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Formed: 1996
From: Helsingborg, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Soilwork news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Soilwork Complete New Album

SOILWORK guitarist Ola Frenning has posted this message on the band's official website:

"Peter (Wildoer - DARKANE drummer) and I just finished the mix of the last song, which means, the new SOILWORK album is done. All I can say, it sounds excellent... great sound, great playing and a good mix of songs. I'm very happy to have an album in my CD collection. that no one else has... yet!

So, the case 'SOILWORK recording 2007' is closed. And, hopefully, the album will be out before the snow starts to fall.

See ya,

/Ola Frenning"

Here are the band's upcoming live dates::

June 29 - Linz, Austria - Soul Of Metal
June 30 - Varia-vigala, Estonia - Hard Rock Laager Fest
July 15 - Joensuu, Finland - Ilosaari Rock
Oct. 5 - Notodden, Norway - Motstoy Festival
Nov. 17 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Danish Metal Awards

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Nevermore Frontman To Begin Recording in August

Nevermore frontman Warrel Dane is scheduled to enter the studio in early August to begin recording his solo debut, tentatively due in early 2008.

In a September 2006 interview with Metal-Rules.com, Dane stated about the upcoming solo CD, "I've been working on it for like the last year off and on, just writing songs with Peter Wichers, and at some point we'll finish them then go in the studio . . . It doesn't sound like Nevermore, and I think, you know, if it did, there wouldn't be much point in doing a side project. If it sounded like Nevermore I think it would be a little redundant . . . Of course it's metal! Kind of like metal-infused hard rock, I think. It's different and it's a chance for me to explore myself — explore myself in other ways! [laughs] Well, for me, and for Peter from Soilwork as well, it was kind of a chance for us both to 'step outside the box,' because people expect a certain thing from both those bands and with this we don't have to fulfill any expectations. We can do whatever we want."

Dane stated a year ago that his solo debut would include an appearance by Warrel's former Sanctuary (pre-Nevermore) bandmate Dave Budbill (Zerocreep) on drums.

Ex-Soilwork guitarist-turned-producer Peter Wichers has issued the following update:

"Well I must admit that it is nice to be back East after being in LA for a while. Nashville feels a lot like Sweden in many ways and me and the family love it already.

I am taking some time off for the summer to spend with my family and once we come back I plan on finding a place to set up a small studio to track the future projects that I'm working on.

The Warrel Dane solo record is planned to start in the first week of August and as of now I have written about eight together, and Warrel is also collaborating with Matt Wicklund (Himsa) for a few songs.

Keep checking in from time to time on my MySpace because I plan on putting up a sample of the new Nuclear Blast album that I just finished.

Have a great summer!"


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Soilwork Complete Vocal Tracks For New Album

Singer Björn "Speed" Strid of the Swedish metallers SOILWORK recently finished laying down vocal tracks for the group's new album in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with the help of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD mastermind Devin Townsend. He has since issued the following update:

"I'm back in Sweden now after finishing the vocals. I had a blast recording the vocals with Devin, even though I pulled three muscles on the side of my torso from all the singing… crazy! Well, I tell you, I'm very pleased with the result! Thanks a bunch, Dev, for a good time in Vancouver!

"In order to get some rest, I went to Phoenix before heading back home. I also had the chance to go to Tucson and watch NASCAR. My dear friend and SOILWORK fan Stormin' Ron Norman was racing and won that night; what a blast! He has one big SOILWORK sticker on both sides of his car, so I can proudly announce the official SOILWORK mobile!" More...

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Lion's Share To Film "The Edge Of The Razor" Video

Swedish heavy metal masters LION'S SHARE will film a video for the song "The Edge of the Razor" on April 15 in Stockholm. The track features a guest solo from Bruce Kulick (KISS), and comes off the group's comeback album, "Emotional Coma," which is scheduled for release on June 15 through AFM Records. You can check out the cover artwork at lionsshare.org.

According to a press release, "Emotional Coma" is "the heaviest and most powerful LION'S SHARE record to date" and it features guest appearances by Kulick, Glen Drover (MEGADETH) and Mats Levén (THERION, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN). The band features guitar player and founding member Lars Chriss, along with vocalist Patrik Johansson (ASTRAL DOORS, WUTHERING HEIGHTS), bass player Sampo Axelsson (GLENN HUGHES) and well-known session drummer Richard Evensand (CHIMAIRA, SOILWORK, THERION).

As previously reported, here is the "Emotional Coma" track listing: More...

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Lion's Share Signs With AFM Records

After four successful albums and several tours with bands like MANOWAR, DIO, MOTÖRHEAD, SAXON, U.D.O., ICED EARTH and NEVERMORE, Swedish heavy metal masters LION'S SHARE are back with their long-awaited comeback masterpiece, "Emotional Coma", due out on June 15 in Europe through AFM Records. The band features guitar player and founding member Lars Chriss, along with vocalist Patrik Johansson (ASTRAL DOORS, WUTHERING HEIGHTS), bass player Sampo Axelsson (GLENN HUGHES) and well-known session drummer Richard Evensand (CHIMAIRA, SOILWORK, THERION).

Commented Chriss: "We are extremely proud and honored to be a part of such a great label as AFM Records. AFM is home to many great bands and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of that roster. It feels great to work with a label staff that understands our music and goals. We are looking forward to a long and successful cooperation."

According to a press release, "Emotional Coma" is "the heaviest and most powerful LION'S SHARE record to date" and it features guest appearances by Bruce Kulick (KISS), Glen Drover (MEGADETH) and Mats Levén (THERION, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN).

Commented Markus Wosgien, A&R of AFM Records: "The new record is heavy metal at its finest. It shows the band from another side, less progressive, more straight and metal. If you are into the old gods like SAXON, JUDAS PRIEST or ACCEPT — you will love this unique and high-class record, which is a new beginning in the history of this amazing band."

Here is the "Emotional Coma" track listing:

01. Cult of Denial
02. The Arsonist
03. Emotional Coma (feat. Glen Drover)
04. Clones of Fate
05. The Edge of the Razor (feat. Bruce Kulick)
06. Toxication Rave
07. Trafficking
08. Bloodstained Soil
09. Soultaker
10. Hatred's My Fuel
11. Sorcerers (ANGEL WITCH cover)
12. Ring of Stupidity (bonus track for Japan and digipak)

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Soilwork Frontman Checks In With Studio Update

Soilwork vocalist, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, has checked in with the following update on the band's web site:

"What up people?

"As you can see on the photos [photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, photo 5, photo 6], we're riffing like we're obsessed in the studio..
The guitarsound kicks ass...

"I have started my 2 weeks of decadence, getting drunk and write lyrics..that's usually how i do it and it usually works just fine. I have some finished songtitles, thought i might as well share them with ya.. We have 'Your Beloved Scapegoat,' 'Light Discovering Darkness,' 'The Snare Broken' and 'The Pittsburgh Syndrome' so far...
Hmm, curious to see the reactions on that last songtitle....
Stay tune for more info..."

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Soilwork Add Second Guitarist

Soilwork has announced the addition of a second guitarist with Daniel Antonsson formerly of the band Dimension Zero. Soilwork is currently in the studio working on a new album.

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Soilwork's Speed Announces Another Side Project

Soilwork vocalist, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, has posted the following update on the band's official website:

"Hi there! Songwriting is going great!
Just wanted to take the time to present a new band that im jamming with: Highball Shooters... I guess some of you guys are thinking, what is he doing? Is he addicted to joining new bands? Well, the truth is that i will start cutting down on my other sideprojects. Highball Shooters is a band from my hometown that im singing for when there´s time, it's basically about jamming and having fun. It's VERY different than Soilwork, it sounds something like 70´s Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Kiss, Rainbow and a dose of 70´s Mother's Finest. You can check out the demo on: myspace.com/highballshooters
Let's see if you'll recognize my voice.."

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Killswitch Engage Recruit Ex-Soilwork Guitarist

Pete Wichers formerly of Soilwork, will fill in as KSE's second guitarist for the remainder of their Euro tour.

Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz has been forced to miss a series of shows after sustaining a serious back injury. The band has since issued the following update:

"OK, here's the deal. Adam and Howard [Jones, vocals] were sick and wanted to do the Brixton show [in London]. Once they got to the club, both got to see the local physician. After both seeing the doc the prognosis was Howard had a chest infection. Adam, however, was doing much much worse. No way he could do the show, and he was immediately ushered to a nearby hospital. After a series of test, it was decided that Adam would need back surgery again ? no more shows, no flying home first, no exceptions.

"We are pleased to report that he has just left surgery, is doing fine and resting comfortably. Adam and the band appreciate all the messages and concern that everyone has shown.

"Concerning the rest of the tour, it will continue with Pete Wichers (ex-SOILWORK) filling in for Adam on guitar. Adam will be missed, but he wants the tour to go on more than the rest of the band so we will try to miss as few shows as possible, and make up as many as we can."

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Megadeth Guitarist To Guest On Lion's Share Album

MEGADETH/EIDOLON guitarist Glen Drover has recorded a guest solo on the new album from Swedish melodic metal band LION'S SHARE. Also scheduled to appear on the CD are drummer Richard Evensand (CHIMAIRA, SOILWORK), guitarist Bruce Kulick (KISS), and singer Mats Levén (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THERION, AT VANCE, KRUX), who is responsible for the backing vocals on the entire CD.

LION'S SHARE has uploaded some photos from the current mixing sessions with Ronny Lahti (ROXETTE, SAIGON KICK, EUROPE, GLENN HUGHES, ELECTRIC BOYS) at their MySpace page. Lahti previously worked with the group on their third album, "Fall from Grace".

The as-yet-untitled CD, which is expected to be released in April/May, will feature the following tracks (not in final order): More...

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Soilwork Plans On Entering Studio Soon

Soilwork are planning to enter the studio in early March to begin recording their new album, more on that can be found at www.soilwork.org.

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Darkest Hour Drops Off Soilwork Tour

Darkest Hour has cancelled the remainder of their shows on the Soilwork, etc. tour due to health issues. Here's a statement from the band:

"We are sorry to announce that we must cancel our upcoming shows in Pittsburgh, Rochester NY, and Detroit on our current tour with Soilwork, Mnemic, and Threat Signal. One of the us has a serious health issue that must be addressed immediately. We apologize to all the fans and the other bands, but when you're on tour forever health has to come first. We will see everyone in the UK next month and everyone in the US with a new record next year."

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Satyricon, Soilwork Confirmed For House Of Metal

Satyricon and Soilwork are the latest inclusions to the list of bands to perform at next year's House Of Metal festival. The festival will take place in Umeå, Sweden on the 16th, 17th February, 2007.

A total of 22 bands will be performing at the festival. The bands announced so far are: Satyricon, Soilwork, Hardcore Superstar, Savage Circus, Heed, Hellfueled, 6th Awakening, Lesra and Assailant. More acts are said to be announced soon.

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ex-Chimaira Drummer To Record w/ Lion's Share

Former CHIMAIRA/SOILWORK drummer Richard Evensand is currently in the studio recording drums for the eagerly awaited comeback album by Swedish melodic metal masters LION'S SHARE. You can view photos from the recording session at the band's MySpace page. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Toxication Rave", "Cult Of Denial", "Bloodstained Soil", "Trafficking", and "Emotional Coma".

As previously reported, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has already recorded a guest solo for the song "The Edge of the Razor". The new album will be the group's fifth, with the first four having been released by Century Media and Massacre Records between 1995 and 2001. During this period, the band toured heavily with such acts as DIO, MANOWAR, MOTÖRHEAD, SAXON, NEVERMORE, ICED EARTH, U.D.O. etc.

LION'S SHARE's upcoming CD will mark the band's debut with new singer Patrik Johansson (also in ASTRAL DOORS), who replaced Tony Niva in 2005.

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Lyzanxia To Tour With Soilwork

French metallers LYZANXIA will support SOILWORK on a U.K. tour in September. The dates are as follows:

Sep. 17 - Norwich, UK - Waterfront
Sep. 18 - Portsmouth, UK - Wedgewood
Sep. 19 - Oxford, UK - Zodiac
Sep. 20 - London, UK - Mean Fiddler
Sep. 21 - Nottingham, UK - Rockcity
Sep. 22 - Glasgow, UK - Cathouse
Sep. 23 - Leeds, UK - Cockpit
Sep. 24 - Manchester, UK - Academy 3
Sep. 25 - Leicester, UK - Charlotte
Sep. 26 - Birmingham, UK - AC 2
Sep. 27 - Cardiff, UK - Barfly
Sep. 28 - Exeter, UK - Lemongrove

As previously reporte, a brand new LYZANXIA track, entitled "Path Blade", has been made available for download at this location. The song comes off the band's third full-length album, "Unsu", due on September 23 via Listenable Records. The follow-up to 2004's "Mindcrimes" was recorded and mixed at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden by Fredrik Nordström and Patrick J. Sten. The mastering was done by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Maid Studio. The album has 12 tracks and the cover artwork was designed by Alain Tréhard.

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Soilwork Frontman Honored To Sing With Testament

SOILWORK's vocalist Bjorn "Speed" Strid got the chance of a lifetime last weekend as he performed a song with legendary Bay Area Thrash icons Testament at the Earthshaker Festival. "We had an awesome time at Earthshaker (Fest In Germany) and Metalcamp (festival in Slovenia) this weekend. Thanx for awesome support...I personally wanna take the time to thank Chuck Billy and Testament for asking me and giving me the honor to perform "Into The Pit" together with them on stage at the Earthshaker Festival--it was truly a dream come (true), wow! Thank you so much, I'll carry it with me 'till the end."
SOILWORK's next North American appearance will take place this fall when they return for a five-week tour that will take them coast to coast starting October 5th. Also appearing on the bill will be Darkest Hour, Mnemic and Threat Signal.

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Soilwork Continues Guitarist Search

Sweden's Soilwork has resumed their search for a new guitarist, holding auditions in recent weeks. The band has announced that they're looking for a Swede:

"We wanted a Swedish guitarist who lives close by... This has nothing to do with that we look down on guitarists or musicians outside Sweden (I bet there's a lot of guitarplayers that could manage the Soilwork stuff!). As we said, we're looking for a Swede, wanna be a rehearsing band again, hope you understand!"

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Soilwork Announce U.K., Turkish Dates

Swedish metallers SOILWORK have announced dates in the U.K. and Turkey in September. The details are as follows:

Sep. 17 - Norwich, UK @ Waterfront
Sep. 18 - Portsmouth, UK @ Wedgewood
Sep. 19 - Oxford, UK @ Zodiac
Sep. 20 - London, UK @ Mean Fiddler
Sep. 21 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
Sep. 22 - Glasgow, UK @ Cathouse
Sep. 23 - Leeds, UK @ Cockpit
Sep. 24 - Manchester, UK @ Academy 3
Sep. 25 - Leicester, UK @ Charlotte
Sep. 26 - Birmingham, UK @ Ac 2
Sep. 27 - Cardiff, UK @ Barfly
Sep. 28 - Exeter, UK @ Lemongrove
Sep. 30 - Ankara, TUR @ Saklikent
Oct. 01 - Istanbul, TUR @ Studyio Live

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Darkane Drummer To Fill In For Soilwork In Europe

Soilwork are to planning to use Darkane drummer Peter Wildo er for a handful of European festivals. Current drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who lives in Los Angeles, couldn't get him reasonably priced flights to play the shows, which were confirmed at the last minute.

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New Soilwork Guitarist Has Not Been Confirmed

In a posting on the official Soilwork website, frontman Bjorn "Speed" Strid, has refuted rumours claiming that the band has added Dimension Zero/Pathos guitarist Daniel Antonsson to the lineup as replacement for Peter Wichers, who left the band in December.

"Let me also clarify some things about the guitarist situation: I know that some of you people have seen on some website (take a guess where...) that we have confirmed Daniel Antonsson as the new guitarist of Soilwork. It´s true that he´s been touring with us and we like him very much both as a human and as a player but we have NOT confirmed his spot in Soilwork. We have decided to go slow with this and really take our time before we make any decisions.. We´ll keep you updated on that story, nobody else..

"Peace, Speed"

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