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Soldiers Of Scrape

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Soldiers Of Scrape Interviews and Features

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Getting Higher With Wayne From Soldiers Of Scrape

Detroit, Michigan may be well known for churning out new automobiles off the assembly line but there is one mean steel machine running around called SOLDIERS OF SCRAPE that is making more noise out of the underground music scene than a Ford Pinto that should've been junked twenty years ago. Soldiers Of Scrape just took top honors for 2006's Monster Picks contest, a true testimony to just how popular this band is. They are to be featured in the upcoming Decibel magazine. This is a metal band that is for the people and of the people, like one of its main inspirations, Pantera. They are going to be turning the touring knob up to eleven here in September and October, so watchout for them throughout Michigan and Illinois. I took some time to get my Q&A on with their always bleary eyed bassist, Wayne. More...

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Interview With Mick From Soldiers Of Scrape

Detroit, Michigan's Soldiers Of Scrape started under the initial band moniker of Bowlscraper and after releasing a couple EP's, including an impressive debut full length, 2004's "Red Hair Revolution", are soon due to follow up their most recent release, "Scrape The Nation" a 4 song EP from December, 2005. They have begun to make everyone else around the underground metal scene take notice. This is band that is rolling hard and heavy from one local venue to the next with their deliberate thrash/stoner brand of high-octane music that even the most extreme metal fan will have difficulty shaking upon first listen. They are not your proto-typical metal band, though they certainly incorporate elements from many of the most available sub-genres, like thrash and hardcore. Soldiers Of Scrape seem to have found themselves at their own little private spot on a heavy metal island way the hell off in the Pacific somewhere, not concerned with any of the current trends and just purely doing what they do best, letting the energy and explosiveness of their unique form of heavy music do its own talking. Soldiers Of Scrape are one of the best kept and most refreshing secrets in the underground today. Their friendly lead vocalist, Mick, took some time to answer some of my questions. So enough of the introduction, let's scrape that bowl, shall we? More...

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