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Formed: 1993
From: Dobermannsdorf, Austria
Last Known Status: Regrouped


Abigor is an Austrian black metal band formed in 1993 by Peter Kubik (P.K.) and Thomas Tannenberger (T.T.). After the release of several demos, original vocalist Tharen left the band and was replaced by Silenius, who recorded vocals for all Abigor releases until the recording of Channeling the Quintessence of Satan during which he opted to leave the band. Thurisaz, who had been in the thrash metal band Lost Victim together with Tannenberger in the 1980s, joined the band and finished recordings on Channeling the Quintessence of Satan. In late 1999, Tannenberger left the band for various reasons (ranging from personal problems to being fed up with what once was the "scene"). After his departure, Abigor released two more albums before breaking up in 2003.

In April 2006, Kubik and Tannenberger decided to join forces again. The band released the new album Fractal Possession in 2007.

Many members of Abigor are or were previously in several other bands and side projects in both the black metal and ambient genres. Some of which include: Amestigon, Summoning, Dominion III, Dargaard, Grabesmond, Pazuzu, Darkwell, and Siegfried.

Latest Abigor News

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Abigor Debut Full-Album Stream Of Brand New Album

Abigor debut the full-album stream of the band's brand new album "Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)", out in stores now via Bandcamp.

Check out now "Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)" in its entirety below.

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Abigor Teases New Album

Austrian black metal band Abigor shares a five-minute stream of song excerpts from their upcoming new album "Höllenzwang – Chronicles of Perdition", which will be out in stores soon.

Check out now the song previews from "Höllenzwang – Chronicles of Perdition" below.

Says Abigor of it: More...

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Abigor Announces 2CD Set

Abigor has announced an upcoming 2CD set titled "Quintessence," which features "Channeling the Quintessence of Satan" and "The Satanic Tapes." End All Life Productions commented on the release:

"We are extremely proud to announce one of our most ambitious releases thus far, containing recordings that shaped the history of Black Metal as a genre (namely the infamous demos from 1993 and 1994) and a new interpretation of 'Channelling the Quintessence of Satan,' revisited over a decade later.

"The transfiguration is of radical nature while preserving, actually enhancing, the original spirit. It is something to experience and not to describe but let's make a vain attempt and write that it's Janus like, as ancient as it is contemporary, as TRADITIONAL as it is groundbreaking. In other words, Black Metal in all its glory."

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Abigor Announces 2CD Set Release

Abigor has issued the following update about releasing a 2CD set, which includes new material and songs from the 1990s:

"We can finally present you the previews for the next Abigor release on End All Life: Quintessence EAL066 (2xCD, Part I ‘Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan 2011’, Part II ‘The Satanic Tapes 1993-94’)

"Channelling... drew it’s inspiration from Albrecht Dürer’s Knight, Death & Devil copper engraving (1513) as well as Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal movie (1957). Guitars and drums (recorded in 2 days at Hörnix, december 1998) stem from the original stereo roughmix, yet revised lyrics, rearranged original tracks, new bass and, ultimately, new vocal recordings now raze out everything weak that obstructed the essence of the initial work and transforms it to the purest ABIGOR album so far.

"Hence we are proud to present you a truly new opus here which condenses our 19 year history and meets the self imposed standard of sophistication, being the quintessential key to truly satanic art (crushing all amateurish atheistic dark metal around, wrongly calling itself Black Metal).

"The second part of Quintessence consists of the 4 demos in its entirety, most primitively recorded in 1993/94 on 4 tracks. Together with Channelling... The Satanic Tapes testify ABIGOR’s roots and tradition.

"Quintessence Part I (Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan 1998/2011), Quintessence Part II (The Satanic Tapes 1993-94)."

You can also check out previews of the new release by heading over to the official Abigor MySpace page.

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Abigor To Reissue "Opus IV" On Vinyl

Austrian black metal act Abigor has announced the band's "Opus IV" album will be released as a remastered Double LP vinyl edition via Nihilward Productions. The new edition of the album is set to be released in the fall of 2010. Additional details on the reissue and it's exact release date will be announced as they are made available. In the mean time you can check out Abigor tracks through the band's MySpace page.

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Abigor Announces New Album Release Date

Austrian black metallers Abigor have announced they will release their new album "Time is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint" on January 18th, 2010 via End All Life and Season of Mist. A preview of the album is currently available for streaming at Abigor's MySpace page. Abigor also issued the following statement about the preview:

"Please notice that this is a cut op preview, 'TIME…' is a monument that consist of 2 parts, and this is just a short preview what awaits you - the metamorphosis that’s possible when flesh becomes one with His principle. …the devil, great consumer of mortality, appears as the destroyer of cause and effect, and of God’s linearity. Hence man can be merged in His infinity…"

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Abigor Finishes Recording New Album

Austrian black metallers Abigor have issued the following update about finishing the recording of a new album:

"The recordings for the new album (the joint venture with Blacklodge, where both have worked on the same topic and the release will be a split or at least parallel) are finally completed, at this very moment the mix is layed down, and mastering is scheduled for 11th October. Expect a release on END ALL LIFE soon!

"The album is truly a monument (a word often used but hardly ever justified) that makes the profound and inevitable link between Satan and all man painfully visible like few others, if any, have before. Through the 'subject' of time the album is exactly at the centre of human existence, the metamorphosis that's possible when flesh becomes one with His principle - gloria victoria!"

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Abigor Posts Two New Rough Tracks Online

Abigor has issued the following announcement about streaming two new instrumental sample tracks online at their MySpace page:

"We are proud to present you some first impressions of things to come in the line of coming releases - here the split project with BLACKLODGE.

"These samples are rough instrumental previews - no processing/mixdown whatsoever has been applied.
Although the end result will certainly differ (not only because of the vocals), you can already judge if we succeeded in laying down another work to place the seed of the devil into the heart and soul of man. This split with BLACKLODGE features 2 ABIGOR tracks (therefore 2 preview samples, one of each track) with a total running time of almost 35 minutes and will be released on END ALL LIFE in CD & LP format in fall 2009."

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Abigor Issues New Album Update

Austrian black metal band Abigor has issued the following update about several new upcoming releases:

"Before we unleash the split project with BLACKLODGE, which took larger and more monumental forms than we first conceived (and, how could it be possible NOT to expand and delay something true to its infinitely flowing, fluctuating and interlocking concept of "Time vs:sv nataS"), the next in a line of forthcoming releases will be an ultimate link between ABIGOR..s past, present and future.

"16 years since we first joined forces under the banner of ABIGOR, 10 years since it’s original release on Napalm Records, 2 years since PK & TT reunited and AR & END ALL LIFE reinforced this unit to execute the devil’s work (as well as to our own self-realization, illumination, plenary indulgence and the lashing of our minds), we bring forth a new version of an album written in 1998 and first recorded in early winter 1999, Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan.

"The original recording was a landmark in ABIGOR’s history. On one hand it represented the perfection of the imperfect method how we prepared, accomplished and engineered our visions in the 90s. On the other hand it also marked the end of the second ABIGOR trinity, with both Silenius (during the recordings) and TT (after the recordings) quit the service. Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan should have been the ultimate peak in the string of our releases in the past century, yet due to reasons inherent in the original version as well as external ones, this album never glared in its full glory. This is about to change. More...

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Abigor Put Finishing Touches On Split Album

Reunited Austrian black metallers ABIGOR are putting the finishing touches on their split album with BLACKLODGE. A tentative March/April release date through End All Life Records (with distribution through Season Of Mist) is expected.

ABIGOR's latest album, "Fractal Possesion", was released in Europe in May.

Check out a few audio samples at the band's MySpace page.

ABIGOR's "Orkblut - The Retaliation" mini-CD, which was originally issued in 1994 via Napalm Records, was released on vinyl and as a limited-edition picture disc in November 2006 through France's Chaos Sacrum Records.

ABIGOR's current lineup includes mainman Peter Kubik and co-founding member T.T.

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Abigor Unveil "Fractal Possesion" Artwork

Reunited Austrian black metallers ABIGOR have unveiled the artwork for their new album, "Fractal Possesion", at this location. The CD will be released in Europe on May 2 and the U.S. on June 5.

"Fractal Possession" track listing:

01. Warning
02. Project: Shadow
03. Cold Void Choir
04. Lairf Of Infinite Deparation
05. 3D Blasphemy
06. The Fire Syndrom
07. Injection Satan
08. Libery Rises A Diagonal Flame
09. Vapourzied Tears
10. Heaven Unveiled

Check out a few audio samples at the band's MySpace page.

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Abigor Announce Release Dates For New Album

Reunited Austrian black metallers ABIGOR have announced the following release dates for their new album, "Fractal Possesion":

Europe: May 2, 2007
USA: June 5, 2007

"Fractal Possession" track listing: More...

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Abigor New Album Update

Reunited Austrian black metallers Abigor have posted the following update at their MySpace page:

"Finally we decided to upload an exclusive studio outtake from the upcoming album "Fractal Possession". Note: it's a studio outtake of 2 songs, not mixed, nor mastered, but you'll haven an approximate view, what could await you..."

Check out the preview at this location.

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Abigor Completes Drums For New Album

Reunited Austrian black metallers ABIGOR have issued the following update:

"The drum work for the new album (10 tracks, proper vinyl release as well!) has been finished. Next are guitars in August. After the vocal, bass and synth recordings, mixdown and mastering is planned for late September/early October."

ABIGOR's current lineup includes mainman Peter Kubik and co-founding member T.T.

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Austrian Black Metallers Abigor Are Back

According to the Austrian black metal webzine BlackMetal.at , Peter Kubik (a.k.a. Virus 666) has put his HELLBOUND and ST. LUCIFER projects to rest and has reformed the acclaimed Austrian black metal outfit ABIGOR. "There're different reasons for this decision, and some might hate me about it, but I give a shit on them," Kubik is quoted as saying. "I know, I wrote that I am pissed by the black-metal scene as I split ABIGOR back in 2003, and still I am, but maybe this 'not being involved' made me thirsty again. However, I don't feel the need to justify my point of view anymore. Accept it or not, ABIGOR is back! Currently it's me and Lukas Lindenberger on drums, but T.T., Thurisaz and Silenius are still invited to join the band again, time will tell. Don't expect a rise of the 'old' ABIGOR, it's 2006. ABIGOR is reborn, and it'll be a new area - we're back, still hell!"

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Moritz Neuner Joins Graveworm

Ex Abigor and current Darkwell and Shadowcast drummer Moritz Neuner will be joining the Italian Gothic/ Black metal act Graveworm for the upcoming live shows in 2004. He'll be raplacing Martin Innerbichler.

After the extremely successful X-MAS-Festival-Tour, GRAVEWORM have also started writing some new material for the follow up to 'Engraved in Black' that came out last year. They are to appear in several festivals around Europe this summer: More...

Read the full article at Graveworm.

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Ex-Abigor / Summoning Singer Joins St. Lucifer

Ex-ABIGOR/SUMMONING singer Silenius has joined ST. LUCIFER as the group's new vocalist. The band are currently working on material for their first demo/promo CD, to be made available sometime in the spring. An official web site will be launched soon as well. No further information is available at this time.

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