"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Ava Inferi

Formed: 1994
From: Almada, Portugal
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Ava Inferi News

Below is our complete Ava Inferi news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Ava Inferi Offering Free Song Download

The fourth album of atmospheric doomsters Ava Inferi is entitled "Onyx" and has been scheduled for a February 14th, 2011 (one day later in the US) release. You can now download "The Living End," a full song from the Portuguese / Norwegians' new album, at this location.

"Before Dan (Swanö) started the mix/mastering process I had 3 albums or eras of reference in my mind that I wanted the album to sound similar to," guitarist Rune Eriksen comments. "I wanted to steer a bit away from the obvious sounds that this day and age is craving for (in certain circles) and go for something a bit more vintage, something with a bit more '80s bite.' I mentioned Fields of the Nephilim ('Elyzium'), Black Sabbath ('Born Again') and early Dio as reasonable reference points. That was basically it. And we wanted it huge! No need to say these keywords were more than enough to trigger Mr. Swanö, as even the first test samples I received bore witness of something out of the ordinary. Sails set for Dominion! More...

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Ava Inferi Announces New Bassist

Ava Inferi has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new bassist:

"To 2011! The year one! Although Roman Castevet linked 1966 and a birth to this very phrase, we in Ava Inferi forged the same praise into our own symbolic terms for this newly charged Year. With the magick rites of ONYX soon pouring over us, we definitely sense a year of potent transformation. From cocoon to butterfly, or winged beast if you will, our impact is most certain impending.

"And what could a better time then now, whilst the new year still struggles to get up on its feet, to announce a new member to our Coven(?!) It is with great confidence and satisfaction we announce our new 4 string Doomster, namely: Joana Messias. We are very excited to commence the live sessions with her on board, knowing there will be a deeper and heavier contribution to our wall of sound! So lets all raise the chalice to this new dawn of AI: To 2011! The year one!"

Ava Inferi has also announced the following upcoming "Onyx" release parties:

Saturday, February 19 - Side-B, Benavente (PT)
Saturday, February 26 - Vagos CER, Aveiro (PT)
Saturday, March 5 - Fnac Algarve Shopping (special semi-acoustic showcase) & Marginalia Bar, Portimao (PT)

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Dark Wings Syndrome To Support Ava Inferi

Portuguese prog-rock/metal band DARK WINGS SYNDROME will play a very special gig on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at Side B Bar in Benavente, Portugal where AVA INFERI (whose line-up includes Norwegian guitarist Rune Eriksen a.k.a. ex-MAYHEM guitarist/songwriter Blasphemer) will hold a CD-release party for its fourth album, "Onyx."

DARK WINGS SYNDROME is still promoting their debut album, "Arcane," which featured several guest appearances and was released this year via Ethereal Sound Works, an independent Portuguese Label. The band wants to release their next album internationally and is in search of a label to make that happen. Interested parties can contact DARK WINGS SYNDROME at francis.blake@avantegarde-mngt.com.

In related band news, DARK WINGS SYNDROME was nominated in several categories for the first Rock Alternativo de Guimarães Awards, which will be held on January 15th, 2011 at CAE São Mamede, Guimarães, Portugal. The ceremony is organized by Submarino Radio Show and more details will be revealed soon.

After the release of the "Spiritual Emotions" video in September, DARK WINGS SYNDROME will soon start shooting a new one for the song "It’s No Good," a DEPECHE MODE cover.

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Ava Inferi Announces Record Release Show

Portugal's Ava Inferi has announced the band's new album "Onyx" is scheduled for release on February 14th, 2011 in Europe and February 15th in the U.S. The band has issued the following announcement about holding a record release party:

"We are happy to inform that Ava Inferi will hold an official 'ONYX' release party at the Side B Bar, in Benavente (PT).The date is Saturday the 19th of February, 2011. The band will perform a lengthy set with focus on the new album. Be there or Be Damned!"

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Ava Inferi Announces New Album Details

Ava Inferi has announced the band's new album "Onyx" is scheduled for release on February 14th, 2011 in Europe and February 15th in the U.S. Guitarist Rune Eriksen comments on the album's artwork:

"(Witch)Crafted and dragged into sunlight by Costin Chioreanu / Twilight13Media (Absu, Grave, Demonical), this illustration portraits a more eerie visual side of Ava Inferi than our previous arts. A mysterious and sinister approach to AI's aesthetics indeed. I really feel that it connects with the album on a musical and lyrical level too, as it is creating some sort of a window into the fields of the inspirations behind this new offering.

"We have always dwelled in the more obscure side of things, and even though we have weaved an occasional Wiccan flame or Bacchanalian praise into our arts, we've always cherished and explored the aspects of 'horror.' With 'Onyx' we have definitely gone deeper into it. Anyway, Costin (who also did the clip for 'Last Sign of Summer') has really done a great job, and we are thankful and grateful for the dedication and hard work he put into this work. Multumesc foarte mult!!"

The track listing is as follows: More...

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Ava Inferi Discusses New Album "Onyx"

Atmospheric doomsters AVA INFERI has just finished completing their new album! The Portuguese's/Norwegian's fourth album is entitled "Onyx" and will be released on February 14th (22nd in the US), 2011 through Season of Mist. Guitarist and band leader Rune Eriksen made the following statement about "Onyx:"

"The Tree of Life has got to be learnt by heart; you must know it backwards, forwards, sideways, and upside down; it must become the automatic background of all your thinking. You must keep on hanging everything that comes your way upon its proper bough."

"....and so became ONYX."

"These words of wisdom I borrowed for a moment just to emphazise the importance of evolving to become who you essentially are. How necessary and rewarding it is to breathe the air of experience, to gratefully accept the opportunities granted and to feed on lifes treasures and dreams. For it is through our life experiences and the knowledge attained we are able to develop and define our music and musicality. This I feel strongly about." More...

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Ava Inferi Announces Free Home Town Show

Portugal's Ava Inferi has issued the following update about performing a free home town show:

"We are glad to announce that Ava Inferi will play their first hometown gig ever this coming December. The show will be held at Ponto de Encontro, in Cacilhas/Almada saturday the 4th and will also feature a few support acts.

"We will also, well most likely, do a few new songs and also present a different show. All pointing at the new year, with a new heavyweight of an album coming up! PS: free entrance."

You can also check out the band's music via the Ava Inferi MySpace profile.

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Ava Inferi Issues Album Update

Portugal's Ava Inferi has checked in with the following update about working on a new album:

"These past times has been somewhat silent on these shores. No, or few updates has been uttered and well, doing things 'undercover' has seemed like the fitting way to move forward this time. And mind you, things have been going swell. We are happy to finally announce that the fundamentals (meaning drums, bass and guitars) for 8 brand new Ava Inferi trademark songs have been emanated and recorded in TopRoom Studio, Norway this past weeks. The vocals and additional adds will be taken care of here in Portugal in near future.

"The album, scheduled for a early 2011 release (on the one and only Season Of Mist), has actually been ready for a while, at least in terms of compositions. But instead of doing the usual 'rush' we have now used time to our advantage, ensuring nothing slips our attention. I actually remember I made the first riff for 'By Candlelight & Mirrors,' one of the new songs, already back in March last year, giving the song more than a year to mature into what we feel is optimal. It might be a cliché to proclaim this these days, but we truly feel that this material is by far the most interesting and mature we have produced so far. And easily the most raw material as well. Its somewhat typical Ava Inferi, as I really believe we have our own brand of Gothic Doom by now, but it definitely has a few changes to it.

"The songs are more straight forward, some of them a tad shorter than whats expected from these shores (set aside 'The Heathen Island' which closes inn at approx 10 minutes), some downright spooky and dirty, others immeasurably dark even strangely beautiful, but most importantly, they all ooze of an all-consuming power. We really believe that with this album we have created the ultimate Ava Inferi record so far! More...

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Lineup Announced For OST Mountain Festival

Romania's OST Mountain Festival will take place from August 6th - 8th, 2010 in Busteni. Details on the festival can be found at this locaiton. The currently announced lineup for the festival is as follows:

August 6th
Concept Insomnia
Negative Core
Negura Bunget
She's Dead

August 7th
Ashes You Leave
Ava inferi
Omega Lithium
Tiarra More...

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Caos Emergente Festival Canceled

The 2010 edition of the Caos Emergente festival, which was set to take place from July 16th - 18th, has been canceled. The organizers of the festival issued the following statement about the cancellation:

"It is with great regret that for the first time we find ourselves forced to make a statement of such nature, so we thank all those who read this document, to convey this message to others as accurately as possible.

"During the last months we have worked very hard on this project, on its new configuration and logistics and in particular on the line up for the 2010 edition. This cancellation is obviously a huge frustration because of all the work invested, all the bands which were yet to be announced, everyone involved, the long hours spent, the thousands of euros hopelessly lost and, above all, the disappointment to the thousands of followers of the festival.

"At the end of 2009, after a series of meetings held with the purpose of relocating the event, BigDog Productions was approached by Guilherme Pinto, developer and producer of Cellus Eventus resident in Vila Maior, in order to arrange a meeting with local political entities and possibly hold the event in that region. More...

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Ava Inferi Confirmed For OST Mountain Festival

Portugal's Ava Inferi is the latest act to be confirmed for Romania's OST Mountain Festival, which takes place from August 6th - 8th. A teaser trailer for the festival can be viewed below. Ava Inferi also issued the following statement:

"As we previously announced, Ava Inferi is one of the headlining acts confirmed for the 1st edition of Ost Mountain Fest, taking place in Busteni, Romania 6-8th of August. We are very happy to be a part of this Festival, which also is dedicated to 'raise awareness among general population regarding the environment' according to the press release. Other acts confirmed are Negura Bunget, Belphegor and Eternal Tears Of Sorrow."

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Ava Inferi Seeking Guitarist

Portugal's Ava Inferi has issued the following announcement about seeking a new guitarist:

"We are now searching for a guitarist who can fill in as a live member (and then see where it goes from there) when we have shows and tours on the agenda. Must be willing to step in at any time required, have his (or her) own equipment, and be an experienced and a hard working individual willing to sacrifice his (or her) sanity for the band. Preferred from the Lisboa/Centro Sul area due to periods of immense rehearsals (unless you love to travel long distances several times a week of course...)

"If you know you have what it takes and are ready and willing to surrender to the coven, let us know here on myspace or at ava.inferi@yahoo.com We have also changed our website to www.coven-of-avainferi.com. Its in a 'soon to become' stage as of now, but movements will occur when the time is right!"

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Ava Inferi Confirmed For Under The Doom Metal Fest

Ava Inferi has issued the following announcement about performing at the "Under The Doom Metal" Festival:

"Following the highly successful show at the Caos Emergente Fest this last weekend, we are now happy to announce that we will headline this years 'Under The Doom Metal' fest taking place at Side B in Benavente, Portugal, the 17th of October. Mourning Lenore, Eerie and Insaniae will also appear."

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Ava Inferi Confirmed For Caos Emergente Festival

Ava Inferi has issued the following announcement about performing at the Caos Emergente Open Air Festival on September 11th:

"Beauty indeed. People of all sorts, long time no written words.. Im gonna keep it short this time as well though, as we are brewing on heavier and far more important shit...(but all to its time, right?)

"Caos Emergente is upon us and we are delighted to play a part of this spectacle of spectacles in Portugal. Nothing overly new from our side, just banging the sounds the hardest possible way out of our instruments and speakers to make sure that all of you frenetically searches for the tissue in order to rescue the last of the precious ones in line...... Should be easy right? A small curiosity for you though: We are actually bringing along a 2nd drummer for the event. Well, not as much as in a 2nd drumkit drummer playing drums(-s=kit) from hell....no, more of a shaded and hooded figure armed with 2 or 3 toms to add a depth and a mysterious stigma to it all...

"We just became the definition of heavy, trust me! All good, see you in Paredes and do not hesitate to invite us all for an evening of thorough wine-tasting....after the show."

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Ava Inferi Streaming New Song "Tempestade" Online

Ava Inferi has issued the following announcement about streaming a new song online:

"Another new song available for streaming on our myspace page. 'Tempestade" is 1 out of 2 Portuguese-sung contributions on our '...Bacchus' release.

"Remember; should be enjoyed with a bottle or 2 of red.... Now go get that album :))"

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Ava Inferi Posts New Song Online

Portugal metal band, AVA INFERI, has posted a new song, "Colours of the Dark," at this location. The song comes off their upcoming third album, "Blood of Bacchus," which will be released on May 25th.

Guitarist Rune comments on the song, "It's perhaps one of the most immediately mellow tracks on there, but its depth and multilayers of misery have certainly an angelic approach that we all like to share with you. We believe this track to be somewhat representative of our dynamics and our organism as a whole. Blessed be! As there is a light at the end of each song, there is darkness to be fought and overcome to be able to get there. Now, please 'Join Us...'" More...

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Ava Inferi Reveals New Album Details

Portugal metal band, Ava Inferi, has revealed their new album, "Blood of Bacchus," artwork online. The album will be released on May 25th in europe US July 14th through Season of Mist.

The tracklisting for "Blood of Bacchus" is as follows:

1. Truce
2. Last Sign of Summer
3. Colours of the Dark
4. Black Wings
5. Appeler les loups
6. Be Damned
7. Tempestade
8. Blood of Bacchus
9. Memoirs More...

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Ava Inferi Seeks Keyboardist

Portugal's AVA INFERI is currently looking for a sixth band member on keyboards. AVA INFERI has issued the following statement regarding their search:

"We are now searching for a piano/keyboard player to fulfill and broaden our soundscape, both live and on record. As many of our earlier songs have piano parts as well, we thought it was time to bring this element out to its fullest. Criteria: you must be a creative and hardworking musician with your own gear, have availability for touring at any time and also to rehearse several days a week. Live experience is also positive. So if you think you have what it takes and you are based in reasonable distance to Almada, Portugal, drop us a mail at ava.inferi@yahoo.com." More...

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Ava Inferni Sets Release Date For New Album

AVA INFERI's third album "Blood of Bacchus", is set for a May 25th release on Season Of Mist Records.

Freshly back home after a one month European tour with Tiamat and The 69 Eyes, AVA INFERI recently issued the following statement:

"The Hellhounds... Veni, vidi, vici!

"Finally back, or perhaps I should state the opposite? Although I definitely don't miss my bunker in the bus, I must say that we had a good blast over the three weeks this tour was running...a good and healthy experience indeed. I would like to thank all the parts involved, including Tiamat and the Helsinki Vampires (aka The 69 Eyes), the magnificent Hellhounds crew, all agents and organizers and obviously ALL the fans who gave us such great reception on our 1st (out of many!) tour. You all rule!

"From our lengthy (approx 47 min) start in Hamburg and Germany (eight shows or so in good old Germany!), throughout Poland (you guys were fantastic!!), Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland (Lausanne in our hearts), Austria, France and the UK, we had a respectable success, meeting and greeting with new (and old) fans and getting contacts and friends for life. Bless you all! We will be back!

"Things getting slowly back to normal here though, and thankfully it is a beautiful weather here these days so rest comes easy. This means all should be set for what seems to be an interesting and hardworking spring time for us. "Blood of Bacchus" is around the corner, and considering the feedbacks we got all over Europe on our pre-listening sessions, we are in for a bigger bang this time. It's a new dawn in the name of Gothic Doom done Ava-style.

"So when will the album be released then you ask? The date has been set for the 25th of May and we will celebrate hard on the 30th, while playing the mighty Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, Germany. Join us all there for some wine and some good time.

"Well, I got things to do now, so I'm heading off into the sun for some refreshments and... oh yeah, a photoshoot. Continuing would only lead to ranting anyways ;)"

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Ava Inferi Announces Hellhounds Festival Changes

Portugese doom metal band Ava Inferi has just announced some changes in regards to the lineup for the Hellhounds festival. Firstly, Scream Silence has cancelled their participation in the festival, and due to the short notice to find a suitable replacement, major production and logistic difficulties are occuring. This has forced a cancellation of the band Novembre from being on this tour. The decision was made in regret. Therefore, the lineup for the Hellhounds festival is as follows: Tiamat, The 69 Eyes, and Ava Inferi. All bands will play a longer set. Asrai will join the Hellhound festival on the 28th of February at the "Boerderij - Zoetmermeer."

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