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Formed: 1998
From: Tampere, Finland
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Crystalic News

Below is our complete Crystalic news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Crystalic Calls It Quits

Guitarist Toni Tieaho of Finnish act Crystalic has issued the following announcement about the band officially calling it a day:

"In my opinion last year with Crystalic has been a struggle. Having lack of rehearsing and no interest to get Crystalic move on, we started to have conflicts composing our new songs and in the studio. We all know already how the music business is, but when the band action starts to get like this, you can't get much out from it but eats away you little by little.

"1998-2011 is a damn long time, and I feel now it's time to move on and try something else, not quitting composing music! Every one of us is still making music with their own bands and we feel this is the best decision for Crystalic now.

"BIG THANK to all the fans who kept this alive for this long time!! I want to thank all the band members over time and wishing you good luck with music and life! ...still, never know if Crystalic will breath again one day, but now it's time to let it rest."

You can still also check out Crystalic's music by heading over to the band's official MySpace music profile.

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Crystalic Announces New Shows

Crystalic has issued the following announcement about two upcoming live shows with Korpiklaani and MyGrain:

"Two gigs confirmed with MyGrain and Korpiklaani! These gigs also mark the first time ever that we'll be utilizing a live keyboard player. Jussi Kulomaa of Masterstroke will be joining us on stage and this is also the first time ever that we're gonna play Too Dark to See live! Join us and let's get the metal flowing!"

The details are as follows:

04.02.2011 - Klubi/Ilta, Turku with MyGrain, Hammerhead
10.02.2011 - Klubi, Tampere with Korpiklaani

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Crystalic To Release CD Version Of "Persistence"

Finland's Crystalic is currently offering the "Persistence" album as a free download at this location. The band has now issued the following update about releasing a CD version:

"Due to the overly positive reaction to our new album, we have decided to make a limited edition CD version, which will contain one bonus track. We will of course keep the album available as a free download, but to those who want to support us, we will offer the properly manufactured CD version. Track listing to be announced later. The pre-order works this way: Send and e-mail to pre-order(at)crystalic.net with your contact info (e-mail and address).

"Once we have the bonus track ready, the CD pressing company decided and enough pre-orders we'll contact you with our bank info, so you can help us with the production costs. The prices will be determined later, but they should be something around 12,5€ for Finland and 15€ for the rest of the world (including postage).

"Naturally as soon as we receive the CD's we'll start posting them out to you guys! This all could take about one to two months. It remains to be seen, but we'll update you all the way through! Last but not least.., Thank you all for your support! It means everything to us!"

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Crystalic Offering New Album As Free Download

Finland's Crystalic has checked in with the following announcement about offering the band's new album "Persistence" as a free download at this location:

"Persistence... 'He conquers who endures' - Persius. So this is the way that music business works these days... We have patiently contacted record labels for over a year now and have not managed to get a single deal offered, that was nothing more than a total rip-off on the artist's expense. You really think that this material is not worth a decent release?!

"We want to progress and evolve as a band and concentrate on playing live and composing new songs. This is not possible if we have an album's worth of material recorded and ready for release. Just waiting and waiting endlessly for a possible collaborator. We have waited enough and this is the only choice. The name of the album is an indication of the last 3 years that we have managed to pull through after a near break-up and the difficult process of recording, which took almost 2 years, 3 studios and a vocalist change in the middle of it all. More...

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Crystalic Finishes Second Album

Finland's Crystalic has issued the following brief announcement about finishing working on a second full-length album and follow-up to the debut album "Watch Us Deteriorate:"

"Second album done! Yes, finally the second Crystalic album is finished and we're sorting out the label stuff / release at the moment. So stay tuned and get ready for Persistence! Cheers!"

You can also hear several Crystalic songs available for streaming through the group's official MySpace page.

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Crystalic To Support Korpiklaani In Russia

Finland's Crystalic have announced they will be supporting folk metal act Korpiklaani in Russia on two upcoming tour dates. The details are as follows:

11.12.2009 - 1Rock, Moscow, Russia
12.12.2009 - Orlandina, St. Petersburg, Russia

Crystalic will also be playing at Karu-Rock, Piippokeskus, Lempäälä on December 5th.

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Crystalic Posts Recording Video Online

Finnish melodic death metal band Crystallic has posted a new video of the band recording rhythm guitar for their upcoming album at Deaf Ear Studio in Tampere, Finland. The video can be viewed below. Photos of the recording session can also be found here. More...

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Crystalic To Enter The Studio Soon

Finnish melodic death metal act Crystalic has posted the following message online:

"We are hitting D-Studio on December 19, 2008 for the drum recordings of our second full-length album. Rest of the instruments and vocals are going to be handled by Deaf Ear Music with Matti Auerkallio at the helm.

"There's definitely some surprises coming your way with the new material. For example, the fastest Crystalic song to date (with some blastbeats!) and also the slowest one. Stay tuned for a possible studio diary, photos, videos etc once we get going!"

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Crystalic Replaces Vocalist

Finnish death metal band Crystalic have parted ways with their vocalist Jarno Moberg and replaced him with Matti Auerkallio.

Jarno gave a statement on the band's MySpace page:

"It's time to go ahead. I have to leave Crystalic because my heart isn't 100% in the band anymore. I've always been singer/songwriter and I want to continue my own musical journey. That means composing my own music from now on (as it was before Crystalic). I wish Toni and the rest of the band great future on their career."

The band further explained:

"On the same breath we'd like to announce the addition of Matti Auerkallio (ex-Farmakon, Foxy Flammable, Avenie, Duality) as Crystalic's new singer/frontman. Matti is a really talented multi-instrumentalist and he growls like a demon and sings like an angel! So expect some clean vocals on our next album. The recordings are scheduled for the next fall."

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Crystalic Announce New Guitarist

Finland-based, technical death metal band CRYSTALIC has announced the addition of guitarist Mikko Mattila (DREAMTALE) to the group's ranks. "Mikko is an excellent guitar player and of course a huge DEATH fan!" the band writes in a press release.

CRYSTALIC released its debut album, "Watch Us Deteriorate", earlier in the year via Thundering Records. Check out audio samples at this location.

CRYSTALIC frontman Jarno F. Moberg makes a guest appearance on new CD from Finnish metalheads MACHINE MEN, available now on Century Media. Jarno is featured on the album's title cut, "Circus of Fools".

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Crystalic Part ways With Guitarist

Finnish death metal band CRYSTALIC have parted ways with guitarist Erik Grönroos. Erik has issued the following statement on the matter:

"It's time for me to leave the band. This wasn't easy decision for me but that's what life is, decisions. Some of them are easy to make, some of them are not. I don't have that much time, money nor energy for the band anymore that playing in a band and being a member of a band would require to. It's not fair to other band members either that one is hanging along with half impression while rest of the band loads themselves for the band 110 percent and I don't want to slow down the progress of CRYSTALIC as a band neither guys of accomplishing their dream. People change while the years go by and I don't feel that playing guitar in a band is the biggest thing for me in life anymore. Somehow my interest towards music has fade little by little a long time by now so I'm going to end band stuffs entirely, at least for now. I will be Crystalic.net webmaster still so I won't be completely gone. We have been friends with the guys before I joined to CRYSTALIC and we will be friends from now on. So no bad blood between us. Thanks for amazing moments and for hard times as well guys. You guys rule and I wish the very best future for CRYSTALIC. And guys, let the metal flow!"

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Crystalic Sign With Thundering/Manitou

Finnish death metallers CRYSTALIC have inked a deal with Thundering/Manitou for the release of their first album. The group, whose most recent demo, "Carnival of Flesh", was named "Demo of the Month" in the last issue of Finland's Inferno magazine, will enter the studio soon to begin recording the effort. In the meantime, you can download a demo version of the song "Defiance of Supermacy" at this location.

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