"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Primitive Graven Image

Formed: 2006
From: Chesham, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

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Primitive Graven Image Announces Tour Dates

Primitive Graven Image has checked in with the following brief announcement about upcoming tour dates in March:

"Greetings all, we are currently working with Nazgul Agency and putting a few dates together for this year in support of our recently released 'Psychedelic Episodes - Observations on Death and Deathlessness' album. 'Deathlessness On The Road 2013' - first dates available below."

2nd March - London, Electrowerks - with ENTHRONED and ETHEREAL
3rd March - Exeter, Cavern - with ENTHRONED and ETHEREAL
11th March - Leeds, DAY OF RAPTURE II festival - with DESECRATION + more
29th March - Liverpool, The Lomax - with NINKHARSAG + more
30th March - Grimsby, The Matrix - with NINKHARSAG, INFERNAL CREATION + more More...

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Primitive Graven Image Streaming New Song

Primitive Graven Image has posted the opening song online from new album "Psychedelic Episodes {Observations on Death and Deathlessness}." Check out "Eye of Existence" in the player below. The band also commented:

"The song is the first track from the album, is entitled 'Eye of Existence' and deals with the search for God, gods, solitude, peace, truth, death and deathlessness (to name but a few!). What are the consequences of such a search? The whole album, and this song in particular, is an epic journey into these kinds of questions."

The album's track listing is:

1. Eye Of Existence
2. Ten Thousand Armageddons
3. Mock The Lifeline
4. Slave To The Mannequin
5. Attack The Attacker
6. Breathe
7. The Maniacal Laughter Of A Dying Man
8. The Killer, The Philosopher and the Holy Man
9. Of Death And Deathlessness More...

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Primitive Graven Image Posts New Music Video

After announcing details on the new album "Psychedelic Episodes: Observations on Death and Deathlessness" yesterday, Primitive Graven Image has now posted an official video for the song "Slave to the Mannequin." Check out the clip below.

The upcoming album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Eye Of Existence
2. Ten Thousand Armageddons
3. Mock The Lifeline
4. Slave To The Mannequin
5. Attack The Attacker
6. Breathe
7. The Maniacal Laughter Of A Dying Man
8. The Killer, The Philosopher and the Holy Man
9. Of Death And Deathlessness More...

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Primitive Graven Image Reveals Album Details

Primitive Graven Image is pleased to finally be able to announce the full details on an upcoming third album. Entitled "Psychededlic Episodes - Observations on Death and Deathlessness," the follow up to 2010's "Celebrating Impending Chaos" is once again produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile), with artwork from Darkwave Art, and is another loosely themed concept album - this time based around psychedelic experiences of the physical, spiritual, and emotional kind. The band comments:

"We took war as a big theme for Celebrating Impending Chaos (2010), but there was also a more cosmic theme running throughout the album as well, on tracks like 'Kings Of Infinite Space' for example - and that's what we've decided to run with this time round. We've decided to look into the mirror instead and into our own psyches. After all, the outside world is surely only a reflection of what is inside? This album is about getting closer to the source of all this stuff, which is where the real horrors lie. It's an interesting and fresh concept to play with but still lends itself very well to twisting into a black metal framework. The concept has lead to our most structured and focussed lyrics to date and the album has become a weird journey through man's struggle with his gods, his mortality and his brief but often chaotic life here on this mysterious rock. Musically we have stuck to the black metal feel that we know and love and in some cases this shines through even more than on our last album.

"We've also brought in a very healthy dose of death and thrash metal influenced sections and the psychedelic and progressive elements we started to play with on Chaos have made a big return. We have included some truly experimental moments with some elongated prog-out sections and wonderful analog keyboard sounds.” More...

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Primitive Graven Image Finishes New Album

Primitive Graven Image has completed work on the band's third album, once again with producer Russ Russell. The band commented on the album sessions:

"Following the now tried and tested formula that we used on 2010's 'Celebrating Impending Chaos' once again we've recorded the instruments ourselves at Metal Farm Studios in Buckinghamshire, where we've had the benefit of being able to take our time over the last two months, and then taken the finished recordings to Parlour Sound for Russ to do all the mixing and get the best out of our sound. Having been through the process before we knew what to expect this time, we were better prepared and are extremely pleased with the results.

"This time we've got the guitars sounding much bigger, the overall mix is far more cohesive yet not over-produced. We're really pleased that we've taken a step up again, and that we've not augmented the natural sound with much in the way of extras - although the sound is big we've not relied on studio trickery or orchestration - it's nice and organic sounding and brutal as hell, which is exactly what we wanted. More...

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Ukem Records Releasing Black Metal Compilation

Ukem Records has announced that its third release will be another compilation CD.
Following the massive success of the labels first release, "Disciples of Extremity Vol.1" (a 19 bands compilation CD and its second release, "Laceration - Tortured Inauguration" (Brutal Death Metal digi-pack release), the label is releasing a 13 band compilation CD, "Disciples of Blasphemy," featuring some of the UK's best Black Metal acts. Visit Ukem's website for more information.

Bands appearing on the CD are: PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE, EASTERN FRONT, OLD CORPSE ROAD, HAAR, HELVELLYN, ULFARR, NINKHARSAG, SACRELIGIOUS THRONE, IMMORTAL EMPIRE, HEXEN, TWO RAVENS, SERMON, BLUTVIAL. All the bands cover many aspects of the black metal genre, from suicidal depressive black metal all the way through to war-torn brutal black metal. Below is the first of many individual teaser streams that Ukem Records will be releasing, Primitive Graven Image's "March Onward - Celebrating Impending Chaos."


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Primitive Graven Image Offering Single For Free

Primitive Graven Image has released a free download of the single "March Of The Cattle," the first taken from the bands "Celebrating Impending Chaos" album, which was released last year through Envenomation Records. The free download is currently available from the band's web site at this location.

Drummer Matt Platts spoke of the release: "We have become more and more aware over the last year that this album has a greater reach than our immediate black metal following, with people regularly discovering it who are generally more into other genres, such as thrash and death metal, even punk. We wanted to try and spread the word a bit but didn't want to lose our DIY approach to things, we are just from that ethic really, so we came up with an idea and then spent a great deal of time on our own trying to make it work. A large portion of that was trying to learn video editing software it has to be said! It was a bit more of a task than we bargained for actually, but I think that it's a good thing for bands to take control of their creative output. We're pleased with the results." More...

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Primitive Graven Image Issues Activity Update

Primitive Graven Image has checked in with the following update about the band's recent and upcoming activity:

"Hey everyone! There is a new audio Interview up at metalcastshow.com! Check it out. Primitive Graven Image sitting around a table talking about music, lyrics, why forests are cool and the UK Black Metal scene in general. Check it out here here.

"The interview starts at around 26 minutes in and a song from the new album is played afterwards! In other news, we might finally get round to finishing the video for 'The March of the Cattle' soon. It's pretty cool! We have got some other interesting things in the pipeline, so stay tuned! All will be revealed when details are finalized! Shows confirmed for 2011 so far:

4th March - Leicester (details tbc) with Abgott
13th March - London Purple Turtle with Abgott
23rd April - London - Infernal Damnation VIII @ Camden Underworld with Alcest (headliners) + more
30th July - London - Terrorizer Grindhouse - full details to be confirmed shortly.

"That's all for now! Stay metal folks!"

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Primitive Graven Image Writing New Music

Primitive Graven Image has checked in with the following update about writing new material and appearing at an upcoming festival:

"Darkest Greetings! Dokkalfur speaking. Checking in to let you all know that things are great at the PGI camp... as usual. As you know we have been doing some killer gigs over the last few weeks and met some amazing people. It was great to be back in London last Tuesday playing at The Gaff.

"We are currently taking a short break from the road until the Show No Mercia festival which is on the 19th December 2010. We are looking forward to sharing the stage with the likes of Winterfylleth and Wodensthrone.

"Exciting things have happened during this tour. New music has been written, more crazy lyrics have been spewed. stay tuned! If you do not own our new album Celebrating Impending Chaos then you must get it now from our labels web site. SPEW FORTH UTTERINGS OF THE BLACKEST METAL INTO THE NIGHT! Dokkalfur out."

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Primitive Graven Image Announces Mini-Tour

Primitive Graven Image has issued the following announcement about a mini-tour this weekend supporting Skaldic Curse:

"Darkest greetings all, we'll be a part of a mini-tour this weekend supporting Skaldic Curse along with Swansea based black metallers Ghast (Todestreib Records) and new to the scene Bristol black metallers Throes over the following dates: 8th October - Camden Unicorn - Free Show, 9th October - Birmingham Ayslum, 10th October - Bristol, The Croft

"Skaldic Curse is of course the home of ex-Akercocke guitarist Paul Scanlan, and we're immensely looking forward to these dates. Extra support for the Birmingham Show comes from Towers Of Flesh, and at Bristol from Rosicrucian.

"Finally, with our regular bassist Psi unable to play the Birmingham show due to prior commitments, we'll be helped out live in Birmingham by none other than Abgott vocalist/lead guitarist Agamoth who'll be lending his talent and black metal fury to the lower 4 strings for a change! Here's to a weekend of Black Metal!"

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Primitive Graven Image Comments On Music Video

Primitive Graven Image has posted two "making of" clips online from the shooting of the new music video for "The March of the Cattle," which can be viewed below. The band also commented on the video shoot:

"Hey guys, So we started shooting for the video for 'The March of the Cattle' from our new album 'Celebrating Impending Chaos'. We've got a lot of great, atmospheric performance footage, complete with smoke, trees and suitable darkness! It's going to be great! We've put together a sneak preview or two of the shoot. Check them out below.

"On another note, make sure you all check out and 'like' the Primitive Graven Image facebook page found here. This is a great place to keep up to date with updates, gigs etc. as it is updated a lot! Hails!"


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Primitive Graven Image Shooting New Video

Primitive Graven Image has issued the following announcement about shooting a music video for the song "The March of the Cattle:"

"Hi guys, so we are stepping out of our Londinium comfort zone this weekend and hauling the Primitive Graven Image show all the way up to Bradford for a gig at the Gasworks with Diamanthian amongst others. This the first of three gigs we are playing up North. We are headlining a Terrorizer Grindhouse night on 4th September at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield and then returning to the Gasworks for a very special Halloween show supporting none other than Abgott. We had a great time at Enblackened with Abgott and are very much looking forward to seeing the guys again!

"In other news we are planning a video for the song 'The March of the Cattle' from our second album 'Celebrating Impending Chaos'. Expect fire, war and plenty of performance footage. And don't worry, it won't be anything like the infamous 'Bringer of Dark and Light' video. We promise. To mark this wonderful occasion we have uploaded the track to our myspace page for your listening pleasure for a limited time only! Enjoy! Hopefully see some of you on the road!"

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Primitive Graven Image Issues Band Update

Primitive Graven Image guitarist Ljosalfur has checked in with the following update about the band's latest activity:

"So.. our second album, 'Celebrating Impending Chaos' has been out for a while now. If you haven't bought it yet. Do it. It's been getting some great reviews and we're really happy with the reception it's getting.

"Things are going well in the PGI camp, we've got some gigs coming up and we are currently batting around ideas for a video for one of the new songs. We want to create something that everyone will remember. Watch this space! The return of black metal starts with us.

"'March onward through the mist! Crush the enemy! Batter their skulls! Slay them! Burn them to the ground! With blazing torches! Cut! Spew their innards and scatter their heads!' That's all for now."

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Primitive Graven Image To Play Album Release Show

Primitive Graven Image has issued the following announcement about playing an album release show for the "Celebrating Impending Chaos:"

"Primitive Graven Image will be taking the stage at the Terrorizer and Total Rock sponsored Enblackened 2010 showcase this Saturday at the Camden Underworld, along site label mates Empyreal Destroyer, and an amazing line up of bands including Abgott, Xerath, Traces, Carpathia, Phyrexia and Reaping Havoc. As well as being a black and blackened metal showcase gig, it is also the official album launch party for Celebrating Impending Chaos, which was released worldwide through Envenomation Records on April 5th in the UK/Europe and May 4th in the USA/Canada. Be sure to get there early to catch a dose of black and blackened metal!"

Further details on the show can be found at this location.

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Primitive Graven Image Comments On Album Release

U.K. based black metallers Primitive Graven Image have checked in with the following update about the release of their new album:

"Hails guys! Just checking in to tell you all that our 2nd album Celebrating Impending Chaos is OUT NOW! I hope you fucking love it as much as we do! Its been two years in the making, but its finally here... more brutal and beautiful than ever before! So celebrate with us!

"I must say the feedback so far has been great. Check out the new Powerplay for a full review of the album. Zero Tolerance also! high scores all round! Its great hearing from the fans .. you are all very important to us. I cant wait to meet some of you at our shows. Together we shall keep the flame of Black Metal burning! SO! if you for some reason do NOT have your copy of Celebrating Impending Choas, then get it now at this location. Cheers!"

Primitive Graven Image is also streaming several sample tracks via the band's MySpace page.

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Primitive Graven Image Reveals New Album Info

U.K. black metallers Primitive Graven Image have announced their upcoming album will be titled "Celebrating Impending Chaos." The cover artwork for the album can be viewed here. The band also issued the following statement about the album:

"Hails guys! Our second album, 'Celebrating Impending Chaos' is finally ready to go. Expect an early 2010 release. The new album has turned out to be a hellish and schizophrenic affair. We have taken the catchy black riffing of our debut album, 'Traversing the Awesome Night', chewed it up and projectile vomited it back out at inhuman speed. Our love for 70s prog and 80s thrash can be heard breathlessly trying to keep up. Before anything could escape, we took the finished tracks to Mr. Russ Russell's place where he did a fine job of mixing and mastering the thing."

The track listing will be as follows:

1. Into the Godless Chambers
2. The March of the Cattle
3. Kings of Infinite Space
4. Towards Infinite Planes
5. War 'til Death
6. March Onward/Celebrating Impending Chaos
7. Wandering Through the Wood
8. A Gruesome Relic of Death and Decay

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Primitive Graven Image Posts Live Video Online

UK black metal band Primitive Graven Image has issued the following statement about posting a live video clip online, which can be viewed below:

"Hey people,

"I've put up a live versions of 'The Godless Chambers', the first track from our upcoming album 'Celebrating Impending Chaos'. Its taken from our gig at Winterfest in Cork, Ireland. Expect more footage soon!" More...

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Open Grave Posts 9 Albums For Free Download

Extreme metal label/distro Open Grave Records has announced its second ever "Free Download Weekend" this weekend from today, August 15 through August 17. You can download nine of the label's release for FREE (email address required for verification).

Here is the official list of titles available for free download:

Atrocity - Contaminated EP
Elgibbor - Stronger than Hell
Frost Like Ashes - Born to Pieces
Grind Minded - Domestic Violence
Kekal - The Habit of Fire
Primitive Graven Image - Traversing the Awesome Night + Bonus Demo
Sapremia - With Winter Comes Despair
Skitzo - Five Point Containment
Feast Eternal - With Fire

Open Grave Records will be accepting donations during the weekend, with all donations to be split evenly between all of the bands and the label.

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Primitive Graven Image Announce Headline Show

UK black metallers PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE have issued the following announcement:

"PGI are suitably thrilled to announce their first headling gig will be on Friday, Febuary 22nd at BarMonsta in Camden, London (literally a minute from Camden tube station). We will give you more details when we know (prices/times etc), but it's a club night so doors at 7:00pm, stumble out at 3:00am!"

"We are playing with BRAINCHOKE, HYPERION and ICENI."

"This is going to be one GOOD night out, so come down up camden town for a totally unhinged night of extreme depraved musical behaviour!"

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Hear Primitive Graven Image Entire New CD online

Open Grave Records has partnered with BlackMetalonline.com to stream the debut album from U.K. black metallers PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE, "Traversing the Awesome Night", in its entirety. The CD will stream from April 22 to May 7.

"Traversing the Awesome Night" will be released in the U.S. on April 24, with a European release scheduled for May 7 on Open Grave Records.

According to a press release, "PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE bring the true black metal feeling into 2007. With booming drums, icy guitars, hellish vocals and brooding dark atmospherics, this music is made for black metal fans by black metal fans. More...

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