"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1969
From: London, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Latest UFO News

Below is our complete UFO news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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First Three UFO Albums To Be Rereleased

EMI is set to reissue UFO's first three Chrysalis albums, with a provisional release date of January 28, 2008. The LPs will contain the following bonus tracks:


* "Sixteen" (Demo produced by Dave Edmunds}
* "Oh My" (Demo produced by Dave Edmunds)
* "Give Her The Gun" (German non LP Chrysalis single A-side)
* "Sweet Little Thing" (German non LP Chrysalis single B-side)
* "Sixteen" (Previously unreleased studio track)
* "Doctor Doctor" (Recorded live 06/06/74)

"No Heavy Petting":

* "All Or Nothing" (Previously unreleased studio track)
* "French Kisses" (Previously unreleased studio track)
* "Have You Seen Me Lately Joan" (Previously unreleased studio track)
* "Property" (Previously unreleased studio track)
* "Sunset Lights" (Previously unreleased studio track)

"Force It":

* "A Million Miles" (Previously unreleased studio track produced by Leo Lyons at Morgan Studios, December 17, 1973)
* "Mother Mary" (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75)
* "Out In The Streets" (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75)
* "Shoot Shoot" (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75)
* "Let It Roll" (Recorded live at the Roundhouse, London 25/4/76)
* "This Kid's" (Recorded live at the Roundhouse, London 25/4/76)

UFO's latest album, "The Monkey Puzzle", came out in September 2006 via SPV Records. The follow-up to 2004's "You Are Here" was recorded at Area 51 Studios with producer Tommy Newton, who also worked with the band on their last CD and who recorded the material for the band's "Showtime" live album.

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Michael Schenker Offering Guitar Lessons

Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker (MSG, ex-UFO, SCORPIONS) is offering guitar lessons in the North London, England area. The cost is 200 GBP or approximately $410 per hour.

You can contact Michael via his MySpace page.

Michael Schenker's UK tour this past summer was cut short due to a "multitude of events beyond the band's control, including Michael's," according to a posting on Schenker's MySpace page.

Schenker's final gig in the UK took place on August 3 in Stourbridge, U.K. when Michael ended up calling off the concert after only a handful of songs.

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Cosmosquad Announce Fall Tour Dates

Southern California-based hard fusioneers COSMOSQUAD, featuring acclaimed guitarist Jeff Kollman (GLENN HUGHES, UFO) and Canadian drummer Shane Gaalaas (B'Z, DIESEL MACHINE), have annouced an exclusive Sunday, September 30 Chicago club date at The Note, 1565 N. Milwaukee Ave., located in the city's Wicker Park area. Tickets are 7 dollars in advance and 10 dollars at the door.

COSMOSQUAD will kick off their 2007 fall tour with a performance at the world-famous Baked Potato, followed by a string of performance clinics in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area. The details are as follows:

Sep. 21 - Baked Potato - Studio City, CA
Sep. 26 - Guzzardo Music - Rockford IL
Sep. 27 - Henri's Music - Green Bay WI
Sep. 28 - White House of Music - West Bend WI
Sep. 29 - Cascio / Interstate Music - New Berlin WI
Sep. 30 - The Note - Chicago, IL
Oct. 18 - Musician's Institute - Hollywood, CA

COSMOSQUAD has just released its fourth album, "Acid Test". It marks the group's first studio effort since 2001's highly regarded "Squadrophenia" which firmly established the trio as one of the premier progressive instrumental acts on the scene. Co-produced by Kollman and Gaalaas at the drummer's Crumb West Studios in Simi Valley, CA, "Acid Test" is the first COSMOSQUAD effort without co-founding member, Barry Sparks, whose bass duties have been filled by a trio of capable, well credentialed players in Paul Shihadeh (SCOTT KINSEY), Kevin Chown (UNCLE CRACKER, EDWIN DARE), and the group's new full-time addition, Christopher Maloney (DWEEZIL ZAPPA, HARDLINE).

You can check out some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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Diamond Head Confirmed For Hard Rock Hell

UK NWOBHM legends DIAMOND HEAD are the latest act confirmed for Britain's Hard Rock Hell - The Winter Ball festival which is taking place from November 9th - 11th at Butlins in Minehead, UK (Somerset).


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Schenker Brothers Fist Fight Dismissed As False

UFO fan site www.strangers-in-the-night.com recently conducted an interview with Alan Walsh — a longtime Michael Schenker (ex-UFO guitarist) fan and close friend of Michael — regarding the cancellation of Schenker's recent U.K. dates and Michael's current state of mind. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Strangers in the Night: Alan, you've been speaking to Michael today. First of all, and starting with the hardest question first... how is he at the moment?

Alan Walsh: Under the circumstances, he's OK. I've spent much of the day with him at a hotel in the Midlands and he was relatively philosophical about recent events, but I sensed he felt that he'd let people down. For myself, through what I've come to know over the past few days, it's clear that this whole fiasco was not purely down to Michael, far from it. But he was fine today, if a little emotional at times.

Strangers in the Night: At Peterborough, when Michael was the only member of MSG to have arrived in England, that night's show obviously had to be postponed. But Michael took time instead to play an informal solo acoustic set and by all accounts he seemed content throughout the whole thing, happily staying to sign autographs etc. That evening, he seemed on top of his game — and not only that, he was a terrific ambassador for the band, earning maximum PR points for the tour ahead. So.... what went wrong between there and Pentrich, less than forty-eight hours afterwards?

Alan Walsh: It does seem strange doesn't it? You have to understand that over the years, Michael has been involved in major tours where various managements and promoters have ensured that itineraries were set in place and practical matters such as travel, hotels, merchandise, etc, were taken care of. When this current tour began in the USA, that was supposedly the case. MSG were "ready to rock" and I know it seemed, to the band at least, that things had been organised. Unfortunately, twelve shows into the U.S. dates, my understanding of the situation is that the management went "absent without leave." In fact, the band were literally forced to get off the tour bus, onto the sidewalk, with their belongings and gear, as the hire charge had not been paid by said management. I know the band were totally shocked and deflated by this turn of events and it was Mr. Wayne Findlay and his lovely wife Deana who hired a truck to move the band's gear into storage at some considerable cost. Moreover, the merchandise also went missing, along with a large amount of money that had been accrued from the sales at the first few shows. Absolutely crazy! Anyway, as I'm sure your readers are aware, the rest of the U.S. dates were scrapped through no fault of Michael or the band. It's well documented that in the U.S., Michael turned up at a venue alone, willing to play, so as not to disappoint his fans. Michael just wanted to play and even though he knew the U.S. dates were gone, he desperately wanted to make the U.K. dates happen. Thus, he flew (alone) to the U.K. to have meetings with people who said they could help make it happen. I can't go into personal details, but I can assure you Michael was under extreme pressure. After arriving in the U.K., with only four hours sleep in two days, Michael travelled to Peterborough. I know that what he did at Peterborough had a positive impact on those who were there, but from that night to Pentrich, Michael was in a situation that was already becoming untenable. His guitars were in Germany, the band hadn't yet arrived in the U.K. (due to aforementioned fiasco in the U.S.), there was no money, no gear, no band and no merchandise. In fact, there was nothing. Actually, I was impressed that Michael had got that far on his own resources, but I do feel the lack of sleep, lack of food, minimal finances, the fiasco in the U.S., along with other factors had impacted on him emotionally and psychologically.

Strangers in the Night: OK, now on to the day and night of Pentrich itself. You were there, backstage and onstage. What happened?

Alan Walsh: When I arrived at the Rock & Blues during Saturday afternoon, Michael was in a portacabin that was otherwise empty. No food, nothing. I couldn't believe that this man, who'd given so much to so many for over three decades, wasn't even worth a sandwich — and that's no joke. Michael was absolutely exhausted, to the point that he just wanted to sleep. He'd had little sleep in three days, had been travelling constantly, was under-nourished and didn't even have a change of clothes. Also, there was an incident that occurred in London which had left him penniless. It was a disgraceful situation, so I set about trying to sort something out for him. I asked the organisers if an inflatable mattress, blankets, food and soft drinks could be brought to Michael's cabin. A special mention should go to Dale Langham who was absolutely brilliant and couldn't do enough to help. Even so, all Michael wanted to do was sleep, but people kept entering the cabin, so I decided to stand outside and prevent people from going in. I re-entered the cabin around 7pm when the rest of MSG showed up and Michael seemed OK and relaxed. Unfortunately, even though Michael had got some sleep, the damage was done due to the events of the previous 48 hours. I know there's talk on the Internet of Michael's alcohol intake, but it's just not that simple. If only it was. There's no doubting he was drinking to excess at times, or that he desperately under-performed that day and people felt badly let down — but fatigue, emotional, psychological and physical tiredness, along with other aforementioned issues, were the main factors behind that. I suppose one could argue that Michael could have just said "Sod it!" and gone home. But what would people have said then? As usual, Schenker would have got the blame for another cancelled tour. He was in a no-win situation really.

Strangers in the Night: Regarding the recent U.S. tour dates which came to an abrupt end after twelve shows, reviews from those shows were generally very positive. And although the details hadn't been made public, other members of MSG have written that the tour was badly managed, and they've absolved Michael of blame for the cancellation. Obviously with a string of cancelled dates already behind him, Michael got a lot of flak on the message boards which followed — undeservedly on that occasion, but understandably as people were never given the facts. The message board opinions — and there are plenty! — are divided between well-wishers who believe (or want to believe) that he can get help and then bounce back again — and people who are mocking him, calling him "a drunk," "a washed-up junkie," "a tramp," etc. etc. etc., and that his career is over.

Alan Walsh: Regarding opinions on message boards (and I've read plenty this week), many of them are irrelevant. They are born out of ignorance, judgementalism and a desire to kick someone when they're down. Absolutely ridiculous and sick behaviour! Indeed, there has been a story put out by (of all people) Dave Ling of Classic Rock, that Michael and Rudolf [Schenker, SCORPIONS guitarist and Michael's brother] came to blows backstage. I can vehemently attest that this is a total fabrication. It never happened and is just plain "tabloid journalism." I've since heard that Ling heard it on "good authority" that this incident had occurred, but no one in the Schenker camp was approached or asked about any such incident, thus, he didn't have it on "good authority" at all. The same old sensationalism from those with no real stories to tell. Garbage really. The truth is, Michael never saw Rudolf at the Rock & Blues.

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Metal Gets Its Due On Massive Rhino Boxed Set

Heavy metal fans will be banging their heads in delight this fall with the release of Rhinos's "Heavy Metal Box," due Oct. 2. The four-disc, 70-song set boasts classic tracks from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Slayer, among dozens of others.

Arranged chronologically from 1968 to 1991, the compilation also boasts hits from bands like Deep Purple, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, Pantera, Alice Cooper, Venom, Testament, Rush and Megadeth; the project will be packaged in a box resembling a Marshall guitar amp.

The liner notes will include extensive photos, track commentary and interviews with Ronnie James Dio and Lita Ford.

Here is the track list for "The Heavy Metal Box": More...

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U.F.O. Announce UK Dates

Legendary hard rock band UFO has scheduled the following dates:

Aug. 31 - Sheffield, UK - The Plug
Sep. 01 - Durham, UK - Stormin' The Castle Festival
Nov. 10 - Minehead, UK - Hard Rock Hell Festival

UFO's new album, "The Monkey Puzzle", came out in September via SPV Records. The follow-up to 2004's "You Are Here" was recorded at Area 51 Studios with producer Tommy Newton, who also worked with the band on their last CD and who recorded the material for the band's "Showtime" live album.

UFO's "Showtime" live CD/DVD was recorded at Pumpwerk in Wilhelmshaven, Germany on May 13, 2005.

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Damage Control Confirm Bloodstock Appearance

Metal rock ‘n' roll outlaws Damage Control, featuring Chris Slade (drums AC/DC), Pete Way (bass UFO), Spike (vocals Quireboys), and Robin George (guitar Robert Plant, Thin Lizzy, Magnum), has been confirmed as "very special guests" to perform at Bloodstock 2007 on Thursday 16 August. Bloodstock will be the band's only UK show this year. Damage Control just released their self-titled debut album on Cargo Records.

Bloodstock Festival
The UK’s PREMIER Metal Festival
Thu 16, Fri 17 & Sat 18 August 2007

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Mob Rules Announce Tour Dates For 2007

MOB RULES have announced tour dates in support of their latest album, Ethnolution A.D., set for February and March 2007. Their schedule is as follows:

10 - Oldenburg, Germany at Amadeus
23 - Bremen, Germany at Aladin (festival with MASTERPLAN)
26 - Hamburg, Germany at Headbangers Ballroom (with Masterplan)

March (with UFO)
1 - Hamburg, Germany at Fabrik
3 - Worpswede, Germany at Music Hall
4 - Berlin, Germany at Columbia Club
5 - Hannover, Germany at Musikzentrum
13 - Copenhagen, denmark at Pumpe Huset
14 - Malmö, Sweden at KB
16 - Götheburg, Swedend at Tradgar´n
17 - Stockholm, Sweden at The Arena

More dates are expected to be announced soon

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Anthrax Guitarist Comments On Ep.3 Of "Supergroup"

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian has commented on episode three of "SuperGroup", the VH1 "reality" TV program starring Ian, Ted Nugent, former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach, ex-BIOHAZARD bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld and drummer Jason Bonham (BONHAM, UFO, FOREIGNER). Filming for the program commenced on February 22, with the premise being to lock several musicians in a house for 12 days and get them to write and record some new original music. In addition to the five musicians, star manager Doc McGhee (KISS) was in charge for the duration of filming/recording. The all-star band — dubbed DAMNOCRACY — also performed a headlining set at the Empire Ballroom in Las Vegas on March 5.

Commented Scott: "I thought episode 3 kicked ass. They just keep getting better. I love in episode 3 when Doc says that the song [that DAMNOCRACY wrote and demoed on the show] would be a great song in 1982 but not in 2006. I take that as a compliment. Rob Cavallo [producer] says it's dated. Dated? Hmmm, the guy that produces GREEN DAY who sound exactly like the BUZZCOCKS says we sound dated. Interesting. I guess the WHITE STRIPES sound dated as well. And PEARL JAM and JOSS STONE and everyone else that sounds like '70s music. Or bands like AVENGED SEVENFOLD that are straight out of '80s thrash. Are they dated? Why is dated a negative? I understand being objective, it's just that dated to me is not a negative. We're playing music that we love and organically created. What should we sound like? What is current? Should we have forced ourselves to sound like something we're not? That would've been the lamest and most transparent thing we could've done. They wanted us to cover a KELLY CLARKSON song. That was their idea. I actually went as far as to learn it, be open-minded and all, and quickly realized it would've been so fucking retarded for us to do that. Duh. Hey, I'm an open-minded kind of guy. That song works for her, not for DAMNOCRACY. Anyway, hopefully we will finish these demos and you'll get to hear what we did. Let us know if you want to hear it. Maybe that will light a fire under our asses."

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Concert TV To Air Sepultura, Type O Negative

A handful of SPV's artists will have their DVDs featured on the CONCERT On-Demand channel during the months of July and August. The schedule is as follows:

July 1 to July 31

SEPULTURA 'Live In Sao Paulo'
TYPE O NEGATIVE 'Symphony For the Devil: The World of Type O Negative'
UFO 'Showtime'
SKINNY PUPPY 'The Greater Wrong of the Right Live'
THE MISSION 'Lighting the Candles'
LEGENDS OF ROCK: Uli Jon Roth, Jack Bruce, UFO Live at Castle Donnington

July 15 to August 15

ANNIHILATOR 'Ten Years In Hell'
SODOM 'Lords of Depravity'

CONCERT is available on Comcast (Music on Channel 1, then CONCERT), Adelphia (Free Choices on Channel 1, then Music, then CONCERT), Charter (More or Free Programs on Channel 999, then Music Unlimited, then CONCERT) and Cox (FreeZone, then Music, then CONCERT).

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'SuperGroup' Premiere Date Moved Back

According to a posting on Sebastian Bach's (ex-SKID ROW; vocals) official web site, the premiere date of the new VH1 reality TV show, titled "SuperGroup" — featuring the band DAMNOCRACY consisting of Bach, Ted Nugent (guitar), Evan Seinfeld (BIOHAZARD; bass), Scott Ian (ANTHRAX; guitar), and Jason Bonham (BONHAM, UFO, FOREIGNER; drums) — has been moved to Sunday, May 21 at 10:00 p.m. from the previously announced May 5.

As previously announced, the DAMNOCRACY bandmembers spent 12 days in Vegas shooting "SuperGroup". Filming for the program commenced on February 22, with the premise being to lock several musicians in a house for 10 days and get them to write and record some new original music. In addition to the five musicians, star manager Doc McGhee (KISS) was in charge and was also living in the house for the duration of filming/recording. The all-star band also performed a headlining set at the Empire Ballroom in Las Vegas on March 5. An official DAMNOCRACY promotional photo has been posted online here.

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Damnocracy 'SuperGroup' Concert Photos Posted

21 brand-new high-quality pictures of DAMNOCRACY — Sebastian Bach (ex-SKID ROW; vocals), Evan Seinfeld (BIOHAZARD; bass), Scott Ian (ANTHRAX; guitar), Ted Nugent (guitar), and Jason Bonham (BONHAM, UFO, FOREIGNER; drums) — performing on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 2 have been posted online at Bach's official web site.

The DAMNOCRACY bandmembers spent 12 days in Vegas shooting a new VH1 reality TV show, titled "SuperGroup". Filming for the program commenced on February 22, with the premise being to lock several musicians in a house for 10 days and get them to write and record some new original music. Originally the network wanted the group to record an album, but at this time it is understood they will settle for one song and hope for more. In addition to the five musicians, star manager Doc McGhee (KISS) was in charge and was also living in the house for the duration of filming/recording. The all-star band also performed a headlining set at the Empire Ballroom in Las Vegas on March 5.

VH1's "SuperGroup" is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, May 18 at 10:00 p.m.

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VH1's "Supergroup" To Premiere In May

US TV network VH1 is bringing together some of the biggest names in heavy metal to star in a new reality show.

Supergroup will bring together Ted Nugent, Anthrax's Scott Ian, Skid Row's Sebastian Bach, Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard) and Jason Bonham (Bonham, UFO) to create a new band.

The rockers will live together for two weeks in Las Vegas, Nevada and film seven episodes for the show.

VH1 executive Michael Herschorn says, "What I liked about SuperGroup was that is combined elements that have worked so well for us (before), with an organic music idea."

The musicians will endure boot-camp style training from iconic rock manager Doc McGhee, in preparation for a concert at Las Vegas nightclub Rain.

SuperGroup began filming Wednesday (Feb. 22) and will premiere 18 May.

The new band members have not committed to staying together beyond the filming of the show, but plans to record a single are being discussed

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Waysted To Open For Nazareth In Leeds

WAYSTED, the reunited semi-obscure mid-'80s British heavy metal outfit led by UFO bassist Pete Way (hence the spelling of the group's name), will open for NAZARETH at The Irish Centre in Leeds, England on February 14.

WAYSTED's comeback CD, "Back from the Dead"was issued last year via Majestic Rock Records.

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Last Week's New Metal Releases Sales Numbers

The following are notable heavy metal/hard rock U.S. sales debuts for the week ending November 15, 2005, as reported by Nielsen SoundScan (all figures are rounded to the nearest ten, except numbers between 1,000 and 2,000, which are rounded to the nearest hundred; and numbers above 2,000, which are rounded to the nearest thousand):

NONPOINT - "To the Pain": 9,000
HELLOWEEN - "Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy": 1,700
ANNIHILATOR - "Schizo Deluxe": 340
UFO - "Showtime" CD: 560
UFO – "Showtime" DVD: 500
SEPULTURA - "Live In Sao Paulo" CD: 410
SEPULTURA - "Live In Sao Paulo" DVD: 350
VENOM - "MMV" (4-CD Box Set): 80

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Starwood Kick Off Tour In Hollywood & UK

Starwood fans are about to get the big "break" they deserve: the Metal Blade recording artists have confirmed they will begin a world tour for their label debut, "If It Aint Broke, Break It!" in their hometown - Hollywood, California - on November 15, sharing the bill at the House of Blues with the legendary UFO. The next day, Starwood is off to the U.K. for a series of dates with Vince Neil.

The tour announcement comes just as Starwood is shooting the first video from "If It Aint Broke, Break It!" According to vocalist/guitarist Lizzy, who produced the recording with band mate Joey Scott (drums & percussion/backing vocals), the song, "Subculture," is an invitation to those who will never be in the elite of society to join Starwood and others like them in the subculture of Hollywood.

The video mixes performance footage with scenes celebrating the Hollywood scene Starwood celebrates in their music. "Subculture" is just one of several tracks on "If It Aint Broke, Break It!" garnering nationwide airplay and favorable notices. Others include "All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends," "Whats Your Damage" and "Backlash." More...

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Bassist Barry Sparks Comments On UFO Tour

Bassist extraordinaire Barry Sparks (Dokken, ex-MSG, Ted Nugent) has commented on the reports that he will be filling in for UFO bassist Pete Way on the band's upcoming U.S. tour after Way was denied a working visa "due to having overstayed the number of days he was there on his last visit."

Says Sparks: "Well, what can I say... my good pal and bass-buddy, Mr. Rocknroll himself, Pete Way, sadly did not did not get his work permit for the UFO tour dates in America. I am honoured to have been asked to step into his shoes for the American shows. I'm a big fan of UFO and have worked with them before, at Donington in 2001. I've also worked with [current UFO guitarist] Vinnie Moore. OK, so I call it 'work' but really it was all fun fun FUN! I'm looking forward to meeting y'all out on the road with UFO. Bring your friends along too, and make lots of noise!"

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Headline News

UFO Bassist Denied US Visa, Replacement Announced

UFO bassist Pete Way will have to sit out the band's upcoming U.S. tour after being denied a working visa "due to having overstayed the number of days he was there on his last visit," according to a posting on the group's web site. His temporary replacement is Barry Sparks (Dokken, ex-MSG, Ted Nugent). Barry previously played with UFO at Donington in 2001, and he has also worked with current UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore.

UFO tour dates:
Sep. 22 – Baltimore, MD - Thunderdome
Sep. 23 - Glenside, PA - Keswick
Sep. 25 - Hampton Beach, NH - Hampton Beach Casino
Sep. 26 - Sayerville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
Sep. 27 - Buffalo, NY - Club Infinity
Sep. 28 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Rex Theater
Sep. 29 - New York, NY - B.B. Kings
Oct. 01 - New York, NY - B.B. Kings
Oct. 02 – Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
Oct. 06 – Sauget, IL - Pops
Oct. 08 – Ferndale, MI - Magic Bag
Oct. 09 – Cleveland, OH - Odeon
Oct. 10 – Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
Oct. 11 – Chicago, IL - House Of Blues
Oct. 12 – Milwaukee, WI - Potowatami Casino

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UFO Streaming World Premier

Legendary hard rock band UFO are World Premiering their latest release, You Are Here, on the POWER HOUR NET RADIO SHOW right now, exclusively at ElectricBasement.com. UFO's career spans 3 decades, with rock radio staples being legion - "Too Hot Too Handle", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Love to Love", "Lights Out", "Mother Mary", "Doctor, Doctor" and "Rock Bottom." The latest UFO lineup features PHIL MOGG (vocals), PETE WAY (bass), PAUL RAYMOND (keyboards) and new additions VINNIE MOORE (guitar) and JASON BONHAM (drums). Jason Bonham talks about the album during the show. You Are Here comes out on SPV February 23rd in Europe and a yet-to-be-determined date in North America. The Power Hour is pre-recorded and then streamed on demand for free, allowing users to tune-in to the current show whenever they want. No sign-ups or hassles!

Read the full article at Electric Basement.

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