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Formed: 1985
From: Canton, OH, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped

Latest Axemaster News

Below is our complete Axemaster news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Axemaster Forewarns Of "Crawling Chaos"

The release date for the new album "Crawling Chaos" by Ohio natices Axemaster is set for November 24th via Pure Steel Records. Pre-orders will begin on November 10th via the label's webshop.

Two years after the release of the "Overture To Madness" album, the current edition of Axemaster delivers the second album of new material as "Crawling Chaos."

With the vocals of Geoff McGraw (vocalist since 2013), as well as the additions of second lead guitarist Damin Bennett and drummer Denny Archer, Axemaster is back stronger than ever! "Crawling Chaos" contains 10 tracks of powerful metal in the old U.S. tradition combined with modern guitar work. In this metal spirit, the album includes a new version of the band's classic song from 1988 "Death Before Dishonor."

The track list and cover art can be found here:

1. 10,000 Pound Hammer
2. Crawling Chaos
3. Axes of Evil
4. Flowers for the Dead
5. Mystify the Dream Hypnotic
6. Aldar Rof
7. Shallow Grave
8. Death Before Dishonor
9. Bravado
10. Knight of Pain More...

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Axemaster Releases New Music Video "Chylde"

Ohio metal act Axemaster released a new music video for the track "Chylde." The song appears on the latest effort "Overture to Madness," which was issued in early March via Pure Steel Records, the comeback release after a 25 year absence from the scene.

Check out "Chylde" here:

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Axemaster Releases "Sanity's Requiem" Music Video

Ohio traditional/power metal act Axemaster released a music video for the new track "Sanity's Requiem." The song appears on the band's upcoming third full length album "Overture to Madness," the first album in 25 years. The album is set for a March 6th release date via Pure Steel Records.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Entering Madness
2. Sanity's Requiem
3. Forsaken
4. Dream or Nightmare
5. Thirty Pieces of Silver
6. Crimson Haze
7. Peeling Skin
8. Sinister
9. Statute of Liberty
10. Ashes
11. Chylde
12. Dark Souls
13. Epic

Check out "Sanity's Requiem" here: More...

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Axemaster Unveils The "Overture To Madness"

Axemaster is back - the release date for new album "Overture To Madness" is set to March 6th, 2015 via Pure Steel Records. The label comments:

"The banner Axemaster still might be familiar to many genre-lovers. In 1987 ('Blessing In The Skies,' Azra Records) and 1990 ('Death Before Dishonor'), the power metal group from Ohio has released two very underrated, cult albums.

"After 25 years, the guys are back with 'Overture To Madness;' released through Pure Steel Records. Old trademarks, known from the band for decades, also will be presented. Nevertheless, the band has arrived in the brave new world, but they still deliver their old passion without any compromises. On all twelve tracks partly aggressive, classical metal is joining forces with a modern, bright, but also authentic production. Some thrash influences and the rough, deeper vocals of the new, talented front man Geoff McGraw also fit perfect to the whole concept."

The track listing is:

1. Entering Madness
2. Sanity's Requiem
3. Forsaken
4. Dream or Nightmare
5. Thirty Pieces of Silver
6. Crimson Haze
7. Peeling Skin
8. Sinister
9. Statute of Liberty
10. Ashes
11. Chylde
12. Dark Souls
13. Epic More...

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Axemaster To Release New Album

The new Axemaster full-length album "Overture to Madness" is now finished, with the master recordings just shipped off to Pure Steel Records.

The label has now revealed March 6th, 2015 as an official release date, with a preview song titled "Sanitys Requiem" available in the player below.

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Axemaster Signs Record Deal

U.S. outfit Axemaster has inked a deal with Pure Steel Records to release "Overture to Madness" in 2015. The band comments:

"Both the production of and release plans for the new Axemaster album have been long and challenging tasks; but this deal is obviously a HUGE step toward the release of 'Overture to Madness' (a goal that has taken a lot of time and effort). Located in Germany, Pure Steel is a HIGHLY respected company internationally. So with Axemaster's past accomplishments and fan base, it's a perfect combination of band and label!"

Guitarist Joe Sims also had this to say: "We are really proud to be signed with a great company like Pure Steel and be label-mates with classic bands like Omen and Halloween. It's fitting that the label is from Germany because the fans from that part of the world have always been some of the most loyal supporters of Axemaster! I have always said that our new material really deserves to be released, distributed, and promoted properly by a good company, and it's great to know that that's definitely going to happen!!!"

Further details on the forthcoming album "Overture To Madness" will be announced shortly. More...

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Axemaster Announces New Album

Although the new Axemaster album is still in production and a little while away from being ready for mastering, the band would like to share some details today about the coming release.

The album will be titled "Overture to Madness" and the tentative track listing is as follows:

1. Sanity's Requiem
2. Forsaken
3. Dream or Nightmare
4. Chyld
5. Statutes of Liberty
6. Peeling Skin
7. Ashes
8. Thirty Pieces of Silver
9. Epic
10. Dark Souls
11. Sinister
12. Crimson Haze More...

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Axemaster Video Interview Available

ArmyOfOneTV has released a video interview with Ohio-based metallers Axemaster. On this video available below, Joe Sims discusses the addition of Geoff McGraw as the band's new vocalist, the new album's process and production, and confirmed shows for 2014.

Axemaster was formed in 1985 by lead guitarist Joe Sims and Drummer Brian Henderson. The project and music has stood the test of time and remains strong after over 25 years. Additionally, the band was recently given the opportunity to appear on a promotional compilation CD which is being used to publicize the re-launch of the German magazine "That's Metal." More...

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Axemaster Splits With Vocalist

Ohio's Axemaster has posted the following announcement online about parting ways with the band's vocalist:

"Axemaster would like to announce a change in the band's lineup; Geoff McGraw has replaced Tony Webster as their lead vocalist. Due to personal issues Tony was unable to do any work with the project for a significant length of time and had informed the band that he was unsure as to whether he would ever be able to continue.

"After allowing some time to see if the problems could be resolved, it became clear that a change was needed in order to be able to move forward with the band in general and the new album in particular. We all wish Tony the very best for the future and hope that he finds success in whatever path he chooses.

"Enter new vocalist Geoff McGraw! Geoff has been performing and singing since he was practically old enough to walk and at a young age developed a huge appetite for all things heavy metal. He has been a member of various local original bands across the state of Ohio for many years and is very much looking forward to working with Axemaster. The band is extremely happy to have found a singer of Geoff's quality and plan to immediately begin working with him on writing and recording the vocals for the new album. More...

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Axemaster Offering Demo Song For Download

Axemaster has posted a demo song online titled "Bed of Nails," which can be heard in the player below. The band commented:

"Since Axemaster has made it a point to take their time recording and producing the new album and it will still be a while before it's completed, they decided that in the meantime it's important for people to have the opportunity to hear what the current version of Axemaster sounds like together.

"As it turns out, a couple years ago Joe, Brian, and Jim re-recorded the music of an old Axemaster song that was originally released in 1989 ('Bed of Nails' from 'Death Before Dishonor') for possible use in another project. That recording never ended up being used but the tracks were saved in the archives. So Joe completely re-mixed the bass and drums and re-recorded the guitar, Tony added the vocals and mastered it, and now the song is being offered to the public as a free download at Reverbnation or Facebook.

"Along with being a thank you to all the fans who have supported the band for many years, giving the song away will give as many people as possible the chance to listen to a sample of the new Axermaster. So everyone is welcome and encouraged to share the MP3 in any way (forwarding it to other people, posting it on any websites, etc.). It would be very helpful and much appreciated! More...

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Axemaster Issues Album Update

Axemaster has checked in with the following progress report on the band's upcoming new album:

"Axemaster is making good steady progress on the final writing and the recording/production of their new CD. Guitarist Joe Sims is producing the album and has done early mixes of the guitar and drums for 5 songs which so far sound 100% better than any of the band's previous releases.

"The response from the few people who have listened to them has been outstanding. A contact of the band who writes for several European metal publications (including a major magazine) listened to a couple of the advance mixes and said this about one of the songs: 'The riffing is so supreme! The main riff in the song is almost killing me. Fuck yes! And killer lead-fills too. The song has a mean drive to it and makes the listener headbang automatically. What a great song! I love it!!! I am so curious how it will sound with lyrics (although I could also live with a pure instrumental).'"

Guitarist Joe Sims also said about the recording, "This is the first release I have produced on my own and the result so far is much better than even I expected. I have been taking my time and paying attention to every small detail and it's DEFINITELY paying off. This material is by far the best stuff I have ever done and the CD has to have the sound quality to match. So far so good, the sound's there and the performances have been top notch!" More...

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Axemaster Music To Be Used For Horror Flick

Ohio power metal band Axemaster announced that music from the band's 1987 classic "Blessing in the Skies," as well as video footage for the song "Slave to the Blade" from said album, is scheduled to be featured in the upcoming horror movie entitled "Metal Maniac."

Producer Susan Kapostasy commented on addition of Axemaster, "Metal Maniac is my tribute to all things horror and heavy metal, which is why I'm so excited to include Axemaster in the soundtrack."

"Metal Maniac" is currently in the filming stage with no official release date.

Other bands to be featured on the soundtrack include Manilla Road, Nasty Savage, Deceased, Oz, Hobbs' Angel of Death, Black Death, Borrowed Time, and more. More...

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Axemaster Recruits Bassist For Upcoming Release

Axemaster has announced that bassist Jim Curtis will be featured on the band's next release. Jim was a member of the Inner Terror project in 2009-2010 and recently expressed interest in performing on the new CD. As Joe Sims put it:

"When I found out that Jim was interested in being on the CD it was a no-brainer. He's an excellent player and is familiar with me and Brian's writing and playing style, a perfect combination! He's gonna add an extra dimension to the rhythm section and make the disc just that much better!"

Jim also stated: "I am honored and excited to be working with Joe, Brian and Tony in this newest version of Axemaster. I have known Brian for many years and met Joe 3 years ago when they asked me to be on the Inner Terror CD. The songwriting is strong and the riffs are brutal...nobody writes em like Joe...along with great drumming and now with Tony's talents I am looking forward to a killer release from the legends that are Axemaster!"

For more information on Axemaster, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Axemaster Reforms With New Vocalist

Ohio based act Axemaster has officially reformed and begun songwriting for the band's next release. Original Axemaster members Joe Sims and Brian Henderson have returned to the band and they have also recruited new vocalist Tony Webster (Archetype, ex-Mo Rage) for the upcoming release.

Founding member and guitar player Joe Sims had this to say:

"I couldn't be happier with how things have turned out and being back as Axemaster. I've been in a few bands over the last 20 years but Axemaster has always been the one I've been known for and is by far my favorite. I'm actually really glad that Inner Terror didn't go under the name Axemaster because the music we did on that CD just wasn't 'axemaster-like' enough, not like the stuff we're doing now. This is without a doubt the best writing I've ever done and with all the talent that Tony and Brian bring to the table I think this CD is gonna be something special!!!!"

Drummer Brian Henderson also stated:

"I feel this is the most intense music Joe has put together and will be the biggest challenge ever for me to record my parts. Also I am looking forward to working with Tony to put a totally different and much needed voice in the mix. This CD will rock!!"

New vocalist Tony Webster added:

"This is a great band with a very long history in the metal scene. I had never really heard of Axemaster until Joe contacted me through the internet and asked if I would be interested in singing with them. After he sent me some of the demos for the new album I checked out the music and really liked it. So I decided to take on another band aside from Archetype and have started writing songs with them. It sounds like old school thrash metal mixed with some doom elements. We have demoed around 15 songs so far and they are turning out awesome! This is going to be the best album the band has ever done musically and working with these guys has been great so far!"

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Axemaster Streaming New Song Online

Ohio's Axemaster has issued the following statement about streaming the new song "Unresting Place" online at their MySpace page:

"After several delays, the new Axemaster CD 'The Inner Terror' is very close to completion. To give everyone a taste of what to expect from the disc, the band has chosen to release the song 'Unresting Place' and feature it on as many internet sites as possible. The track will also be available for free download on all sites that allow it.

"For those of you who remember the old version of this song (with the previous singer) that was featured on the band's myspace page a couple years ago, you should know that this is a new and very improved version. Not only is the recording much better and features current vocalist Dan Kaisk, but the lyrics and vocal lines have been completely revised. The song has been enhanced in almost every way. We hope that everyone will take the time to give 'Unresting Place' a listen."

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Axemaster Issues Update

Ohio-based metallers AXEMASTER have issued the following update:

"While the band finished the music for the new CD and turned the recording over to new singer Dan Kaisk to lay down the vocals for what will be BY FAR the best AXEMASTER ever, there has been some news...

"The band's release, '5 Demons (Imperative is their Demise)', from 1991 has been added to Smog Veil Records' iTunes roster for downloading (joining 'Blessing in the Skies'). '5 Demons' was the last release the band did while still active and the last time they released all new music. It's quite possibly the best of their old material. Check it out at this location."

"Sol Music Management hooked the band up with the Independent Artist Company and KAIC to create a page which includes two of the band's most popular old songs to specifically be downloaded by radio stations for airplay. The songs have gotten great response from several shows/stations. You can see the page at this location."

The CD re-release of AXEMASTER's classic debut album, "Blessing In The Skies", is available through Burning Star Records at www.burning-star.net.

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Axemaster Introduce New Singer

Ohio-based metallers AXEMASTER have issued the following update:

"AXEMASTER would like to introduce the newest member of the band, vocalist Dan Kaisk has replaced Christopher Michael as the frontman. Dan has an extremely powerful voice that fits the band's style perfectly, a very welcome addition to the project. The move was made just in time to allow him to be featured on the upcoming AXEMASTER CD, which will make the release all the more kick ass!!"

"To hear a short demo clip that's an example of Dan's style/sound, go to this location." More...

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Axemaster To Re-Release Debut CD w/ Extras

The power metal band AXEMASTER has just signed with the Greek label Burning Star Records to re-release their debut album "Blessing in the Skies" on CD. The release will be a remastered version of the entire CD and will include 3 bonus tracks (totalling 12 songs, 6 of which have never been available on disc) as well as a video for the song "Slave to the Blade". It will be released as a digipack and feature new & improved artwork along with a 12 page booklet which will include vintage pictures from 1986-1988 (some never before seen), liner notes, and song lyrics. The release date has been set for December.

"Blessing in the Skies" was a 9 song record that was originally released in 1987 by Azra International Records. You can hear music from the album on their MySpace page.

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Axemaster Ink Deal With Poland's Dragonight Agency

Recently reformed Ohio-based power/thrash metallers AXEMASTER is now working with European promotion company Dragonight. A statement on the collaboration is as follows:

"Axemaster, the US-based heavy metal legend of the 80's, finally landed under Dragonight Agency wings. The band which includes guitarist/main songwriter Joe Sims, drummer Mike Hissam (formerly of OMEN and BELLADONA) and vocalist/bassist Christopher Michael are currently working on the new songs for the forthcoming comeback album, and are planning official re-release of the legendary Blessing In The Skies LP. Please (visit www.dragonight.de) for an in-depth talk with Joe Sims, and our the section for the classic 'Slave To The Blade' video clip! The band is currently preparing to record new material. New songs include 'Marching To Madness', 'Lost', and 'Unresting Place'. More news to come." For more info head to their Myspace page.

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