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Band Photo: Exhorder (?)

Formed: 1985
From: New Orleans, LA, United States
Last Known Status: Disbanded

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Exhorder Bassist's Memory Gives Band New Resolve

New Orleans natives, Exhorder emerged on the worldwide metal scene with their 1990 Roadrunner Records debut, “Slaughter in the Vatican.” Said recording combined groove, down tempo measures and break-neck speed. While not forsaking the speed picking of the previous album, Exhorder further emphasized churning, swampy grooves on their 1992 follow up “The Law.”

Along with Meshuggah’s “Contradictions Collapse” (1991) and Pantera’s, “Vulgar Display of Power” (1992), “The Law” was part of a new breed that would permanently change the face of metal. Machine Head and White Zombie tapped into this groove as did the forthcoming nu metal and metalcore scenes. While Pantera and Meshuggah enjoyed the fruits of their labors, Exhorder broke up shortly after releasing their prize recording.

Since their disbanding, Exhorder members have participated in various projects, and even reformed to play select shows in 2008. Now, the group is writing new material, gigging more frequently, and ready to make its big comeback. The recent death of bassist and long-time friend Frankie Sparcello served as a set back, but the group is determined to carry on in his memory.

During a stop in Austin as part of a mini-tour through Texas and Louisiana with Rigor Mortis, Exhorder front man Kyle Thomas spoke with Metal Underground. He commented on past mistakes, Sparcello’s demoralizing death and how the group rebounded from this sordid event. Follow the link below to read what he said. More...

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