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Band Photo: Kataklysm (?)

Formed: 1991
From: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

Kataklysm Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Kataklysm.


Kataklysm Discusses New Full-Length Album

Three year's after the blistering "Heaven's Venom," Canadian outfit Kataklysm is now releasing latest full-length album "Waiting For The End To Come."

This release sees changes in how Kataklsym operates, as the band chose not to stream the album in full ahead of its release and went with two different versions for the cover artwork.

I recently got in touch with guitarist Jean-François Dagenais to hear what he had to say about these changes and how the album came together.

Read on to find out about J-F's love for old school physical media (“there’s something spiritual about putting that vinyl on and having a drink while hearing an album”), the difficulties in switching gears from Kataklysm to Ex Deo, and how the band approached a Sacred Reich cover for the album. More...

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Interview With Maurizio Iacono Of Ex Deo

It takes vast reserves of endurance and determination to attain worldwide relevance in the extreme metal genre - much less retain it for two decades - and Montreal's Maurizio Iacono is one of a relative few with the scars and success to prove it. The job is never done, however, and rather than cool his heels as Kataklysm officially celebrates its twentieth anniversary, Maurizio has chosen to plunge forward with his personal passion project Ex Deo. Comprised of a modified Kataklysm lineup with extra personnel, Ex Deo in 2009 released "Romulus," (reviewed here) a lyrical history of the foundations of ancient Rome set to rumbling, melodic, epic metal anthems. This year, the saga continues.

On Sunday, April 1st, Finnish Viking metallers Turisas boldly led the vaunted Paganfest tour to Montreal's Club Soda. Originally booked for the entire tour, Ex Deo had been forced to cancel all but a handful of dates in order to focus on perfecting the highly anticipated sophomore album "Caligvla." Tonight, surrounded by friends and adoring hometown fans, they were ready to rock. I caught up with Maurizio shortly before showtime, and he brought me up to speed on a host of topics concerning both his bands, his lyrical inspirations, his passion for history, and more. More...

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Kataklysm Guitarist Talks "Heaven's Venom"

Canadian death metal maestros Kataklysm took a brief break from their northern hyperblast sound to dip into Roman themes with the Ex Deo project. While Ex Deo continues, the members returned to Kataklysm to release the latest album "Heaven's Venom."

Guitarist Jean-François Dagenais took some time out during the band's recent North American tour dates to discuss the new album, stating "I think it’s a really aggressive album with a lot of emotions put out on the table because we’ve gone through a lot in the last few years. It’s one of my personal favorites. As soon as we finished at the studio I still played it and enjoyed it. Usually when we’re done with an album I’ve heard it too much, but this one I still enjoy months later." Jean-François also explained what Kataklysm and Ex Deo will be up to in the future. More...

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An Interview With Ex Deo Front Man Maurizio Iacono

Ex Deo is the new band formed by Kataklysm front man Maurizio Iacono so that he could explore the themes of ancient Rome in his music. Maurizio shared with us how the debut album "Romulus" came to be and why he wanted to make an album about Rome. “Romulus” will be released by Nuclear Blast Records on June 19th in Europe and June 30th in North America. More...

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