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From: Baton Rouge, LA, United States
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Catholicon Comments On Dio's Passing

Vocalist Blasphyre of Catholicon has checked in with the following comments about the news of Ronnie James Dio succumbing to cancer earlier today:

"What started off as a great Sunday turned horrible as soon as I turned on my computer. The internet was rife with a false rumor of Ronnie James Dio's death yesterday, which I thankfully got to the bottom of and ignored; only to find out that he did in fact pass away the very next day around 7:45 AM this morning. Dio and Tony Martin were what made me love Black Sabbath (never as big of a fan of the Oz man, sorry!); and Dio was by far the best lyricist and had the best stage presence. I never got to see him with Sabbath or Heaven & Hell (which I truly consider to be the real Black Sabbath); but I count myself lucky to have at least seen him with DIO in the 1990's and got to hear him sing Rainbow in the Dark and Evilution at least once live.

"This sucks. Horrible news. Dio was the coolest and most down to earth of the Black Sabbath vocalists. Not pompous or brain dead or trying to turn himself into a household brand name like his predecessor (sorry again, Ozzy fans), and he was supremely talented in every respect. This just fucking sucks. What can people do but keep making music in his honor. Rest in Peace, Ronnie."

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Catholicon Streaming Entire Album Online

Catholicon has issued the following update about streaming the entire remastered edition of their "Of Ages Past" album online:

"The entire remixed/remastered edition of our final album, 'Of Ages Past', has been put up on our myspace page, including the bonus track 'Thanatopsis'. The album was completely broken down and remixed earlier this year by Blasphyre at the new UW Studio in Baton Rouge, and re-mastered in California by mastering engineer Brad Cobb (Warner Brothers, Funchaus, California's Opera, etc.). We hope you enjoy this special re-imagining of our final record; this version will also be soon available on iTunes and other download retailers."

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Catholicon Issues Album Re-Release Update

Catholicon has issued the following update about the re-release of their "Of Ages Past" album:

"The special digital-release version of 'Of Ages Past' is currently at the mastering lab being worked on by the legendary Brad Cobb, after an exhaustive three-month remix/reconstruction by Blasphyre. Every part of the album was taken apart and put back together, with some freshly re-amped guitar tracks, replaced and re-edited drum sounds, and the vocals re-recorded for one song (Faith of the Fallen). The track order may also wind up being a little different and we hope to have at least one bonus track that was left off of the original release version.

"Expect the album to finally hit iTunes (and the rest of cyberspace music retailing) sometime in the second quarter of 2010. While we fully stand behind the CD release version (and only the real CD has the extra box set DVD-ROM!); we realize that today there are simply people who don't buy CDs any more. Rather than ignore this growing (now the largest, actually) market; we've finally decided to do something special for them.

"Our second and third albums (Death Throes and Treatise) have been available through iTunes for some years now. Our former digital provider (Crystal Clear) has decided to close it's doors and the albums may have dropped off of most digital provider's websites for the time being. These accounts were transferred to a new provider and they will be back up soon. We were originally going to pull the albums during this transition; but as we have no firm agreement on a possible remix/remaster of the albums at this time, we will allow the original masters to stay available for the near future. More...

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Catholicon To Re-Release "Of Ages Past" Online

Catholicon has announced a remixed version of the "Of Ages Past" album will be released online in the next few weeks. The band has now issued the following update about recruiting a new engineer to work on the album:

"We've called in one of our last favors and have recruited the help of renowned mastering engineer Brad Cobb (based out of California) to handle mastering duties for the newly re-tooled/remixed version of 'Of Ages Past' that will be made available for online distribution (iTunes/etc.) in the coming weeks. We think this will really make this mix easier to differentiate from the hard-copy release version of the record. We'll have more news on this and some fresh versions of the tracks posted soon on this site; and we may be working with Brad on some other projects in the future. Stay tuned."

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Catholicon Cancels Remixed Album Releases

Catholicon has issued the following statement about canceling two previously announced remixed albums:

"I'd reported earlier on the possibility of two of our earlier releases (The Death Throes of Christianity and Treatise on the Abyss) possibly getting a much anticipated remix and limited vinyl release. I've since excised those posts. I'm sad to report that these will not be happening, and our apologies go out to some of our fans and distros whom have commented, emailed us, or inquired on this possibility in the last month or so. It would have been cool. We couldn't get a unanimous approval on it (but got close). Well, life goes on, and this post will not be one to lament over what might have been.

"I believe there is an upside to every situation; and the upside to this one is that since these 2 items have been taken off of my docket for the year, it frees up more of our limited financial and time resources to work on new projects and new material. So while folks may not get to hear what some fresh production would do toward 're-imagining' two albums that we've all heard before; it does bring us closer to hearing something new instead. We'll hopefully be posting soon on what some of that will be; and what to expect in the future. Cheers."

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Catholicon Releases New Album Today

Catholicon has issued the following statement about releasing their new album "Of Ages Past" today:

"The official release date of Of Ages Past is TODAY, Christmas Day, Dec. 25'th. The CD is done and in our possession. We've spent the past day packing and shipping out 120 special promotional versions of the album, in our biggest promo push ever to date. Hopefully this will generate some reviews and interest.

"The full retail version of the album (2 disc set, with cardboard slipcase, etc.) will be going up for sale on Monday when our label, UW Records, launches an ebay store. A separate webstore and some other cool things are in the works for 2010, and we'll also have information to announce on official digital (iTunes, etc.) release versions of all our albums in January as well; so stay tuned! Remember, the first 100 copies sold will be signed by all 5 members and come with 2 stickers. When they're gone, they're gone."

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Catholicon Issues Band Update

Catholicon has issued the following update about releasing a new album and DVD box set:

"Blasphyre here. OK, there is much to say. Sorry I have been away from the site for a very long time; but it's been crucial to get all of the work completed for our final release so that there could be something to really talk about. There's alot of news here so bear with me!

"As most people know, I amicably parted ways (business-wise) with label partner and Catholicon bassist Gilles de Rais. He still runs Negativity Records and has put out a lot of great things and has many great things yet to come. Teratism's 'Via Negativa' record is especially going to be a landmark release when that comes out. I've re-lauched UW Records (who released the first Catholicon album 11 years ago) as my own micro-label in order to get the new and final Catholicon record 'Of Ages Past' released in a manner and timetable that myself and the rest of the band would be pleased with. That work is finally complete and the first new release on UW Records is nearly done with the manufacturing process. The DVD-ROM shipped off to press this morning, and it was the final piece of the puzzle. I can safely now give an approx. shipping date of December 20-25'th as a firm release date. More...

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Catholicon Comments On Don Decker's Passing

As was previously reported, Don Decker of Anal Blast passed away on Sunday, October 11th. Keyboardist Blasphyre of Catholicon has issued the following statement about Decker:

"Catholicon would like to extend our condolences to Don Decker's friends and family. Don was the singer of Anal Blast, with whom we've had the honor of sharing the stage... We found out that he passed away on Sunday after a very prolonged battle with liver problems. Always a nice guy and never failed to make people laugh with his albums, antics, and comments onstage. Will be missed and remembered."

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Catholicon Postpones New Album Release Date

Louisiana blackened death metal band Catholicon has issued the following announcement about pushing back the release date of their new album “Of Ages Past:"

"Well, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. :) We want to apologize for the delays in getting the new record off to press. There have been a lot of last minute negotiations, tweaks, changes, and discussions back and forth regarding packaging and content of the new album and subsequent demos box set DVDR; and, regrettably, an agreement could not be reached that would allow us to go forward as planned. It is so important to all of us that this album release and 'box set' collection be all that it can be and have everything in it that we have promised it will have; our fans deserve nothing less.

"Due to some of these things and some last minute additions; we want to let everyone know that the record release is being pushed back by a couple of weeks and is being moved to a different label. We want to sincerely thank Tim and the Negativity team for the hard work they've put into us over the last 4 years and 2 albums; and wish the label the very best. We will announce the new label and release plans in the coming days. Thanks to everyone out there for their interest in the album and for their patience."

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Stream Catholicon's Entire New Album

Louisiana blackened death metal band Catholicon have posted their new album “Of Ages Past” in it’s entirety on the bands official Myspace page. “Of Ages Past” is Catholicons fourth full length album and will be available in October through Negativity Records.

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Catholicon Finishes Recording New Album

Catholicon has issued the following brief statement about finishing their upcoming album "Of Ages Past:"

"The fourth album, Of Ages Past, is going through final graphics prep and will go to press soon!"

The band has also previously issued the following statement about the album:

"Catholicon would like to officially announce that Of Ages Past, our fourth full length album, is likely the last album to bear our name. A concept album on death and change, ironically appropriate; but still packed with plenty of the contemplative irreligious themes that make us what we are. Musically still Catholicon, but more moody, different, and some unexpected things here and there."

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Catholicon Announces New Album

Catholicon has issued the following update about releasing a new album:

"Catholicon would like to officially announce that Of Ages Past, our fourth full length album, is likely the last album to bear our name. The album is about one week from going to press. We hope that everyone will check out what we all believe to be our most creative and different album thus far. A concept album on death and change, ironically appropriate; but still packed with plenty of the contemplative irreligious themes that make us what we are. Musically still Catholicon, but more moody, different, and some unexpected things here and there. We will announce as soon as it is back from press."

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Catholicon Parts Ways With Drummer

Singer I.N.R.I. of Louisiana metal band, Catholicon, has issued teh following update regarding the departure of their drummer:

"It has come to my attention that Statutorist AKA MPR is leaving Catholicon after 8+ years of excellent and dedicated service to The Satanic Elite. While I am not at all happy about his decision or some of the reasons behind it, I also can't blame him for some of them. This being said myself and the rest of Catholicon wish him the best in his future. So with his departure we are now seeking a dedicated replacement that can fill his shoes and throne behind the kit. We are extremely anti-social misanthropes who will only want serious like minded individuals of the left hand path to apply. No dope heads, racists or any one other than Satanists or Athiests need to apply. Serious inquires only. You can contact us here at the page if interested. We have a kit and all equipment you would need but it would be best if all wishing to try out do as well. Must be willing to play shows locally as well as out of state for little to no money as you all know this type of music pays nothing. For those intersted in trying out we ask that you choose two songs from the list below to learn. For the fans thanks for your continued support over the last 15+ years and rest assured that while this will slow us down for a while The Satanic Elite will return with a vengeance and continue to rape the minds of all with our twisted musical visions!"

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Catholicon Release 2nd Album, Complete Third

Louisiana black/death metal band CATHOLICON have just released their second album, "The Death Throes of Christianity", via Underworld Consortium/Negativity Records. Three tracks from the follow-up to 1998's "Lost Chronicles of the War in Heaven" have been posted online at www.myspace.com/catholicon .

CATHOLICON have already completed work on their third album, which is slated for release in September via Negativity Records. Entitled "Treatise on the Abyss", the CD was recorded in December 2005 at Noisefarm Studios in Paige, Texas.

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