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From: United States
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Jucifer Interviews and Features

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An Interview With Jucifer

Jucifer is a band that, until a few years ago, tangled with a split personality. Their studio albums were a schizo blend of pop, grind, acoustic, and upbeat metal, while their live show was literally a wall of sound (thanks to amps stacked to the ceiling). The difference between the two sides began to close in with 2010’s excellent “Throned in Blood,” and bends further towards each other with the band’s new album, which has a title in Russian and has been called by many fans "The Russian Album." A concept album about the Battle of Stalingrad during World War II and the land it was fought on, Jucifer completely overwhelms the senses over the course of 75 minutes.

They are one of the best live bands around today, thanks in small part to year-round touring that has taken them all over the world in recent years. They have also increased their profile thanks to a constant social media presence. A lot of that is done by the hands of vocalist/guitarist Gazelle Amber Valentine, who can go from a heavenly whisper to a bone-shaking roar in no time flat. I had the chance to send some questions to her via email. She sent me back detailed answers that go into the new album and get into some interesting territory, including the possibility of a covers record in the future. More...

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Interview With Amber Valentine Of Jucifer

Jucifer is one-of-a-kind for many reasons; they are an extremely heavy two-piece made up of man and wife team Amber Valentine on the mic and guitar and Edgar Livengood on the drums. For nearly twenty years, they have traveled the world without stopping with their incredible stage gear in tow; towers of amps that often fill the venues they play up to the ceiling. I was able to speak with the enigmatic Amber while she was on the road to talk about a nomadic lifestyle, their film career, and an album steadily being worked upon. More...

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