays to all of ya..."

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Nick Barker Added To Death Tribute Show

The Canadian Tribute to DEATH and founder Chuck Schuldiner is being held on December 12th at the Theatre Imperial in Quebec City, QC. Organizer Martin Bouchard has issued the following update:

"We have two more names to announce for our ultimate Death tribute gig. The seventh name is a bit less known to the many Death followers but he was a part of their history. On the Perseverance tour, he was Richard Christy's drum tech ... Jonathan Lee. Over the last few years, he's been involved with THE AUTUMN OFFERING (studio) and ACHERON.

The eighth name will complete the lists of drummers. He's one of the most respected drummers in the metal community. He's been a member of CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR and many more ... Nicholas Barker.
Death is one of his favorite bands and Gene Hoglan one of his influence.

Now, a little more about the way things will work on that special night:

VIP ticket holders will be allowed in the venue 30 minutes before the rest of the crowd. They will also be a part of the private party to be held right after the show with all the musicians and organizers. Every VIP will receive a poster of the show to be signed by the musicians of their choice. All proceeds of the night will be donated to the late Chuck Shuldiner's foundation as well as a local foundation taking care of sick children."

Musicians confirmed to take part in the Canadian Tribute To DEATH:

1- Nicholas Barker (ex-Dimmu Borgir ex-Cradle Of Filth, etc)
2- Jonathan Less (The Autumn Offering, ex-Acheron)
3- Antoine Baril (SYMBOLIC)

1- Scott Clendenin (Death 1996-1999)
2- Alexis Robitaille (Symbolic)
3- Daniel Perron (ex-Symbolic)

1- Shannon Hamm (Death 1996-2001)
2- Bobby Koelble (Death 1995)
3- Ralph Santolla (Death 1993, OBITUARY, ex-DEICIDE, ex-ICED EARTH)
4- Daniel Mongrain (MARTYR)
5- Marc-André Gingras (QUO VADIS)
6- Matthew Sweeney (Symbolic)
7- Mike Sweeney (Symbolic)

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Obitiuary Guitarist To Play At Death Memorial

Another guest musician has been confirmed for the Canadian Tribute to DEATH: Ralph Santolla (OBITUARY, DEICIDE, Death, etc.). More guests to be announced soon.

As previously reported, Canadian Death tribute band SYMBOLIC will play a tribute show for Death founder Chuck Schuldiner on December 12th at the Theatre Imperial in Quebec City, QC.

Symbolic share the stage with Bobby Koelble (Symbolic album), Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin (The Sound Of Perseverance album) and Daniel Mongrain (MARTYR).

Tickets are on sale on Billetech. There are also be limited V.I.P tickets available. This will allow people to enter the show 30 minutes before doors open, have a meet and greet with the band, free posters of the show and more.

All the profits will be divided between Schuldiner’s foundation for cancer research and a local foundation.

In other benefit news: Two more Tribute Shows are scheduled for December 6th and December 15th (in Italy and Massachusetts).

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Former Death Members Perform At Memorial

DEATH tribute band SYMBOLIC will perform with special guest musicians Bobby Koelble (guitarist on DEATH's "Symbolic" album), Shannon Hamm (guitarist on DEATH's "The Sound of Perseverance" album), Scott Clendenin (bass on DEATH's "The Sound of Perseverance" album) and Daniel Mongrain (MARTYR) at a benefit concert to honor late DEATH/CONTROL DENIED mastermind Chuck Schuldiner on December 12, 2007 at the Theatre Imperial in Quebec City, QC, Canada. The concert will be over two hours long with a few surprises throughout the night. Tickets will go on sale this morning (November 17) at 10:00 a.m. via Billetech. There will also be limited V.I.P tickets available. This will allow people to enter the show 30 minutes before doors open, have a meet-and-greet with the band, free posters of the show and more. All profits will be divided between Chuck's foundation for cancer research and a local foundation.

Chuck Schuldiner passed away On December 13, 2001 at age 34 after a a battle with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor.

Back in December 2006, the Greek edition of Rock Hard magazine published a tribute to late DEATH mastermind Chuck Schuldiner, including statements and stories from many of the people that played with Chuck — such as Kam Lee, Chris Reifert, Terry Butler, Steve DiGiorgio, Richard Christy and Paul Masvidal — plus music industry notables who dealt with Schuldiner, and other musicians, among them Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY), Niklas Sundin (DARK TRANQUILLITY), Donald Tardy (OBITUARY), Alex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSE), Trym (EMPEROR), Dan Lilker (NUCLEAR ASSAULT), Kelly Shaefer (ATHEIST), and Tony Choy (ATHEIST, CYNIC).

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Nevermore Frontman Taps Musicians For Solo Album

NEVERMORE frontman Warrel Dane has tapped James Murphy (ex-TESTAMENT, DEATH, OBITUARY) and Jeff Loomis (NEVERMORE) to play guest solos on his upcoming solo album, which is tentatively due in early 2008. Dane has written about eight tracks with former SOILWORK guitarist-turned-producer Peter Wichers and has also collaborated with ex-HIMSA guitarist Matt Wicklund on a few songs. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "August", "Obey" (described by Dane as "one of my favorite songs that Peter has penned — very heavy and Dirk's [SOILWORK's Dirk Verbeuren] drumming is amazing on this track") and "Messenger". Also included will be a "very metalized cover" of an old SISTERS OF MERCY song.

In a September 2006 interview with Metal-Rules.com, Dane stated about the upcoming solo CD, "I've been working on it for like the last year off and on, just writing songs with Peter Wichers, and at some point we'll finish them then go in the studio . . . It doesn't sound like NEVERMORE, and I think, you know, if it did, there wouldn't be much point in doing a side project. If it sounded like NEVERMORE I think it would be a little redundant . . . Of course it's metal! Kind of like metal-infused hard rock, I think. It's different and it's a chance for me to explore myself — explore myself in other ways! [laughs] Well, for me, and for Peter from SOILWORK as well, it was kind of a chance for us both to 'step outside the box,' because people expect a certain thing from both those bands and with this we don't have to fulfill any expectations. We can do whatever we want." More...

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"20 Years Of Nuclear Blast" Trailer Posted Online

A three-minute trailer for the forthcoming "20 Years of Nuclear Blast" two-DVD set can be viewed below. Due on November 30 via Nuclear Blast, the collection — as the title implies — celebrates the 20th anniversary of the German metal label, featuring two DVDs with almost six hours' worth of footage, including 70 promotional clips and a four-part history of the label hosted by DESTRUCTION bassist/vocalist Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer.

The following clips can be found on the "20 Years of Nuclear Blast" two-DVD set:

01. DIMMU BORGIR - Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
02. IMMORTAL - One By One
03. HYPOCRISY - Scrutinized
04. GOREFEST - The Glorious Dead
05. KATAKLYSM - Manipulator Of Souls
06. BENEDICTION - I Bow To None
07. PUNGENT STENCH - Shrunken And Mumified Bitch
08. BELPHEGOR - Sanctus Perversum
09. NILE - The Language Of The Shadows
10. DEATH - Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
12. DESTRUCTION - The Butcher Strikes Back
13. DEW SCENTED - Cities Of The Dead
14. ANTHRAX - What Doesn’t Die
15. EXODUS - Riot Act
16. DEATH ANGEL - The Devil Incarnate
17. I - Warriors
18. SONIC SYNDICATE - Psychic Suicide
19. CLAWFINGER - The Price We Pay
20. CHIMAIRA - Worthless
21. IN FLAMES - Only For The Weak
22. MESHUGGAH - Future Breed Machine
23. SOILWORK - Exile
24. THE DESTINY PROGRAM - Project Hoax
25. SCAR SYMMETRY - The Illusionist
26. THREAT SIGNAL - Counterbalance
27. MNEMIC - Ghost
28. EKTOMORF - Destroy
29. AGNOSTIC FRONT - Warriors
30. ALL SHALL PERISH - Eradication
31. BLEED THE SKY - God In The Frame
32. DARKANE - Solitary Confinement
33. THE DUSKFALL - Trust Is Overrated
35. WINTERSUN - Winter Madness
36. HAMMERFALL - Hammerfall
37. RIDE THE SKY - New Protection
38. EDGUY - King Of Fools
39. BLIND GUARDIAN - The New Order
41. GOTTHARD - Master Of Illusion
42. RAGE - Full Moon
43. GRAVE DIGGER - Valhalla
44. HELLOWEEN - Immortal
45. STRATOVARIUS - Why Are We Here
46. TAROT - Before The Skies Comes Down
47. THUNDERSTONE - Face In The Mirror
48. COMMUNIC - Conspiracy In Mind
49. THRESHOLD - Slipstream
50. CANDLEMASS - Of Stars And Smoke
51. CATHEDRAL - Corpsecycle
53. AFTER FOREVER - Transitory
54. EPICA - Never Enough
55. ECHOES OF ETERNITY - Voices In A Dream
56. SIRENIA - The Other Side
57. DEATHSTARS - Greatest Fight On Earth
58. SAMAEL - Valkyrie’s New Ride
59. THE KOVENANT - In The Name Of The Future
60. AMORPHIS - The White Swan
61. THERION - Der Mitternachtslöwe
62. CREMATORY - Revolution
63. FARMER BOYS - For The World To Sing
64. PYOGENESIS - Addiction Pole
65. LIQUIDO - Ordinary Life
66. CHROME DIVISION - Serial Killer
68. SUBWAY TO SALLY - Meine Seele Brennt
69. KNORKATOR - Wir werden alle sterben
70. SUCH A SURGE - Mission Erfüllt More...

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Obituary Guitarist Checks In

OBITUARY guitarist Ralph Santolla (also ex-DEICIDE, DEATH, ICED EARTH) has issued the following update via his MySpace page:

"OK, first off — I don't know or do any picking excercises! I'm not into that stuff at all. To the people that keep asking 'how do you play arpeggios?' the temptation to post a video on YouTube of myself playing a bunch of arpeggios and saying 'thusly" is almost too strong to resist. It's a stupid question, not to insult anybody, but the answer is so obvious that it makes me almost burst into flames every time I read one of those emails. As with the fast picking stuff or anything else that I've ever played on guitar, I do this: I decide what notes I want to play, then I work on them, LISTENING to what it sounds like, until it sounds like I want it to. Sometimes it takes years. The point is, I don't know ANY secrets about playing guitar, and there's no fairy dust that you can sprinkle on your guitar (or yourself, if that's how you roll) to make you good or great. To master an instrument requires suffering. It is also a process, not something that can ever be finished. In other words, everyone working on it in the world is on the same continuum (?), just at different points along the way. So if you REALLY want to play great, there's only one way — work. It's like trying to take down a mountain with a toothbrush — you can never finish, just scrape a little more every day. That's what I do.

"Having said that, here's a small piece of advice that will instantly make you more musical, and bring out more of each person's unique sound immediately: When you play or practice (any instrument), start and end your phrases before and after the bar line, or the 'one.' Starting and ending phrases within the measure all the time sounds very amateurish, and is especially a bad habit of a lot of metal guitarists,. Try it, and don't spill your beer in the process, another rookie move."

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Angel of Eden Signs To Lion Music

Lion Music recently announced the signing of Roger Staffelbach's Angel Of Eden. Acclaimed for his unique style, aggressive rhythm playing and his considerable soloing skills over 7 albums with prog metallers Artension, guitarist Roger Staffelbach has served up a potent offering of first class song writing over the ten tracks on the debut Roger Staffelbach's Angel Of Eden album "The End Of Never".

Fuelled by Roger's virtuoso guitar work, the melodic soaring vocals of Carsten "Lizard" Schulz [Evidence One, ex Domain], keyboard wizardry of Mistheria [solo, Bruce Dickinson], the powerhouse drumming of Rami Ali [Evidence One] and thunderous bottom end of Steve Di Giorgio [ex-Testament,ex-Death] along with guest performances from John West [ex-Royal Hunt], David Shankle [ex Manowar] and Ferdy Doernberg [Axel Rudi Pell], "The End Of Never" is a first class album from some of metal most respected names offering lush vocal melodies, pulsating rhythms and virtuoso lead breaks within captivating songs.

Here is the complete "The End of Never" track listing:

01. The End Of Never
02. Dreamchaser
03. Angel Of Eden
04. Return Of The Pharaoh (Pt. I)
05. The Battle Of 1386
06. Into The Black
07. Return Of The Pharaoh (Pt. II)
08. Keys To Avalon
09. Stampede
10. Towards The Light

You can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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The Autumn Offering Replaces Drummer

The Autumn Offering has announced the addition of drummer Allen Royal to their line-up. Here's the official word:

"We are saddened to inform you guys about the loss of our good friend and drummer on our last two albums Nick Gelyon. Nick left on good terms due to some personal issues and the situation is unfortunately out of our control. He was our brother and we will sorely miss him!

Due to the timing of this situation, we enlisted the help of our friend Jon Lee (ex-Death drummer) to track the drums on [our] new album. We want to thank Jon very much for helping us out to get this album done!

We have a new drummer now that we will be touring with, his name is Allen Royal."

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Gene Hoglan Issues Update

Drummer Gene Hoglan formerly of DARK ANGEL, DEATH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and TESTAMENT has issued the following update:


"And Jeez, that was like pulling teeth! What was supposed to be a quick, simple little endeavor took over 8 months from concept to completion. Ho-LEE! All for some stupid SHIRTS!

"But, as you can see the designs, they're bad as fuck, and this initial run of T-shirts and work shirts will range all the way from size medium to 4XL (the 5XLs will be on the next order, ya BALLOONS!), and the girlie-T 'boybeaters' will run from medium to large. Plus, we've got the system down pretty good around here, so your order will get shipped out same day, next day at the latest. And, for those females who would be interested, I'm going to be running a 'Hoglan Hottie of the Month' section over on my website, and how that's gonna work is this; when you buy a shirt and it is delivered to you, take (or have taken) a few shots of yourself modeling it in as sexy a way as you see fit, send 'em in, and you will then be well on your way to that 'T-shirt modeling career' you've always wanted. It's gonna be awesome!

"To order one (or TEN!), just go back to my page, and punch up any of the 3 design pics, and it'll take you directly to my shop!

"Now, I gotta admit, we're still working out the bugs on the 'Shop' end (sorry Europe, for not being able to order shirts! I think we have that bug ironed out now), and that's the main reason I've been waiting to pull the trigger on this whole thing. But, since I just got impatient, and against my advisors here at GHI, I decided to damn the torpedoes and make my little announcement anyway.

"To go along with all of this, my website, HoglanIndustries.com is now also up and running, so stop by and check it out! That is DEFINITELY a work-in-progress, so, cut me some slack on that one. I also have a brand new GeneHoglanMusic page up on Myspace. You can find it here: myspace.com/genehoglanmusic. It'll soon be featuring tons of music from me you don't ordinarily hear too much. Except, right now it's got a buncha stuff you might have heard already, but I'll get one of my lab-coats here at GHI to fix that.

"Now, on to my DVD, 'The Atomic Clock'. I realize that I've been keeping relatively quiet about it of late, but I do want to say that we've completed the filming and editing of it, and it has come out great! I'm really excited! Now, for the last couple weeks while I was in Australia, New Zealand and Alaska with UNEARTH, the minions here at GHI have been finalizing the cover art for it, and it will be going on sale the first couple weeks in September, just past my birthday! What better present can ya give to Gene than by giving yourself the prescence of Gene in your DVD player? I'm all for it! Again, closer to it's release date, I'll be writing a much more detailed account.

"Well, that's about it for that subject for now. Oh, and by the way, for the Aussie fans who will be attended the UNEARTH shows, thanks for buying shirts!

"Speaking of which, I had a real good time jammin' with the boys down there. Ken, a big ball of loud, Slo, my bro and best roomie ever, Mr Phipps, the man commands respect when he walks into a room, and Buz, quite possibly the most hilarious dude to ever be on tour. It was a blast, and I wish them all the best in the future. Yehyehyeh!

"On a quick aside, the tour got off to quite an auspicious start upon touch-down in New Zealand. I'm cruising through customs, when they throw up an X-ray machine upon exiting. Who DOES that? Anyway, they X-ray my stuff, see my contraband, and freak. Alarms, sirens, dogs, screaming guards, high-powered rifles all pointed at my head, the whole shebang. All for the BURRITO I was 'smuggling' from LAX. I'd bought it, taken a bite, and shoved it down to the bottom of my bag, and promptly forgot about it. Oh yeah, I'm kiddin' about the dogs and guards and the whole freak-out part, but it woulda made a way better story if it did happen. Anyway, they take me into the corner and start hittin' me with, 'This is food, you filled out the card that says you're not bringing in food, yet this is food.' And the customs goof has apparently never seen a burrito before, 'cause he's lookin' at it like it's a Martian relic or something. Then he writes it up as a 'meat sandwich,' and I'm like, 'Hey! That's not a 'meat sandwich', it's a burrito!' And he's like, 'A baa…what? How do you spell that?' And I tell him, 'Hey, it ain't my job to teach you how to spell 'burrito', Customs Goof.' Anyway, I do not get off lightly. They charge me TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS right then and there. Jeez! I told 'em, 'I can get rid o' this evidence right here and now, Customs Goof,' but they wanted my dough, not my satisfied belly. Bogus…so, that was the Most Expensive. Burrito. Ever. Damn, I shoulda keistered it…

"Burrito-smuggling. Sounds pervy."

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Denial Fiend Give Recording Update For "They Rise"

DENIAL FIEND, the new project that unites vocalist Kam Lee (Massacre, Death) with bassist Terry Butler (Massacre, Death, Six Feet Under), drummer Curtis Beeson (Nasty Savage), and Sam Williams (Down By Law, Pseudo Heroes) expressed their excitement for the current recording including Mike Browning's (Morbid Angel, Nocternus, After Death) guest vocal spot on the track "Return To The Tombs Of The Cursed Blind Dead" for their latest release "They Rise".

"Mike did a fucking great job, and his signature evil demonic voice just makes the song that much more dark and sinister!" A huge macabre thanks to Mike for his contribution to the album! DENIAL FIEND have been at MANA studios mixing the new album and everything is going mayhem! Brian Elliot is a fucking evil genius behind the board, and is really making our sound complete! Drums are mixed as well as Bass tracks, and we'll be starting with guitars next... then onto the vocals. Everything is fucking blazing and solid and truely captures that raw feel and style that is DENIAL FIEND!"

Additionally DENIAL FIEND are excited to finally get on the road. Recently Kam Lee had some passport problems which hindered their traveling, but now everything has been cleared up and DENIAL FIEND are 100% doing an upcoming tour.

This exceptionally rare, "Massacre Re-animated Tour", will re-unite MASSACRE and lay ground for DENIAL FIENDS's first tour ever. The proposed dates will be from Oct. 25th - Nov.19th of this year through Europe.

Current confirmed dates for the "Massacre Re-animated Tour" featuring Massacre, Jungle Rot, Denial Fiend, Suicidal Angel, Exterminator and Ashura are:

10.26 Berlin (GER) K 17
10.29 Osnabrück (GER) N 8
10.30 Glauchau (GER) Alte Spinnerei
11.01 Adelsheim (GER) Live Factory
11.03 München (GER) Metropolis
11.09 Athen (GREECE) An Club
11.10 Mailand (ITALY) Transylvania Live
11.12 Paris (FRANCE) La Loco
11.13 Saarbrücken (GER) Garage
11.16 London (UK) tba
11.17 Dublin (IRE) Voodoo Lounge
11.18 Manchester (UK) tba

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