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Below is our complete The Promise news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

Unholy Prepares To Record New Album

Syracuse, NY metal band Unholy, featuring former members of The Promise, Godbelow, etc., will begin recording their debut full-length in January. Tracking and mixing will take place in January/February at Moresound Studios in Syracuse with Jocko Randall (From A Second Story Window) at the helm. The effort will hit streets in mid-2007 via an unannounced label.

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Unholy Signs To Silent Stagnation Records

Syracuse NY's UNHOLY (ex-The Promise, Path Of Resistance, etc.) has signed with Silent Stagnation Recores for the release of their debut EP "Awaken The Sleep" in Europe with a bonus track and as digipack. The (metallic) hardcore band features current and former members of The Promise, Santa Sangre, God Below, When Tigers Fight, Another Victim and Path Of Resistance and offer their own blend of heavy hard-hitting hardcore.

"We're pretty excited about working with Silentstagnation Records. After talking with Marcel about Unholy I was very impressed about his enthusiasm towards this release. Get ready, ... soon we will shred Europe!" says guitarist and main songwriter Jonathan Dennison.

You can check out two songs from their debut EP "Awaken The Sleep" on their myspace page. A release date for their EP will be announced soon.

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Terror Announce New Members, Tour and Release

Terror have posted a lengthy update regarding touring, upcoming releases, and the addition of a new guitar player. Here you go:

"We just returned from our first tour of Mexico... it was pretty insane to say the least. The shows were out of control, kids were out of there minds, and we saw some out of this world outside of the shows. I never thought in my life I'd see a car in the parking lot after a Terror show selling bootleg Terror shits out of a trunk, but it happened. Nick was happy to take a bunch from the dude as our cut.

Coming up on the touring front we have Saturday night at the New England Metal Fest, April 29th. After that we are off to Brazil for four shows with our friends Born From Pain. Then directly to the UK and Europe for the Sounds of the Underground tour there with the one and only Madball (also Unearth and Chimira). Back to the USA for a three week run with Death Before Dishonor and lastly the whole US and Canada on Sounds of the Underground with As I Lay Dying, Gwar, Cannibal Corpse, Black Dahlia Murder and many more. We will also hit Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico when the new record is out. We cant wait to get back on the road.

July 4th is the day our new record 'Always The Hard Way' hits the streets. It's 14 new tracks, recorded at Planet Z and features guest spots from Eddie Sutton of Leeway, Aaron The Knuckles from Death Threat, and Murs & Mr. Dibbs for any of you hip hop heads. We can't wait to get this out so everyone can hear it. Trustkill is putting it out in the US, Roadrunner in Europe, UK, Japan, and Austraila, Lockin' Out will be doing the vinyl for North America and Reflections for Europe.

May 30th, Trustkill releases our first ever DVD, 'The Living Proof.' It has a full set from London with a new song, studio stuff, a bunch of funny bullshitting, interviews and lots of show footage from around the world. It's all completed and it came out amazing, so check it out. The DVD also comes with some cool extra packaging and a coupon for money savings on the new CD.

Lastly, we want to let everone know Terror has had some member changes over the last few months. Today we have finally again solidified the Terror line up and it is no doubt the strongest to date. Scott, Nick and Doug have been holding it down now for years. Our new bass player is Jonathan Buske who has played with The Promise, Rag Men, and Another Victim, and we now also have Martin Stewart as our second guitarist. He is curently in one of our favorite bands, Donnybrook! and also sings for LION.

Life is good and Terror is set up for alot of fun times for the rest of this year. See you all soon on the road."

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The Promise Announce Final Show

When they announced their impending break-up earlier this month, The Promise had not made a decision regarding a final show. The possibility existed that their final show would be at the Turmoil reunion event on April 15th. However, the group has now set their official final show for May 29th in Syracuse. The show will take place at Club Tundra along with Bane, Charge, Final Word, and Enough Is Enough. Tickets are $10 and the show begins at 7pm.

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Headline News

The Promise Call It Quits

Syracuse hardcore band The Promise have now broken up. Originally formed in 2000, the group has released material with Deathwish Inc. and Indecision Records. Here's a portion of a statement from bassist Jonathan Buske:

"Life's priorities have been placed on hold or back-burnered so that we could spread what the band had to offer to as many people and places that cared. It's gotten to a point where we need to get a second record written, recorded, and released. With that, touring must be done immediately afterwards and we've all come to a crossroad. Do we do this record and sacrifice all that we need in our lives, or do we end the band because we can no longer afford to make those sacrifices?

Unfortunately, we don't live at home with our parents paying our rent while we are on tour. Unfortunately, the gas and electric bill doesn't stop coming because we left for tour for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the businesses that we own/operate can't self-exist so that we can go play to a bunch of punks in Japan, Europe, Canada, or the States. Life can't shut down and wait for The Promise to come home from tour and it's all gotten to be too much for some of us. Therefore, we have decided to stop doing the band... Thanks to everybody who cares across the globe. You've all affected us the same as we've hopefully affected you."

The band may or may not play a final show. They will however be playing Turmoil's official reunion show in Philadelphia on April 15th, so you might want to go in case this is the last time they perform together.

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Turmoil Reunion Show Details

Details regarding Turmoil's official "reunion" show have been confirmed. After considering The Trocadero and The Theatre Of Living Arts, Turmoil have chosen The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia as the venue for the show, which will take place on April 15th. Tickets for the all-ages event will be $12. Advance tickets can be ordered at Spaceboy Music (409 South Street, Philadelphia) or by phone at 800.594.TIXX. Also performing at the show will be the following bands:

The Promise
All Else Failed
One Dead Three Wounded

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New Years Hardcore 2005 show (New York)

If you're unaware of the show taking place on January 2nd in Henrietta, NY, then you may want to pay attention. The New Years Hardcore 2005 show taking place on January 2nd at the xDreamsx Skatepark in Henrietta, NY, will benefit Adele Collins and will feature some notable performances, including Path Of Resistance, and Damnation A.D. reunion. Damnation A.D. will play with their original lineup, excluding their drummer who will be on tour with another band. Doors will open at 12 noon, and tickets will cost $20 at the door (no advance tickets). The following bands are slated to perform:

Path Of Resistance
Damnation A.D.
The Promise
Most Precious Blood
A Perfect Murder
Love Is Red
To Kill
Hit The Lights
Walk The Line

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The Promise Line Up Euro and Japanese Tour Dates

Hardcore band The Promise have lined up tour dates for this winter in Europe and Japan (see below). Up returning home from touring, the group will begin the writing process for their next full-length with their newly reunited original lineup. No word on a timeframe for the record's release has been disclosed though. In related news, Jonathan Buske and Jonathan Dennison have started a project with former Santa Sangre/Freya drummer, Corey Koniz, and former Godbelow frontman, Dan Johnson. The outfit will play their first show on January 1st in Syracuse and will record a three-song demo this weekend, which should eventually surface online. Here are The Promise winter tour dates: More...

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Terror, The Promise, Shattered Realm Tour Dates

In case you weren't aware, Terror, The Promise, Shattered Realm, and Born From Pain will be touring out West during the first half of March. Here are the dates: More...

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Shattered Realm, et al Tour Dates

Here are the updated cities and venues for the Shattered Realm / Remembering Never / On Broken Wings / Calico System. Shattered Realm drops off the tour March 2 to meet up with Terror / The Promise / Born From Pain for some west coast dates. More...

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Syracuse New Year's Day Hardcore Show Details

The annual Syracuse New Year's Day Hardcore Show is happening this Thursday. Lots of awesome bands including Throwdown, Bane, Most Precious Blood, Walls Of Jericho, The Promise, Stabbed By Words, Freya, and more are all playing. Advance tickets are only on sale until Wednesday (12/31/03).

Show details can be found here and advance ticket ordering can be found here.

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