"some music was meant to stay underground..."

By Autumns End

From: Buffalo, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded

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By Autumns End Breaking Up

Buffalo, New York's By Autumns End is calling it quits. Formed in 2004, the group released an album with Hand Of Hope Records earlier this year. The following statement has been issued:

"By Autumns End has been around for several years in which it has been a huge part of our lives, and hopefully it's been some part of yours as well. Unfortunately it is time for the band to end. Our final show is January 17th at the Mohawk Place. It'd be an honor and mean the world to us to see a lot of you out there. The show is only 7 dollars and we will be playing pretty much all of our material. If you are traveling in from out of town we can make arrangements for you to sleep somewhere. If you need a ride contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who can give it to you. Thank you so much. We love you all."

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Burning Season, By Autumn's End Tour Cancelled

The Burning Season, By Autumn's End, and Odd Project tour has officially been cancelled. By Autumn's End has released a statement detailing their perspective:

"Donny here, with an update for all my compadres who are wondering simply, what the fuck is going on? Until a few minutes ago not even I could answer that question, as we delved deep into the calamity that was our recent tour schedule. Our situation grew more and more precarious as the tour that had been allegedly booked solid by a certain incompetent agent who shall remain nameless to protect the well... not so innocent... regardless... Our tour essentially deteriorated faster than a corpse would on a float in a fourth of july parade in texas... But throughout this diversity your good 'ol boys prevailed grinding shit out through sleeping in wal mart parking lots forced to spoon with eachothers sweaty matted bodies just to have space to lay down; battling morning wood erections and dehydration with the utter scum of the earth peeking in the window, praying that our fellow americans would be so generous as to not smash in our windows and rape pillage and plunder us.

"Despite some help from friends and the companionship of our stellar as fuck tourmates SOLIDARITY and FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS (amazing dudes and amazing bands) and accumulated some good times along with the horrific. We enjoyed a delightful stay in michigan exchanging salutations and reuniting with old friends back at skateland in westland and were brought pretty much to the point of orgasm by our AMAZING hometown crowd at the icon (thank you buffalo. we love you more than you know.), as well as some good times in the south (soundvent, sector 7g), and we can't forget our beloved home away from home the olean art space, and of course last but far from least... the unholy, the abominable, the epic...INFEST. It was a great reception for our first time gracing Allentown, PA with our presence and rather enjoyable shooting the shit and sharing the stage with the likes of cattle decapitation, suicide silence, bury your dead and several more of our favorite colleagues.

"Now for the business, due to the afformentioned troubles with an agent whom has the inability to return our phone calls, get proper booking done or merely do what his job entails, the plug has been pulled on our tour with the burning season, odd project and for the fallen dreams. Believe me, our band is extremely disgruntled about the situation and is without question more dissapointed about it than anyone. It is unfortunate when we are strung along week after week under the impression that all is well and then get hit with pretty much a shotgun blast to the skull last minute as we are informed that the tour will not be going down.

"Now at this point we have the choice, to tuck our genitals between our legs and lie down and die, accept our ill fate and the mounting odds against us, or rally with the assistance of supporters and return like the dead in a Romero film... You're goddamned right you know what one we chose... By Autumn's End is not going to miss a fucking beat and that's a promise we have more solid tours in the making for a bit later in the summer and are currently filling up as many dates as we can for the time we were supposed to be out with the burning season."

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By Autumns End Post New Songs Online

Buffalo, New York hardcore band BY AUTUMNS END's has set up a custom album mypsace for "THE SERPENT, THE STATE, THE SLAUGHTER, THE PLAGUE" where you can listen to two new songs from the album. You can check it out here.

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By Autumns End Signs w/ Hand Of Hope Records

Hand Of Hope Records has officially signed Buffalo, NY hardcore/rock outfit By Autumns End. According to the label, they are "comparable to such bands as Every Time I Die and Norma Jean." Their debut full-length is expected to hit streets in early-2007. For now, you can check out some of their material here.

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