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Band Photo: Suspyre (?)

Formed: 2001
From: Flemington, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Suspyre news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Suspyre Streaming Entire New Album

New Jersey prog metal act Suspyre is set to officially release the band's new self-titled album tomorrow, April 10th. The entire album has now been made available for streaming online via Bandcamp or through the player available below. The "Suspyre" track listing is as follows:

1. Chaser
2. Tranquility and Stress
3. The Divided Son
4. Still Bending the Violet
5. The Fire Dancer
6. Cancún
7. Shades...
8. The Cycle
9. The Whispers Never Written
10. The Man Made of Stone More...

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Suspyre Signs With Impulse Music

New Jersey's prog maestros Suspyre have issued the following brief announcement about releasing a new self-titled album via Impulse Music:

"It's official. Impulse Music to release our eponymously titled fourth record worldwide. Release date: April 10th, 2012. Will it be available on iTunes earlier? Quite possibly."

Pre-orders for the album are now online and available through Impulse Music here. Impulse Music also commented on the album: "This collection of music portrays a tonal palette of progressive rock, metal, jazz fusion, funk, and pop. We are very excited to release such a diverse album; fusing the rhythms of funk with the heaviness of metal and harmony of jazz brings new life to the metal genre. We expect to turn heads and drop jaws with this release." More...

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Suspyre Streaming New Track

New Jersey based prog metal act Suspyre has posted a new song online for streaming. Check out the track "The Fire Dancer" through the player available below or via the band's Reverbnation page. "The Fire Dancer" is taken from Suspyre's upcoming new album "The Cycle," which is currently in the final stages of production. More...

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Suspyre Reveals "The Cycle" Artwork

New Jersey prog metal act Suspyre has released the cover artwork online for the band's upcoming "The Cycle" album. Check out the artwork below. A teaser trailer for "The Cycle" is also available here. Details on the album's release date and track listing will be announced as they are made available.

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Suspyre Album Entering The Mastering Phase

New Jersey prog metal act Suspyre will be releasing the band's new fourth full-length album "The Cycle" this year without label support. The band has now checked in with the following brief update about the album's progress:

"Happy New Year everyone - which also means - Happy New Suspyre Album. Finishing touches are being made this week then it's off to be mastered."

To get a taste of what "The Cycle" will have to offer, check out the previously posted teaser trailer by heading over to this location. "The Cycle" will follow-up Supsyre's 2008 opus "When Time Fades..." (reviewed here).

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Suspyre Posts New Album Trailer Online

New Jersey progressive metal band Suspyre has posted the following trailer for their new album, "The Cycle," online:

The band is releasing the new album without label support and is using Kickstarter to fund the album's production.

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Suspyre To Release New Album Without Label

U.S. based prog metal act Suspyre is releasing the band's fourth full-length album this year, tentatively titled "The Cycle." In addition to the music, which is a fusion of metal, jazz, and modern classical, the band is making a DVD that will include candid studio outtakes, a unique look into the making of the music, some live footage, and other material. Suspyre is currently running a Kickstarter campaign seeking donations to make physical copies of the album instead of going with a digital-only release. The band commented:

"Since we decided to release this package without label support, we need fans to help us raise money. Pledging $10 gets you a digital version of the album, and also guarantees the band gets the money upfront so we can afford to duplicate the CDs and DVDs. Instead of a bureaucracy controlling the fate of this release, the fans will.

"If you want the physical CD/DVD release, $25 will get you that, with our autographs. Pledging $50 will add a brand new Suspyre T-shirt, so you can support us by sporting our logo all day. The design will be released soon!

"Our goal was derived based on what it usually costs to release an album; the price of recording (we buy our own equipment!), artwork, duplication, and advertising all add up quickly! We plan to have the album completed by the end of the year and this is impossible without the support of fans like you.

"Thanks to everyone who helped us out! Remember to 'like' us on Facebook for near-daily updates!"

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Suspyre Announces New Album Title

New Jersey prog metal act Suspyre has announced the band's new album, and follow-up to "When Time Fades..." (reviewed here), will be titled "The Cycle." The band has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a physical release of the album. Details can be found at this location.

Suspyre has also filmed a bonus DVD to be included with "The Cycle." A teaser trailer for the DVD is available below.

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Unearthing The Prog Metal Underground

Every week with Unearthing the Metal Underground we reveal three bands that deserve to be heard by a wider audience. After taking a look at experimental metal groups and instrumental bands with plenty of progressive elements, this week we’re heading straight into underground prog metal acts.

Throwing in jazzy interludes, unexpected changes in tempo and style, and usually a heaping dose of 70’s rock influence, prog has helped to keep the metal scene from stagnating and provides plenty of heaviness without always relying on outright brutality. There may be an odd contradiction of an entire genre called “progressive metal,” since the whole idea is that progressive music can’t be lumped into a single category and doesn’t follow the rules or format of a specific sub-genre. That whole sticky issue aside, these three bands explode with non-traditional song structures and a huge range of influences that make them well worth hearing for any fan of the more well known progressive metal acts, from Opeth to Dream Theater and beyond.


New Jersey’s Suspyre is the cream of the crop in the underground prog metal world, with production values and song writing chops on par with any huge name act. The band creates massive Opeth-length tracks, but still maintain consistent quality and amazing transitions across ten minute epics. Suspyre’s soaring power metal influence vocal work is especially worth hearing, and the band does even throw in a few growls here and there for a heavier edge.

The group’s last release was the 2008 “When Time Fades” album (reviewed here), but Suspyre is now working on a fourth album. To check out the act’s take on melodic prog metal, head over to the Suspyre Facebook profile or listen to the songs “The Light of the Fire” and “Siren” in the clips below.


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Suspyre Posts Studio Update Video Online

New Jersey progressive metal band Suspyre has posted new studio video footage online. The clip is taken from an upcoming DVD. Watch the video below:

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Suspyre Posts Studio Update Video Online

New Jersey progressive metal band Suspyre has posted video footage of their drummer Gabe Marshall recording in the studio. The video features scratch guitar and keyboard tracks backing the drums. Watch the video below:

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Suspyre Posts New Demo Song Online

New Jersey progressive metal band Suspyre has posted a demo of a new song, "The Divided Son," on their ReverbNation page.

Guitarist Greg Rossetti has issued the following comments on the demo, "We put up a demo of a song from the new album, previously referred to as TDS. This is the first time I actually mixed an entire Suspyre song; I used to sort of pre-mix stuff, then Rich would finish it up, so it was a big jump for me to do the whole thing. I've done lots of mixing before, but on much different music that didn't have much stuff going on. Just for posterity, I'll try to remember the process of how we recorded this song, and what actually didn't get changed when the mix was done.

"* Drums: Recorded Gabe's playing with 15 mics originally, but by the end, it was much fewer. I wound up using two overheads, an occasional hi-hat mic during the more fancy hi-hat parts, at least three snare tracks (top, bottom, then another with a trigger on it for the crack-ier sound), three toms, and a few kick tracks (the main one is a trigger, then another track for the softer sections is another trigger sound, and there is also a natural kick sometimes)." More...

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Suspyre Issues Studio Update

New Jersey progressive metal band Suspyre has posted studio video footage of their singer Clay Barton recording vocals for their new album. Watch the videos here and here. Guitarist and songwriter Gregg Rossetti comments on the recording session:

"Clay came down to do vocals for the first song we're going to release. April was kind enough to snatch up some vegetable Phad Thai and take some videos and photos."

"We worked really efficiently and actually kept most of the first-draft vocals we did weeks ago; we started around 8 and were done before 11, when Andrew got there. This song is really catchy and even radio-friendly...but then again, with the advent of Sirius XM, I've heard progressive and fusion bands on the radio on a regular basis."

"Now it's my job to clean up all the tracks and do a preliminary mix on the song that makes it listen-able. Maybe we'll release it early next week!"

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Suspyre Posts Studio Video Footage Online

New Jersey progressive metal band Suspyre has posted studio footage of their drummer Gabriel Marshall recording his drum parts. Check out the video below:

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All Three Suspyre Albums Available for Download

Suspyre has posted the following message:

"All three of our albums are available for digital download on various sites.
Check Suspyre out on iTunes -- all three of our albums are there.
If you're a Rhapsody user, "A Great Divide" and "When Time Fades..." are both available for instant streaming.
And of course, there's always Amazon.com.
If you're more into CDs, you can get them (as well as shirts) at our online store.
Thanks for your support!"

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Shadow Gallery Announces New Album Details

Pennsylvania progressive metal band SHADOW GALLERY has announced their 6th studio album, “Digital Ghosts,” will be released on October 26th in Europe and November 3rd in North America via InsideOutMusic.

After the tragic passing of lead singer Mike Baker in October 2008, “Digital Ghosts” introduces new lead singer Brian Ashland and features guest vocal appearances by Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) and Clay Barton (Suspyre) to compliment the release. More...

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Suspyre Reveals New Line-up

New Jersey's Suspyre announced the full line-up prepared for their ProgPower USA showcase debut performance. After the departure of co-founder/guitarist Rich Skibinsky in January, there was some speculation that the band would not be ready to perform on September 10th at the ProgPower USA festival showcase.

Suspyre will be joined by Sam Bhoot on bass guitar, and current band member Andrew Distabile will be performing on guitar. Suspyre also includes Clay Barton (vocals), Gabe Marshall (drums), Gregg Rossetti (guitars/saxophone), and April Sese (keyboards)

“Since my main instrument is guitar, it seemed like the natural thing to do to now play guitar for Suspyre, and find a replacement bassist. I learned bass just to join Suspyre in 2006,” says Andrew Distabile.

Suspyre will also be performing on Sunday, July 26th during the Art of Prog VIII series at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia, and Friday, August 21st at Bar East in New York City.

Suspyre released their third album, "When Time Fades…" on September 30, 2008 through Sensory Records. The band recently performed at ProgPower Europe festival in October 2008. They are now booking for 2010 festivals and tours.

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Suspyre Announces Philadelphia and NYC Shows

Suspyre has announced two shows will the new line-up, which will be announced soon. The details are as follows:

Jul. 26 Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar
$10 at door
21+ w/ ID

Aug. 21 New York, NY - Bar East (downstairs)
$10 at door (mention Suspyre as the band you are there to see)
21+ w/ID
Train: Take the 4/5/6 to 86th St. then walk to 1st avenue, take a left and it's on the west side of the street.

Suspyre will also appear at ProgPower USA in Atlanta, GA on September 10th with Future's End, Vanden Pas and Primal Fear.

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Suspyre Announces New Drummer, Gabe Marshall

SUSPYRE, a progressive metal band from New Jersey, announces after an entire year of auditions that they have a new drummer, GABE MARSHALL.

Gabe discusses joining Suspyre, "As well as being phenomenal musicians, they’re a blast to hang out with. The vibe is great and the shows are going to be killer!" More...

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Suspyre Guitarist, Rich Skibinsky, Leaves Band

NJ progressive metallers, Suspyre, have issued the following update:

"Rich Skibinsky, guitarist and founding member of SUSPYRE, has left the band to pursue other opportunities. An announcement will be made soon about his replacement."

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