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Deliver Us From Evil

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Deliver Us From Evil Interviews and Features

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Interview With Deliver Us From Evil

DELIVER US FROM EVIL from Evansville, Indiana is one of those discoveries I can lay claim to this year that I still feel is pound for pound one of my best. They are doing daring things musically that most metal acts wouldn't even try and they continue to put fear into each and every local band that have to share the stage with them. It's been a tremendous year for these guys and I freely admit that they are several heads above the rest of their peers in terms of collective determination and pride in how they go about laying down their groundwork for how heavy music will move forward into the next decade. More...

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Interview With Jeff Thomas Of Deliver Us From Evil

The great white metal hope out of the safe and friendly mid-west confines of Evansville, Indiana, better known to their diehard underground fan base as DELIVER US FROM EVIL, have not relented one nano-second in their all-out pursuit for heavy metal glory. They have been simply destroying each stage, even going as far to make sure that each new show they perform is a bit more destructive than the last. The impressive metal unit seems to run on mutant-type powers, in the mind's eye of this music critic. I have yet to see one other unsigned metal act, throughout the entire world this year, that can bring such a radical technical explosion and completely original approach to their songwriting. I recently was able to get some questions in with their bassist, Jeff Thomas. More...

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Interview: Brent Vaughn Of Deliver Us From Evil

Evansville, Indiana's great white hope Deliver Us From Evil is a band that only seems to continue gaining popularity in the deepest most toughest to penetrate inner circles of metal underground today. Whether it's through their 'pump your blood through the vein fast' sonic approach or just the energy and passion that each member gives off individually and then also as a team, Deliver Us From Evil is hands down currently one of the top unsigned metal acts in America. And at center stage for the band is a definitive artist and powerhouse on the microphone, Brent Vaughn, who I recently got some Q&A in with. More...

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Q&A With John Matheis From Deliver Us From Evil

Evansville, Indiana may be home to the legendary retired New York Yankee great, Don Mattingly, but I believe it is going to become just as well known for a little metal band that is slowly but surely inching its way out of unknown status called Deliver Us From Evil. This is a band that came together in 2003 initially under the moniker Mutiny Rise. After changing that, it seems they have fully found their identity and true calling, now steadily offering up very technical, aggressive, and the truest metal music they can possibly create. They have also been playing by all accounts, some of the most dynamic live shows in their local music scene and are working hard right now to begin their climb for the national spotlight and worldwide stardom. I am happy to have gotten some conversation in with their lead guitarist, John Matheis. More...

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Eye Of The Storm: Alex Of Deliver Us From Evil

Of all the hundreds upon thousands of upcoming metal acts around the globe that I have checked out on Myspace this year, I can say that there is not one that has hit me dead smack between the eyes with its literal uncanny ability like Deliver Us From Evil has done. They incorporate with true gusto the best elements of metal from the past and what is most appealing today. They cannot be labeled very easy due to this. They are not another Lamb of God imitator, nor are they at all classifiable as NU metal. The band is made up of Jeff Thomas on bass, Alex Morgan on percussion, John Matheis playing lead guitar and one of the more talented screamers in the underground game today, Brent Vaughn on vocals. I wanted to provide everyone with more insight into this extremely gifted metal act's background and what can be expected in the future by conducting this inteview with their drummer, Alex Morgan. More...

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