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Band Photo: Soilwork (?)

Formed: 1996
From: Helsingborg, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Century Media Release Metal For The Masses Vol 4

Continuing the highly successful Metal For The Masses series, the Century Family unseals Metal For The Masses Volume Four, once again exclusive to Hot Topic locations nationwide. The 2-disc compilation contains 40 tracks totaling over 2 hours of music. The artwork for Volume Four incorporates the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to stunning effect and also depicts the album art for each featured artist within as well as additional artist and album information. Volume Four comes housed in a deluxe double Digipak and is available now at all Hot Topic locations nationwide.

Started in 2003, Metal For The Masses has become The Century Family's largest-selling compilation series, replacing the budget priced Identity series. The Metal For The Masses series is also one of Hot Topic's longest-running exclusive compilations. Selling well over 60,000 copies each, Metal For The Masses continues to disseminate the word of metal.

Disc One Includes Century Media Artists:

God Forbid, Manntis, Diecast, Brand New Sin, Agents Of Man, Shadows Fall, Arch Enemy, The Haunted, Behemoth, Old Man's Child, Naglfar, Strapping Young Lad, Nevermore, Eyes Of Fire, Into Eternity, Cryptopsy, Watch Them Die, Napalm Death, Despised Icon and Immolation

Disc Two Includes:

Nuclear Blast Artists: Dimmu Borgir, Soilwork, In Flames, Meshuggah, Bleed The Sky, Darkane, Mnemic, Hypocrisy, Exodus and Cathedral

Liquor And Poker Music Artists: Fireball Ministry, Nebula, The Hellacopters, The Illuminati, The Black Halos, Crash Kelly, The Thieves, Scott Reeder, American Heartbreak and Backyard Babies

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Coldseed Sign To Nuclear Blast Records

Coldseed, a project featuring Soilwork vocalist Björn "Speed" Strid and Savage Circus drummer Thomen Stauch (also formerly of Blind Guardian), have officially signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The group's debut album will be available in spring 2006. In the meantime, you can check out some of their material here.

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Darkane Check In From The Road

DARKANE are currently treading on U.S. soil for the first time, joined by FEAR FACTORY, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and SOILWORK. Guitarist Christofer Malmström posted the following update from the band's North American tour:

"Today we´re in Milwaukee, WI. Been doing four shows so far, so only 29 to go! The audience has been really great so far! I´m surprised that so many people have shown up for the opening act... something that is not taken for granted when you open up in Europe.

Two days ago we were in Chicago. The first thing we did was to take a walk in that beautiful city to the Sears Tower, the tallest building in the US. The view was fantastic! We also took a group photo with this green screen where they put the tower in the background if you buy the pic. We´ll see if we can scan it and put it up here. When returning to the House of Blues we suddenly found ourself in one of the VIP opera boxes in the balcony at a gospel concert! For five Swedes that was a really cool experience!

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Watch Soilwork's "Nerve" Video Online

Soilwork's latest video for "Nerve" from "Stabbing the Drama" can now be viewed on MTV.com.

Having just recently wrapped up a European tour with Hatesphere and Construcdead, Soilwork are a couple of dates into their North American tour with Darkane, Fear Factory, and Strapping Young Lad. Those tour dates remaining are as follows: More...

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Soilwork Frontman Recaps European Tour

Soilwork frontman, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, has checked in with the following update:

"What's up folks!?

"We came home from the european tour 3 days ago.. I tell you, we had such a blast on the road with our friends in Hatesphere and Construcdead. All the shows had a really great vibe and almost every venue was packed.. I wanna thank both Hatesphere and Construcdead guys for making it a very memorable trip. Last but not least, all the people coming to the shows, you guys are the best!!!

"I also want to send some special cred to the Construcdead guys since they've been my friends for like ten years, you guys rock! It was also a great experience to have my very best friend Jens Broman (singer in Construcdead) with me on the road for the first time. We grew up and discovered metal together, i will never forget this moment for as long as i live (we did it bro!!)

"I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow with my family..First "real" vacation in 5 years, it'll be great since my parents has never really travelled and haven't been flying for about 25 years... It's time to get my dad into the "evil" japanese Yamazaki whisky hehe..

"As you know, the Northamerican tour is around the corner as well. I actually met the Darkane guys today down at the station on their way to the airport. I tell you, those guys are up for the ride and are psyched to blast Americas ears.. It'll be a good tour... some kind of a monster drummer festival, right?

"See you on tour soon...

"Peace, Speed"

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Fear Factory And Others On "Rainbow Six: Lockdown"

Fear Factory are to have the previously unreleased song 'Lockdown' included on the soundtrack for the game 'Rainbow Six: Lockdown'. This is to be issued by Calvin in mid-November. Other bands to have tracks featured are 36 Crazy Fists, Chimaira, Soilwork and Strapping Young Lad.

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Darkane To Tour The US For The First Time

Touring in support of their critically acclaimed 2005 release, Layers Of Lies, DARKANE - who formed in the late '90s and hail from Helsingborg, Sweden - have performed only once before on North American soil and were received with raving applause at 2001's Milwaukee Metalfest XV. With their first full-fledged tour of North America set to launch on October 28th at Granada in Lawrence, Kansas, guitarist and founding member of the band, Christofer Malmström, has this to share:

"Finally! We have been waiting for so many years for this opportunity, and now it's finally come... What a great package! It´s unbelievable! We´ve been fans of Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad since many years back, and we´ve practically grown up with Soilwork here in Helsingborg, so this is really a dream coming true for us! Ever since we released our debut album Rusted Angel back in 1999, we've received requests from American fans to come over and tour, and believe me, we've always wanted to, but circumstances have made it impossible until now."

With a high-profile maiden tour, a well-received album, and eager fans awaiting their arrival, what will be the most difficult thing DARKANE will face while out on the road?

"It will be quite hard to decide what songs we are going to play," muses Malmström. "We haven't toured that side of the world before, and fans have many different favorite songs. With only a 30 minute set each night, it will be difficult to choose music from all our albums, but because we don't want people to leave disappointed, we'll alternate our setlist from evening to evening, so if you see us more than one time, chances are big that you´ll hear the song you've been waiting to hear!"

Christmas is coming early for fans of extreme drumming, as the upcoming Transgression Tour will place DARKANE's own Peter Wildoer on the same stage as Fear Factory's Raymond Herrera, Strapping Young Lad's Gene Hoglan, and Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren. Is there anything the band is looking forward to?

"I've always been interested in geography, so for me personally, I'm looking forward to experiencing new places I've never been to like Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Toronto, and Vancouver. I'm sure very city will be a fucking blast... I will finally get to meet the drummer in my solo project in Vancouver, Ryan van Poederooyen, who I´ve never met in person!"

Darkane's North American tour dates with Fear Factory, Soilwork, and Strapping Young Lad are as follows:

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More Stops Added To Fear Factory Tour

More stops have been announced for Fear Factory's tour with Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad and Darkane, here's the latest:
December 02nd Sacramento, CA - The Boardwalk
December 03rd Portland, OR - Roseland Theatre
December 04th Seattle, WA - El Corazon
December 05th Vancouver, BC - Croatian Cultural Center

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Soilwork Finalizes European Tour Dates

Soilwork frontman, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, has revealed the final dates of Soilwork's upcoming European tour:

Oct. 05 Tampere, FIN - Pukkahone
Oct. 06 Yvekylg, FIN - Lutakko
Oct. 07 Oulu, FIN - Theatria
Oct. 08 Helsinki, FIN - Nosturi
Oct. 11 Stockholm, SWE - Klubben
Oct. 12 Malm? - KB
Oct. 13 Hamburg, D - Markthalle
Oct. 14 Essen, D - Zeche Carl
Oct. 15 Amsterdam, NL - Melkweg
Oct. 16 Vosselaar, B - Biebob
Oct. 18 Manchester, UK - Academy III
Oct. 19 London, UK - Scala
Oct. 20 Paris, FR - La Locomotive
Oct. 22 Vienna, A - Planet Music
Oct. 23 Salzburg, A - Rockhaus

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Soilwork, SYL To Tour With Fear Factory

Soilwork singer, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, has posted the following tour update on the band's official website:

"Just wanna update and confirm what's going on with the upcoming tours:

"Today we have confirmed Hatesphere and Construcdead as supporting acts for the european headlinertour starting on the 5th of october in Helsinki. Both bands are very promising and both have great albums coming out very soon. Both bands has also a reputation of being great live bands, this bill won't make you disappointed!! Check out the tourschedule and don't you miss the show...

"We have also confirmed the novembertour with Fear Factory in Northamerica. We will be direct support to Fear Factory and there will be two more killer bands on the bill: Strapping Young Lad and Darkane! How about it folks!? Unfortunately we'll jump on the tour a week later from where the tour starts, i'll keep you posted on exactly what date..

"Stay tune folks and have a good one..


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Soilwork Caught In The Hurricane

Soilwork frontman, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, checked in with the following update a few days ago (on August 29):

"Hi there!

"We're sitting in a hotelroom in Memphis while the hurricane Katrina is raving mad outside..
We had to "drive around" the storm last night and arrived in Memphis this morning.
I hope that tomorrows show here won?t be affected by the storm. I know that a lot of families have been evacuated from their homes which must be a quite horrible experience..

"I also want to take the time to thank Chuck Billy for singing Follow the Hollow with me on stage in San Francisco, you're the best! (i've tried to call you Chuck, unfortunately no luck..) Anyways i'll try later and we give our best regards to you and your family, we'll see ya soon!

"For you people who haven't seen us yet on Ozzfest where looking forward to see you on stage in Nashville, Charlotte and West Palm Beach!

"Cheers, Speed"

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Soilwork Frontman Updates On European Tour

Soilwork singer, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, has posted this update on the official band website:

Hi there!

Just want to update what's going on with the european tour..
We have two dates for the U.K fans: Manchester, Academy III, 18th of october and London, Scala, 19th of october. For those people that feel let down not getting any dates in their country this time around, i want to say i'm sorry but there are plans to make a longer european tour in the beginning of next year. Thanx for your patience!
Ozzfest is running towards the end and we had so much fun everyday, thank you guys for your awesome support!!! Also a big hail to one of our biggest fans out there, Bryan Myrick and his great friends for hooking us up with a satanic barbecue in Phoenix! You guys rule!

We'll see you the day after tomorrow in Dallas!

All my best, Speed

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Nevermore Win Last Week's Dig It Or Dis It

Last weeks' theme on Yahoo! Music's Dig It or Dis It was Metal Madness. You got the chance to vote for some metal videos. The winner with 40% of the votes was Nevermore's "Final Product."

Here are the results for the other videos:

Arch Enemy, "Nemesis" - 10%
Trivium, "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr" - 36%
Soilwork, "Light the Torch" - 4%
Unearth, "Zombie Autopilot" - 12%

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Ozzfest Report from July 24 in Bristow, VA

I attended Ozzfest 2005 on Sunday, July 24 in Bristow, Virginia’s Nissan Pavilion (my report is running late, as I’ve found myself overcommitted lately). This fest was the tenth annual Ozzfest, and not to be outdone by last year’s excellent lineup, this year they sported an equally as good lineup spanning more genres of metal than before. This year’s lineup also contained numerous headliner-quality bands on both stages including, Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Rob Zombie, Mudvayne, and of course Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.

Had I known that both people I was supposed to go with would bail out, I would have lined up a photo pass for the whole show to give me something more to do. As it turned out, I pretty much just enjoyed the show and met up with As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis for an interview that we missed in Philadelphia, PA.

While this year’s lineup sported mostly bands I knew and had heard, most I was only vaguely familiar with, so pardon the lack of specific details such as song names, etc. in many cases. More...

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Testament Frontman Joins Soilwork On Stage

Testament frontman Chuck Billy joined Soilwork on stage at the at the August 13 Ozzfest stop in Mountain View, CA for a "memorable" rendition of the track "Follow the Hollow" from Soilwork's fourth album, "Natural Born Chaos." Pictures are found on the Nuclear Blast MySpace page under the blog entry titled "Behind/On the scenes on OZZfest with SOILWORK!!!!!!!!!".

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Vote For Metal Videos On Yahoo Music

This week's theme on Yahoo music's Dig It or Dis It:

METAL MADNESS: Rock 'n' roll history is filled with hallowed headbangers, from Zeppelin to Sabbath, Maiden to Priest, Motley to Metallica, UFO to GNR. Which new-school metal band will take its rightful place alongside these hard-rockin' greats? Pick the next loud legend-in-the-making now.

You can vote for the following videos:
- Arch Enemy, "Nemesis"
- Trivium, "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr"
- Nevermore, "Final Product"
- Soilwork, "Light the Torch"
- Unearth, "Zombie Autopilot"

Visit Yahoo music to vote.

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COB, Soilwork Confirmed For Wacken 2006

Wacken Open Air Festival organizers have just confirmed acts for next year's W:O:A, set to take place August 3rd to 5th in Wacken Germany. Bands confirmed so far are Children of Bodom, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, In Extremo, Soilwork and Subway to Sally.

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Soilwork Frontman Updates From Louisville

Soilwork frontman, Björn "Speed" Strid, has posted this update on the band's official website:

Hi! What's up people!

We're playing an off show in Louisville with Killswitch and As i lay dying today. We've only done 2 off shows so far but both of them was really awesome! There seem to be a lot of people who hasn't seen us yet and really dig the shows, cool!!
Apparently there's been some fuck up with the video for "Nerve," some people may have seen the "Rejection Role" video presented as "Nerve" which of course is wrong! It's all taken care of now you'll get the right one anytime soon..
Hey Matt, I really wanna appologize to you for that misunderstanding in Columbus, i would never do such a thing as ignoring the fans, you can ask just anyone and they would tell you the same. It was all a misunderstanding, i didn't hear what you said (i'm pretty bad understanding fast american language sometimes actually) and got confused and there was another guy waiting in line who wanted stuff to be signed. So sorry once again and i would be more than glad to grab a beer with you some other time and i'll show you that i'm not a fucking guy with a rockstar attitude!
I big hail goes out to the crazy people coming out to the recent shows, we're having a blast everyday!! See you in Lousville tonight!

All my best, Speed

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Ozzfest Show Report From July 19th Camden, NJ

I attended Ozzfest 2005 this year on one of the most disgustingly hot and humid days of the year. It was July 19th, at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ. The day was amazing and full of great bands and other then the ferocious heat it was a great day. More...

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Soilwork Frontman Issues Ozzfest Update

Soilwork frontman, Björn "Speed" Strid, has posted an Ozzfest update on the band's official website:

Hi there!

I will excuse myself once again for not updating very frequently at the moment, the reason is that it's very hard to get a wireless connection here at Ozzfest. Finally today at Chicago Tweeter center i've got a connection in the corridors by the main stage. Actually as we speak, Mr.Bruce Dickinson is taping up "Happy Birthday" tape on the walls, above me and my wife's head as we're sitting down and checking our e-mails on the floor in the corridor... Talked to him for a while, he is a really cool guy!!

I really wanna thank all the people for coming out to the shows, we've had a blast so far and we eally don't mind getting up that early in the mornings. Every morning you're there rocking out, you guys are the best!!!
We'll see ya soon!!

Cheers, Speed

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