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Helloween Photo

Band Photo: Helloween (?)

Formed: 1983
From: Hamburg, Germany
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Helloween news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Helloween To Release Video Collection DVD

The highly influential heavy metal band Helloween will release "Hellish Videos: The Complete Video Collection" on DVD on August 16, 2005, through Sanctuary Visual Entertainment. This DVD, compiled and produced by vocalist Andi Deris, features all the promotional videos ever made by the band.

The 13 tracks include: "Halloween," "I Want Out," "Kids Of The Century," "When The Sinner," "Mr. Ego," "Where The Rain Grows," "Perfect Gentleman," "Power," "The Time Of The Oath," "Forever And One (Neverland)" "I Can," "If I Could Fly" and "Just A Little Sign." These videos appropriately reflect Helloween's musical diversity. The stark, enigmatic "Halloween" shows the band performing in the middle of a forest while "Just A Little Sign" features state-of-the-art, space-themed animation.

Bonus extras include a live version of "Hey Lord!" as well as a photo gallery and behind-the-scenes tour outtakes.

Helloween was formed in Hamburg, Germany. The band quickly earned acclaim and became a major influence in 1980s heavy metal by creating a style known as power metal. Massive success followed, especially in Europe and Japan. Helloween has weathered and overcame tragedy and lineup changes to solidify its position as the world's leading practitioner of power metal for more than 20 years.

The clips gathered on "Hellish Videos: The Complete Video Collection" are for songs from genre-defining albums like "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Pt. 1," "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Pt. 2," "Pink Bubbles Go Ape," "Chameleon," "Master Of The Rings," "The Time Of The Oath," "Better Than Raw," "The Dark Ride" and "Rabbit Don't Come Easy."

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Bloodstock 2005 Nearing Final Lineup

The lineup is close to finalized for Bloodstock 2005 at the Assembly Rooms on 2nd-3rd September. As it stands, there is a wide mix of Thrash, Gothic, Doom, Heavy, Classic, Femme, Power, Metal, and more. The lineup is looking like this:

Friday 2nd September 2005 (Doors 4.00pm) - BATTLE METAL NIGHT


HAMMERFALL (headline)
STORMWARRIOR (+ Kai Hansen exclusive Helloween set)


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Ex-Helloween Frontman To Guest On Edguy Album

Edguy's upcoming EP "Superheroes," due on September 5, will feature a special guest appearance by former Helloween frontman Michael Kiske.

Edguy singer Tobias Sammet comments:

One of the tracks is a bombastic uptempo epic that's reminiscent of a mixture of heavy Queen, Richard Wagner and Avantasia. So it was a MUST to ask Michael Kiske to do some guest vocals.To me, music is about goose bumps, and I had a lot when listening to Michi! To make it fair, we have decided that the CD shall be out in stores for the price of a CD single only! So make sure you persuade your friends that they buy it and don't copy it, maybe quality and value for money could be a promising kind of 'copy-protection!

The "Superheroes" DVD — also due on September 5 — will contain the brand new video clip 'Superheroes', a couple of songs filmed live in Brazil, plenty of "behind-the-scenes" footage, a slide show, an extensive studio report with interviews and a chance to follow Edguy backstage. "Our fans will love the fun part of it and I'm sure to them it's a classic," states Sammet. "And I am sure Edguy haters will hate us even more and will think we are a bunch of wanna-be-funny-gay-idiots."

The DVD will have a running time of approximately 80 minutes and will be available for the price of a DVD-single as well.

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Helloween Announce New Album Title

The new Helloween studio album will be titled "Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy" and will be released on the 31st of October 2005. The new Helloween songs inherit elements that connect to the lyrical concept of the first two highly successful 'Keeper OF The Seven Keys' albums. The new Helloween compositions offer intricate arrangements, many speed changes, gifted drum breaks and epic sounds. A renewed team spirit prevailing during pre-production encouraged the band members to hold intense rehearsal room sessions with a fresh inspiration, resulting in the band choosing "Keeper of The Seven Keys - The Legacy" as the title for their new album. The 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006', is set for November 18th 2005 and will lead the band around the globe for roughly six months.

The first single from the yet-to-be-titled new Helloween studio album (release date October 31st) will be called "Mrs. God” (release date July 4th, Southeast Asia July 6th).

Apart from the title track, the single will contain various bonus features such as an exclusive non album track, one album track and the video for “Mrs. God”, which will be shot in Nueremberg / Germany beginning of May.

Due to a strong positive development of said track during the recording sessions, the band spontaneously decided to favor “Mrs. God” over the previously selected track “Come Alive”.

On November 18th, their world tour will kick off in the Czech Republic. Europe will be toured extensively until end of January; in February the band will be playing in Asia, followed by concerts in North and South America from March on.

Upcoming Helloween tour dates: More...

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Helloween Reveal New Single Details

Contrary to earlier reports, the first single from the yet to be titled new HELLOWEEN studio album (release date October 31st) will now be 'Mrs. God' (release date July 4th, Southeast Asia July 6th). Apart from the title track, the single will contain various bonus features such as an exclusive non album track, one album track and the video for 'Mrs. God', which will be shot in Nueremberg, Germany beginning of May.

Due to a strong positive development of said track during the recording sessions, the band spontaneously decided to favor 'Mrs. God' over the previously selected track 'Come Alive'.

On November 18th, their world tour will kick off in the Czech Republic. Europe will be toured extensively until end of January; in February the band will be playing in Asia, followed by concerts in North and South America from March on.

Confirmed Helloween tour dates are as follows: More...

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New Helloween Band Photos Posted Online

Helloween and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann have parted ways amicably due to musical differences. He has since been replaced by Rawhead Rexx drummer Dani Loeble. New band pictures can be viewed at http://www.helloween.org/news.html and http://www.helloween.org/index2.html.

Loeble has reportedly finished most of the drum recordings for the follow-up to "Rabbit Don't Come Easy." The as-yet-untitled album will be released through SPV later this year.

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Drummer Stefan Schwarzmann Rejoins Accept

Drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (Helloween, U.D.O., Running Wild) has recently become available and will be rejoining legendary German metallers Accept for the 2005 summer festivals. Stefan has performed with the band since the "good old days" when he replaced original drummer Stefan Kaufmann. This officially finalizes the group's summer touring lineup which includes original members Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Wolf Hoffmann (guitar), Herman Frank (guitar) and Peter Baltes (bass). Rehearsals are scheduled for March and April in Hannover, Germany.

Upcoming Accept shows:

May 15 Gelsenkirchen, GER @ Rock Hard Festival
Jun. 04 Bergum, NETH @ Waldrock
Jun. 09 Sölvesborg, SWE @ Sweden Rock Festival
Jun. 12 Bologna, ITA @ Gods Of Metal
Jun. 24 Belgium @ Graspop
Jul. 17 Helsinki, FIN @ Tuska Festival
Jul. 29 Tokyo, JPN @ Shibuya AX
Jul. 30 Tokyo, JPN @ Shibuya AX
Jul. 31 Osaka, JPN @ Namba Hatch
Aug. 02 Nagoya, JPN @ Diamont Hall
Aug. 4–6 Wacken, GER @ Wacken Open Air
Aug. 13 Spain @ Cumpo de futbol
Aug. Switzerland @ TBA

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Helloween Part Ways With Drummer

German power metallers HELLOWEEN have amicably parted ways with drummer Stefan Schwarzmann. The former RUNNING WILD/U.D.O. drummer, who played the drums during the pumpkinheads' "Rabbit Don't Come Easy" world tour, will not be playing for the Hamburg-based band any longer. During the tour it became apparent to Stefan and to the rest of the members of HELLOWEEN that, although things were going extremely well on the human side of things, Stefan and the band did not entirely share the same views musically. Stefan decided to stay to help out the band during their pre-production for the new studio album until a replacement was found.

Dani Löble, highly acclaimed ex-drummer of RAWHEAD REXX, turned out to be the perfect man for HELLOWEEN. Dani, an exceptional talent known to many musical insiders, has already finished most of the drum recordings for HELLOWEEN's follow-up album to "Rabbit Don't Come Easy". HELLOWEEN fans can anticipate awe-inspiring loads of double-bass madness and the trademark HELLOWEEN style of songs and arrangements on their upcoming album

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Michael Schenker Finishes Recording Solo Effort

Michael Schenker has now finished recording new album 'Tales Of Rock 'N' Roll'. It will feature 18 songs in all, with a number of singers guesting. These include Gary Barden and Robin MacAuly.

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"Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004" Details

Armageddon Music have announced a March 21 release date for the "Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004" 3-CD set. The package will feature more than 220 minutes and 38 bands, along with liner notes, photos and information about the annual German metal festival. Here is the complete track listing:

Disc 1:

01. ANTHRAX - "Indians"
02. ANTHRAX - "Only"
03. DESTRUCTION - "Nailed To The Cross"
04. CHILDREN OF BODOM - "Sixpounder"
05. CANNIBAL CORPSE - "Dormant Bodies Bursting"
06. MAYHEM - "Pargans Fears"
07. DEATH ANGEL - "Thicker Than Blood"
08. UNLEASHED - "To Asgaard We Fly"
09. ORPHANAGE - "Five Crystals"
10. EKTOMORF - "I Know Them"
11. EKTOMORF - "Destroy"
12. BAL-SAGOTH - "The Emperial Lexicon"
13. MNEMIC - "Ghost"
14. CATHEDRAL - "Stained Glass Horizon"
15. NEVERMORE - "Enemies Of Reality"

Disc 2: More...

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Helloween Start Recording

Acclaimed German producer/engineer Charlie Bauerfeind (Saxon, Hammerfall, Rage, Blind Guardian) has posted the following update at his official web site:

"Finally we started the pre-production phase of the next Helloween record about a week ago. The guys are already in songwriting and rehearsal mode since [last] month and are working very hard to shape up some truly great songs. I joined them for the first time on 24th of November in their rehearsal room and got some great vibes. Sascha (Gerstner, guitar) and Stefan (Schwarzmann, drums) seem to be solidly integrated now into Helloween and everything was sounding really tight. The keyboards also melt very well into the sound-picture. German keyboard veteran Friedl Amon, who used to mastermind hardrock/'metal' shootingstar formation Revolver in the early '80s, adds some great stuff to the lot. He will handle the keyboard arrangements at his studio in Germany throughout the next months.

"I think we're gonna be starting to record the basic tracks at around middle of December and after a short Christmas break, commence our work 'till March 2005."

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Helloween Pre-production Underway

Helloween guitarist Michael Weikath recently spoke to the band's webmaster, Tony Webster, about several topics, including the current progress of the writing phase of their new album. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Tony Webster: "So what is the band up to?"

Michael Weikath: "We are at rehearsals and collecting material and such. Citing some of the stuff we have and we are listening to the demos everybody has. We are in the middle of arranging stuff. This is kind of the pre-production that we're actually doing this time around and on the November 20th Charlie will come around and do an actual pre-production of the album with what we have so far. I don't know how many tracks we have total. So far we have around 9 songs done and we will continue two and a half weeks more. We will have around 13 tracks for the album and this time everybody is convinced that these songs are great, unlike when I gave the interview for the Dark Ride because we now have good stuff everybody in the band likes. Sascha had some great stuff, in fact everybody came up with great stuff for this album and everybody likes everybody's compositions for the album. I also like the stuff I came up with. We're just working on these songs. Charlie will come in soon and tear everything apart and do a pre-production before the actual production. We also have a new keyboard player here to come up with good ideas and some atmosphereic ideas and he is trying to find an approach of how we work and what we do. He has been playing in bands in Germany for 30 years, he never got famous or anything but he is a top notch keyboard player. He's just like very very clever with what he knows about music and knows a lot about music and he also has produced other bands and projects and he is a friend of Sascha and he said we should ask him to help us. He was also in a German band in 1981 which went to Japan and had great things going for them, they won some contests etc. They were in the English metal charts for 2 months and then they became unlucky because the producer was interested in other things. So this band which began with some much hope and had been so strong did not come along because of stupid misunderstandings and timing or whatever. Its odd but they could have made it from what I know, and its odd that band never emerged and now we have the keyboarder of that band. His name is Friedl."

Read the full article at Helloween.

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Helloween Sign With SPV

Helloween signs a new contract with Steamhammer / SPV The Hamburg, Germany native band which began in the 80's is one of the world's most successful acts, and their style has influenced countless bands over the course of 18 album releases. Helloween is one of the world's biggest live acts, and once again proved it at the Wacken Open Air in front of 40,000 excited fans. In 1987/1988, Helloween were under SPV distribution and brought Manfred Schuetz and SPV the house's first Gold albums for German sales - for 250,000 sold - for the metal masterpieces "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1&2."

Original band member Michael Weikath: "SPV was our cornerstone and that is the basis of a successful partnership." SPV Managing Director: "Helloween is one of the first metal acts that brought the high standard of German heavy metal to the entire world. The amazing success of the first two Gold albums has stayed with me as one of my happiest memories and I'm proud that Helloween have signed directly to us at SPV/Steamhammer for the world."

The band will enter the studio together with producer Charlie Bauerfeind at the end of 2004 and begin the new album. The release is planned for Summer 2005, followed by a world tour for October 2005.

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Helloween Joined By Kai Hansen At WOA Festival

Original Helloween guitarist/co-founder Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) made a surprise guest appearance during Helloween's performance at this past weekend's Wacken Open Air festival, joining the band for the last two songs of their set, "How Many Tears" and "Future World." Pictures of this special occasion can be viewed here (courtesy of Bright-Eyes.de).

The Wacken show marked the end of Helloween's summer festival tour. The band plan on returning to the studio in October to start writing a new studio album. A DVD collection of all the band's promotion-videos, plus some additional unreleased footage, entitled "Hellish Videos," is currently in the works.

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Live Photos Of Earthshaker Festival Posted Online

More live photos of bands performing at the Earthshaker Festival in Germany this past weekend have been posted online here.

Among the bands that appeared were Destruction, U.D.O., In Flames, Helloween and Primal Fear.

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Primal Fear Members To Record With Tribuzy

Primal Fear vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist Mat Sinner will soon start recording their parts for Renato Tribuzy's new album, "Execution."

The musicians met up in Rio de Janeiro, during Primal Fear’s recent Brazilian date in support of their "Devil’s Ground" album, where they talked about the final recording details.

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickenson recorded his parts for the album in April in Los Angeles with producer/guitarist Roy Z, who is also performing on the record.

Execution also features the following list of performers: Michael Kiske (Supared, ex-Helloween), Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween), Magnus Rosén (Hammerfall), Kiko Loureiro (Angra) and Marco Barzo (Thoten).

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Mark Cross Joins Winters Bane

World-class player Mark Cross (ex-Helloween, Metalium) is the new drummer for Winters Bane, and will be performing on the band's upcoming album, to be released later this year. Mark's stellar drumming will add a new dimension to the Winters Bane sound, propelling their new songs to greater heights.

With Mark Cross and vocalist Alexander Koch (ex-Powergod) joining founding members Lou St. Paul (guitars) and Dennis Hayes (bass), Winters Bane's strongest lineup is now in place. The band is very confident that their new album will surpass the material on their classic "Heart Of A Killer" opus, which featured Tim Owens (ex-Judas Priest, Iced Earth) on vocals.

Winters Bane is currently in the studio, with rhythm guitars already finished and drum tracks to be recorded later this month.

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Michael Kiske Finishes Work On Tribuzy's Album

MICHAEL KISKE, formerly of Helloween, has finished recording his parts on Execution, RENATO TRIBUZY's new album. Kiske sings on "Absolution", a song lasting ten minutes, that tells about the effort of a celestial creature (performed by Michael) to save the soul of an infernal creature (performed by Tribuzy) in his dying moment. Execution is scheduled to be released by the end-2004.

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Sweden Rock Festival Update

The 2004 edition of the Sweden Rock Festival is set to take place June 10th - 12th in Solvesborg, Sweden. Organizers have announced the addition of more bands to the bill for the festival. Newly added acts include: HELLOWEEN, TESTAMENT, IN FLAMES, ASTRAL DOORS and GRAND MAGUS.

The list of confirmed bands for Sweden Rock 2004 is as follows: More...

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Helloween Confirmed For Wacken

Veteran German power metallers HELLOWEEN have been officially confirmed for the 2004 edition of Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 5-8, 2004 in Wacken, Germany.

According to an official newsletter from the festival's organizers, next year's event will be a celebration of the festival's 15th anniversary with special performances by "new hits, old hits, reunions, newcomers and top acts."

The list of bands currently scheduled to appear at the festival is as follows: More...

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