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Latest Impetigo News

Below is our complete Impetigo news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Twist Ending Releases "Musica Di Morte"

Twist Ending - featuring the return of Stevo from Impetigo on vocals - just released a debut demo titled "Musica di Morte." Digital copies can be found at Bandcamp here, and the songs are also availabel for streaming below.

1. Tormentula (La tarantola dal ventre nero) 06:33
2. Shadow In The Gallery (L’uccello dale piume di cristallo) 04:27
3. Evil Iris, Summoner Of Misery (Buio omega) 05:35
4. The Music Of Death (La corta note delle bambole di vetro) 04:02

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Hells Headbangers Releases Organ Fanzine

Hells Headbangers is proud to release the first issue of the Organ fanzine. Available in an 120-page, perfect-bound book, Organ was hand-drawn and written in an old-school cut 'n' paste style by celebrated underground artist Putrid, who's done artwork for Autopsy, Impetigo, Hooded Menace, and Acid Witch among many others. The following press release was issued about the magazine:

"Organ is the physical-waste deposit of two Midwest dipshits who suffer from obsessive visions of horror, visions of endless torrents of blood and gore, visions of cinematic barbarism transfixed within a nauseating vortex of undead soldiers of Satan waging war with guitars and venomous forked tongues, never-fuckin'-ending visions that transform their already unstable reality into an all-out blood orgy of neck-snapping, fist-pumping, homicidal lunacy! That, and super-cool comics and buxom babes smothered in a lot of blood... Organ is cry for help - a plea, if you will, to join their Cult Of Gore. They are possessed by death and obsessed with gore, and they want you to come fuckin' die with 'em.

"This blood tome is saturated in interviews with metal purveyors Impetigo, Asphyx, Undergang, Nocturnal, Grave Upheaval, Cianide, Morbus Chron, and Denial, a chat with Mike Minnet of Bad Taste, and Mike Howlett, the author of The Weird World Of Eerie Publications book: literally, a fuck-ton of horror/exploitation write-ups including a Coffin Joe and Tim Ritter spotlight, metalhead artist profiles, insane horror comics, nerd anecdotes of the lurking past, and then throw in a gaggle of numskulls that love Jap hardcore, Conan The Barbarian rip-offs, and throwin' loads to Amber Lynn for, like, over two decades!! And just when you think the sleaze maelstrom has ceased, you are dead-fuckin'-wrong! There's even more weird diseases to contract that you've never even heard of, WOW!"

A teaser trailer is available below, and you can pick up your own copy of Organ #1 at this location. More...

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Impetigo Double CD To See Release Via Razorback

Impetigo's "7 Doors of Death" double CD release is coming in 2014 via Razorback Recordings. The label comments:

"This special 2-disc release will feature all of the band's demo and 7" EP material on one CD, and a special never heard before early version of 'Ultimo Mondo Cannibale' on the second disc! It will also feature updated liner notes from Stevo and more.

"We will be working hard to make this the ultimate release for Impetigo maniacs! This special release will coincide with the Lesions of Impetigo comic book/fanzine that is currently in production also from Razorback! More news on this mammoth release soon."

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Metalhit Offering Free Compilation

Metalhit.com is now offering a new free "Kult Death" compilation. You can stream the tracks below, or download the songs over at this location. The track listing is:

1. CIANIDE - Terrorstrikes 03:50
2. CRYPTOPSY - Born Headless 04:29
3. DEMIGOD - Slumber of Sullen Eyes 06:00
4. DEMILICH - Two Independent Organisms - On Suppurating Deformity 04:13
5. DEVOURMENT - Devour the Demand 04:24
6. DYING FETUS - We are your Enemy 03:45
7. GOREAPHOBIA - Grave Plagued Planet 04:07
8. HEADROT - I Gulp your Guts 03:18
9. HOODED MENACE - Fulfill the Curse 06:53
10. IMPETIGO - Boneyard 02:35
11. MASTER - Play to Die 03:14
12. MIASMAL - Mists 04:42
13. NECROPHAGIA - Abomination 04:30
14. PURTENANCE - Deep Blue Darkness 03:28
15. ROTTREVORE - Spawn of Ignorance 02 More...

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Tombstones Finishes Recording New Album

Death/thrash metal band TOMBSTONES, featuring legendary underground vocalist Stevo Dobbins (IMPETIGO), has finished recording their debut album due for a summer release via Razorback Records. The album was mixed/mastered by Patrick Bruss at the Filth Chamber in Denver, Colorado and features the following recording lineup:

Stevo (IMPETIGO): Vocals
Patrick Bruss (CRYPTICUS) - Guitar & Bass
Elektrokutioner (DECREPITAPH) - Drums

You can check out the album preview below and more of the band's music on their MySpace player.

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Impetigo Readies New DVD For Release

IMPETIGO's upcoming "Defiling The Stage" DVD is about to go to press and should be in stock with label Deathgash Records by the end of January. The label will soon begin accepting preorders, and we will be making shirts as well. The "Defiling The Stage" DVD is expected to be in stores on February 23rd, 2010.

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Bone Gnawer Posts Full Album Stream Online

The American/Swedish collaboration BONE GNAWER, which features the legendary Kam Lee (Massacre/ex-Denial Fiend), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer), Ronnie Bjornstorm (Ribspreader, Hate Ammo) and Morgan Lie (Naglfar) is readying to unleash their debut album, "Feast Of Flesh." An early June 2009 release date is to be expected.

"Feast Of Flesh" is currently streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace player as well as their label's. The stream will be available for a limited time only.

Here's the complete tracklisting for "Feast Of Flesh":

1. Feast Of Flesh *
2. Sliced And Diced
3. Cannibal Cook-Out
4. Make You Die Slow
5. Hammer To The Skull *
6. The Saw Is Family
7. Hatchet Face
8. Defleshed And Skinned *
9. Anthropophagus Beast
10. The Lucky Ones Die First

The record includes guest vocals from Killjoy of Necrophagia (on "Defleshed And Skinned"), Stevo do Caixao of Impetigo (on "Feast Of Flesh") and Dopi of Machetazo (on "Hammer To The Skull").

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Necrophagia Vocalist Guests On Bone Gnawer Album

NECROPHAGIA vocalist Killjoy has contributed vocals to the new Bone Gnawer track "Defleshed and Skinned."

Kam Lee comments: "It's a great - great honor to have the legandary Killjoy join in on vocals on this track... and his added vile vocal sickness only ads yet another level of pure sheer terror and horror to an already brutal song!

"It's been a fantastic and great honor to have all of these 'special guest vocalist' join in on us in BONE GNAWER songs - and this is a tradition we wish to continue with on each and every release we do in the future - to have 'special guest musicians' join in with us on the horror and terror that is BONE GNAWER!

"That's right freaks - the fantastic Spanish Master of Murder DOPI - from the killer kick ass old school style grind-core/death band MACHETAZO will be doing a 'special guest vocal appearence' on the BONE GNAWER track 'HAMMER TO THE SKULL' - and there couldn't be a better track for this insane brother of evil to appear on!

"Nothing but pure hellish angry vocals is just what we needed for this track - and DOPI is more then eager to supply a grand dose of pure hostile hatred for it! We look forward to having our brother DOPI on this track with us - and we hope you fans will enjoy this as well. If your still not familiar with the great MACHETAZO - you need to be! Their new album - MUNDO CRIPTA is a masterpiece of pure old school style grind-core/death metal - the way it was meant to be played!

"We wish to thank - Killjoy of NECROPHAGIA, as well as Dopi of MACHETAZO, and Stevo of IMPETIGO for their participation in joining us on the: FEAST OF FLESH!"

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Hear Impetigo's "Trap Them And Kill Them" Remaster

"Trap Them And Kill Them" has been remastered for the upcoming re-issue of IMPETIGO's "Horror of the Zombies" album on Razorback Records. The track was remastered by Patrick Bruss and can be heard on the official Razorback myspace page.

Look for the CD to be out in late April, with extensive liner notes from Stevo and more.

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Impetigo Reveal "Horror of the Zombies" Cover Art

Impetigo have posted a sneak peek at the cover art for the upcoming "Horror of the Zombies" re-issue coming out soon. The art was drawn by Stevo in 1989. You can check out the artwork here.

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Impetigo Post Track From Upcoming Reissue Online

You can check out the track "Dis-Organ-Ized" from underground death metal legends IMPETIGO's classic 1990 album Ultimo Mondo Cannibale online here. The album will be re-issued on Halloween through Razorback Records. For more information on the release, click here.

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Impetigo's Debut To Be Reissued On Halloween

Razorback Record's re-issue of IMPETIGO's legendary first album, "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale", will be released on Halloween 2006. The album has been re-mastered by Patrick Bruss from Crypticus and will include a 16 page full color booklet with detailed liner notes from Stevo, old art and flyers, and more. The album features the ORIGINAL cover art that was banned in 1990, finally used in all of its gory-glory.

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