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Cannabis Corpse

Cannabis Corpse Photo

Band Photo: Cannabis Corpse (?)

Formed: 2006
From: Richmond, VA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Cannabis Corpse Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Cannabis Corpse.


Cannabis Corpse Shares Some Baked Wisdom

The death metal hooligans from Cannabis Corpse are just about to embark on a hazy, smoke-filled trek across the U.S. supporting new album "From Wisdom To Baked" (reviewed here - and be sure to pick up your copy if you haven't yet at Bandcamp).

Metalunderground.com is (s)toked to be sponsoring the cross-country tour, which kicks off November 28th. Find full dates for the live incursion over at this location.

Before the festivities officially kick off, Cannabis Corpse checked in with us to explain the curious lack of weed-legal states on the tour itinerary, and discuss the recruitment of new member Brandon Ellis and the recording of "From Wisdom To Baked." Check out the full interview below. More...

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Cannabis Corpse Pot-tificates on New Album & Tour

Although started by Municipal Waste bassist Phil “Landphil” Hall and his brother Josh “Hallhammer” Hall, the idea for Cannabis Corpse predates Municipal Waste. “…we were smoking pot watching Cannibal Corpse on television. Josh and I were teenagers. We came up with the idea when we were seventeen, which was like ’99, but we didn’t get around to actually getting a real band together until 2006,” explains Phil Hall.

Seven years seemed an appropriate amount of time to grow and cultivate this idea. After all, this was the Hall brothers’ ultimate homage to the things they like best in life—weed and death metal. In 2006, Cannabis Corpse arose like a skunk-bud-scented Swamp Thing-like weed monster with the hilariously titled “Blunted at Birth.” They soon followed that up with other Cannibal Corpse parodied albums “Tubes of the Resonated” and “The Weeding” EP. While each album drew inspiration from Cannibal Corpse’s music and Florida death metal in general, Cannabis Corpse definitely made each song their own. The group even adding a touch of thrash, which one would expect from a band featuring a member of Municipal Waste.

Five years in and the group continues to mature. Cannabis Corpse’s most recent offering “Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shall Rise” includes better song writing, more guitar solos and shows the group even step away from the Cannibal Corpse-themed song and album titles, instead spoofing Deicide and Morbid Angel. Before taking the stage in Austin, Texas to support The Black Dahlia Murder (read show review), the group took me to their burgundy-colored van, where I interrogated them on their recent blood-stained musical harvest. More...

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Interview with Cannabis Corpse

Stumbling out of the smoke are the young men of death metal crew Cannabis Corpse. Promoting their new album "The Weeding," the band hit the road with Ramming Speed to preach the word of Bud and metal to the masses. Cannabis Corpse descended on New Orleans the same day that the President did and discussed with me very important issues. The interview was cut short by an altercation that spilled into the street from the bar. A transcribed version follows. More...

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